Interesting riddles for 10 year olds

Diverse riddles for 10 year olds

Interesting riddles for 10 year olds

And at 10 years old, a son or daughter is still a child. That's why parents have to pay attention to their children from time to time. Puzzles for a child of 10 years old will help to have fun and plunge into the game. The most important thing is to find suitable tasks so that they are diverse and on different topics.

The riddles for a 10-year-old child about the objects in the home

The children of ten years old aren't very young, but they haven't grown yet, so the questions are funny, rhythmic and inspiring. In the house there are many things you can think of for a child of 10 years, so you should put into practice the fantasy and start an entertainment program, having prepared in advance. For example, you can take the following options:


From the two halves it consists,

When the wind blows, our things will be saved.

And if we forget to fasten it,

Clothes from the balcony will not be returned.



These scraps hide lights at night,

To keep us awake.

In the morning, the sun won't let in,

You're worried about it.

Blossom can be,

What do you call them?



We understand how to dress.

Warming – the column began to rise up,

And when it's freezing – it crawled down from the cold.

And he also knows exactly which one of us gets sick.



Beamen are made of wood and plastic, there are also

Colors are different, each of them chooses for himself.

They have a jacket and a dress and a blouse and trousers,

In the closet there are a lot of them,

What are they called?



Pegwood, and we need it in the farm.

The natural fabric is all covered with it.

When the dress and trousers are wrinkled,

At the same time they are all turned to it for help.

What do you call it?


You wash your teeth and bathe from this nose.

In the kitchen, the spout is also true, we'll wash the dishes,

Let's do the cleaning, make dinner.



But it is good that we have it.

Because without it we will lose the account for days,

And with it all weekend we know exactly.



The window is a porthole,

Size like a slab.

Let the clothes be washed,

(The washing machine)

Such riddles for a child of 10 years old are sure to please both boys and girls. That's why moms, dads, grandparents and grandparents need to take note of them.

Puzzles for children 10 years old with answers about products

Food problems can be guessed by both adults and the baby. Of course, the riddles for a 10-year-old child should not be too easy. You should also make sure that your daughter or son can understand what the question is. For example, you can take into account the following riddles:


And they eat with cheese and ketchup too,

They are raw on long sticks.

Usually children love them,

Of course, it's – …



Crispy green,

Inside the white whitefish.

You'll gladly get away with it.

What's a vegetable like that, answer me, my friend?



Spent up, red, juicy,

Purposeful, very tasty.

In the garden it grows,

In the salad it will definitely get in.



From this berry, the jam is very tasty,

Yes and raw it is also very good.

Pink, from a cold to children

And it helps adults with what they call a berry?


Must be included in the program with the questions that the child should answer, funny riddles for children 10 years old. Fun only adds to the desire to create and solve, so parents should pay attention to this fact.

In the age of ten, the child is still playing his favorite toys and also has a good command of the technique. Therefore, the riddles about these items will be interesting and inspiring. As an example, you can take the following ideas:


What's behind the box, it has a lot of wiring,

Pult included it – and the cartoon is ready.




He has a lot of different functions,

Games are also not counted in the open.

Many social networks of different kinds,

From them you can fly to your friends.

Sometimes you sit with him for a long time,

This mom and dad are a little angry.

And as you put it on the charge –

You finally look in the notebook.

(Mobile phone)


His whole family collect,

The game is very interesting,

From the small details consists,

Then the figure is collected for a long time.


This is an interesting riddle for a child of ten years old.

How to lure a child

Of course, the best motivation is the promise of fulfilling what the child has long dreamed of. Like going to an amusement park. Only a promise must be kept so that the daughter or son knows that parents can keep their word.


Maybe a lot of talk about the development of the child, the benefits of different exercises, techniques. But do not forget that you should not only read useful books and articles on the Internet, you need to apply all this in practice. It's not as difficult and doesn't take as long as it seems.

Example, good old (or new unusual) riddles! It's also our grandparents' and great-grandmothers' method! It's a fun way to entertain a child while doing whatever it takes to get around the house! Older children can read and solve riddles themselves, either on their own or with friends, instead of sitting on a social network for an extra hour or playing endless shooters. Mysteries for children 10 years old are a little more difficult, more interesting than for kids, so do not be afraid that children will be bored to guess them.

Lately, more and more parents have been trying to develop their child from an early age, as everybody is already aware of the faster assimilation of information and learning abilities at this age.

But when the child grows up, the enthusiasm of parents is often lost. And all the achievements are gradually coming to naught.

A absolutely in vain! If a child continues to be interested, to maintain interest in development, in creativity, to notice his natural talents and in every way to develop them, in the future parents are likely to have no problems – how to entertain the child? Or what to do to keep a child bored? And this is actually a big problem of our time – children have forgotten how to play even in expensive “tricked-out” toys, which they usually have in abundance now, have forgotten to play with friends in the yard, they have little company – they need a “mass-man”, an animator. And parents sincerely believe that this is the way it should be – that we and our children just grew up at different times. But pay attention: You probably have a familiar family, where the boy is keen on sports, all the time riding a bicycle, in football, in summer not only disappears on the river and climbing the trees, but also glues up ads to earn money on a steep skateboard …

And girls are not all busy placing their next selfie in social networks, many have time to do fashionable origami nowadays, engaged in music and gymnastics, dancing and sports, drawing and going to the theater studios.

And if you don't brush off your children like a pesky fly, always pretending to be busy and citing fatigue (you agree we often do that), and make some effort and show interest, you can arrange the life and life of a little man so that he will be interesting and you will not be burdened!

Ask what does this have to do with riddles?

Yes, although this is one of the activities that helps a child to develop “intelligence”, to think outside the box, to show logic, to find a solution gambling. It teaches you to think, learn different topics.

Funny, interesting and unusual riddles for 10 year olds form a sense of humor, help you become active and curious.

So dare: find, read riddles to children, give them prizes instead of primitive comics, let them write their own riddles! In general, create together, and with pleasure!

Puzzles for children 10 years – read, guess!

He won't sob, won't sneeze

the sea of dust will clean up

he lives in my apartment

long trunk

themselves in uniform


he noises like an airplane


(vacuum cleaner)

In this closet, don't stick your nose in it

it's where Santa Claus lives!

where snow and cold even in summer

will store cottage cheese and cutlets


He catches the weather forecast

films, nature shows

high-seated on the roof

better all sees-hears



Stick with rope

Fish catch cleverly


Unusual glass


I'm not teasing anyone

but they all see

that they showed me


Rapidly chewed and gnawed

finely chewed the chips

But not swallowed them at all


Lesenka as a song in the field runs away

and the houses catch up with each other


And the pine and spruce are her own sister

Yes, only in winter without needles she


Born a sickle


then it becomes a circle


Five sisters are so similar

but all are not the same size

if they try

all are removed into one


Five handsome guys

all in a row they are

Age they have in common


Inside the void


You can't touch the silence


My employee is a tireless worker


all words convey the right message

relaxes only then

as I sometimes remain silent


Here the flotilla sails

the boat leads

everything without oars and rowers

does not raise sails

(Duck and duck)

As a needle cushion

it goes angry and a stake


Without a wing it flies


no legs – it runs

sometimes runs away


The handsome guy proud in the yard

on the legs of the spurs sharp

he wakes all of us at dawn

and the chickens – a motley watchman!


This voice he carries

through the mountain-city

not need as a reward

No salary, no food!


The brothers follow each other

in order, don't shawl!

It's their turn to each other

not want to give in.


Every day early in the morning

Lift everyone off the couch!


Morning and afternoon

Watering everyone with rain

Wash away the whole contamination!


The rain begins – it opens immediately.


Three eyes at the crossroads of our

three of his eyes shine to both Petya and Natasha!

(Traffic lights)

For the person born

but he or she is not meant to use it…


There is a manual sea in our country

White shores

and in winter water in that sea

so warm, shallow!


Lives in the mouth – but don't chew

But don't swallow it

thick body with a wooden belly

The belt itself is a useful one

(barrel, barrel)

Puzzles for children 10 years old with a trick

This boy and dad are sitting here, if the boy gets up and goes to play, daddy still can't sit in his place! Where does the boy sit?

(On his lap)

What kind of pebbles don't there be in the sea?


Can the chicken call itself a bird?

(No, it can't speak)

What sign should I put between 7 and 8 to get a number less than 8 and more than 7? (comma – 7,8)

Which animals did Moses take in his ark? (none! It wasn't Moses, it was Noah!)

You're sitting in the plane: there's a car ahead, a horse behind him, a lion behind him… Where's that possible?! (On carousel)

Who sleeps with eyes open? (Pisces)

As a continuation of this article, more riddles for 10-12 year olds!


Puzzles for children with answers for 10-14 year olds

Interesting riddles for 10 year olds

Pupils in high school are often distracted, so to develop perseverance and care use riddles for children 10 years old.

Puzzles – the oldest art of our ancestors to convey wise thoughts and develop ingenuity. The folk method hasn't lost its relevance now. It's suitable for both preschoolers and 14-year-olds. Solving a variety of puzzles increases their intellectual development, teaches them how to argue and not to be afraid to prove their opinion.

What are the puzzles?

If a child in kindergarten is not taught a love of puzzles, start with simple examples, even for 13-14 year olds.

Describe an object, animal, bird or natural phenomenon. Let him think and guess. Sometimes it can be difficult to quickly determine the correct answers.

Then simplify the task and describe the question in more detail. The child will definitely guess.

Kids at the age of 12 love rhyming riddles. These are small quatrains in which you have to say the last word correctly. Pupils of the 5th grade with pleasure participate in quizzes.

  1. Teacher collects 2 teams from schoolchildren.
  2. In turn come out on 1 representative from each team, and the teacher reads a riddle.
  3. Winner is the first to say the correct answer.
  4. Winners are awarded points and the winning team is awarded a small prize.

When the guys get used to saying the answer, quickly rhyming with the last word, make it difficult. Think of children's riddles in which the rhyming word at the end of the quatrain is wrong.

These techniques are good for joking contests, cabbages.

This is a fun activity that is easy to attract the attention of the entire class and quietly develop the attention of 12-year-old students, to teach them to concentrate their thoughts.

May use poetic riddles based on the artistic images and knowledge of 12-13 year olds about the world around them.

The children's riddles are interesting not only to guess, but also to invent. This process allows the child to highlight important features in things and phenomena and develops non-standard thinking.

If you start to train logic as early as possible and continue at 12 years old, then at the age of 14, students will not have problems with algebra and geometry.

They'll get used to looking for original solutions and finding their way to the bottom of it.

The seniors will be interested in complex puzzles that need to be thoroughly puzzled over. They are different:

  • mathematical;
  • on the basis of life situations;
  • on the development of erudition and deduction;
  • on the development of logic with a catch.

Young people with advanced logical thinking sometimes click puzzles that not every adult can handle.

Best riddles

We have a girl of Light.

She has two secrets.

First – all of the soft wool.

He was lying in a visible place.

But then the second secret,

Very small, a little light,

With it I played a little –

All around the house.

Light saw it

And it was rolled back.

What are the secrets

What are the secrets of our Light?

(The ball, kitten)

Her crying is not crying in the world,

But crying, it gives people light.


But it's small,

But its affairs are great!

And without it, everyone around

Porty would be as good as they were without hands.


Klim told us, almost crying:

– I have a dacha in my village.

But I haven't harvested any vegetables in the whole season.

– How many times,- asked Sveta,-

You were in the summer cottage?

Klim answered her, blinking:

– Once. At the harvest.

And now, just right here,

I'll ask you friends,

Why does Klima have nothing –

No potatoes, no cabbage?

(Because the vegetables in the countryside

on their own do not grow)

Granddaughter Luke:

– They come from the sand

And from iron, from hair.

And what is it? Here's the question!


In the countryside, in the woods, it's been in the tree for a long time

And since then, it's been,

The emptiness inside the gutter.

A sometimes it has the full

Owl head visible.


Not a wizard, but it has magic.

And the vase

All it will make at once.


In it it has a huge body,

In it has six KAMAZ cargoes

With cargoes it quickly rushes,

K place in a hurry.

And yet it is, keep in mind,-

So-so-so-so-so! – sings on the way.

(Railway car)

Shoes are good,

But we don't have to rush it

And we don't have to stop it for a month –

Maybe just dump it.


The children have a lot of interest in it.

Very many miracles happen there.

So, for example, the mongrels have honorable football

And they can even score.


Hockey players can hear the goalkeepers' crying…?

(not the ball, but the puck)

He's a big rogue and comedian,

He's got a house on the roof

Hustler and the hustler,

And his name is …

(not Snowball, but Carlson)

With a grandmother in the bazaar a hundred eggs, and the bottom fell how many eggs remained in the basket.
(No one has fallen…)

Not a rider, but with spurs,
Not an alarm clock, but wakes everyone up.


He is beautiful and nice,

And her name is from the word “ash”.


One eye, one horn, but not a rhinoceros?

(The cow looks out from behind the corner)

Five boys,

Five stockings.

Separated boys

In dark stockings.

Each boy

In his stockings.

(fingers and gloves)

Buttock round, patch,

They can dig comfortably in the ground,

Tail with a small hook,

Shoes instead of hooves.

Brothers of friendship are alike.

Think without any hint,

Who are the heroes of this fairy tale?

(Three piglets)

The father had a strange boy,

unusual – wooden.

But loved his son's father.

What's the strange thing

The wooden man

Searching for a golden key?

It's a long nose everywhere.

Who is it? (Pinocchio).

Autumn rain walked through the city,

Mirror rain lost.

Mirror then on the asphalt lies,

Wind will blow – it will shiver. (Puddle)

We have been doing this for many years,

And I don't know their account.


If it hadn't been there,


All around is water, and there is trouble with drinking. (Sea).

Thirty-two hammer,

(Teeth and tongue)

Tooths are plentiful and eats nothing.


There are always people

There are always ships.


The little boy in the grey Armenian

In the courtyards sneaks, picks up crumbs,

In the night he roams – steals hemp.


All the time knocks, the trees are dolbit.

But they are not maimed, but only treated.


Black, nimble,

Screams “crack” to the worms the enemy.


In the morning it goes to four,

Day at two, and in the evening at three.

(Child, adult, old man)

It was in a yellow coat:

Bye, two shells!


Steps beautiful, easily touching the ground,

From the river,

And on the snow, and on the flower.


On the wall, in a visible place,

Collects to lead together,

And then its residents

Fly to all ends.


It's got the whole soul in the air,

And though there are buttons – not a shirt,

Not a turkey, and inflates,

And not a bird, and is filled.


Today everything is jubilant!

In the hands of kids



Dust I will see – I will twister, finish and swallow.

(Vacuum cleaner)

Backed from the morning: “Por-r-ra! Por-r-ra!”

And what's the time? What a fever it is,

When it cracks…

Neposeda is motley, the bird is longtailed,

Bird is talkative, the most talkative.

Veschunya white-sided, and her name is …


In Moscow they say, and we hear it.


Carpenter with a sharp bit

Constructs a house with one window.


I'll sit with my armpit and what I'll do:

I'll either put it in bed or let it go.


Heart of the road

Lives in the wilderness.

Pin very much,

Another threads


Blue house at the gate.

Guess who lives in it.

The door is narrow under the roof –

Not for the squirrel, not for the mouse,

Not for the outdoor resident,

Loud starter.

This door is flown in,

Default is carried out together.

This doesn't take long to get –

All sides fly!


Tail with patterns, spur boots,

White feathers, red scallop.

Who is it on the stake?

(Rooster rooster)

Thoughts are not on the horizon,

But the umbrella has opened in the sky.


Sophisticated options

  1. Mistress needs to bake 6 pies. How can she cope with it in 15 minutes, if only 4 pies can be placed on the frying pan, and on each side of the pie should be baked for 5 minutes?
    (Answer: 1) we put 4 pies; 2) we turn over 2 pies, 2 we remove, we put 2 new; 3) we remove 2 ready, 2 we turn over and we turn over 2 cleaned earlier.


  2. Vova and Sasha played on a dirty and dark attic. Vova's face was completely sooty and Sashino was miraculously clean. When the guys came down, they looked at each other in the light of day, but for some reason Sasha, not Vova, went to wash his face (Answer: Sasha looked at Vova's face, and as it was dirty, he thought that he was dirty too, and so he went to wash himself.

    And Vova, who looked at Sasha's clean face, did not even think that he himself could be a plague…)

  3. What sign to put between the numbers 8 and 9 to make the answer was less than 9, but more than 8? (Answer: you have to put a comma).
  4. Katya really wanted to buy chocolate, but in order to buy it she had to add 11 kopecks.

    And Dima wanted chocolate, but it was missing 2 kopecks. They decided to buy at least one chocolate bar, but they still needed two kopecks. How much is the chocolate? (Answer: the chocolate bar costs 11 kopecks, Katya has no money at all).

  5. The prisoner was held in an empty cell.

    He was sitting alone, every day he had dry bread, how did the bones appear in his cell? (Answer: bones from fish, bread was brought with ears).

  6. One boy walked in the park and saw a high school student. The senior school student has offered to argue: “If I write in the notebook your exact growth you will give me 1000 rubles, and if I will be mistaken I promise that I will not ask you any questions, and I too will not measure you”. The boy agreed. The senior pupil wrote something in a notebook, showed the boy, the boy looked at it and gave it to the senior pupil in 1000 rubles. How did a high school student win a bet? (Answer: A high school student wrote in his notebook “your exact height”).

  7. On the plate lay five apples for five children. Every child took an apple. However, one apple remains on the plate
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