Names for boys by month of birth: how to choose a name for your son

Name selection for your child by month of birth. First part

Names for boys by month of birth: how to choose a name for your son
<It’s not easy to pick up a newborn baby’s name. Because a man’s name affects his fate. The choice of a child’s name is influenced by the traditions of the family, fashionable trends, national, religious roots, and even political views of the parents.

The time of year when the child was born is of particular importance when choosing a name.

The children born in winter should be given soft, singing names so as not to exacerbate the severity of nature itself.

The children born in spring are flexible in various situations, but have no fighting skills. This can be corrected with a harder name. This will give them self-confidence and protect them from life’s hardships.

The children born in the summer are proud, courageous, and persistent in achieving the goal, active.

The children born in the autumn are realists. Few people take their word for it, they have to check it themselves. Have a clear and balanced mind, calm and easy character. It is not uncommon for a priest to baptize a child without finding the name of his or her choice in the holy places and offering to baptize the child with a different name. There’s nothing wrong with that. Our ancestors gave our children two names. One person baptized and left it secret, and called it by a different name chosen by them when addressing the child.

When you give your child a name, think about how it will be matched with the patronymic. This is also important, because patronymic can also affect the character of the child.

And here’s what you don’t need to do, it’s to name the child after some date or event, an unrealistic name (something like Barricade or Electron). Care should also be taken when naming a child with the names of close relatives. The child may inherit the character and fate of this person. It can also be the cause of your family’s degeneration.

Let the child get his or her own “right” name and build his or her own destiny with him or her. And let him be happy!


January names for boys
Gregory, Ilya, Timofey, Daniel, Ivan, Ignat, Afanasy, Kirill, Nikita, Anton, Maxim, Pavel, Mikhail, Sergey, Philip, Peter, Georgy, Yuri, Egor, Nikolay, Efim, Konstantin, Stepan, Fedor, Mark, Fadey, Vasily, Naum, Yakov, Prokop, Theoktist, Nifont, Theodosius, Nikanor, Seraphim, Artem, Clement, Semyon, Trofim, Valentine, Savva, Veniamin, Adam, Yemelian, Prokhor, Prokhor, Prokl, Elizar, Sevastyan (Sebastian).

January names for girls
Anastasia, Claudius, Agafia, Domna, Melania, Uliana, Eugenia, Tatiana, Appolinaria, Maria, Leonidia, Felitsata, Nina, Agraphena, Irina, Aglaya, Anisia, Theodora, Polina, Vassilisa


February names for boys
Veniamin, Fedor, Alexey, Anton, Nikolay, Kirill, Konstantin, Stepan, Peter, Gennady, Innokenty, Semen, Ivan, Dmitry, Maxim, Grigory, Efim, Timofey, Nikita, Alexander, Arseniy, Victor, Leontiy, Gerasim, Vitaly, Felix, Philippe, Ignat, Lavrenty, Roman, Vasily, Hippolyte, Zakhar, Pankrat, Paul, Prokhor, Vsevolod, Eugene, Vlas, Makar, Efim, Valery, George, Egor, Yuri, Gabriel, Clement, Arkady, David, Ephrem, Yaakov, Ignatius, Julian, German, Nikephoros, Savva, Akim, Valerian, Theoktist, Luke, Porphyrius, Valentine.

February names for girls
Agnes, Rimma, Xenia, Inna, Maria, Eudoxia, Anna, Agafia, Euphrosyne, Zoya, Svetlana, Valentina, Christina (Christine), Martha, Aksinya, Pavel, Theodora, Anastasia, Veronica.


Mart names for boys
Daniel (Danila), Ilya, Pavel, Julian, Fedor, Kuzma, Leo, Eugene, Makar, Maxim, Fedot, George, Afanasy, Vyacheslav, Philip, Alexander, Ivan, Taras, Vasily, Gerasim, Grigory, Roman, Yakov, Konstantin, Arkady, Kirill, Anton, Leontius, Leonid, Mark, Victor, Denis, Stepan, Semyon, Aleksey, Valery, Trofim, Efim, Timofey, Egor, Yuri, Peter, Sevastian, Arseniy, Savva, David, Nikifor, Venedict, Rostislav, Mikhail, Nikandr, Irakly.

Martovskie names for girls
Marianna, Theodora, Regina, Marina, Margarita, Antonina, Eudocia, Uliana, Anastasia, Vasilisa, Galina, Christina (Christine), Kiera, Iraida, Nika.


April names for boys
Innokenty, Sergey, Ivan, Kirill, Yakov, Thomas, Vasily, Artem, Zakhar, Peter, Stepan, Mark, Veniamin, Efim, Makar, Nikita, Leonid, George, Semyon, Anton, Daniel, Vadim, Alexander, Savva, Trofim, Mstislav, Gabriel, Andrei, Egor, Yuri, Plato, Maxim, Hariton, David, Martin, Nikon, Tikhon, Antip, Sofron, Ipatius, Polycarp, Titus, Rodion, Nyphonte, Terence, Artemon, Victor, Aristarchus, Kondrat, Samson.

April names for girls
Daria, Alexandra, Claudius, Praskovia, Svetlana, Uliana, Theodosia, Lydia, Anna, Alla, Larissa, Maria, Irina, Theodora, Galina, Anastasia, Vasilisa, Tamara, Eva, Akulina, Marfa, Susanna (Susanna), Nika, Sofia, Matrona.


May names for boys
Anton, Victor, Ivan, Kuzma, Georgy, Nikephoros, Alexander, Grigory, Fedor, Denis, Vsevolod, Vitaly, Gabriel, Anatoly, Alexey, Leontius, Savva, Thomas, Mark, Vasily, Stepan, Semyon, Kirill, Maxim, Yakov, Nikita, Ignat, Boris, Gleb, Roman, Peter, David, Konstantin, German, Makar, Dmitry, Andrey, Irakly, Pavel, Egor, Yuri, Artem, Fedot, Clement, Arseniy, Nikolay, Kondrat, Valentine, Paphnutiy, Efim, Yeremey, Afanasiy, Timofey, Pimen, Severin, Nicodemus, Joseph, Pahom, Modest, Lavrenty, Kasyan.

May names for girls
Alexandra, Valentina, Elizabeth, Maria, Glafira, Tamara, Zoya, Pelageya, Irina, Taisia, Gliceria (Luceria), Muse, Claudius, Christina, Faina, Julia, Susanna, Euphonia, Euphrosyne.


June names for boys
Ignatius, Ivan, Sergei, Alexander, Alexei, Konstantin, Mikhail, Fedor, Vladimir, Leontius, Nikita, Semyon, Stepan, Georgy, Egor, Yuri, Makar, Christians, Valery, Denis, Hariton, Pavel, Dmitry, Nazar, Igor, Leonid, Nikandr, Fedot, Ephrem, Vasily, Jan, Timofey, Andrey, Gabriel, Peter, Arseniy, Savva, Elisey, Gregory, Tikhon, Mstislav, Innocent, Saveliy, Kirill, Yeremey, Nikifor, Julian, Gennady, Ignat, Roman, Silvester, Anton, Karp.

June names for girls
Helena (Alena), Nelly, Sofia, Theodora, Euphrosyne, Theodosia, Uliana, Claudius, Valeria, Maria, Kiera, Martha, Antonina, Anna, Christina, Akulina, Fekla, Caleria.

Continuation, second part, read the articles here: to choose a name for a child by birth month. Part Two



How to name a boy in 2017: beautiful names for boys by patronymic and month of birth

Names for boys by month of birth: how to choose a name for a son

Date: 28, February, 2017 / 14

The choice of name for a child who has not yet been born or has just been born is a pleasant, though not an easy task. On the one hand, every parent wants his or her child to have a beautiful, sound and as rare a name as possible.

On the other hand, it is as if by doing so the parents realize their own complexes and admit that they consider themselves to be part of the gray mass from which at least their child should be singled out at all costs. Fashion for rare names leads to the fact that to meet Sergei or Vanya in a modern kindergarten is almost a sensation, because it is visited by Bogdany, Lazarus and Evdokimy.

Even if we exaggerate, it is not too much. How to name a boy in 2017: beautiful names for boys by patronymic and month of birth, how not to overdo with the choice of name for the son.

How to name a boy in 2017 and not to overdo it

So, the most important thing with the choice of a name for a child is a sense of proportion. There are many exotic names to be found, but are all of them good and well received by others? Still, a man is a public being, and your son lives his life with his chosen name, so think first of all about it, not about how you personally would look more original against the background of your neighbors.

Thinking about how to name a boy in 2017, choose beautiful names for boys by patronymic and surname. Usually this is the rule – with a long patronymic you need a shorter name, and with a shorter patronymic you need a more authentic name. Venedikt Vsevolodovich sounds beautiful, but quite cumbersome, and Ilya Vsevolodovich sounds lighter. If your daughter probably says goodbye to your last name in twenty years, your son will wear it for the rest of his life. Surname, first name and patronymic should sound smooth and not make the language weave when speaking them.

Literally try every name in combination with patronymic and surname, so you will find something that will sound good.

Another important point for the modern world – it is desirable that the name sounds good in other languages, especially in English.

The world is more and more global, and it is not a small one that your son will be able to communicate with foreigners quite often and with a lot of people.

Heavy names for foreign languages and ears are usually wrapped up, which is not always nice. Avoid the accumulation of consonant sounds in the name of the Slavonic names.

Popularly enough people name their children after a famous person or relative. You have to be careful with that, too. There was a story on the Internet about how a man named his son after the dead Formula 1 champion Senna named Ayrton.

In the yard of the child was named Artemon in honor of a poodle from the fairy tale about Pinocchio. In addition to these curiosities, the name of a particular person bears some semantic imprint, and people project the fate of the person they are named after onto themselves, which is not always good.

All in all, there are always priests for believers to help them choose a name for their child by date of birth. But there are still many names in the priests that are outdated, so when choosing a name for a boy, still take something more modern. In the end, our language is not accidentally cleared of beautiful but bulky names like Nikandra or Hermogen.

As the name of the boy in 2017: beautiful names for boys by birth month

There are those who do not want to use priests, however, sometimes believe that the month in which the child was born in some way depends on his character, and allegedly more so than on the heredity and upbringing. Focusing on the zodiac signs and the month of birth, there are suitable names for boys.

Pick a name for a boy born in JanuaryWe recommend you to pay attention to Timofeev, Grigoriev, Ignatiev, Ivanov, Daniilov, Petrov, Adamov, Nikolaev, Stepanov, Efimov, Fedorov, Nikanorov, Markov, Makarov, Josefov, Vasilyev, Yakov, Gordeev, Afanasiev, Georgiev, Filippov, Yemelyanov, Pavlov, Savv, Mikhailov, Prokhorov, Maximov, Antonov, Kirillov.

Name for the boy born in February – is a choice from Fedor, Savva, Ephim, Maximus, Timothy, Makar, Gennady, Ivan, Gerasim, Gregory, Moses, Arcadia, Isaac, Ephraim, Roman, Lavrentiya, Ignatiya, Vasily, Hippolyta, Nikita, Peter, Nikolay, Semen, Yuri, Kirill, Dmitry, Vsevolod, Vlas, Gabriel, Anton, Alexey, Eugene.

Good name for a boy born in MarchIt is possible to choose from Daniel, Paul, Ilya, Kuzma, Leo, Timothy, George, Afanasy, Ivan, Alexander, Taras, Sevastian, Vasily, Nikolay, Bogdan, Arsenia, Vyacheslav, Constantine, David, Arcadia, Eugene, Valeria, Ephrem, Gregory, Leonid, Efim, Semen, Venedictus, Rostislav, Denis, Kirill, Trofim.

Pick a name for a boy born in AprilThe following are to be noted: Ivan, Victor, Innocent, Sergei, Kirill, Vasily, Stepan, Peter, Tikhon, Gabriel, Efim, Nikita, Joseph, Egor, Lazarus, George, Daniil, Vadim, Rodion, Alexander, Fedor, Maxim, Terence, James, Antipas, Anton, Martin, Trofim, Leonid, Semen.

Name for the boy born in May – is a choice between Victor, Ivan, Kuzma, Yuri, Trifon, Nikifor, Alexander, Fedor, Gabriel, Vsevolod, Anatoliy, Egor, Alexey, Savva, Vasily, Mark, Stepan, Semen, Joseph, Vitaly, Maxim, Kirill, Nikita, Makar, Yakov, Boris, David, Gleb, Roman, Peter, Timothy, Arseniy, Nikolay, Denis, German, Alexander, Efim, Dmitry and Bogdan.

Successful name for a boy born in June, you can choose from Ivan, Dmitry, Ignatius, Sergei, Alexander, Timothy, Alexei, Constantine, Fedor, Mikhail, Nikita, Semyon, George, Makar, Denis, Nikifor, Igor, Konstantin, Leonid, Fedot, Vasily, Efrem, Arseniy, Stepan, Yuri, Elisey, Mstislav, Tikhon, Modest.

Beautiful name for a boy born in Julycan be found by studying the list from Gleb, Leontius, Gury, Julian, Terenty, Arseniy, Basil, Artem, Hermann, Svyatoslav, Peter, Denis, George, Sergei, Kuzma, Anatoly, Constantine, Philip, Ephymus, Andrey, Fedor, Cyril, Michael, Stefan, Vladimir, Paul, Yemelyan.

Name for the boy born in AugustThe list is rich and includes Seraphim, Roman, Ilya, Afanasius, Ivan, Semen, Trofim, Gleb, Boris, David, Makar, Polycarp, Moses, Herman, Nikolai, Konstantin, Valentin, Mikhail, Elizar, Yevdokim, Vasily, Stepan, Anton, Maximilian, Gregory, Leonid, Julian, Fedor, Alexander, Hippolyte, Kapiton, Maxim, Tikhon, Arcadia, Demid, Paul, Myron, Denis, Lavra.

Name for the boy born in September – is a choice from Timothy, Wass, Andrey, Samuel, Afanasiy, Peter, Arseniy, Adrian, Moses, Savva, Ivan, Alexander, Daniel, Peter, Anton, Theodosius, Bogdan, Fedota, Gleb, David, Zachary, Archip, Kirill, Michael, Dmitry, Paul, Sergey, Julian, Semen, Leontius, Cornelius, Nikita, Stepan, Victor.

Sound name for a boy born in OctoberThe most important of them are Igor, David, Constantine, Trofim, Fedor, Oleg, Mikhail, Dmitry, Makar, Peter, Ivan, Vladislav, Innokenty, Galaktion, Tikhon, Hermann, Ephrem, Mark, Ignatius, Aristarchus, Vyacheslav, Grigory, Hariton, Andrei, Denis, Vladimir, Matvey, Philip, Sergei, Julian, Trifon, Abraham, James, Veniamin, Nazar, Nikita, Lukyan, Efim, Anton, Kuzma, Demian, Lazarus, Joseph.

Name for the boy born in NovemberIt is worth selecting from Ivan, Artem, James, Alexander, Ignatius, Iraklius, Maximilian, Dmitry, Nestor, Mark, Arsenia, Stepan, Demian, Spiridon, Kuzma, Egor, Gregory, Galaktion, Hermann, Paul, Kirill, Valeria, Fedot, Bogdan, Michael, Gabriel, Rodion, Maximus, Vincent, Neal, Nicephorus, Philippus, Guria or Matthew.

At the end, the name for a boy born in December – is a choice from Roman, Plato, Anatoly, Michael, Alexei, Alexander, Gregory, Peter, Yuri, Innokenty, James, Vsevolod, Gabriel, Stepan, Fedor, Andrey, Ivan, Nikolai, Anton, Paul, Kirill, Daniel, Arseniy, Arcadia, Eugene, Trifon, Orest, Modest.


Beautiful and rare Orthodox names for Russian boys

Names for boys by month of birth: how to choose a name for your son

Molitva.Guru > Names > Beautiful and rare Orthodox names for Russian boys

In Orthodox Christianity there is a tradition, according to which newborns are usually called in honor of the saint or saint, whose memory is celebrated on the day when the baby was born.

As an option, an Orthodox name for a boy can be chosen to be consonant with it, if the parents have named the baby a name not mentioned in the priests.

In this case the priest can help with the choice before baptism.

    • Traditions of choice
    • Orthodox names for boys
    • Variants for those born in winter


  • Spring and summer names
  • Selection for autumn birthdays

Selection traditions

Name selection for a child is a serious and responsible matter. In many families, this issue is handled in their own way, and there may be certain traditions.

This is how, for example, the first-born are often named after their grandfather or father. Some have their own family lists of “allowed” and “forbidden” names for some reason. Someone adheres to the Church calendar.

When choosing a name, future parents should pay attention to:

  • Sound. Think about how the name will sound when you call your child: is it nice to hear or will it sound harsh? Does it go well with your last name? Some parents think that longer names are better suited to short surnames, while others think the opposite.
  • Uniqueness. Many parents want to find a unique name that will distinguish their child. But sometimes an extremely unusual name can bring your child unwanted attention. Think about possible mistakes to make sure that your child will not be subject to lifelong correction by others when pronouncing.
  • Destination. It’s very easy to find a suitable name by its meaning on the Internet. There are many sites that can be useful for name research.

Member that a child will be carrying his or her name for life. So you have to pick one that he’ll like to hear, too. To think about all the options, you should try to put yourself in the shoes of a child. It is important to pay attention to the pronunciation of the boy’s name and patronymic. They have to sound harmonious and be easy to pronounce.

Orthodox names for boys


Lately more and more people are turning to their origins. In Russia, parents are increasingly choosing Orthodox names for boys.

In 2017, Alexander, Maxim, Mikhail, Ivan, Daniel, Dmitry, Matvey were popular. Most likely, their popularity will not become less in 2018. All of them are found in the calendar of Orthodox names for boys.

Solution, as to name the son, many fathers and mothers take during pregnancy. Once they know the approximate date of birth, they can use the Church’s calendar of names by date of birth and choose a suitable one by date of birth.

Variants for those born in winter

For the “winter” boys there are many options:

  • 14 January – St. Basil the Great. He was an important bishop, being recognized for his wisdom and steadfastness in the debate about Christianity. Name: Vasile, Vasiliy.
  • on January 20 – John the Baptist (also marked on July 7). He prepared the Jewish people for the coming of Jesus and was the one who baptized the Savior in Jordan. Title: Ion, Ivan, John.
  • on January 30 – The Holy Martyr Anthony the Great. He shared the wealth of the poor after the death of his parents as the founder of monastic life. Name: Anton, Antony.
  • 18 February – Saint Agatha. Although she was very beautiful and rich, she refused to marry, devoting her life to faith and suffering more. Name: Agafon.
  • 23 February – St. Valentine’s Day. Along with Paul, she suffered military death for the sake of Jesus Christ, for she did not want to sacrifice idols. Name: Valentin.
  • 2 March – St. Theodore (St. Theodora celebrates September 20). He resisted the persecution of Christians and was imprisoned for his faith and left to die. Name: Theodore, Theodore,
  • on March 17 – St. Cassian. He devoted his life to the study of Scripture, becoming a monk. Name: Casian.

Spring and summer names

Spring and summer church celebrates the memory of many saints and saints. This part of the names sounds very unusual to modern people, so parents should think about whether to call their son that:

    • March 18 – Casimir. He was the patron of Lithuania and Poland, devoting his life to the care and protection of the poor. Name: Casimir.
    • 30 March – Alexis. I gave up my rich life and became a devotee. Name: Alexei, Alexei.
    • 1 April – St. Joseph. He accompanied the Virgin Mary and Jesus to Jerusalem as the husband of the Virgin Mary. Name: Joseph.
    • 8 April – Archangel Gabriel (also noted on November 21). He’s known as the one who leads parents in conception and childbirth. And also a messenger of God. Name: Gabriel, Gaby, Gaby, Gabyril.

6 May – Saint George. He is designated as the bearer of victory, fighting and suffering in the name of faith. Name: George, George, June 3 – St. Helena and St. Constantine. Elena was the imperial mother of Constantine the Great. Because of them, Christianity has become the state religion. Name: Constantine, Church

  • on July 4 – St. Julian – he was blessed and endowed with God’s gift of healing. Name: Julian, Julian.
  • 12 July – Saints Peter and Paul. Both were apostles of Christ. The first was considered the founder of the Church, and the second was an important missionary. Name: Peter, Paul, Paul
  • on July 15 – St. Stephen the Great. He was the ruler of Moldavia, being the founder of many churches. Name: Stefan.
  • on July 31 – Saint Emilian. He fought for the Christian faith and died on his behalf. Name: Emilian, Emil.
  • on August 2 – St. Elijah. He was a prophet and a rain prophet. Name: Ilya.
  • 23 August – St. Lawrence. He’s done a lot of wonderful healing. Name: Lavrenty, Laur.
  • On August 28 – Dormition of the Virgin Mary, the feast of St. Mary the Great, the mother of Christ. Name: Maryan.


Selection for autumn birthdays

Mid-autumn names of many popular and only gaining popularity:

  • October 19 – St. Thomas the Apostle. He was one of Christ’s apostles, a craftsman. Name: Thomas, Tamas, Tom.
  • October 31 – Saint Apostle Luke. He was one of Christ’s disciples, a physician, but also an artist. Name: Luka.
  • 8 November – Holy Martyr Demetrius. He’s appointed pastor’s patron. Name: Dimitri.
  • 21 November – Saints Michael and Gabril, the most important angels who announced the birth of Christ and John the Baptist. Name: Michael.
  • 13 December – Saint Andrew. It was Peter’s brother, considered a protector of sailors and fishermen. Name: Andrei.
  • 19 December – Saint Nicholas. He’s done miracles and kids love to celebrate the day in his honor. Name: Nicholas.

Russian church names for boys by month can be found in any temple of the priest, as well as consulted by him for better decision. The church list will be much more extensive.

Take, for example, the names of the boys in November by priests. It will consist of more than 30 names, at least one saint’s name for each day.

Both rare and more common names will be presented.


Serious names for boys per year Dogs

Names for boys by month of birth: how to choose a name for a son

The dog is a patient, loyal, homely, faithful, fair and enduring representative of the twelve-year cycle. Born in a year Dogs boys are distinguished by perseverance and great patience. The guys are fair and friendly, they are always ready to overcome great difficulties for the sake of their friends. Despite their love and devotion to the home, they are easy to get up and love travelling.

The boys who came into the world in 2018 will be hard-working, persistent and dedicated. But despite these qualities, the family will occupy a very important place in their lives, guys will grow up loving fathers and good, loyal husbands.

Names for boys per year Dogs should reflect all of the above characteristics and be as close as possible to a native, Slavic or biblical theme, which I reflect the essence of the hostess of the year.

Wonderful during this period, simple, simple names.

In this article:

We name our son by month of birth

Fashion for beautiful, rare and unusual names has always been, so 2018 will not be an exception.

The only thing worth knowing to future parents is that the baby should be called according to the rules of life of the mistress of the year, the Dogs, so to speak, respect her board.

The Earth’s roots of the name will help to keep the balance between the character and the fate of the child, because what the ship is called, so it will float.

Below is a table in which the names of future men born in the year of the Dogs, distributed by month of birth.

JanuaryOsip, Archip, Timosha, Daniel, Ilyusha, Anton, Pasha, Faddeus, Feodor, Clement, Theodosius, Seraphim, Adam, Jacob, Elisar, Elisha .
FebruaryValerian, Thaddeus, Valentin, Akim, Arseniy, Hippolyte, Ephremus, Luke, Klimentin, Nikephoros, John, Kolya, Theoktist, Stepan, Laurus, Vlas, Leontius, Philip, Yuri, Vitalik.
MartMaxim, Zhora, Vitalik, Timofei, Jura, Klim, Zakhar, Jacob, David, Alexis, Feodor, Martyn, Dima, Irakli, Efim, Sidor, Kostya, Savva, Nikita, Pasha.
AprilChariton, Mstislav, Savelius, Rodion, Trofim, Vasily, Stepa, Thomas, Tikhon, Leva, Makar, Polycarp, Antosha, Kondratius, Terenty.
MayZakhar, Pimen, Stepa, Gabril, Nikephoros. Grisha, Dionysus, Tolik, Vitalik, Leontius, Alexis, Gavrila, Serezha, Gleb, Kuzma, Kondrat, Peter, Kuzma. Nikephoros, Roma, Ignat, David.
JuneNikifor, Daniel, Modest, Climentine, Boris, Elisey, Savva, Kasyan, Nikita, George, Kiryusha, Andrei, Pasha, Makar, Jacob, Artem.
JulyMstislav, Karp, Pasha, Kostya, Serezha, Stepan, Roma, Gabriel, Nazar, Leonid, Arseniy, Denis, Fedot, Alexey, Timofey, Ivan.
AugustDima, Savva, Miron, Philippe, Grisha, Alexis, Veniamin, Arkasha, Clement, Grisha, Polycarp, Maximus, Naum, Antosha, Kuzma, Misha, Elizar, Christopher, Dima.
SeptemberChristopher, Luka, Fadey, Arkasha, Misha, Dima, Makar, Serezha, Alexander, Ivan, Gleb, Victor, Gennady, Zakhar, Antosha, Nikita, Fedot
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