039;s attention should be interspersed with exciting logic puzzles, word games, fine motor skills and coordination of movements.

Perception of assignments by ear and through a variety of visuals, music pauses and physical exercises, developing cartoons and inventing funny stories – all this will decorate the homework with children.

Fizkultminutka for small children is held after 15 minutes of training

Important variety of devices and forms of work. All necessary accessories are prepared in advance.

How to build a class

Any class must have motivating, basic, and finishing parts. Familiarity with the logical structure will play a positive role when a child becomes a pupil and enters the classroom.

and the form depends on the age of the children and the purpose of the home “lessons”. A variety of materials should be selected. But it can be a subject matter class. For example, improvement of speech, memory training, teaching the rules of communication, learning English.

Educational activity should be feasible for the baby

Secrets of success with preschoolers

Kids 5-6 years old can do well at home. Adults should provide favourable conditions for this, for example:

  • Exciting beginning with strong motivation (what we will do and why; learn…, learn…; play…);
  • brevity in setting tasks (you should gradually make sure that the child keeps the instruction in his or her memory at least 3 points);
  • the accuracy of the explanation of the task in an accessible language (you need to have a clear understanding of what to do in order to do it correctly);
  • inclusion of mobile games and exercises as physical exercises between complex tasks and as a separate block at the end of the lesson;
  • in summation at the end of the lesson (what we learned, what we liked; a reward for special achievements); the end can be in the form of a fun poem, which parents say together with the baby at the end of each lesson.

Cooking classes are also on the list of developing classes

Parental care should be taken at home. Listen to what the child is saying, think about what he or she is saying, wait patiently for the task to be completed, and ask the “student” to explain his or her actions. It forms self-control, activates attention and memory. Such qualities will be useful when entering the first class.

Tips for teaching children to read English

The development of children under 6 years of age is extremely fast. This is facilitated by a flexible memory, growing attention and strengthening thinking. Very important qualities for learning to read in English!

Home English lessons will help the child to adapt faster to school

It is important to know: at 3 years old the visually imaginative thinking prevails in the child; from 5 to 6 years old begins to form abstract-logic.

This is why phonetic, graphic and verbal methods can be used safely when teaching children a foreign language.

Young children aged 5-6 years can easily hear, remember and reproduce words and phrases in English. Senior preschoolers are able to compare oral explanations, the sound of English words and phrases and their graphic form.

The basic stages of teaching children to read in English

  1. English words and phrases are taken by ear and repeated.
  2. Continuing the study of words and phrases by ear: children are offered letters and words on cards.

  3. Word combinations and reading simple sentences (with the help of cards with images of the word and the corresponding object).
  4. Reading simple texts (prose or poem) composed of phrases known to the child.

  5. Reading more complex texts according to vocabulary extension, watching cartoons with subtitles, reading fairy tales.

Miraculous moments of learning together

Home development activities are an extremely exciting stage in parent-child relationships. Playing together, finding solutions to logical problems, discussing funny questions and answers, and the joy of watching your child in the process of increased mental or physical activity will be remembered forever.

Lessons with children – wonderful moments of intimacy

Wonderful experiences will add to the treasure trove of family joys and make children happier

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