What can I get the boy for five years?

Gift to a boy for 5 years: list of original ideas

What to give to a boy for 5 years?

Birthday for a child is a holiday that he is looking forward to. After all, on this day he is waiting for a delicious cake, games, entertainment and, of course, gifts.

But adults, unfortunately, do not always know what to please your baby. After all, if an adult birthday boy can get an envelope with money, the child will not get such a number.

Therefore, if you were invited to a children's birthday party, it is worth thinking in advance about what to give the boy for 5 years.

For the gift for the child really brought joy, it is worth taking into account the peculiarities of psychology of a particular age. Thus, five-year-olds are the indomitable fantasists who love to play role-playing games. The main goal of this age is to learn about the world through a game and active creativity.

If you look at the games of five-year-old children, you will notice that they often use toys and objects for other purposes. The cube can be a truck and the stick can be a sword of a hero.

A child of this age exists in his world of fantasy and, as psychologists say, it is an important and necessary stage of psychological development, which will depend on how easy it will be for a person to perceive abstract concepts, becoming an adult.

These features of age must be taken into account when choosing a gift to a boy for 5 years.

Before giving advice about what you can buy as a gift to a child for 5 years, we will figure out what you shouldn't give.

Pre examples of gifts that are unlikely to please the child:

  • Any clothes and shoes. Even you buy an expensive jacket or boots, the birthday boy is unlikely to enjoy this gift. Boys of this age are rarely dashing, and they prefer practical clothes, so that mom doesn't scold if something breaks or gets dirty on the walk. All the more reason not to give a year's supply of socks or new pajamas. It's too common, and the baby is waiting for a miracle on his birthday.
  • Cheap copies of things. If, for example, you promised to buy the boy a mobile phone, and instead of a real gadget brought a toy phone, the gift will cause disappointment.
  • Bathing cosmetics. Even a super effective shampoo or fragrant bath foam are not the gifts that will please the child.
  • School supplies. A stock of notebooks or pens will certainly come in handy in a couple of years, but you shouldn't give such things for five years.
  • That is what the donor dreamed of as a child. Many adults, choosing a gift for a boy for his 5th birthday, try to remember to make them happy at that age, forgetting that time flows and everything changes. Heroes that were popular 20-30 years ago may be unfamiliar to a modern baby.

Not to repeat, bringing the same gift for each holiday. Children love surprises, and what a surprise that Uncle Vanya regularly brings a box of puzzles, and Aunt Masha for any holiday buys a teddy bunny.

Modern child, who has everything, to choose a gift is not easy, as it is difficult to surprise something. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the interests of the birthday boy, as by the age of five children already have their own preferences. Someone is interested in cars and other equipment, someone is more interested in dinosaurs or space.

If the donor is not familiar with the birthday boy, it is necessary for him to consult with parents in advance about what kind of gift will please the boy.

Professentially, children get a toy as a gift. And it's perfectly justified, you just have to be able to choose the right one. For a five-year-old boy you can buy:

  • Toy with radio control. It can be a machine, helicopter, boat and any other equipment. All you have to do is make sure the controls aren't too difficult for a five-year-old.
  • Toy Weapons. Many boys like to play “shooters”, so they'll be happy with a laser machine or other toy weapon. But don't choose toys that shoot balloons or water pistols, because there won't be any peace for the guests, and later on for the parents.
  • Robots. Many boys love robotic transformers. In the store you should consult with the seller, which version of the toy is suitable for a five-year-old kid.
  • Party games. You can give your child a table hockey or toy railroad, such a game is likely to take a long time birthday boy.
  • Gaming console. If the child does not have this toy yet, and the parents are not against it, then this gift will probably delight the birthday boy. Especially if the set-top box comes with a few games that are suitable for the given age.
  • Tent house. If the living conditions of the child's parents allow, the children's tent will be a very good present. The boys are big fantasists, and it will not be difficult for them to imagine themselves as great travelers or polar explorers. So the tent will be one of your favorite toys for a long time to come.
  • Electric car. After getting your own “motorsport” as a gift, the kid is likely to forget about other toys for a long time.

Toys for development

Toys for development will be a useful gift. A good gift can be puzzles, as their assembly develops assiduity, attention to logic. All you have to do is pick the pictures that are interesting for the boys. They'd rather have a picture of a racing car than princesses and fairies.

Boys have always loved designers. These may be Lego's designers or other variants of this educational toy. Collecting designers, the child develops intelligence, learns patience, develops fine motor skills of fingers.

The children's laptop or tablet is a good gift, in such devices, as a rule, there are developing games, various training programs. So the child can play and learn at the same time.

Presents for active recreation

The child should develop not only intellectually, but also physically. Therefore, good gifts for the five-year anniversary of the boy can be:

  • Samokat or bike. Especially relevant these gifts will be if the birthday fell on the summer.
  • Konki or ski. If the boy was born in winter, these gift options will be more appropriate.
  • Rollers. If there is a rollerdriver in the city, you can give the rollerdriver at any time of the year.
  • Sports corner. This gift will certainly be very useful, but it needs to be agreed upon with the birthday boy's parents, because it requires space to be installed.

Gifts of interest

If the donor knows what the birthday boy is fond of, it is worth choosing a gift with this in mind. So, if the boy is interested in the secrets of nature, he will like the children's microscope.

A child who is fond of the mysteries of space, will definitely please the home planetarium.

Looking at the starry sky, the boy can not only imagine himself a star swimmer, but also get acquainted with the bodies included in the solar system.

If the kid likes to surprise and has certain artistic abilities, a great gift for him will be a set for a young magician.

Gifts and impressions

If you want to present an original five-year anniversary greeting, you can not give material gifts, but organize the day of the child so that he will remember it for a long time. The program can include visits to places such as:

  • Excitement Park. Any boy will love swings, merry-go-rounds and, of course, traditional cotton candy and lemonade.
  • Circus.Circus performances are spectacular for both children and adults.
  • Dolphinarium. Not only a five-year-old boy is unlikely to give up swimming with dolphins, but also his parents.
  • Aquapark. Swimming pool, slides, water attractions – you can have fun in the water park.
  • Artists invited. You can invite a clown, magician or a whole height puppet theater for your child's birthday party. You can organize a bubble show or a birthday party fireworks show. Everything here will depend only on the material possibilities of the donor.

Memorable gifts

Memorable gifts can be given, but it will please parents rather than the baby himself. You can make a film about the life of a birthday boy using family archives or make a thematic photo album. If you make it with your own hands with love, the gift will be inexpensive, but will become a family heirloom.

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What to give a boy for 5 years on his birthday – ideas of gifts, including those made by his own hands

What to give a boy for 5 years?

The first mini-jubilee in a boy's life requires special careful preparation. There are a lot of questions: where to celebrate, whom to invite, how to entertain guests, but the most important thing – what to give to the birthday boy. After all, by the age of 5, the baby has grown out of many amusing things.

At the same time, the range of his interests is quite held, and the toy kingdom has expanded to such a scale that it seems to surprise, it is simply nothing. So choosing a gift for the 5th birthday of a little gentleman is a complicated task, with an asterisk.

5 important conditions for choosing a gift for a five-year-old child

Buying a gift for five years, you need to clearly understand that the plane, car, gun – always desirable things for a little man, but these are not the surprises that will take a long time – their maximum of 3-4 days. I'm sure I want the birthday boy to get a really useful gift. For this purpose, it is necessary to take into account the age peculiarities of the development of karapuz.

  1. Soon to school. The family is already precisely tuning the future first-grader in the right way, talk about the imminent beginning of the adult stage in life. Accordingly, the young gentleman is, on the one hand, in a trembling expectation of such changes, hurrying time, and on the other hand – experiencing some doubts, because he can not imagine what awaits him in school. So a gift aimed at preparing for learning will be not only useful, but also interesting: books, educational computer games, cards with intellectual lotto and quizzes.

    May seem that at the age of five it is still too early to talk about school, but some children become students from the age of six.

  2. “I want to…” In 5 years old, the boy has a clear idea of what he likes and what he doesn't like, what's interesting and what's boring. If the boy likes football, dogs, polymer clay moulding, then a thematic gift is what you need. Just listen to the child's wishes.
  3. The most important thing is attention. From this age, children begin to form the main character traits. So up to 7 years old adults should be included absolutely and completely in all hobbies of their children, including leisure time. Choose something that will be of interest to you, too. Team games are an excuse to have fun with the whole family. By the way, they are usually quite affordable.

    Parenting must share children's hobbies

  4. Sports, sports, sports! Physical form is important for a person of any age, and even for the future of a man and vice versa. That's why mobile games, shells for lessons and trainings, clothes for active pastime are an excellent variant of presentation for five years. Plot and role-playing games – the main activity of all schoolers. And toys do not always perform their direct function in creative projects of the kid: the cube can become a machine, and the book – an airplane. In general, we buy an educational game, and better yet, not just a game, but with some newfangled additions, such as 3D puzzles.

Many parents, having familiarized themselves with the 5 factors of a successful presentation, may come to the conclusion that, having bought an adult gadget, they will satisfy all these indicators.

Not to say that this approach is categorically wrong (after all, they buy, though early!), but the tablet, the laptop, a mobile phone – very serious gifts which should carry out function of the assistant for the child, instead of the constant companion.

And if relatives do not plan to regulate relations of the kid with technics it is not necessary to give it.

Regardless of whom for you the birthday boy should be: the neighbour, the godson, the nephew or the grandson. The only thing that matters is how close you are to the baby's family, know his interests, hobbies, hobbies.

But even if the communication is not too close, it is not an excuse to give a teddy bear or a mug with a name every year. The best way to get lost is to consult the mother and father of the person responsible for the celebration.

And the parent should listen to the wishes of the grown-up son.

What not to give

If you don't want to see disappointment in the eyes of the jubilee, don't choose a gift that's not understandable to the kid at the moment, in other words, the kid doesn't know how to use the new thing here and now.

  1. Clothes and shoes. Of course, wardrobe items will greatly facilitate the life of parents, because they need to dress the young boy every season. But the birthday boy himself will not get any pleasure from the gift – he is not yet able to estimate the practicality of such gifts.
  2. Cheap copies. This position can be called “my tongue is my enemy.” That is, if you promised a cool two-wheeled bike “as a neighbor of Vanya”, then do not give a simpler model – the kid understands the difference. The gift will upset him and he'll think you're a liar.
  3. Cosmetics. Foam for bathing, shampoo without tears – practical gifts, but for a surprise for five years is not clear.

    A practical gift will not cause bewilderment in the boy, if in addition to him the birthday boy receives a typewriter

  4. Chancellery for school. Certainly, a pack of notebooks, a set of covers for books will be useful in 1,5-2 years, but here at this stage they will please only mum and dad.
  5. Their dreams. It is possible to choose a souvenir on a principle “what would like” to the peer, but it is impossible for the five-year-old child to choose a souvenir. The world is changing rapidly, as are the interests and hobbies of generations, so your eagerly coveted scooter may have long since given way to a runaway.

The best way not to miss a gift is to delve into all the possible options for each category of gift.

Developing games

These fun activities are designed to develop the logic, perseverance and attention of the kid.

  1. Puzzles. Building a picture of a racing car will keep the boy busy for a long time. Only before buying the set, be sure to specify whether the birthday boy likes to add images from the pieces.
  2. Constructors. There are many varieties of them:
    • “Lego never happens” – the motto, invented by the manufacturers of this educational toy, is fully justified by those who like to connect the details and build castles, garages, fortresses. Working with small elements, the boy relies on his ingenuity, learns patience, develops fine motor skills;
    • Autokonstruktor – a scaled model of a real car, in which the door opens, spins the wheel. This is an exact reduced copy of the machine, only its child can assemble itself;
    • magformers-a set of geometrically correct parts, which are connected to each other by means of a magnet;
    • electronic constructor. Thanks to him, the future man-master will get a basic knowledge of electrical circuits and electronics. The kit contains instructions for assembling an alarm device, dictaphone, flashlight, fan, etc. The electronic constructor gives your child an idea of the laws of physics no worse than a textbook
  3. Set a young magician. At the age of 5, children are actively interested in the nature of the phenomena, including the origin of everything unusual, such as tricks. What could be more entertaining than learning how to show them yourself?
  4. Spy set. A set that includes a secret lantern and a night vision device will make the carapuzo feel like a real James Bond.
  5. Robot Transformer. Warrior, car, plane, spaceship – all these are variants of assembling one toy.

Despite the fact that many people consider the school theme of gifts for a five-year-old kid disputable, there are a number of things that no boy will refuse at any age.

  1. Children's microscope. With the help of this device it is possible to consider salt and sugar particles, insects, wondering, how difficult such, seemingly simple things are.

    The set with a microscope includes reagents and catalysts for carrying out of experiments

  2. Projector with a set of diaphragms. A modified version of the dream of all Soviet children – a device on batteries, capable of transmitting the image to any surface, accompanied by sounds. Pictures can be thematic, aimed at training in specific disciplines.
  3. Hand hours. This gift will be especially valuable for a child who does not yet understand the course of time.
  4. Measuring roulette. Consolidation of knowledge about length measures in practice when measuring the length of objects, the growth of mum, dad or his – an exciting activity for a young researcher.
  5. Books. Encyclopedias, reference books on history, geography, astronomy, etc. – are very useful publications for a boy whose favorite question is “Why?”.

If the boy is interested in school disciplines, it makes sense to give him a preschooler's folder. This set contains a variety of thematic cards, brochures, arithmetic and writing manuals – in general, everything that will help to prepare the karapuz for the first grade.

Creative souvenirs for a 5-year-old birthday boy

If the child is a creative nature, the gift should be selected according to his hobbies.

  1. Origami for the boy. It will be used by a five-year-old designer to make a model of an airplane or a ship.
  2. The corn set, which includes colored cob grains, glue and improvised materials. In the detailed instruction it is available how to make animals, birds, different types of transport and so on from this material

    Corn designer will like those guys who are not indifferent to mosaics and puzzles

  3. Set of plasticine – always an actual gift for the kid who is carried away by modeling of figures, inventing the whole plots for them. At the same time the child actively develops fine motor skills, imaginative thinking and acting and directing abilities.
  4. Molbert, album, colors, etc. If the birthday boy likes to draw, these things will be very useful.

Interesting toys

Toys at five years of age have not lost their relevance. However, they become more complicated.

  1. Machine (helicopter, boat) on radio control.
  2. Weapon. A toy laser pistol, a blaster that shoots balloons or water, will grab the young warrior for a long time and deprive parents of peace. However, such a gift will only be relevant if the family lives in a large house or if it is possible to get out to rest in the countryside.
  3. Electric car is a source of envy for all children around. This kind of car will make the boy the most prominent guy in the yard.
  4. Panel games. They're suitable for birthday boys who aren't strangers to perseverance. If the culprit is a fidget, he is unlikely to be carried away by a treasure-hunter.

Gaming console for a modern boy is one of the most coveted gifts that can carry a jubilee not for one month, but even one year. But it can only be given with parental consent.

Gifts for active physical development in five years

Games and sports equipment are very important for a future man.

  1. Sports corner. Almost every guy dreams of a home gym. And from the age of 5 you can get used to daily exercise by doing exercises on the treadmill, trampoline, rings, etc.
  2. Velobike. Anyway, any boy should have it. It's like a set of cosmetics for girls – not necessarily each of them will become a model, but an attribute of true femininity, it just has to have.
  3. Rollers. Please note that they should be accompanied by a special outfit for a safe ride: the baby will want to try out a new entertainment at once.
  4. Skis. Great surprise for a winter birthday boy.

    Before buying, be sure to check the exact growth of the boy

  5. Game in the towns, training the legs, hands and wit of the athlete.
  6. Twister. If the boy likes to spend time with friends, then the kids will probably be carried away by a bright playing field on which to correlate the movements of arms and legs with the turn of the arrow.
  7. Bowling, made of rubberized materials, will not only help to pump up muscles, but also will allow you to feel the taste of victory from the beaten out strike.
  8. Darts. For safety reasons, Velcro balls or suction cup arrows should be used instead of needles.
  9. Badminton. A gift for years to come, because a child can play it for many years.

Birthday gifts

Promoting positive emotions can be done in many ways, including by attending a circus or a movie. At the age of 5, the boy already understands what an entertainment event is, has its own preferences in these activities. So it makes sense to think about giving tickets to:

  • amusement park (those who do not want to ride on a swing, merry-go-round, enjoy cotton candy and citrus);
  • Dolphinarium (even adults enjoy swimming with smart dolphins);Visiting the dolphinarium will give a sea of impressions not only to the birthday boy, but also to his parents
  • Aqua park (swimming pool, slides, water fun – do not refuse this);

Memorable gifts with their own hands

With memorable presentations you need to be alert, that is, understand that the birthday boy will be able to evaluate them in years … to pore. In the meantime, it'll be a nice gift for parents. In this case we are talking about:

  • collage of photos;
  • film about the person responsible for the celebration based on the materials of the family archive;
  • frame, manually encrusted with shells, etc. e.

Photocollages, movies are gifts that a child will be able to appreciate much later because of his or her age, but parents will like this surprise exactly

Fine variant of a gift by the hands – a cover on the toy phone executed in the technique of amigurumi (intertwined from colour erasers). This bag can be used to store various important boy stuff like coins, screws, etc.

Unpack gifts: what to please the boy on his 5th birthday – a video

Five years a boy needs to get something useful and interesting, and it is desirable that these two qualities are equally represented. The best way to make sure you don't miss is to write a list of options that are right for you and show it to your parents. Mom and Dad know what's gonna make their little gentleman delighted and happy in the eyes.

  • Natalia Vasilishin

Source: https://pediatriya.info/chto-podarit-malchiku-na-5-let/

What to give a boy 5 years old for his birthday: unforgettable gifts for kids

What to give a boy 5 years old?

  1. Toys
  2. Disseminating gifts
  3. Original gifts
  4. /li>

The fifth birthday is an important holiday for the baby. At this age, the child already knows and understands what a birthday is, looking forward to the holiday.

By the age of five, the boys have formed a character, hobbies and interests. Some kids like cars, the second – robots, the third – animals, and the fourth – crazy about space.

Therefore, choosing what to give for a birthday boy of 5 years, it is also worth considering his passions.


Any five-year-old will love the toy store present. But it's not that simple, because of all the variety you need to choose exactly what the boy likes:

  1. Toys on the radio. Most likely, the child will not be able to understand the too complex toy yet, but the machine on the control panel will have to be at once.
  2. Constructor. There's probably no boy in the world who wouldn't want to get a birthday designer. There are a lot of models for every taste of kids and adult wallet. Among the designers it is quite possible to pick up and an inexpensive gift for a birthday boy of 5 years.
  3. Toy weapon. Despite the fact that not all parents are excited about playing war games, the boys continue to play it generation after generation. To avoid injury, give the boy a laser or water gun.
  4. Soldiers. Battle-playing kits are invariably popular with preschoolers. Who will fight with whom this time, will depend only on the boy's fantasy flight.
  5. Panel games. There's nothing better than spending an evening with a kid at a board game. But when choosing, be sure to read the age limit so that it is not too difficult for the baby.
  6. Puzzles and puzzles. When choosing such a presentation, you should also pay attention to age restrictions. In addition to the usual puzzles, the boy may like 3D puzzles and puzzles, where you need to collect wooden parts. Don't forget about the interests of the birthday boy, choose your favorite character puzzles and puzzles that you can use to make something that will be interesting to your baby.
  7. The talking toy. Modern toys can not only say a certain set of phrases, but also repeat words after the speaker.
  8. Set of children's instruments
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