What to give your child for 2 years: the best birthday gifts for girls and boys

Interesting and useful presents or what to give your child for 2 years to a boy for his birthday: advice from psychologists and experienced parents

What to give a child for 2 years: the best gifts for girls and boys for a birthday

What to give a boy for his birthday for 2 years? There are so many original toys in children's shops that the eyes run away. Many parents are lost, do not know if the grown-up child will like this or that present.

Psychologists, experienced parents, teachers of children's centers give advice on the choice of a suitable gift for the boy of two years. Show a sincere interest in the preparation of the birthday party, and the child will certainly be pleased with a bright, memorable holiday.


Useful tips:

  • don't postpone shopping later: In a hurry, it is difficult to find the really original, necessary thing for the baby;
  • think about the safety of the child: the details should not be small, sharp. Give up small toys, magnets: if you get inside they are difficult to remove;
  • , take into account the character of the boy, think that he is more interested in
  • gifts are not quickly bored with age: The baby simply doesn't know what to do with the complex mechanism;
  • Ask for a quality certificate: at 2 years old, kids often taste a new object;
  • take into account the space that you can allocate for a new purchase. Think in advance where to put a large development center, dry pool with balloons or a children's electric car
  • better a useful, interesting gift of average value than an expensive toy that was bought to “rub your nose” friends. It's nice when your baby is the coolest in the yard, but always remember the interests of the child, not just your own ego;
  • do not buy many similar toys. Does the boy have 15 cars, many of which are dull in the “garage” under the table? Don't buy the 16th model, she'll be bored in a day, too. Offer something else, such as a robotic robot that develops a center;
  • when buying sports facilities, consult with an orthopaedist to find out which projectiles are allowed to a young athlete at the current level of musculoskeletal development. In case of orthopaedic diseases, a visit to a doctor before purchasing a Swedish wall, slide, bar is mandatory;
  • if you are temporarily restricted in funds, do not despair: many toys for a boy of two years can be found at a reasonable price. Designer, soap bubbles, modeling and drawing set, children's backpack, toys for logic are not only available at cost, but also useful for the development of the child.

Find out effective methods for removing sulfuric plugs from a child at home.

The rules for the use of Bceptole suspension for children are described at this address.

What not to buy

Some gifts can be harmful rather than useful. Consider the recommendations when selecting a two-year-old knight.

Do not buy:

  • soft toys with long pile. A beautiful “dust collector” often provokes allergies;
  • puzzles, designers with magnets, small details: the child can swallow an element from the set;
  • books with paper pages: When leafing through sharp edges, sometimes tender skin is hurt;
  • toys for older children: a two-year-old is unlikely to understand the details, rules of use. Often children break a complex subject, refuse to work with a misunderstood device;
  • toys on batteries: boys like to disassemble everything, to study the device. Batteries are one of the parts that kids often taste, sometimes swallow. The consequences are clear to any parent.

Vazhno! The controversial moment is the purchase of musical toys. Parents with shaken nerves should think about choosing such a presentation. Sounds of drums/wigs, melodies of children's musical toys please the first couple of days.

Many children like gifts so much that the kids are ready to blow all day long, beat the drums or include their favorite melody for the 25th time. The young music lover is happy, parents go crazy with the annoying sounds.

Take this into account when choosing the “sounding” gifts.

Top – 15 gifts for a boy of two years

What should be the toy? Check the list. You'll probably find something interesting to suit you, a little knight.


  • constructor. Choose a set with medium sized parts: they're hard to swallow but easy to hold in your hand. Suitable material – wood, plastic: metal constructor with holes for older kids. An excellent gift for the development of imagination, fine motor skills, perseverance;
  • set for drawing. Give your child an easel, finger paints, tassels, baby gouache. Visit the specialized shop: a choice of the goods for children's creativity is huge;
  • plasticine, sets for modeling. A useful gift at the reasonable price. When sculpting develops fine motor skills, the baby learns to fantasize, to create copies on the basis of the original. Create with your baby, have fun with communication and creativity;
  • child's backpack with a toy. Two-year-old child imitates adults, many babies do not want to sit in a wheelchair. Pick up a backpack with an original toy, and the boy will be happy to add up his valuables when going for a walk or a visit. Slowly choose a backpack, check quality, take into account the child's height;
  • cubes. Choose a development kit from renowned teachers and psychologists. Excellent option: Nikitin's cubes, Zaitsev's cubes, Chaplygin's cubes. Combine play, entertainment and learning;
  • sports complex. Excellent opportunity to improve health, improve physical development. Be sure to visit an orthopaedist, consult what kind of shells the doctor will recommend to your baby. Think about whether there's enough room to install the sports equipment. On sale – a large selection of corners with different “stuffing” for rooms of different sizes. Keep in mind the important point: you will always have to be there during the lessons;
  • musical instruments, toys. Children's xylophone, drums, dudochka, toy piano, metallophone – the choice is rich. Think about the annoying sounds that many kids might have to hear more than once a day;
  • big car. Bright, original plastic toys like. For a little boy, choose a model without small details, preferably with a body: there you can put a lot of useful things. Good option – thematic models: fire, ambulance, police car with opening doors. If you have small items, you'd better buy a simpler machine to transport goods;
  • new bed of original shape. A gift for a boy of two years old is easy to pick up: the furniture store has beds in the form of a cartoon-shaped cartoon bed, racing models. Some parents order a sleeping place for a boy in the form of a spaceship, a sailboat. Think about whether the baby will be comfortable. If finances allow, design a room in the same style, buy not only a bed, but also bedside tables, a table for games, a highchair;
  • electromobile. Suitable type of transport for a young driver. Choose the models according to the weight, check the quality of the parts fastening. The toy is expensive, but invariably delights the two-year-old;
  • child's sofa or original armchair. Complement the interior of the children's useful, comfortable detail. Choose a model with an orthopedic base so that the posture does not deteriorate. The baby doesn't have his own room yet? An armchair or mini-sofa will be one of the elements that mark your personal space;
  • Game house. Pick a spacious model that can fit not only the child, but also a friend if you are often visited by friends who have a child of the same age. The shape of the house with hard ribs and fabric walls is square, tent-shaped, hemisphere, rectangular. Some houses have an entrance with a transparent pipe and a square exit;
  • water and sand table. A useful tool is not only useful in a private home. Choose a convenient medium size model for a city apartment. The kid will be delighted with the possibility to splash in the water, catch “fish”, run the crown toads, turtles. The child has the opportunity to sculpt the apiaries not only in summer, but also on rainy autumn days;
  • dry pool with balloons. Expensive toy with a lot of useful properties. In the pool, a child can throw around, have fun, play by himself or with friends. Some models have edges with additional accessories. Choose a dry pool suitable for the area. In a small apartment suitable model “Corner”, for a larger space – “Wave”, “Machine”, “Tuchka”, “Rainbow”;
  • talking hamster-perfect. In 2 years, children are actively developing speech, the kids pronounce more complex phrases. Funny hamster, repeating the words, will amuse the baby, will give a lot of funny minutes not only for children, but also for adults. Help the child, show what happens if you say a phrase or a word. Many kids love the interactive toy so much that they even take it to bed.

Children's Day is also a good gift. Invite the animators or play the role of a fun clown (cartoon character) yourself, take the boy to a children's playground. A bright holiday will be remembered by a two-year-old kid.

Invite acquaintances with kids of 2-3 years of age: the son will be fun and interesting. Even the youngest ones can have fun contests, organize a dance floor. Think of a way to make sure the child isn't too tired.

Free up the room so there's room to turn around.

Find advice and rules on how to raise children without shouting and punishment.

Instruction on the use of Espumizan suspension for newborns is described in this article.

On http://razvitie-malysha.com/dosug/prazdniki/konkursy.html Read how to organize and conduct children's competitions for children's birthdays.

Few tips:

  • Toy store consultants often offer the most expensive options, convincing that this “super” development center is much better than a designer at a reasonable price. You know your child better, think about whether the boy will be interested in or throw away an expensive toy one day after purchase;
  • you have not figured out what to do with a large enough amount of money allocated by your grandmother or godmother? Of course, you can buy clothes for the boy or furniture for the children's room. Be sure to add a nice emotion for the little birthday boy, so that the birthday was at the baby, not you
  • you do not know what kind of gift will please the little knight? Have a bright holiday with cute presentations, a trip to the game center or an animation invitation. The win-win variant will give a lot of positive emotions to the birthday boy and the guests.

Picking a gift for a two-year-old is a pleasant and, at the same time, troublesome thing. Take the time to imagine what it's like to find out from friends who know each other what kids of the same age are doing. Read the list of useful, interesting birthday gifts for the boy of two years old again. Your desire, consideration of the interests of the baby will help to find a great gift for a young “knight”.

– advice on what to give the boy for his birthday:

Source: http://razvitie-malysha.com/dosug/prazdniki/podarki-malchiky-2-goda.html

What can I get a girl for 2 years: 25 ideas of the best birthday gifts

What to give a child for 2 years: best birthday gifts for girls and boys

The girl turns 2 years old.

Are you invited to the birthday party? Or is it your daughter's birthday coming up? Or, what's the worst part, you're being asked by relatives and friends to give the girl a two-year gift? It would seem what difficulties can be in choosing a gift for a child.

In the shops of toys in the eyes ripples with bright abundance. But do you want your gift to be one of many and immediately forgotten? No! Everyone wants to give an original and interesting gift.

Top 20 Best Gifts

So what can a child get for 2 years? Let's consider birthday gifts for girls!

  1. Dolls and everything related to them. Beautiful doll with long, silky hair, pram or crib for dolls, apotheosis of dreams of many babies – doll's house. All this will cause happy emotions in the girl, and she will play with such gifts for months.
  2. A smart dress. At the age of 2, girls are already fashionable and love beautiful clothes, and parents can't always buy new dresses for each holiday. Why not please the birthday girl and her mother with a nice outfit.
  3. Pretty real stove with burners, lighting and buttons. Kids like to “cook” and treat their parents' “cooking”, dolls and other toys, so they are introduced to the adult world. With this stove, the girl will be busy for hours.
  4. Toy appliances: vacuum cleaners, irons, sewing machines and washing machines, microwave ovens. The more “special effects” in the form of light and sound on these appliances, the better. A two-year-old will be happy to have her own appliances, which are even better than the real ones, because they are so bright and suitable for children's handles.
  5. Tent. Children love to sit in houses, and in a colourful bright tent the birthday girl will gladly arrange for herself a separate room, will bring there the most necessary – dolls, blankets, dishes.
  6. Bicycle, runaway or a scooter. For two years it is possible to choose a beautiful and convenient bicycle with the handle for mum. Active babies will be glad to see a runaway or a scooter, these gadgets teach you to keep your balance. It will be easier for the child to learn how to ride a regular two-wheeled bike.
  7. Basin. If the summer is ahead and you plan to take the girl to the country house or the sea, an inflatable pool will be an indispensable thing. It is filled with warm water and the baby bathes in a safe pool in front of her parents.
  8. Music or speaking toy. They help to study colors, shapes, numbers and letters in a playful way. And at the sight of the toys, the kids get excited. Girls usually develop faster than boys and by the age of two already speak quite well, and conversations with a repeat will be their pleasure. I'm a fairy tale girl by age. And all kinds of phones children just love.
  9. Toys in the form of favorite cartoon characters. Now you can buy anyone, from the heroes of Soviet cartoons (Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Cheburashki) to modern idols of babies (fixtures, Barboskins, Masha and the bear).
  10. Suspended swings. Swinginging on your own swing at home or at the country house, instead of waiting in line at the playground – isn't that a joy for a two-year-old?
  11. Home slide or trampoline. Slide can also be used as a toy store, it usually has free space underneath it, some models have drawers. On the trampoline, the child will release his irrepressible energy in winter evenings with the benefit of physical health.
  12. Lego constructor with large details. These are plot designers. Legos are real farms, houses, parking lots.
  13. Professional kits – doctor, confectioner, hairdresser. Role-playing games develop a child. As long as the baby treats, treats, or combes dolls, she will, without realizing it, get used to the society.
  14. Magnetic board-molbert. These planks fit the height of the child. The girl can draw herself with a wiping marker, you can learn the letters and numbers from the pictures that come with such boards, and you can lay out on it the magnetic theaters.
  15. Starry sky projector night-light. Putting a restless two-year-old child to sleep is a test for parental nerves? Give the little girl a star projector, she will be fascinated by the beauty of the ceiling and fall asleep with a smile.
  16. Set personalized dishes. engraving and transferring photos is engaged in almost any printing company. Put the name of the birthday girl on the plate and her photo on the cup, and this dish will be her favorite for a few years.
  17. Home sandbox with kinetic sand. Girls like to pour sand and sculpt cakes, and with kinetic sand this activity can be organized even at home in the cold season.
  18. Children's table and chair. At the age of 2 years girls with pleasure draw, sculpt, glue applications and are engaged in other creativity. A place of its own will make this process more convenient, and the girl will be proud of her special furniture.
  19. Book of fairy tales, where the main character – a little birthday girl. This service is provided by printers and can be ordered online. This requires a few photos and the name of the child. On the output you get a beautiful book about your girl's fairytale adventures printed in the printing house. Surprise and delight of the baby and parents are guaranteed.
  20. Children's birthday cake. The baby would like to please, but the cakes to order are not cheap, and parents already spend a lot of money to organize a festive table, gifts and dresses for the birthday girl. Therefore, a beautiful registered cake with the name of the hero of the occasion, with beautiful figures, will be a wonderful gift.

Often it happens that parents ask to give money as a gift when they want to buy an expensive thing for a child.

Example, a new crib, gold or winter things. But you can not come to the birthday party to the little girl with empty hands, the money at this age children will not appreciate. Besides the bills in the envelope, you have to give something to the baby. At 2 years old, kids don't understand the cost, any gift, even the simplest one, is better than nothing.

5 symbolic gift ideas in addition to money

  • Doll Cookware set
  • Travel or backpack. Girls love everything “like Mom's”, imagine the joy of a little fashionista when she sees a sparkling purse. Inside you can put hairpins and hair gum.
  • Plastic or wooden Velcro vegetables, which should be cut as if with a plastic knife.
  • Sorters, puzzles, cubes. Complex sorters with numbers, counting or geometric shapes are already suitable for two years. Soft puzzles according to age are made of three or four large fragments.
  • Music books with fairy tales or poems. In addition to a lively interest and joy, these books help you learn poems, memorize stories, and develop your imagination.

Variant gifts are enough, there is always something to choose from. There's no such thing as a lot of toys. And when else will it be possible to please and pamper the child so much as not in the childhood!

The article was useful? Then share it with your friends!

Source: http://darislona.ru/detyam/devochke/chto-mozhno-podarit-na-2-goda-25-idey-luchshikh-podarkov-na-den-rozh.html

What to give a child for 2 years: variants of interesting and useful birthday gifts

What to give to a child for 2 years: best birthday gifts for girls and boys

Birthday is a joyful event for all family members, relatives and friends. Everyone wants to give the best gift to a child for 2 years.

The range of children's gifts is huge, but when choosing, above all, to take into account the individual characteristics of a 2-year-old child. One child's enthusiasm for one child may be completely disliked by another

Before buying, you can ask his or her parents what you can give to the child for 2 years on his or her birthday. Then the gift will be necessary and useful. First of all, you should decide from which category you are going to make a presentation.


The baby is usually given toys. Two-year-old children actively learn the world, they are attracted by all the new and bright. When choosing a toy, pay special attention to its safety. It should not contain small details and emit a caustic chemical smell. Okay, if the toy says “2+”. Gifts that are welcomed by both the boy and the girl are included:

  • roller;
  • dry pool;
  • three-wheeled bike;
  • trampoline;
  • balls.

An excellent gift for a girl for 2 years will be a rubber doll, and as a gift to the boy for 2 years, choose a large truck. Any child will always be happy to get another new doll or another machine. This is where you're right.

Women as a gift to a child for 2 years

And the boy and the girl will be pleased to receive a gift of a suspended swing. They can be fixed directly in the apartment, if necessary, the swings can be easily removed. Children's swings are safe because they are equipped with special retention devices. The child will be very pleased.

Development toys

The good idea is to give your baby a 2-year birthday present that will help him develop. These can be:

  • moulding sets;
  • drawing sets, including finger paints;
  • musical instruments;
  • colours.

There are a lot of development centers, tables, rugs on sale. You can also look at them.

Maybe give a 2-year-old child something that will develop his or her mental abilities and teach him or her to find logical solutions. Toys in this category include:

  • large mosaic;
  • lot with pictures of vegetables, fruits, animals, etc.

Thickle mosaic as a gift to a child for 2 years

If parents spend a lot of time on the early development of the child,

a suitable gift will be educational talking posters

Speaking Toys

Speaking Toys

A good gift for a 2 year old child would be a talking toy or a book with an audio recording. These presents are especially popular with children. They easily memorize the poems and songs that their toy says, thus developing their auditory memory.




Children are growing very fast, so clothes will be an appropriate birthday present. Try to find something original for him so that the baby likes the presentation.

Luminous boots

Self-perception deserves shoes with luminous soles. Such boots will make the child visible in the dark, thus protecting him on the roadway. They are bright, very like the baby.

Glowing shoes as a gift to the child for 2 years


Funny home clothes. Came to Russia from Japan and immediately gained popularity among the population of all ages. It is comfortable, suitable for wearing in the cool season. Kigurumi is made in the form of an animal costume. The kids love it very much. You can pick up a boy's suit and a suit for a girl.

Sweater with squeakers

This sweater will please both boys and girls. On the chest or pockets there is a special device that makes sounds when pressed. It won't spoil when it's washed, just take out the squeaky element and insert it back after washing.


A good gift for a child will be baby furniture. Ask your parents if she's gonna be redundant. Usual furniture is too big for a baby, and it's convenient for him.

Stolle and highchair

If the child doesn't have a place to draw, sculpt or assemble a designer, a highchair table would be an excellent gift.

The desk usually has drawers in which all the children's albums, pencils, paints, plasticine, coloring are placed.

Now all this will have its place, and mom will get rid of the daily cleaning and searching for the things the child needs


A great solution to give a chest of drawers to a family with a child. Children's stuff usually takes up a lot of space, there's nowhere to store it, and so it's all in its place.


May give the child a mini-sofa. He'll have his own place to sleep. The couch unfolds, it'll last a long time. And it won't take up a lot of space when it's assembled.

Furniture in a girl's room as a gift for 2 years

What else can I get you?

If it's hard to choose a gift, or if the gift giver is not familiar with the child and it's uncomfortable to ask the parents, give the child a bright balloon for 2 years, and give the parents an envelope with a sum of money or a gift certificate to the children's goods store.

The original 2-year birthday present with your own hands

You can always give a two-year-old child something made with your own hands. On the Internet, there are many master classes on making crafts, suitable for the baby. It can be educational toys, different puzzles, coloring.

Puzzles with their own hands for a birthday party for a child of 2 years

All family members can take part in making gifts for a birthday boy with their own hands

. For example, a mother can make a colorful dough for molding, a dad can make puppet furniture or puzzles made of plywood, and older children can make their brother 2 years' worth of training cards for his birthday.

Training cards

Make them very easy:

  1. From thick paper, you should prepare rectangular cards of equal length.
  2. Divide them equally.
  3. On one part of the cards, draw on any one object (balloons, candy, cotton, etc.).
  4. On the second part, draw the same objects, but 2 or 3 pieces each

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