What to present to boys on February 23: the list of original and inexpensive gifts for boys in school and kindergarten

What to present to the schoolboy on February 23 at 100, 200, 300 rubles

What to give to boys on 23 February: list of original and inexpensive gifts for boys at school and kindergarten

This question is quite important and serious. There is even such a joke that gifts for this holiday – an investment in the eighth of March.

But first let's talk a little about ways to present a gift, because the original presentation is no less important than what is prepared as a surprise. So what are the options?

If you want to congratulate a large group of people at the same time (a class, for example), the easiest way to do so is to prepare a holiday script and a table with treats.

Gifts can be given after reading a personalized greeting poem. We can have a quest to find presents. Especially such variant will be pleasant to schoolchildren (2, 3, 4 class), they love riddles and adventures.

Also it is necessary to wrap a gift beautifully even if it is small, it too creates necessary atmosphere and mood. It is possible to think up joking packing, for example, to hide a surprise in a man's sock or to take some boxes of the different size and to enclose them in each other, and a gift to place only in the latest.

What to give to the schoolchild on February 23: photo souvenirs

Excellent option when you want both a practical and personal gift. Here's what you can give to a schoolchild on February 23, depending on the budget:

  • mug;
  • thermal mug;
  • mouse pad;
  • mouse keychain;
  • cushion;
  • T-shirt;
  • calendar;
  • poster;
  • magnet per refrigerator.

Photo can be used both as a gift recipient and as a general snapshot of the class, a family snapshot if it is a gift for the husband.

Funny stationery as a gift

If we talk about students, stationery is always relevant. Not only on February 23rd, but also on March 8th. Just pick them up so that they were not boring.

Saw, tested and proven that comfortable, attractive stationery affects not only the mood, but also the progress at school! You'll agree that you don't want to write sloppy in a beautiful notebook with a cool pen. It's worth using.

What can I get you? For example, a pen in the form of a nail or a simple pencil, a magnetic holder for a pen and paperclips in the form of a happy fat man, magnets for recording, erasers in the form of soldiers or the brain, a notebook in the form of a pack of bills, a set of notebooks and pens called “Genius”, a notebook with an encouraging inscription “I can do it all” and much more.

Benefit, the choice now is so rich that it is not difficult to find a gift of this kind for a student.

Please note the large wall calendars where you can plan your schedule. A lot of kids like to do it, usually at the age of 12 and over.


Small set of “Legos”, regular or 3D puzzles, puzzles (e.g. Rubik's cube), neocube, hand gum or clay for sculpting, a balloon of predictions, a flying snake, a small constructor.

Soap or vice versa, soap bubbles. It's a totally amazing entertainment. They are made in the same way as soapy ones, but they are more resilient and can be used to collect different figures.

Both children and adults are delighted.

As a gift from a girl and board games, it is worth paying attention to compact road options such as card “Monopoly”, “Mafia”, “Memory”, “Swintus” and others.

Maybe still give the schoolboy on February 23 different sets for creativity and cultivation. What's interesting is, it's not just the kids who like them.

Surprise for 100 rubles to future defenders

Maybe you think of something worthy with such a small amount? Of course!
If you choose sweets, let it be a shaped chocolate, in the form of medals. You can give a small puzzle, for example, nails, there are more than a dozen different options.

Next, paper lanterns to launch into the sky, a set of stylish silicone laces, a keychain, socks with drawings, a variety of funny stationery and small toys.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that the quality of the gift does not determine the cost.

When it comes to mass purchase, for example, on the class, budgets are always modest. But that doesn't mean you have to give up and buy “nonsense nonsense,” as it often happens.

Men's Day Eatable Gifts

Candy or Chocolate we've already discussed, let's look for interesting options. For senior school age it is possible to consider as a gift tea, coffee, cocoa.

This is a completely unbanal gift – an exclusive jam. It is made of pine cones, walnuts, dandelions, mint with thyme and oregano, pine buds, watermelon and much more. Fasujut in small cute jars.

One more sweet variant which invariably causes delight – cakes to order. They can be decorated with inscriptions, figures. It's more convenient than a cake, because it allows portioning.

For reading defenders

Books – this is understandable. What else could there be? For example, magazines on an interesting topic for boys with models. You can read something fascinating and do something creative. Or sticker magazines.

The scattering of practical gifts

What else can I give to a schoolchild on February 23? Funny golf (superhero, for example) or sock set “Weekly”, pretty key chains, T-shirts with original inscriptions, pressed towels, knitted warm gloves, piggy banks, original alarms, personal teaspoons, kitchen apron, flask or thermos.

Separately I would like to say about flash drives. This is certainly a useful thing, which is doubly pleasant for a young man to use if it looks interesting: in the form of a motorcycle, a camera, a gold bar, a guitar, an attack aircraft from “Star Wars” and so on. There are even options with a code lock.

Of course, it is not a gift for 200 rubles, the budget for a flash drive will be required from 1000.
If your defender takes food with him to work or study, he can be offered as a gift nice lunch box. Much more interesting than boring containers. And if it says, “Paws off! This is my lunch”, the food can be left in the common refrigerator and not to worry about safety.

For 5, 6, 7 class a good option may be a set of children's cosmetics: shampoo, shower gel.

Pupils of the 8th, 9th grade will appreciate a small pocket flashlight or compass as a gift, headphones will also like it.

Most part of these variants can be bought for a maximum of 300 rubles.

Empressions for classmates

Maybe you choose individual tickets for a concert, an excursion, a zoo, a cinema, a planetarium, a water park, an amusement park, a theater for defenders. When there are a lot of them, you can rent a shooting gallery, bowling alley, laser tag, or buy a quest and send the perpetrators of the celebration there all the team.

February 23rd gifts made by yourself

If the gift budget is minimal, it doesn't mean you can't think of anything interesting.

Maybe you can make your own chocolate. Covers with photos, names and funny greetings will have to be printed by yourself, but the result is worth it.

Another option is a congratulatory newspaper. It is also possible to compose a small poem about each of them, to make it on a postcard made by hand.

If we are talking about a gift for kids in the 1st grade, we can prepare medals with names and congratulations from two pieces of cardboard, between which there will be a small chocolate bar.

Well, now you have a lot of ideas in your arsenal about what you can give to a schoolboy, and not only on February 23, see more ideas about what to give to your classmates. I hope that the approaching of this holiday will not cause you headaches and sadness in your chest.

If you like the article and it was useful, be sure to share it with your friends in social networks, let the holidays be pleasant for everyone! And be sure to subscribe to the blog to be always up to date!

With respect, Natalia Krasnova.

Source: https://sovet-podarok.ru/chto-podarit-shkolniku-na-23-fevralya.html

List of inexpensive gifts for boys on February 23 at school

What to give to boys on 23 February: list of original and inexpensive gifts for boys at school and kindergarten

Very soon we will celebrate a wonderful and favorite holiday – Defender of the Fatherland Day. All men and boys are in the spotlight and accept congratulations from beautiful ladies.

In schools, it is also customary to give small gifts to classmates. They have to choose a surprise for each boy, which is not so easy. After all, they are all different and I want to please everyone.

We have prepared a list of inexpensive gifts for boys on February 23 at school, which can be liked by every classmate, or exactly most of them.

List of inexpensive gifts up to 100 rubles

As it was said earlier, parents take the liberty of choosing and planning congratulations for their classmates, girls do it in high school. It is necessary to have a small budget, to organize a holiday and buy surprises for each boy. Such cases are often postponed to the last minute and in a short time it is necessary to come up with and buy gifts for the holiday.

To help with the choice, we have prepared a list of inexpensive gifts for February 23 to 100 rubles. After reading it, you can find a suitable surprise for the strong half of the class. We offer the following options:

  • Funny pens will be suitable as a presentation for the holiday, of course, it will be uncomfortable to write them at school, but at home a pen souvenir will be useful. They have a different look and for each boy you can choose a variant based on his hobbies, for example: cars, musical instruments or animals.
  • Ask for handmade soap, the form is better to choose closer to the theme of the holiday. Also, for each young defender, make a personal inscription and choose a pleasant odor (bubble-gum, chocolate or berry aroma).
  • Funny notebooks. It is good that nowadays their choice is large enough, from classical to the most incredible options (abstract drawings, heroes of favorite movies or cartoons).
  • Keychain is a fairly common gift, but it is also possible to choose an original shape, for example, the perpetual calendar keychain.
  • Spinner is a very popular item. A fascinating rotating object in the hands of the owner, it helps to calm down in an exciting situation. And those who have tried to use it, can do various tricks, throwing it from finger to finger.
  • School supplies rather actual gift, because it is an expendable material that is necessary during the study. Choosing an inexpensive surprise up to 100 rubles, you can pay attention to such options as: eraser, a set of colored gel pens, sharpener, notebook 48 sheets. To make the gift thematic, you can choose the shape and pattern of the cars, planes or tanks.

Remember that all the guys are different personalities and in their own way special. You learn with them and you know who and what they're into. Therefore, if you have the opportunity and time, it is better to pick up a gift for February 23 individually for each boy. It can be from one category, but differ in form and figure.

List of gifts for boys from 100 to 300 rubles

When there are more girls in the class than guys, it often turns out that the amount of surprise increases. In this case, you can consider the list of gifts for boys from 100 to 300 rubles on February 23 and there is already much more choice. We have prepared various options for you, which will help you to choose a surprise for the strong half of the class:

  • pencil stand;
  • glowing laces;
  • li> diary;

  • headphones with a lock;
  • encyclopedia;
  • computer game disc;
  • mug;
  • mechanical pencil sharpener;
  • copile;
  • calculator that can be carried in your pocket.

As an addition to the main gift, give the guys a card. They can both be bought and made with their own hands, the main thing is to sign it personally for each defender. Congratulations can be official or humorous, but remember that you can't hurt your classmates with witty words, even if you think it's funny.

To beautifully congratulate the boys, learn poems to celebrate the holiday, so congratulations will be solemn.

Gift lists for classmates up to 500 rubles

Sometimes parents can collect gifts for their children that are just over the average. This is, of course, a good thing, but such a decision should be taken at a general meeting and with the consent of all adults. We picked up a few options that can be presented for this amount and we have a list of gifts for 23 February for classmates up to 500 rubles:

  • Organizer – the right thing for any age. As a surprise it is possible to buy the nominal or unusual form and a kind, for example, with black sheets.
  • Desktop calendar with cheerful photos of all class. You can order it at any photo studio.
  • Flash card every student needs it. More and more people are asking for homework, which can only be done with the help of a computer. To check it, you need to provide this file to the teacher, and that's where the flash drive comes in. With her help, the student will quietly deliver the finished work for inspection. Now in shops a wide choice of various forms, in honor of a holiday it is possible to pick up its thematic kind.
  • Stand for phone very necessary thing. Always know where it is.
  • The original pencilcil case for learning. Choose a different option for each boy, it will be much more pleasant, because they do not walk the same way as “from the incubator”.
  • Platform games will always be an actual present for children. You can choose between classical (checkers and chess) or modern (monopoly, business, mute, intelligent or 7 on 9).
  • Jolly T-shirts, they can be printed with a picture of the addressee, and with funny phrases for each boy.

If you have bought presents for classmates on the Defender of the Fatherland Day and there is still money left, then make a sweet table for them.

Original, inexpensive surprises for boys in grades 1-5

The youngest defenders need attention in their first school years. Choosing an inexpensive gift for February 23 to boys 1-5 grades, it is worth remembering that they are still children. In their spare time, they want to think less about their studies and more about games and entertainment. We've prepared a list of surprises for kids in junior high school, for example:

  • Reflector Keychain – a very important thing for every child. Most of the movement is in the dark, especially in winter, and is very good if it is on a backpack. Any driver will see from afar that there's a child ahead. In honor of a holiday it is possible to choose it in military subjects.
  • Toys. In these years kids are still small and want to play once again, have fun and such a gift they will definitely like. Choose from popular toys, such as hot-wills machines or cartoon characters.
  • A set of felt-tip pens with coloring will please many boys, choose in the theme of the holiday, for example: with military equipment or rarity machines.
  • A set of origami “airplanes”. They are assembled without trimming and can soar in the air longer than ordinary planes.
  • A good gift would be a water painting set, a special surprise that easily attracts children and allows you to create your first water painting.
  • Funny magnets of different shapes. Such presents are relevant if the budget is small, but you still want to please the boys. Their variety is amazing, you can choose from a variety of different options for each boy based on his hobbies.
  • Puzzles at any age like kids. It's not only an exciting activity, but they also train attention, memory and fine motor skills.

Of course, every parent thinks that when the baby went to school, he became quite large and it's true, because he has his own responsible business in life. But no matter how much you go around, he's still a child who wants to spend his free time doing what he likes to do.

Tip, the time tends to make seven-mile steps only forward, give the children more toys. They'll always grow up, and you won't even know how fast they've grown. And don't forget that everybody loves sweets, so you can add a sweet present to the main surprise.

Gifts for boys in grade 6-8

The older the kids get, the faster their interests change. It's hard for adults to guess what's going on in a child's head. Basically, they are already indifferent to simple toys and when choosing a surprise, preference is given to unusual gifts for February 23 for boys 6-8 class. We have prepared a list of inexpensive gifts for schoolchildren, for example:

  • 3D puzzle: typewriters, military equipment or airplanes;
  • self-extinguishing handles;
  • puzzles of medium complexity;
  • flashlight with a carabiner;
  • A mug that reacts to the temperature of the water;
  • set of an archaeologist or a young chemist;
  • USB fixture for a computer;

  • table games of quizzes;
  • unusual handles in the form of a grenade or a pistol.

Incost gifts for students in 9-11th grade

High school students' interests change dramatically, and there is a clear separation in their hobbies.

Someone prefers to go out with friends, others find it necessary to spend time at home for their favorite book, the third one will play computer games better. Choosing a surprise becomes much harder because you want to please everyone.

We've prepared a list of inexpensive gifts for 9th-11th grade students on 23rd February based on their hobbies, for example:

  • Entertainment presents will be appreciated by funny people who like to spend time with friends. They can be given a board game or a puzzle.
  • Computer accessories will be suitable for those who like to spend time at the game or who work at it. There is a wide choice, for example: keyboard vacuum cleaner, mouse pad, headphones, usb lamp or fan, mouse with unusual shape, heated mug.
  • You can choose to study with a table organizer, flash drive or encyclopedia.
  • Soothing and soothing souvenirs such as hourglass, pendulum, and sand painting.
  • Funny inexpensive surprises: passport cover, an unusual keychain, a set of pocket screwdrivers in the form of a grenade, a case for the phone (select each boy an option for his model), a holder for money.

So how to choose a gift for the guys in the class it becomes difficult for the PTA to do it on their own. It is possible to draw lots and determine for each boy a girl who will choose the present itself based on his hobbies and preferences.

Surprise list for the whole class on February 23

You can prepare a general surprise for the boys on February 23, but such a gift should be discussed with the class teacher and select several parents who can accompany the children. Here is a short list of possible entertainment:

  • class exit on the back;
  • >access to the movies;
  • to set a sweet table and organize a competition program for guys;
  • access to your favorite place of your class, for example: game cafe or bowling;
  • exit to nature (botanical garden or recreation center);
  • excursion to the museum of military equipment.

If you've read our list of inexpensive gifts for the boys on February 23rd at school, you'll find the answer to your question. Give presents that are appropriate for the age and try to choose them for each boy personally. After all, these surprises evoke more emotion in the recipient, and you can immediately see that you have prepared for the holiday.

Source: http://shkolaprazdnika.ru/podarok-na-23-fevralya/spisok-nedorogih-podarkov-malchikam-na-23-fevralya-v-shkole.html

What can be given to boys on February 23, including classmates at school

What to give to boys on 23 February: list of original and inexpensive gifts for boys at school and kindergarten

Fatherland Defender's Day is a holiday loved by men of all ages: from 3 to 103 years old. This date has long been associated with courage, honor and love for the country. On February 23, mothers and grandmothers try to congratulate all male members of the family and give them presents. What can you teach a boy at home and to his classmates at school?

What can be presented to boys on February 23rd

The Day of the Defender of the Fatherland was originally a holiday of the military, and so it was a custom that boys were more often presented with gifts in the appropriate style, but now more and more parents and relatives give their sons educational toys, designers and sets for creativity.

Not everybody considers February 23 to be an important date comparable to New Year's Eve or birthday, so gifts prefer to choose inexpensive and unrelated to military symbols. Also very important to consider the age of the child: kids love toys, and older children like things that can be used in everyday life, or developing creative kits.

Day of the Defender of the Fatherland – the holiday of boys of all ages

Gifts for the preschooler at home and in kindergarten

Friendly, knowledgeable about the child's interests and preferences can make a choice according to their hobbies. Preschoolers will be happy to get presents like this:

  • Automatic machines or guns for playing army, spies or warriors;
  • Special Forces machines with sound effects;
  • figures of superheroes from films and characters of favorite cartoons;
  • soldiers;
  • Radio-controlled cars;
  • sets for role-playing games in police, firefighters, rescuers;
  • brilli>children's toy binoculars;
  • sets of toy instruments;
  • coloring with images of military equipment or cartoon characters.

Advancing presents are often chosen:

  • board game;
  • game teaching mathematics or reading;
  • adventure stories;
  • booka children's encyclopedia on military subjects or a publication with tasks for boys;
  • puzzles with cars and planes;
  • model for gluing a tank, plane or car.

Grandparents are usually much more conservative in choosing a gift for their grandson. Do-it-yourself kits will be a great way to spend time with a child on a case-by-case basis.

In the kindergarten before the Defender of the Fatherland Day, the PTA will have to choose gifts that would suit the majority of adults in the group and would be useful to the kids. This often becomes a very difficult task in a budget-constrained environment. Most of the above presents will meet most of the requirements of parents and children.

Special services car with working special signals and siren – a great choice of the Set for role-playing games in the police will be of interest to a small defender of the Fatherland Children's Encyclopedia of Aviation and Navy of Russia – a thematic book for the holiday Toy Gun Machine, which produces realistic sounds of shots, is necessary for playing warrior Children's binoculars will be useful to a little spy

Gifts for school-age children are chosen according to their temperament and character.

Actual gifts for the child who studies at school – photo gallery

Wood burning set will be interesting for plodding schoolchildren Things that will be useful in winter, appropriate as a gift for February 23 Crystal growing set will awaken interest in chemistry Children's military encyclopedia can become a handbook for children Set “Alphabet Morse” will introduce the boy to the basics of electricity

Original gifts for Defender of the Fatherland Day

If parents want to give their children an unusual feeling, they can think of more expensive original presentations. It will amaze the imagination of the future defenders of the Fatherland:

  • set for launching a rocket at home, making lizards, lava lamps;
  • yo-yo;
  • participation in a military entertainment program (winter paintball, military quests, master class on making a wooden sword or chain mail);
  • a flash drive with an original children's design for older boys, who have to bring to school homework done in the form of electronic presentations;
  • a spy pen and eavesdropping kit.

It will be fine if the teacher agrees to hold a meeting for pupils with a veteran or a member of the profession related to the protection of the homeland or citizens in peacetime: police, firefighters, military

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