How to dress your baby in the weather: table of information and the usefulness of its use

How to dress a baby preschooler in different weather: some valuable tips

How to dress a baby in the weather: table of information and the usefulness of its use

Hello, dear blog readers Hand Made's Life! So the first snow fell and it was so sudden. Night minus, day plus. How to dress a child in the weather, so that it does not freeze in the morning and does not overheat in the afternoon?

After all, all the kids are so different!

Someone is constantly running and jumping, never stops for a second, and someone prefers to mold sandpits in a sandbox.

What else should we take into account when wearing the baby?

Let's sort it out together!

How do you know that children are dressed for the weather

Why do many people know if a baby is cold by touching his nose or by the look of his pink cheeks?

Personally, I'm surprised!

Touch your own nose!

How warm is it in the cold?

Frosty nose will be cold, even if you are warm! And the pink blush on the cheeks is not an excuse to go home in a hurry.

Reversely, the pale cheeks are an excuse to think about whether everything is okay with the child!

To check the temperature of the child's body, you need to touch the neck or neck.

These areas reflect the temperature of the whole body, not just the face.

Too vigilant mothers and grandmothers like to wrap up babies under the slogan “no breaking of bones”.

And the wrapped up child is inactive, so it freezes more than the one that can actively move!

But this extremity causes the baby to sweat and freeze even more than if he was wearing a little lighter.

When he sweats, he'll lose a lot of moisture, he'll be thirsty, he'll get hungry.

When the result is a bad mood for everybody.

What's the rest of his life, it's better to teach him to harden up.

How to start hardening read in the article about how to strengthen immunity.

How to determine if a child overheated or not?

Touch the neck, back or back in the same way.

When my eldest son was still a baby, I heard Dr. Komarowski say that it's better to overcool the baby than to overheat it.

And since then, I have been guided by this very principle when choosing clothes.

So babies, of course, need to take care of themselves. You gotta have all your common sense here so you don't miss the outfit.

How to pick up a newborn's maternity leave

Russian maternity hospital is a thing in itself.

Some of them cannot be reached if relatives suddenly want to give something to a happy mommy from outside.

And in some cases, the dads manage to give the package to their beloved wife, but not the one.

You had to take another. So, dear mothers, just in case, stock up on food, diapers for five days and all kinds of clothes for the newborn.

The story is a little different if you give birth on the paid ward, as it was with me during the second delivery.

There's too democratic a variant of visits.

Crowds of strangers, uncles and aunts roam the ward at any time of the day, which is also not always good.

In any case, there are a few tips to help you decide what to wear when you move from hospital to home.

Find out the weather forecast:

  • If the temperature is expected to be +20 ºC at the time of discharge, the baby will need a hat or cap, a warm vest, sliders, a warm diaper. There are great discharge kits that can then be used as a baby's everyday outfit in the first month of life.
  • If the temperature is +15 degrees Celsius, the baby should be wrapped in sliders and vests and wrapped in a blanket.
  • If the window is +5 ºC, the baby should be wrapped in a blanket warmer, or in a demi-season envelope. You can choose an envelope for every taste and budget. And after discharge, use it as a baby sleeping envelope in a wheelchair. At the same time, it is not superfluous to put a thin blouse on top of the vest, over the sliders – additional socks. Pants can not be worn – the baby will certainly be in the diaper, and this part of the wardrobe is quite hot.
  • In a minuscule temperature without a winter envelope will not do. And that's not a one-time thing, either. In a nice envelope you can walk with your baby in a wheelchair or put it to sleep on the balcony. The baby should be wearing a slider, a vest, and a warm sweater on top. And under the winter cap you should put on a cotton cap.
  • In case of severe frost – to insulate, and cover your face with diaper.

Remember that babies don't sweat, so they don't know how to regulate their body temperature, they don't know how to cool down when they're hot.

So don't wrap your baby up too much, you don't have to torture the baby.

He won't be able to say he's terribly hot.

How to dress a child in the weather up to a year

Kids up to a year can not report that they are hot or cold, so mom has to guess somehow why the child cries.

Summer in warm weather, even for a one-year-old child should not forget to wear a hat.

If he shows character and stubbornly, time after time, throws a panama on the asphalt, buy a headpiece with ties.

Or put on a baby scarf.

There is a great invention – bandana.

Fit for both boys and girls!

In 1 year a child doesn't belong to a gender as long as it doesn't have a headache.

In summer, in cold weather, you can wear an autumn jacket or a light overalls.

Closer to the year, kids love to walk, holding on to their mother.

If the baby sleeps in the stroller all the time, put on a warmer baby and cover him with a blanket.

And if you plan to walk, hold the handles, you need to think about comfortable shoes and trousers, not too warm.

Whenever you need to get your winter jumpsuit

Winter jumpsuit

At -5 ºC you can already get your winter jumpsuit. There are plenty of them in the shops.

I once chose Reima tec overalls, which I still rejoice at.

And light, and warm, and wear-resistant!

Grabbing enough to raise more than one baby without loss of quality and deterioration of appearance!


Warm blouse and woolen tights under the overalls. Under the cap – cap.

May also follow the modern trends and to the overalls to buy a special counterfeit – fleece or woolen.

There are more expensive options, but in this case, I see no point in overpaying.

Maybe we find a more affordable option, for example, such as this.

Personally we had the option of woolen undergarment and Reimian overalls to the lowest temperatures of St. Petersburg.

B -20 the child walked quietly while I was trying to warm up in my ski suit.

Reims also have great leggings that are really warm and do not get wet!

After them, the different types of mittens and kerfs bought in Woton and the Sportsmaster seem like complete nonsense, although they are declared watertight!

And they cost about the same!

After, if you don't believe it, check and feel the difference!

We dress your child correctly in weather from 1 to 3 years of age

By 2-3 years of age, the child's activity plays a particularly important role in the choice of clothes for walks.

Now the baby won't be walking with his mother for a hand in a steppe step, he'll be either quietly roll cars somewhere in the sandbox, or jump like a grasshopper.

Some kids like to crawl on their knees in the sandbox and no miracle to convince them not to change their mind.

In this case, you need to buy more washing powder and a few replaceable enough warm trousers, given that the land is often cold.

“Runners” respectively should be dressed lighter.

The Reima tec coveralls are suitable for active kids.

And the warmth and movement aren't embarrassing!

And despite the cost, I can say they're worth it!

Firstly, they will not be enough for one child

A secondly, they can be worn from autumn to warm spring.

This means you save on clothes!

Buy one overalls and just put a little more or less clothes under them!


As for me – even very much!

A for cold summer or warm spring and autumn will be suitable demi-season variants of the same company

If your baby likes to alternate races with a quiet and thoughtful rise in the sandbox, it may be worthwhile to take a spare jacket for a walk to insulate it as the decline in activity.

But if a child refuses to be insulated, it's probably best to trust him.

In 2 years old, children are already able to see if it's hot or cold, even if they can't say so.

The basic rules of how to dress a preschooler's child in the weather

Schooler should not be dressed the same way as yourself.

You will be on the bench with the neighbor's recipes of good nutrition to discuss and freeze, and the child will run, lying on the ground and climb where not necessary.

Memotion can be simple.

If the rain has already passed, the swings are still wet. We need to put waterproof pants on the child.

We have reima rubber pants in our wardrobe, they are worn on top of any clothes and you can not turn to the surface on which the child sits.

All the while in the puddle, we have red and grey!

And the child is happy and the mother is calm!

Amazing invention of our time!

Kids like to jump on puddles, so rubber boots are the most popular shoes for them.

If you have a child who is reactive, constantly running and refuses to wear a hat, because it's hot, and it's cold autumn wind, offer him a compromise – a thin summer hat.

He will protect her from hypothermia and at the same time prevent her from sweating.

In 5 years old, the child is already very old, has his own opinion.

This is why we need to take him carefully to the kind of clothes you've decided to wear.

In spite of his adulthood, treat him if anything happens to you!

And though I liked this kind of reception by experienced moms.

Give your child the opportunity to dress the way he wants, but tell him that if he starts to freeze, let him wear what you choose.

Then he learns to follow his feelings and make decisions.

And you will feel that you respect his opinion and choices.

And this is very important for the foundation of future relationships.

Comfortable things for a child in rainy and windy weather

If there is both rain and wind outside the window, the umbrella will definitely not save anyone.

This is a charm: drops of cold rain fly in the wind right in the face, easily bypassing the broken umbrella, which still tries to fly somewhere and drag a tired host.

In rainy weather, only the lucky owners of raincoats and rubber boots remain at least partially dry.

Face can be protected with a visor cap.

Autumn or spring in wet weather, it is better to put on the child rubber boots, just buy them a couple of sizes larger and wear woolen socks under them.

We will wear the same boots next year in summer on a thin sock.

And there is still a very good version of insulated rubber boots, which, as the manufacturer says, can be worn up to -17!

How much as the version for St. Petersburg's slush, which no normal shoes will survive!

And kids feel the most comfortable in such weather.

Sit in a wheelchair, covered with a polyethylene cape, reliably protecting in windy weather from rain and wet snow, and do not worry about anything.

And again, rubber pants to help you, I wrote about them a little higher!

Parental Leaflet on how to dress a child in different weather

How to dress a child I have already written a lot, but the sequence of fees on the street should be written separately.

This is the art that moms need to master in order to have a walk for fun and not for burden:

  • This is the art of starting with the right bag: nipples, water bottles, napkins, and more.
  • Li>Then you have to dress someone who will go out with the child.
  • And then you have to dress the child.
  • While it is better to dress in stages: trousers – for the mother, trousers – for the child; jacket – for the mother, jacket – for the child. So that no one sweats in the process of collecting.

If the baby has a cold, it is necessary to walk with him/her.

This is the advice of my esteemed Dr. Komarowski.

But do not wrap the sick child more than usual. Otherwise it will sweat, and it will only get worse.

Move it so that it is comfortable. And for effective cold remedies, read here.

If you choose clothes in different weather, you are guided by the thermometer that hangs outside your window, keep in mind that it is either in the sun or in the shade, so it may distort your view of the real temperature outside the window.

K besides, it does not show the wind. So it's better to look at the weather on the Internet, there are even some wind corrections.

In general, conclusions can be drawn such.

Dress the child should take into account his activity, and also taking into account the rain and wind.

Be healthy, walk with pleasure and let no bad weather spoil your walks with kids!

No bad weather happens, there are wrong clothes!

With respect for you, Margarita Mamaeva

P.S. And to make sure you don't miss the next article, secure yourself and sign up for blog updates


Memoire to parents or how to properly dress a newborn baby in the weather

How to dress a baby in the weather: table of information and the benefits of its use

In 9 months of pregnancy, expectant mothers with pleasure imagined how their lives would change after the baby arrived, how she would be filled with love and care for the dearest man.

This moment came, the baby, stuck in the mother's chest, sleeps quietly, and the young mother protects him from sleep and wants to protect him from all hardships. And the first problem she may face is not knowing the answer to the question of how to dress a newborn baby, going for a walk, so that he does not freeze, not overheated.

This question should be approached thoroughly, because overheating the baby is fraught with a cold, just like supercooling. The pictures below show what to wear to children at a certain temperature.

Autumn and winter walks

Before the issue of how to dress your child outside in the autumn or winter is so important for young mothers, you should follow the recommendations of the training camp:

  • The child should be dressed last. This will prevent the baby from sweating and catching a cold.
  • The baby's clothes shouldn't be tight, so he won't freeze.
  • The baby's clothes should be based on his activity. If he's sleeping during the walk, you can tuck in extra clothes or cover him with a blanket. Parents of children born in autumn or winter should know what the list of clothes they will need to prepare their baby for the walk looks like. The list looks like this:

    • Cotton Man.
    • Warm Man (fleece).
    • Cotton cap.
    • Warm (dense) cap.
    • Jackets.
    • Socks.
    • Warm (250 grams of insulation), lightweight (50 grams of insulation) overalls.
    • Convert (preferably sheepskin).
    • Plate.

    The clothes in the list should be made of quality material. The following table shows how to dress a newborn on the street in autumn and winter.

    Temperature on the streetHow to dress a child
    – 8 and belowIn this temperature mode it is undesirable to walk with your baby outside. But if the exit to the street is inevitable, the newborn should be dressed as follows: – A man and a cap made of cotton. – Warm man, insulated cap. – Socks. – Jackets. – Warm jumpsuit. It is also possible to hang something on the hood of the stroller so that cold air does not get to the newborn.
    From 0 to -8The recommended time of stay of the baby on the street is 40 minutes. Dress it this way: – A man and a hat made of cotton.- Warm man and a hat.- Winter overalls.- Pleated.
    Ot +1 to +8At this temperature, the baby's stay on the street can be prolonged. He should be dressed in:- Cotton man and cap.- Warm man and cap.- Lightweight overalls.- Plaid.
    Ot +8 to +15 The baby can be dressed easier at this temperature. Always have a spare plaid in the stroller, which will save the child from the cold if necessary. A child can be dressed in: – Cotton and warm man.- Tight hat.- Lightweight overalls.

    During the walk you should check from time to time whether the baby is frozen. You can do that by touching his neck, and if it's warm, the baby's comfortable. Hot, wet neck indicates that the baby is hot and cold that he's frozen.

    Dress the child for spring and summer walks

    The first spring heat is deceptive. If older children can say that they are cold or hot, the infant does not have such an opportunity.

    Therefore, a table explaining how to dress a child outside in spring and summer is provided to help parents.

    Before you study the table, you should familiarize yourself with the list of spring, summer things for the baby.

    Spring list of summer clothes:

    • People made of cotton.
    • Spring overalls, such as velour.
    • Dense cotton cap.
    • Lightweight cap.
    • Slight cap.
    • Socks.
    • Machine gun, T-shirt.

    Preparing this list, parents should dress their newborn baby for a walk based on the temperature of the environment, just like in the autumn, winter time. You can use the following table, which gives examples of how to dress a child in the weather.


    Temperature on the streetList of recommended clothes
    From +15 to +20 The baby can be dressed in:- Cotton man.- Spring overalls.- If the weather outside is windy, you can put a plaid in the stroller, which can be used to insulate your newborn if necessary.
    From +20 to +25Gentle baby skin should be protected from UV rays as much as possible, but it should not be overheated. Therefore, at this temperature the best option would be: – Cotton man. – Cotton hat. In windy weather, you can insulate the crumb can be put on his socks or covered with a light coverlet, diaper.
    Higher 25High air temperature is not the best option for walks with the baby. Therefore, they must occur before 11 pm and after 6 pm, when the sun is less active. Dress a newborn baby at over 25 degrees Celsius, you can in: – Maeczka. – Light cap. – Pampers.

    Having studied the list of clothes that should be present in children's wardrobe at different times of the year, as well as familiar with the tables that will help young parents in gathering the baby outside, you should remember what else:

    • We don't have to dress the baby too warmly, because not only does this stiffen the baby's movements, it also leads to overheating. And, as you know, it's the overheating that can lead to a cold. Therefore, it is better to walk on the street less than to put your baby's health at risk.
    • Push-chair should always have a spare plaid, thin blanket or diaper to cover the baby with.
    • Do not walk with newborns at too low or high temperatures. In winter time you should limit the time of walks to 10 – 20 minutes, while hanging the visor with warm fabric. On hot, sunny days, walking in the shade is the best option.


    How comfortable is it to dress your child for a walk?

    How to dress your baby in the weather: table of information and the benefits of its use

    And does the baby need a walk?

    How to dress the baby in the weather table for each age. The baby can't do without fresh air. With the birth of the child in the new parents' day mode there is a point – a walk.

    How to put the child on a walk comfortably?

    Woman is already torn to pieces: and wash, and feed, and caress. But you can't neglect a regular motorcycle. What can still stop your mother from taking a walk?

    Powerful air pollution is not the best environment for children's bodies, it will do harm rather than good. But unfortunately, for some cities this is a typical phenomenon.

    So, find a way to get out of the metropolis or take a walk in the park. Another reason to postpone the festivities is the bad weather: the rain, the dust storm. Did it rain? Don't despair, a great alternative to walking can be sleeping on the open veranda.

    And the frost and heat are relative. The Siberian kids, accustomed to the cold, the temperature – 15 -20 degrees withstand without problems, and for residents of southern latitudes of the heat of +30 degrees is quite comfortable. Many mothers, and some doctors, cancel their walks because of a child's illness.

    This is a serious misconception. In a cold, when breathing is difficult because of a cold, the need for oxygen-enriched air is even greater than outside the disease. The only excuse for a delayed walk is a high temperature.

    This event should be treated responsibly. For many mothers, it's a big problem how to equip a child for a walk. The choice of clothing is influenced by many factors. Firstly, weather conditions.

    Has a value not only for precipitation, air temperature, but also for the presence of wind. Secondly, it is necessary to take into account the age of the child as he or she will behave in the street.

    Maybe the newborn child will sleep peacefully in a stroller or in the arms of his or her mother, and the baby, who has reached the age of 9-10 months, is able to make the first uncertain steps and actively take an interest in the world. Therefore, the outfit should not only correspond to the meteorological conditions, but also provide maximum comfort when driving.

    How to dress a child in the summer. A walk in the sun

    The baby is very useful not only for oxygen, but also for sunlight. But everything's fine. The scorching sun is harmful to the immature children's body, the delicate skin reacts very quickly to the heat. It's risky to put a stroller with a baby in the sunshine.

    You'd better walk with him along a shady alley. If the baby was born in the summer, the first walk can be carried out the next day after the excitement of discharge from the hospital. A child weighing less than 2.5 kilograms, and sometimes larger babies, needs additional heating.

    Mother of such a crumb may notice that when changing clothes, he quickly cools down, sometimes even appears vascular mesh on the skin. Therefore, even in hot weather it is better to take him for a walk in closed clothes, light overalls or diapers. On a head the obligatory attribute – a cotton cap.

    Much more pleasant for a body clothes from natural fabrics. If the child is large enough and perfectly adapted to the temperature of the surrounding air, then for a walk in hot weather, all he needs is a beacon and panties or body with short sleeves.

    And do not burden the child with diapers, because if necessary, will not make any trouble to change his clothes right on the street. Does your child walk alone already?

    In this case, you need to take care of comfortable sandals. Remember the panamanian.

    Overheating is no less dangerous than supercooling. Little children are highly dependent on the ambient temperature because of the imperfect thermoregulation.

    Pay attention to its appearance, whether the cheeks are too brown, whether there is evaporation, whether breathing is not rapid. At this age, children are not able to ask for a drink, but you can suspect thirst in the baby. “I'm very thirsty”, as he says, slightly opening the mouth and sticking out the tongue.

    And the kids of the second half of the year are already able to lick the sponges. By the way, don't forget to bring your water on the road.

    How do you dress your baby in the rain? We're not afraid of puddles

    How insidious is this season! Warming up the gentle sun, and seems to be getting as warm as summer. But then the wind blows and you will feel the breath of a harsh winter.

    How to dress the child for a walk not to make a mistake?

    If you do not want your child to grow up such as a greenhouse flower, which is afraid of draughts, then gradually accustom him to the cold. Autumn kids, whose parents were careful, were afraid of the slightest breeze, are unlikely to dare to go for a winter walk. And in vain.

    Fresh air with the newborn baby on wet autumn or spring days can be left without a pram. For the first time you will spend no more than 15 minutes on this, pressing it against you, you will make it more comfortable for him to get acquainted with nature. Gathering the baby outside and tangling him like cabbage, we sincerely hope to keep him warm.

    But tight clothing itself hinders the baby's activity.

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