Gliatylin: instructions for use in children and adults, forms of production, composition, analogues

Cheap analogues and substitutes for gliatylin for children and adults

Gliatylin: instructions for use for children and adults, forms of production, composition, analogues

Gliatylin is a nootropic drug with a beneficial effect on the central nervous system. The effect of the drug is based on the content of the active ingredient choline alfostserata, which has a pronounced restorative property.

The drug is released in ampoules for the preparation of injectable solutions, gelatin capsules.

The medicine is prescribed for the following indications: cerebral blood circulation disorder, the presence of various forms of craniocerebral injuries, recovery period in case of cerebrovascular insufficiency, memory impairment in elderly people.

This should be excluded for various allergic manifestations. Cost in the range of 710-720 rubles.

Analogues of Russian production

Cost analogues of gliatylin of domestic production have in their composition practical identical active components.

Table of the close substitutes of the main original:

AnaloguePrice range in rublesProperties of the drug
Choline Alphosphate300-400 Inexpensive analogue of gliatin. Packing: capsules, injection vials. Active components have a neuroprotective effect. Appointed for ischemic strokes, dementia syndromes, memory loss in the elderly, head injuries. Prohibited from pregnancy, breastfeeding.
Gleaser550-600Cholinomimetic drug that has a positive effect on the central nervous system. The degree of application is various types of brain disorders. Should not be used in pregnancy, lactation, allergies, teenagers under 18 years of age.
Cholitiline500-550Effective analogue of gliatylin presented as a capsule and injection solution. Used in the acute course of brain injury, ischemic stroke, dementia (memory loss). Contraindications: Pregnancy, breastfeeding period.
Tseripro590-600Mighty broad nootropic gliatin substitute. Packing: capsules, injection mortar. Effective in brain disorders, circulatory disorders, memory loss, ischemic stroke. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, allergies are contraindications.
Tseratone610-620The active substance choline alfoscerate provides nootropic action of the drug. Used for the treatment of craniocerebral injuries, cognitive disorders, memory loss in old age. Not recommended for use during hemorrhagic stroke, pregnancy, breastfeeding, allergies, adolescents under 18 years of age.

Ukrainian substitutes

Gliatylin substitutes presented by Ukrainian manufacturers are characterized by low price policy and current composition of the drug.

List of main analogues:

  • Altsmerat. Quality synonym of the original Ukrainian production. The effectiveness of the analogue lies in the content of the active ingredient. Designed to treat acute brain injuries, circulatory disorders, memory loss in old age. Prohibited from pregnancy, breast-feeding, high sensitivity. Maximum cost 550-600 rubles.
  • Glyaton. Relatively inexpensive analogue of gliatylin presented as capsules and injectable solution. Has the following indications for use: degenerative-involutionary brain disorders, memory loss in the elderly, acute periods of inflammation after craniocerebral injuries. Use in pregnancy, breastfeeding and allergies should be excluded. Maximum price 650-700 rubles.
  • Nairotilin. A similar analogue of gliatylin in the form of an injection solution. The action of the main components provides restorative properties of the drug, positively affecting the vital functions of the central nervous system. Used for preventive treatment of brain disorders of various etiologies. Use is prohibited during pregnancy, allergies, lactation, and excessive psychotic syndrome. The marginal cost is RUB 580-620.
  • Reneiro. Parasymptomimetic central exposure. A substitute for gliatylin in the form of an injection solution. The drug is effective in various acute currents of post-traumatic craniocerebral disorders, memory loss, ischemic strokes. Contraindications: high sensitivity to the active substance, pregnancy, lactation period. Maximum cost 500-560 rubles.

Belarusian generics

Effective synonyms of gliatin of Belarusian manufacture occupy a strong place in the pharmaceutical market among the main analogues of the drug. Several similar substitutes are discussed in the table below.

AnalogPrice rangeProperties about the drug
Vinpocetin500-600The active substance vinpocetin provides a nootropic effect of the drug. Has a number of indications for use: cerebral circulatory disorders, nervous disorders, mental disorders, eye disease caused by vascular disorders, memory loss of old age. Not recommended during lactation, pregnancy, allergies, heart failure.
Gromecin200-250Resistant replacement with a cheap gliatin analogue in the form of tablets. Designed for therapeutic prophylactic purposes in the treatment of various disorders of the nervous system. Prohibited during a period of severe allergic reactions.
Glycine150-200The cheapest synonym of the original, presented as round tablets. Effective remedy for the restoration of blood circulation in the brain. The drug should not be taken during pregnancy, breastfeeding, acute heart disease.
Pirazzine250-320Active components of piracetes,

Qinnarisine lead to a balance of blood circulation in the brain. Pathologies caused by nervous system disorders are indications for use. Not recommended for liver, kidney, lactation, pregnancy, allergic reactions.

Other analogues of foreign production

Modern imported drugs have a fairly large selection of gliatin substitutes.

List of main synonyms of the main drug:

  1. Delecite. Highly effective cholinostimulating drug. The active ingredient choline alfostserat has a strong restorative ability of the drug. Appointed in the acute course of craniocerebral injuries, mental disorders, Alzheimer's syndrome, ischemic stroke.
  2. Cortexin. A good synonym for neuroprotective gliathyline, presented as an injection solution. The composition of the drug is, in the content of polypeptides in the brain of animals, ensures the nootropy of the drug. Scope of application of various disorders, brain and nervous system injuries.

    Contraindications: allergic reactions, pregnancy, breastfeeding. The marginal cost of 900-1000 rubles.

  3. Medotylin. Inexpensive best substitute for the original, presented as a solution for the preparation of injections and injections. Effective during the progression of craniocerebral injuries, psychotic syndromes, ischemic strokes.

    The drug should not be used in pregnancy, lactation, allergies, excessive psychomotor agitation. The marginal cost is 400-450 rubles.

  4. Zerakson. Psycho-stimulating analogue of foreign gliatylin. The active component of cycholine provides high efficiency of the drug. Designed for the treatment of craniocerebral injuries, strokes, cognitive disorders.

    Contraindications: excessive nervous system tension, high sensitivity to the active substance. The marginal cost of 470-500 rubles.

Gliatylin is a highly effective drug in this area of drug exposure. Has a large number of quality, suitable analogues of the original.

Before you decide what to do, you should study the basic data and get a qualified recommendation from your doctor. The correct selection of a synonym will ensure a rapid recovery of the organism and its further successful life!


Pharmacological Gliatylin Analogues

Gliatylin: instructions for use for children and adults, forms of production, composition, analogues

Brain work is directly related to central nervous system functionality. When developing an organic pathological process in the CNS or brain, it is necessary to treat with complex drugs. Gliatylin is the most trusted medical specialist.

Patients' feedback suggests that the drug is well tolerated and has only minor contraindications, but its price is quite high. It is the cost of the medicine that is often the reason why patients ask their doctor to prescribe cheaper Gliatylin.

Gliatylin characteristic

Therapeutic drug Gliatylin refers to nootropics, with cholinomimetic effect on the central regions of the brain.

The medicine is produced in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies of two countries – Russia and Italy. A drug containing choline alfoscerate in the form of capsules and solution is produced.

Capsules 400 mg or 250 mg solution are indicated for treatment:

  • consequences of hemorrhagia or ischemia, with complications for brain function;
  • the trunk lesion in craniocerebral injuries;
  • psychoorganic syndromes accompanied by degenerative or involutional processes;
  • demonstration after a multi-infarct;
  • pseudomelancholia in the old period;
  • broken brain and CNS.

Instruction on the use of the drug does not recommend drinking a capsule or using the solution during pregnancy and breastfeeding, children's age group of patients, as well as sensitivity to components that are available in the drug.

Side effects occur in exceptional cases, such as allergic reactions or nausea attacks.

Gliatylin price:

  • capsules 400 mg – 750 rubles;
  • solution 250 mg – 600 rubles.


Pharmaceutical companies produce a large number of generic and Gliatin analogues. Medicines have similar properties, but the composition may differ.

If there are contraindications or side effects occur, the original drug should be replaced with a drug with a different composition, but with a similar pharmacology. If the reason is the price of the medicine, the analogue may have identical characteristics.

Positive feedback from experts is provided by the following Gliatylin substitutes:

  • Tserapro;
  • Tseraton;
  • Tserakson;
  • Cortexin;
  • Alphosphocerate Valley;
  • Noholin rhompharm.

All drugs in this group are dispensed in pharmacies only if the patient has a prescription from the attending physician.


Cerepro medicine is used in medicine to correct central nervous system dysfunction. In addition, the drug has a positive effect on the brain.

Cerepro is released in capsules and ampoules with a solution. The active ingredient is choline alfostserat, which has a major influence on the recovery of processes in the body when detecting pathologies:

  • CNS abnormalities after craniocerebral injury or stroke;
  • Brain circulation disorder;
  • Expulsion of the overall functionality of the brain and nerve system;
  • Melancholy complex during aging.

The list of contraindications includes only childhood age, allergies to available medications, as well as during breastfeeding and fetal bearing by women. Side effects can cause nausea or allergies.

Patients often ask their doctor about comparing Gliatylin or Cerepro drugs, what better way to help with the conditions described in the instructions? Both drugs have similar composition, indications and dosage.

Most experts believe that these drugs are drug synonyms and the only difference in them is the manufacturer, so it is difficult to determine what is better.

Feedback on generics also confirms the absence of any obvious difference between drugs.

The cost of a Russian-made drug is on average 600 rubles, and the solution – 400 rubles.


Cerethone, the original replacement – Cereton, has a similar characteristic. Its main component is also choline alfoscerate. However, relatively original capsules/ampoules (form of production) Cereton are cheaper. The price of capsules – from 450 rubles, and for ampoules – from 350 rubles.

Provisions for use, as instructed:

  • degenerative changes and involutionary processes in the brain accompanied by psychoorganic syndrome;
  • period of recovery from a stroke or skull injury with brain damage;
  • the brain stem lesion after a hemorrhagic stroke;
  • the senile false depressive melancholia;
  • the impaired brain function of the psychomotor type.

Cereton is contraindicated:

  • children under 18 years of age;
  • women pregnant;
  • lactating women.

Allergy or nausea allergy to Cereton may occur and side effects may occur.


Nice substitute Gliatylin – Zerakson. The treatment is used to treat complications and restore brain activity after trauma and stroke.

Zerakson differs from the original in its composition. The active component of the drug is citicoline. The medicine of the Spanish manufacture is on sale in pharmacies in the form of solutions: for oral reception and injection, and as in tablets.

Provisions for use:

  • Head injury with brain tissue and vascular injury
  • behavioural and mental disorders associated with degenerative processes.

The Zerakson tablets should not be used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in case of severe vagotonia, children under 18 years of age and in case of hypersensitivity to composition.

During the period of nurturing of the fetus or breastfeeding the child with breast milk, the treatment of the woman with the drug is carried out only in case of severe stage of diseases and with the permission of the doctor. There is no data on the effect of the composition on the child's body.

This drug has a higher cost than the original, but reviews of its use suggest that Ceraxone is a highly effective drug that has a positive effect even in severe forms of pathology.

Price for Zerakson – from RUB 650 (per tablet), from RUB 1100 (per ampoule) and from RUB 1500 (per solution for internal use).


Analogue of Russian production, which is acceptable for use by children – Cortexin. The drug is designed to treat multiple diseases associated with pathological processes in the brain and CNS.

Unique broad-spectrum drug contains polypeptide substances of the cerebral cortex. There are few drugs like Cortexin.

Cortexin is available in pharmacies as lyophilisate. There is a paediatric and adult form of medication.

Cortexin is the ideal treatment for cerebral dysfunction if a child is affected by the pathology.

Instruction for use includes general indications:

  • consequences of a head injury or microstroke;
  • disruption of the blood supply to the head;
  • various forms of encephalopathy;
  • Mental and behavioural disorders;
  • encephalitis;
  • asthenic abnormalities;
  • epilepsy;
  • vegetative disorders of the nervous system.

Cortexin's children are also shown:

  • in case of deviations in development;
  • cerebral palsy;
  • in the perinatal period in case of nervous system disorders.

The product is contraindicated during pregnancy, breastfeeding and when the body is sensitive to any substance in the composition. Side effects are observed only in the case of allergies to the available drug composition.

Cortexin Children's Price – 750 rubles, Adult – 1150 rubles.

Alfostserat Valley

If Gliatylin and its analogues are considered, specialists first of all pay attention to Alfostserat Valley, which is a real original preparation containing the active substance of the same name.

Medicament of Russian production is produced only in a solution for muscular and intravenous administration. The drug contains 400 milligrams of the main ingredient.

Holina alpha-cerate is shown for pathologies:

  • complex senile melancholy;
  • ischemic stroke;
  • demand in the form of syndrome;
  • li>insufficiency of cerebrovascular type;

  • the craniocerebral injury and its consequences;
  • Gettington's chorea.

No alpha-cerate is recommended, as well as Gliatylin and analogues with the same composition, in pregnancy, at the age of a child under 18 years of age, and in breastfeeding.

Treatment reviews confirm the information in the instructions that the reaction to the body side effects is extremely rare. Side effects may be allergies, dizziness, gastrointestinal disorders or increased urination calls.

Choline alpha-cerate price is lower than other drugs – from 230 rubles.

Noholin rhompharm

Expensive substitute for Gliatin is Noholin rhompharm. Nootropic drug is used for therapeutic purposes in case of brain pathologies and CNS disorders.

The drug is produced in ampoules containing a solution to be injected into muscles or a vein. The active ingredient is similar to the original – choline alfostserat.

Therapeutic indications:

  • degenerative or involutional disorders in brain syndrome;
  • cognitive abnormalities in elderly patients;
  • complications in cerebrovascular disorders;
  • oldering psycho-emotional and mental disorders.

No No use of Noholin rhompharm in the first period of hemorrhagic-stroke rehabilitation, pregnancy, lactation, and allergies to drug composition components. Not recommended medicine and children at any age.

The cost of Nocholine rhompharm – from 300 rubles.

Analogues Gliatin should be selected only by a doctor. It should be understood that the instructions for use indicate only general characteristics, and the specialist evaluates each case individually, taking into account all the features of the clinical picture.


400 mg tablets and injections (intramuscular) Gliatylin: instructions for use

Gliatylin: instructions for use for children and adults, forms of production, composition, analogues

In this medical article, you can read about the medicine Gliatylin. The instructions for use will explain when injections or pills can be taken, what the medicine does for you, what are the indications, contraindications and side effects. In the article, physicians and consumers can only give real-life feedback on Gliatylin, from which it is possible to find out whether the drug has helped in the treatment of craniocerebral injuries and dementia in adults and children, for which it is also prescribed. The instructions list the analogues of Gliatylin, the prices of the drug in pharmacies, and its use in pregnancy.

Gliatylin is a nootropic drug from a number of neuroprotectors. Instructions for use indicate that 400 mg capsules or tablets, injections in ampoules are used for a long time in neurological practice.

Form of release and composition

Gliatylin is produced in two dosage forms – parenteral solution and capsule. One capsule contains 400 mg of the main active ingredient of choline alfostserat (metabolically protected choline). The capsules are packed in 14 pcs. The cardboard stack contains one contour cellular package and instructions for use of the preparation.

Solution for intravenous (IU) and intramuscular (IU) administration: colorless, transparent, odorless liquid (4 ml each in colorless glass ampoules, 3 ampoules each in contour cellular package, in cardboard pack 1 package). 1 ml of solution contains 250 mg of active ingredient.

Pharmacological action

Gliatylin is a neuroprotector that contains 40% choline and is converted into an active form of phosphorylcholine in the body. Its use improves the transmission of nerve impulses in neurons, increases the plasticity of neural membranes, has a beneficial effect on the functions of receptors.

The drug improves cerebral blood flow and enhances metabolic processes in the brain. This remedy restores consciousness in case of traumatic brain damage, patients had positive shifts in respiratory and circulatory dysfunction.

The use of the remedy has a positive effect on mental activity, restoration of memory and speech functions. Up to 88% of the drug is absorbed by ingestion. The drug easily overcomes the hemato-encephalic barrier and accumulates in the brain, lungs and liver.

The drug is excreted as carbon dioxide through the lungs. Up to 15% of the drug is excreted through the kidneys and intestines. Gliatylin does not affect the reproductive cycle, does not cause abnormalities in fetal development and genetic mutations.


What does Gliatylin do to help? Pills and injections are shown for use:

  • Multi-infarct dementia;
  • Cranial brain injury that causes unconsciousness, being in or out of a coma;
  • Indications for the use of the drug are periods of recovery from cerebrovascular insufficiency (confusion, disorientation)

Instruction for use

Gliatylin in capsules is taken orally before meals, and the solution is administered intramuscularly or intravenously by drops. At acute states intramuscularly in a dose of 1 g (1 ampoule) per day or intravenously – from 1 g to 3 g per day.

Please 1 ampoule (4 ml) infusion is diluted in 50 ml of saline solution; infusion rate – 60-80 drops per minute. The duration of treatment is usually 10 days, but if necessary, it can be continued until a positive dynamic appears and it is possible to switch to capsules.

This article also reads: Lyrics: tablets 25 – 300 mg

In chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency, changes in emotional and behavioral sphere and multiinfarct dementia, the drug is administered orally 400 mg (1 capsule) 3 times a day. The duration of therapy is 3-6 months.

Gliatylin in children for delayed motor, mental, or speech development, as well as in the case of perinatal encephalopathy and in the aftermath of birth trauma for a number of reasons is recommended in the form of intramuscular injections.

This recommendation is based on the fact that it is easier to measure the dose to the child when using the solution and that the course of treatment with Gliatylin in the form of a solution is shorter than when taking capsules and is about 2 weeks, while the capsules should be used for 4-12 weeks.

In addition, the efficacy of Gliatylin in the form of an injection solution is significantly higher than with capsules. Mode of dosing solution for IV and IV infusion: stunting, perinatal encephalopathy or consequences of birth trauma (intramuscular):

  • up to 1 year old – 250-500 mg (1-2 ml solution) each;
  • up to 3 years old – 500-750 mg (2-3 ml) each;
  • up to 3 years old – 1000 mg (4 ml) each.

Rate of use – once a day, duration of treatment – 10-12 days

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