Kindergarten Autumn Poems

Best Autumn Poems for Preschoolers – short for 3-4 and 5-6 year olds

Kindergarten Autumn Poems

Well, here comes autumn, it's time to prepare poems about this time of year for the kids. The best, shortest and best poems about autumn are collected for your preschoolers not only in quatrains, but also in pictures.

Not had time for children to go to school or kindergarten, as soon as it is necessary to start preparing for the holiday “Golden Autumn”. Typically, this event requires certain scripts that are not without poems.

Namely, for this purpose, my sets of categories for preschool children are collected.

Shortcut verses about autumn for children aged 3-4 years

Script for autumn in kindergarten I will not provide, but short verses about autumn for kids I am ready.

It's a maple leaf on the branch.

Now it's just like new!

All blush, golden.

Where are you going, a leaf? Wait!

Krasok is full of miracles

Each park and park and forest! –

All the palette between the pines

Autumn splashed generously.

If the trees

Leaves are yellow,

If the edge is far away

Birds flew away,

If the sky is gloomy,

If it rains,

This is the time of year


Autumn has come,

Yellows our garden.

Birch leaves

Golden burn.

Don't hear the merry ones

Nightingale Songs.

Fly birds

In the far reaches.

Crow in the sky shouts: – Carr!

In the forest there is a fire-r, in the forest there is a fire-r!

And it was just very:

In it settled autumn!

Autumn in the yard frowning,

Water flooded all the streets!

I'll wear my boots,

What my feet aren't wet!

Puddles allow me to walk around,

Smiles to give to passers-by!

Waiting more often

Waiting outside our window!

Autumn is real,

Cold will be later!

Leaves spinning, flying,

Fly they all want to fly!

In the faraway lands,

It's a friendly escort for the kids!

After the puddles, everyone jumps

And then legs jump fun!

Autumn, autumn, take your time

And wait with the rain!

Sun and Light.

Hope you liked these little autumn poems for 3-4 year olds, great options for kindergarten.

Autumn verses for preschoolers 5-6 years old for kindergarten

Autumn verses are longer than in the previous paragraph, but at 6 years old they are perfect for memorizing.

A new time!

Moves to kids' school.

Asphalt is often puddled,

But there is no frosty cold.

All the trees are again colored,

Yellow glossy poured.

Less heat,

This autumn came to us!

Spit birches spilled,

Flare hands,

Cold winds came,

And poplars flooded.

Willows sinking at the pond,

Aspen shivering,

Oaks, always huge,

< as if they were smaller.

All is calm, shrunk,

Ponikilo, yellowish.

At the end of the winter, the Christmas tree has gotten prettier


I have a girlfriend

Red fire colors –

This is the autumn of gold,

I love and adore her!

You can jump over puddles,

And of course, be careful!

All the birds to the south

And run after them!

May play the torches,

How are the squirrels on the trees!

Autumn golden!

And we spend the summer in the good hour

In the waiting country, big!

And the puddles are decorated with earth,

But we're all waiting again in summer,

When the fields are green!

All the clouds have been hit by evil,

And the cheeks have been inflated!

Tears have been flowing big

In the puddles we all have now!

And we're not going outside like

It's not a day to get in!

Sun shines like,

It's really on the threshold!

Hello, autumn gold!

All the colors – look at this.

I'm painting a picture,

To give it to my grandfather.

There's a birch, there's a mountain ash,

The sky above is blue,

Sun is fun.

Autumn is coming along the alleys,

At our doorstep, I came into the yard,

Dusch included the trees and left.

Immixed with rain and leaves,

People with buns sing,

Fox fur coat birch,

The clouds are formidable.

Easy breeze handle

And let's throw it away,

How to play with a kitten.

On the autumn cobweb

Hang on like fluffy things,

Fly in the hands,

And I got caught in the palm of my hand!

Autumn Verses in Pictures

See what pictures of Autumn Verses I collected in this category, they can be downloaded for free to decorate the hall.

I haven't forgotten about the kids, for the youngest kids there are also pictures of autumn with poems, which will be suitable for the matinee.

Kids' beautiful poems about autumn for 6-7 year olds

As here are poems about the beginning of autumn, about love for it, about nature and golden autumn. Children of preschool age, including first-graders, will be able to choose beautiful autumn poems for the holiday or for homework.

The fairy tale starts

Autumn quiet.

He walks through the forest,

If it's like an elk,

Not to see,

How it follows the branches.

But after it, you and I will hurry up.

You see, we've flashed

September mountain ash bursts.

See, the mushroom is flushed

Behind the ringing aspen.

Hanging in a light haze

On a pine web.

In it the summer is confused

Leaf of Aspen.

Steel is suddenly twice as bright,

Yard as in the sunlight –

This dress is gold

Birch on the shoulders.

Leaves are raining,

And they rustle their feet

And fly… fly… fly…


Spiders fly by

With spiders in the middle,

And high from the ground

Cranes fly by.

All flies! It must be

Flying out our summer.

In a golden carriage,

What's with the horse playful,

Fall Riding

In the forests and fields.

The wizard

It's all changed:

Bright yellow

Earth color.

From the sky a sleepy month

Miracle surprises.

Everything sparkles around,

Everything sparkles.

The Indian summer has come –

Farewell heat days.

Late sunlight,

Fly click revived.

Sun! What's dyeing up in the world

After the cold day?

Lung Spider yarn

Braided around the knot.

Tomorrow's rainfall is fast,

Fat sun shade.

Silver cobwebs

Live for two or three days.

Spent in autumn! Give us some light!

Protect us from the winter darkness!

Pity us, Indian summer:

These are the cobwebs – we.

All rain and rain. There are puddles everywhere,

On the ground from the rooftops the flows flow.

What's the day, it's darker and worse,

Autumn cold weather

All rain and rain… In the haze of fog

Slightly visible became a sad forest,

The wind is raging relentlessly,

And the rarely warm ray of desire

Throwing the sun from the sky.

All rain and rain… Blew roses,

Cold flowers, don't bloom,

And on the trees only tears…


Frosty from the north will come to us.

Ducks for long-distance travel

After the roots of the old spruce

Mastering the bear den.

Paper in fur dressed white,

Steel bunny heat.

Monthly carry the protein for a month

Prospect the mushrooms in the hollow.

To find wolves at night dark

From prey in the woods.

Mezh bushes to the sleeping grouse

The fox is taken.

Hide the pine-tree for winter

In the old moss nuts cleverly.

They're being pinched by wood grouse.

Borrow came to us

October has come – the grove is shaking off

Last sheets of its branches' nakedness;

Autumn cold – the road is freezing.

The jar is still running behind the creek mill,

But the pond is already frozen; my neighbor is in a hurry

In the distant fields with their own hunting,

And they watch out for winter fun,

And the bark of dogs barking asleep oak trees.

Boring picture!

To the end of the clouds,

Like at the porch…

Frozen mountain ash

Moke under the window,

Seeks at the tree

Grey spot.

What are you doing here early,

Autumn,are you here?

Light and heat!

Rainbowed in September,

Not had time to begin – watering.

And the green leaves in the water

Fluctuating, they sailed somewhere.

Who invented you in the fall?

You came quietly and quickly.

In your grey clouds, September,

No light, no sun is visible.

Behind the window does not knock a drop,

Thickly rain fills our city.

And umbrellas have opened everywhere,

And the cold is silently crawling into us.

Yesterday the yards were having fun,

Late on the benches.

And now autumn cries out,

Brands pull wet spruce.

Single faces of all,

At passed, turned, did not notice.

And we don't see each other, no.

Who is responsible for everything that happened?

And in this rain forever,

We will turn into faceless crowds.

Stop flowing from the sky, water,

You see, we don't need an umbrella!

Lovely parents and children, learn poems, develop memory, participate in kindergarten matinees. These soulful poems about autumn for preschool age carry the beauty of nature and deep meaning. For 3-4 year olds you can choose short quatrains, for 5 or 6 years old longer, and don't forget to tell them expressively.


Kids' Autumn Poems are pretty and easy to remember

Kids' Autumn Poems for Kindergarten

Autumn is a strange time:
That's cool, then the heat.

Flower flower

Autumn song

Summer is over, Autumn is over.

Birds flew away, days shorter, Sunshine not visible,

Dark, dark nights.

Alexei Plescheev


In the garden in autumn, by the path, Aspen claps its hands. That's why her hands were red last week

P. Sef


The crow in the sky is shouting:-Kar-r!There is a fire in the forest, a fire in the forest!And it was just very:


E settled there. Intulove

Autumn is coming

Autumn walks along the alleys, visiting us, entering the yard, decorating the trees,

Dush included and left.

Mixed rain and leaves, puddles and puddles sing, on a birch of fox fur coat,

Thouches terrible float.

Aleinikova L.


Something Mom was saddened with…Maybe she forgot, As she rode in the rain

In her blue raincoat.

As still a girl, Drops laughed loudly in time.It needs to be remembered sooner.

We put on boots

We're going to look for boots in the rain.1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Autumn we're going to look for…

Behind the autumn window

Behind the autumn window, the leaffall rustles, the maple leaves all the way down, he seems to be asleep.And the birch is blowing, it's raining out of the clouds, it's summer. With my kitten I'm sitting by the window, watching the call,

Stringing from the rain.

Aleinikova L.

Sheet and wind

Easy handle of windGrabbed a leaf in the garden,And let's throw it away,How to play with a kitten.On the autumn cobweb, they hang like fluffy, holding hands, flying,

And in the palms of my hands I got!

Aleinikova L.

Bright wind

Autumn comes next summer, yellow songs are sung to her by the wind, red leaves under her feet, white snowflake flies to blue.

B. Stepanov

Autumn Gamma

Purely a clean nest – up to.

White all the land – la.Ice on puddles, like salt – salt.

Heat warm nose – s.

To dee mi fa la si do!

Rain. It's raining. It's raining. Rain.

Luchezar Stanchev


Red rain falls from the sky, the wind carries red leaves…Fall, change of seasons,

Listochod on the river, leafhochod.

A river freezes its sides, and there is nowhere to go from the hoarfrost. The river is covered with a fox fur coat,

But it shakes and cannot get warm.

Valery Shulzhik


The hedgehog was eating a sandwich Shiroko with a mouthful and a cup of tea, and he was eating like a mallard!

Where's the sandwich from?

Sandwiches aren't in the woods, –
I'm bringing them to the hedgehog!


Brown snow feathersCool September.In the dry wood of pine trees' drowsiness, as the wind blows from the fieldsSouth is our autumn,

Hold on to the thread of cranes.

T. Belozerov

Autumn Leaves

Birdhouse empty, Bird fly away, Tree leaves

Sitting too.

All day todayEverybody flies, flying… I guess they want to fly to Africa too.

Irina Tokmakova

Before winter

All faster maple flying around,

All the darker and darker vault of the sky,It is becoming increasingly clear that the forest is becoming numb…

And is hiding more and more often in the darknessSun that has cooled down to the ground.

Igor Maznin


Rainfall, rainbow drizzleAutumn.Sows rain through a sieve

Smoke gray.

Rain – artist:He draws puddles,And on the pipes he plays

Not worse.

Both and the gray snow went, Leg densely.

And sad.

Roman Seth

Fly rains

Fly, fly rains, do not come out of the gate.On the wet path Raw fog creeps. The pine trees of pine trees are crumbling with mountain ash and sowing autumn

Breathroom mushrooms! Demjanov.

Yellow paint someone

Yellow paint someonepainted the woods,

Bottom of the sky.

Brightly dusted mountain ash. All the flowers faded,

Like fresh wormwood.

I asked my dad:-What happened suddenly?And my dad said, “It's autumn, man.


Autumn – red girlSheet outfits finely thin:Red, burgundy, yellow leaves –

These are shreds.

Minuhina K. (8-year-old schoolgirl's poem)


It's a maple leaf on a branch. Wait!

Berastov V.D.


If it rains, I take the Umbrella with me,Very bright and big,Yellow-Red-blue. The umbrella's coming!” Even a little bit offended,

What I can't see at all…

M. Sidorova


Oak of rain and windOak is not afraid at all. Who says it's oak to catch cold?It's green until late autumn, so the oak is hardy, so it's hardened!

It's hardened. Tokmakova

Bird Flies

Bird Flies

Summer Flies. Ostrovsky

The girl is incredibly telling a poem at the show

POSITIVE for last! This miracle girl, by telling a poem, blew up the audience and the Internet! Look all the way to the end!)

How to help a child learn a poem

Pretty much all children can't sit still, especially when it comes to lessons or memorizing a poem. Our “flowers of life” are very fussy and temperamental. But if you want, you can still understand and learn the poem by doing it in a playful way.

For example, you can turn into an artist and suggest “Let's draw what we're talking about. To do this, let's take everything necessary for creativity – paints, pencils, maybe plasticine, etc.

Switch on the fantasy and together with your child you need to reproduce each line of the poem on the sheet with paints or mold something with plasticine. In this case, the visual memory is also used. Your baby is guaranteed to have fun learning a poem.

He'll be completely immersed in the process of learning, making it much easier for him to understand, remember, and then tell the poem.

Your child will find it easier to learn a poem according to his or her rhythm, i.e. you can walk or dance to reading. It is also possible to include a sports component, for example, to use the ball – saying each line to pass the ball to each other.

This way you can use the rules of the familiar game “Snowball”. First we read the first line of the poem, then we repeat it without peeking. Next, we read the first and second lines and also repeat, without peeking into the text. And so on. It's easy for a child to remember a poem even after a long period of time, because he or she repeats it many times.

It's important that the process itself is pleasant for the child to have a good time, it should be fun and in a good mood. And the benefit of learning a poem is invaluable. Your child will learn how to complete the job, achieve the goal and others. Also, speech and attention are developing. Learn poems, different and many.


Autumn poems for 4-5-6 year olds. Verses to memorize

Kindergarten Autumn Poems

In this section we have collected poems from different poets about autumn. Works are easily remembered, so they are suitable for reading and for memorizing for children 4-6 years old and older. The poems will decorate the matinee and autumn festival in the kindergarten. On our site also presented a selection of poems about autumn for kids and for children 7-9 years old.

Birds to the south stretched

Birds to the south stretched,

This means that autumn in the yard.

White frost in the morning we will see

White frost on the grass.

Bright blue river,

Word in the cold mirror,

Reflects clouds.

Golden leaves fall, fly

Golden leaves fall, fly, gold leaves pave the garden.A lot on the paths of gold leaves,We will make a good bouquet of them,We will put a bouquet in the middle of the table,

Autumn gold came to visit us.


Hello, our autumn! We're ready for the meeting:

We've learned a song, we know the new dance.



In the garden in autumn,At the track,Aspen claps

In the palms.

It's why last week's palms were flushed.

(R. Seth)

Autumn Song

Autumn has come, the fields and groves are empty and dull. Birds are gone, days are shorter, Sunshine is not visible, Dark, dark nights.


Autumn has come, the flowers are dried up,And look dull

Naked bushes.

Draws and yellows the grass in the meadows,Only green

Winter in the fields.

The cloud covers the sky, the sun does not shine, the wind in the field howls,

The rain drizzles.

Rapid stream water, birds flew awayWarm edges.



If it rains, I take an umbrella with me,Very bright and big,Yellow-red and blue. The umbrella is coming!”Even a little bit offended,

What I can't see at all…

(M. Sidorova)

Fox under the bush

Fox under the bushI burned the leaves with its tail.

All the branches of the branches are healthy

(N. Krasilnikov)

Behind the autumn window

Behind the autumn window, the leaffall rustles, the maple leaves all fell off, it seems he's asleep, and the birch is bent by the stray wind, the rain is pouring out of the clouds, the summer has escaped.With my kitten I'll sit by the window, Watch the call,

Rainwater trickle.


Rain, rain, you listen

Rain, rain, you listenAutumn wanders along the roads, the cold is in the skull, and you'll be snowing – until April you won't melt.



Autumn came to the garden -Birds flew away.


Rain from mischievous leaves spinning over meWhere else is it good?I started dancing under it, We danced as friends, –

Rain of leaves and me.


Fly rains

Fly rains, fly rains, do not go out of the gate.The pine trees of pine trees are saddened with mountain ash and sowing autumn Breathtaking mushrooms!

(I. Demyanov)

Birds are escorted

Birds are escorted to the forest road:Long echoes to the sky.Birds are escorted to the road:Big stacks of grasses have grown.Even after them, as if wings, a scarecrow waving

It's an empty sleeve.

(V. Stepanov)

Autumn is coming

Autumn is coming next summer. Yellow songsThe yellow wind is singing, Red under the feetStelettes leaves, White snowflake Flies into the blue.


Sheet on the branch is maple. Now it's just like new!All blush, gold. Where are you going, the sheet? Wait!

(B. Berestov)


In the air of leaves, in yellow leaves the whole of Moscow. -and dive into a puddle.

Autumn walks along the track

Autumn walks along the track, soaked in puddles legs. Rain pouring, no light, lost somewhere in the summer.Autumn walks, the wind from the maple leaves dropped. Under his feet rug is new, pink-yellow maple. (V. Avdienko)

In the morning we go into the yard – Leaves are raining, flying… flying… flying… flying… flying spiders in the middle, and high from the groundCranes flew. This must be our summer. (E.Trutneva)


Oak of rain and windOak is not afraid at all. Who says it's oak to catch cold?It's green until late autumn, so the oak is hardy, so it's hardened.

(Irina Tokmanova)

Autumn, Autumn

Autumn, Autumn, Autumn, Guests of Weeks 8:00:00 With plentiful bread, With high sheaves, With leaf fall and rain, With a flying crane.

Autumn in the park

Autumn is in our park, gives us all gifts: pink apron – aspen, red beads – mountain ash, yellow umbrella – poplar,

Autumn gives us fruits.

(I. Vinokurov)


Wet and thorny hedgehogs curled up under the bush.In the leaves of red dressedSmile stump. Was dry all summer,

And now through the soak.

(I. Mogilev)

Autumn has come

Autumn has come, our garden has yellowed.Don't Hear the Funny Nightingale Songs. Birds Fly

Faraway Territories.

(A. Erikeev)

Hello, autumn gold!

Hello, autumn gold!

All the colors – look.

I'm painting a picture,

To give it to my grandfather.

There's a birch, there's a mountain ash,

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