Than to occupy a child at 3 years old: at home, on the street and in transport

How and what to occupy a child at 3 years old at home: interesting games, entertainment and creativity for the development of babies

What to do with a child at 3 years old: at home, on the street and in transport

Please offer your son or daughter an interesting activity. There's plenty of play and entertainment for a three-year-old kid. Doesn't it occur to you other than drawing, application and modeling? Choose any of the exciting games, do it together with your child, enjoy the success. So, no sermons, no long explanations, just suggestions on how to take a three-year-old kid.


No losing option, regardless of the sex of the child. Prepare a mini-performance, choose your favorite fairy tales, come up with new ones. Fantasize for yourself, support the little director's ideas.


  • Fairytale heroes make small figures of animals, people who can easily put their fingers on the finger;
  • Make a large screen for fairytales. The device will replace a number of chairs covered with fabric;
  • many kids like to turn into fairytale characters. Choose a play with two or three characters (change in the next room), make costumes for yourself and the baby. Show Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa a simple fairy tale: the loved ones will be delighted.

Treasure Island

What to do:

  • get a few boxes, handbags, bright boxes;
  • inside each “trunk” put a little surprise: Candy, apple, baby doll, postcard;
  • Tell your baby that you have a treasure island, not an apartment. Offer to find all the handbags and boxes where the treasure trove is hidden;
  • place the “chests” not too far away for the child to easily find them;
  • exercise develops fine motor skills, takes at least half an hour.

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Little Helper

In three years most babies are eager to imitate their parents. Take advantage of this, offer an “adult” lesson.

Variant weights:

  • Pour flowers;
  • Wash the vegetables for the original salad;
  • Roll out the dough;
  • Wear new dresses on the dolls before the guests arrive;
  • brush the cake;
  • sort the shirts or socks;
  • to clean up the shelf and so on.

Essential! Be sure to praise your baby, tell everyone at home about his successes. Let's do our best to make sure that the young helper is not disappointed in himself.

Label Arrow

Play with your baby. It's gonna take two plastic buckets, paper balls. Together with your child, make a “core” out of soft paper, a piece of old wallpaper (take the cheap ones to crumple easily).


  • from two to three steps to hit the basket with a paper ball;
  • think of the distance that is right for the child to hit the target, otherwise disappointment is inevitable;
  • after the competition hand over the prize to the “marksman”.

Young artist


  • place paper on the table, suggest drawing a picture to decorate the house;
  • give the finger paint, show how to make a flower;
  • kids love to make a picture;
  • many kids love painting so much that it is not uncommon for a whole “gallery” to appear in a room.

Home orchestra

We will need:

  • canoes, buckets of different sizes made of plastic;
  • cardboard tubes from food foil or film.

Show to play the drums, explain that you can not only knock, but also play melodies:

  • Pay attention of the young drummer to different heights of sounds;
  • to avoid annoying drumming, after 15-20 minutes offer another interesting activity, such as watching cartoons.

Plasticine cap

Time-tested activity for three year olds. Buy a set of 10-12 colors and shades. Pick good quality plasticine: avoid cheap, toxic materials.

Propose to make fairy tale characters, pets, fruits, vegetables. Start with simple pieces to avoid disappointment. At first, sculpt together, then go away for a while, teach yourself to study. After a while, be sure to arrange an exhibition of works.

Tip! Highlight a place, put up plasticine figures for everyone to see. A lot of kids like to put on sketches of newly molded characters.

Christmas lights for the New Year

Propose to decorate the apartment with the baby. Cut a strip of colored paper 1-2 cm wide. If the child knows how to handle children's scissors, let him do some of the work himself.

Task: glue together the strips of the ring. Slide a new strip through the finished ring, connect it. In 10 to 15 minutes you'll get a little garland.

Model show

The game is suitable for kids who wear and take off their clothes well. Offer the baby more things to do, have him perform. Select the simpler details:cloaks, hats, wigs, skirts to make it easy to change. This game is especially fun for girls.


Sophisticated task will entertain the baby. Offer to carry around the apartment in a tablespoon a convenient item: a small ball, a nut, a tennis ball. Show me how to proceed. After all the rooms have been toured, the “most agile” will receive a prize.

Wind muzzle

The game develops deep breathing, gives fun, good mood. Have a competition, try to make sure the baby wins, too.


  • soap bubbles;
  • private balls;
  • paper balls.


  • get more air into the lungs, blow off items from the table or blow out a large bubble;
  • on different days, alternate balloons with bubbles: so the game will not get tired. Bring in Daddy, Grandma, praise your success.


No loss for the development of perseverance, fantasy, fine motor skills. At first, buy coloring books with large objects of interest to your son or daughter. Choose from cartoons, favorite fairy tales.

Young artist does a good job with a large area? Go to the pictures with medium to small details.

Thick coloring is not necessary, the baby will not browse long pages. Find a suitable picture on the Internet (“Coloring for children to print”), then print on the printer. Let the little artist paint the hero.

Find a pair

The first option:

  • place clean shoes on the floor, mix boots, shoes, slippers;
  • get 3-4 baskets or boxes, offer the young hostess/host to sort the shoes: Boots in one basket, slippers in another, and so on;
  • you have to find a pair before you put your shoes in the right place.

Second option:

  • you can just take the shoes out of the boxes, make a mess;
  • ask the baby to put everything back neatly so as not to confuse anything;
  • a little help right away, don't leave the child alone in front of a pile of shoes;
  • tell the family what kind of helper is growing.

Moving or swinginging

Good entertainment for little kids. Buy a comfortable horse-shaped rocking machine with a stable base. Fasten the swing securely in the doorway. Never leave your son or daughter alone during this kind of entertainment, always watch out for behavior to avoid injury.

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Paint journals, panoramic books, encyclopedias with bright pictures (taking into account age) are of great interest to children. Choose interesting material, read it with an expression for the baby to get carried away.

Cituative gaming

Children are happy to try on different roles. Imaginative games are what it takes for a three-year-old to play.

Propose one of the popular games:

  • Material dock;
  • hospital;
  • school;
  • hairdressing salon;
  • shop;
  • cafe.

Buy a set of toy instruments, make the props yourself. Both boys and girls play with pots, plastic pans and glasses at an early age. Situational games develop speech, teach communication, attention to strangers.

Children's Disco

Turn on your favorite songs and let the baby dance. Take part, too. A great option if you have friends or relatives with a child of similar age.

Bypass the arm

The girls especially like the game. Show the baby how to circle the palm and fingers with a pencil. Help to cut along the contour, draw rings on your fingers together, paint “nails”, put on beautiful bracelets.


Prepare cardboard, glue, scissors, colored paper, old magazines. First, make a simple picture for the baby to do the job. A child can tear pieces of colored paper by hand if they are not good with scissors.

Ask them to feed their pets and cute animals. Put a teddy bear, a bunny, an elephant, everyone you find in the children's corner. Draw in advance, then cut out the cardboard apples, carrots, cabbage, other vegetables, fruits. Make cereals and grass out of coloured paper. Tell your son or daughter what each animal eats.

If there is suitable food for animals in the fridge, use it after washing it, checking if it is cold. As you go along, explain why it's important to wash your hands, vegetables and fruits.

Now you know a lot of fun games and activities for kids. Sincerely take an interest in the child's affairs, do not spare time for the development of skills and abilities. Fantasize, imagine yourself as a son or daughter. Playing together brings the family closer together, improves relationships, and creates a good mood.

. More games and activities for 3-year-old children at home:


What games to play at home for a child aged 3 years

What to play at home, outdoors and in transport

Three-year-olds are actively developing both physically and emotionally and mentally.

This is a relatively independent little person who has an opinion, is persistent and intelligent, and has an individuality.

Parents no longer need to be around every second and control the child, they just need to know what to do for the child at 3 years old at home, and create the right conditions to do so.

Three-year-old assets

Three years old children are becoming more and more independent. They used to need the help of an adult in any matter, but now they are trying to do everything on their own, and parents should not be discouraged.

Excessive guardianship will lead to a son or daughter growing up infantile, insecure and insecure in themselves and the world around them. Therefore, it is recommended that adults encourage independence and do not suppress the child's authority.

In addition to independence, the age of three years is characterized by the following features:

  • Improved motor development, the child already has excellent control over his or her body. His steps are even, he is able to change the pace of walking, you can start to teach your child to ride a bike or pony.
  • Fine motor skills are also improved. The kid learns drawing, sculpting, using a spoon, buttoning and other everyday skills.
  • The nervous system becomes more efficient. Tiny is more patient and can do one thing for about half an hour. It has been awake for a long time and is quickly learning new information.
  • The vocabulary consists of about 1,000 words, the pronunciation of which is improving. Three-year-olds ask a lot of questions, talk about their actions, talk about what happened during the day.

Parental games

Parental games must understand that playing with a child is necessary because in the process they learn and simulate real-life events, while independent hobbies teach them to think and cope with possible difficulties. It is possible to play with a child of 3 years old at home, both mobile and quiet games.

Home Theatre

Three years olds usually like to listen to fairy tales and play entire plays based on them, using different objects or toys. This hobby can be supported and you can create your own theater. To do this, you need to prepare the characters.

These can be ready-made toys from the store or self-made dolls. You can make actors together with the baby, cutting out the figures from thick cardboard and painting them. Not a bad variant – finger dolls.

For this purpose it is enough to sew small multicolored figures which are put on a finger.

To make it look like a real theatre, you have to make a curtain using a curtain or a blanket. The plot is your favorite fairy tale or a self-created story.

For the first performances it is recommended to choose fairy tale, which has no more than three characters (it will be easier and more interesting for the child, because it will not get confused in the plot).

Prepared performance shows older brothers and sisters, dad, other relatives.

Fashion Show

Entertaining game for girls. Mom needs to prepare a lot of different clothes. There is no need to use expensive things, skirts, dresses, hats, which are no longer needed by mom or older children. Old tulle curtains or pieces of organza.

The main thing is to make things bigger. Let the little fashionista herself choose from a common pile of things that she likes, tries on, changes outfits, looks at herself in the mirror. This activity can be so fascinating to a girl that she wants to create a unique outfit herself.

Here, Mom needs to keep an eye on her so that she doesn't get the scissors.

Diverse roles

Children enjoy imitating adults. It is enough to offer a role-playing game that you like best, and the children will be very satisfied. Perhaps the boy will want to pretend to be a builder, driver, policeman, cosmonaut, etc.

Girls often want to be a doctor, salesman, mother or daughter, educator, princess. But here everything is individual, and parents should be guided by preferences of the kid.

Distributed roles, it is possible to model various situations, and it will be not only entertainment, but also cheerful studying, after all the kid decides how to act and what to tell in this or that case.

Mom's helpers

Sometimes young mothers wonder what to play with a 3-year-old child in such a way that both the crumb is under supervision and the housework is done in time. The answer is simple – must be through the game to carry him home affairs , because children love to help.

Example, if you start cleaning, a son or daughter can be given a rag and offer to wipe the shelf with your mommy. While the kid will be diligently rubbing it, the mother will have time to wash the whole wardrobe.

During the washing dilute in a separate basin a little warm water with natural soap and let the kid splash in it handles, start the ship and even “wash” a handkerchief or napkin.

When cooking, give the child a lump of dough – let the child make something out of it as desired, bake the child's work together with the main baking.

The main thing is to make things done in a good mood, easy and fun. It is possible to organize small competitions, for example, who will collect toys or take T-shirts to the washing machine faster. Of course, it is necessary to praise the baby more often. These activities will gradually teach him to do his homework, which he will not perceive as a heavy duty in the future.

Funny disco

Children's disco is a great thing. Both girls and boys like to dance and jump to funny rhythmic music. If parents, brothers and sisters join them, it will be several times more interesting.

You can invite neighborhood kids to visit and organize a dance contest, where the judges will be parents, and small prizes will be awarded to each participant. Well, if there are special children's microphones in which the famous songs have already been recorded. Listening and repeating them, children develop memory.

In addition, with these microphones you can arrange a real karaoke right at home.

Peaceful activities

Moving fun games should be interspersed with quiet games. It'll help the baby calm down, teach him to persevere. The most popular quiet activities:

  • Li>Lipe. To do this, you should buy a set of quality multicolored plasticine. Have the child roll a ball, then squeeze it and make a pancake, gradually getting used to working with the material. Start moulding with the simplest figures – a bun, snowman, butterfly, etc. In a few days, the baby will create his first masterpiece, which is worth to put on a prominent and honorable place.
  • Kinetic sand. It's easy to get a child into sand games. He himself will be happy to build castles from it, make pies, pour out and invent other entertainment. Sand must be of good quality and completely safe for children.
  • Painting or painting. At the age of three, children are already holding a pencil and felt-tip pens in their hands, and drawing is one of their favorite activities. It is possible to offer the kid to draw the mum and daddy, a pet, a sunshine, a small house or to finish drawing of missing parts to already ready drawing. For example, the mother has painted a vase and the child will add flowers to it.
  • Harnessing everyday life skills with the help of bizeboards. All kinds of clasps, zippers, buttons, switches always fascinate three-year-olds and they can imitate the actions of adults with simple household objects attached to the board indefinitely.

    Children's self-study

    By three years old, the child often wants to play independently. This is very important, because the skills of independent games will help not only the child in the future, but also parents who will be able to do homework at this time.

    The main task of adults is to make sure that the child is interested in playing, and he knows how to play.

    For example,

    you can buy a simple mosaic and show your son or daughter the beginning of the posting, interest your child and ask them to continue the posting by themselves.

    Let your child play at 3 years old at home. It is only necessary to understand what activities are interesting to him and what are not, and to encourage the selected hobbies.

    Do not forget about the gaming space – it should be convenient and safe (by the way, it would be useful to remind about the list of home dangers).

    And, of course, the main task of parents is to instill through the game the necessary skills to the kid and prepare him for further life. And what can you add about taking your child home at 3 years old? Please rate the article



    ☀ Developmental classes ☀ for 3-4 year olds ☀

    What to do for a child at 3 years old: at home, outdoors and in transport

    The child at the age of 3-4 years becomes very active. A lot of moms are wondering, “What do you want to do with your baby?” I mean, the baby should be spending time with pleasure. At this age, children need to develop, to instill in them the skills of communication.

    Of course, children are all different in character and temperament. Some 3-4 year olds can play with one toy all day long and some need a variety of activities.

    In 3-4 year olds, children are already playing meaningfully and need some developmental activities

    Check your attention! Be sure to stay close to your child's home for 3-4 years. Kids of this age shouldn't be left unsupervised. Stay close, organize your business so that there is a short distance between you and the child.

    Which features of this age group should be taken into account

    3-4 years old is the period when the child begins to realize himself/herself. It has a better system of coordination of movements, it starts to move more smoothly. Kids have musical abilities, they like to dance and sing.

    The kids can already play in the company, they occupy themselves with games, they have an interest in construction, the vocabulary is growing rapidly. The child begins to use words he or she has heard from adults, and speech becomes more and more difficult, and begins to express his or her opinion.

    Children at 3-4 years of age are already playing with peers

    In this period of time, relationships with peers and adults are formed. He or she becomes a participant of joint games, starts to perceive the rules of behavior in games.

    All children of this age have a lot of questions and experience. The information that a child can absorb during this period is simply colossal in its volume.

    And, of course, it is the task of parents and educators to find educational games that help to shape the child's personality and skills, both in the institution and at home.

    What's interesting for kids aged 3-4 years

    Age 3-4 years is a great time to develop the creativity of children. You can make it out of plasticine or salt dough. For a child aged 3-4 years, drawing is interesting. Young artists with equal pleasure draw with pencils and paint, they like felt-tip pens and colored crayons.

    Games for the development of hand motility and fantasy

    Check your attention! At this age, children cannot paint themselves, but they cannot paint to their liking and strength. On sale there are special books for coloring, it is possible to print coloring and from the Internet.

    Parents of artists should be attentive, because at the age of 3-4 years to draw children like not only on paper. They like walls and doors. Drawing boards can be an interesting option. This board is easy to install at home – it takes up little space.

    This is a great idea – a mosaic – a game for creativity

    In this age, children can be occupied by designers. Plastic parts designers are suitable for 3-4 years. Children are particularly interested in the towers and cottages that they are happy to build. At home, children can also be allowed to create huts from their own materials – pillows, chairs, plaids.

    When a child reaches 3-4 years of age, parents begin to think about additional developmental learning.

    Moms and dads choose developmental activities, mugs or sections for their babies. Kids go swimming, gymnastics. If you start learning a foreign language, the result will be very good.

    But you can work with children outside the home. It's good for a child 3-4 years old to be outdoors.

    Sandpit games are loved by all children

    Lessons on the street are varied. Children of this age are attracted to the sandpit, where they play with pleasure, build. The playground is a place where the child can play and rest with comfort.

    Fine motor skills: kids of 3-4 years old are happy to lay out mosaic patterns, look at pictures in books. Interested in their moving toys.

    What activities you can use at home

    What you can do at home:

    • What you can do at home:

      What you can do at home

      • Children aged three and four like to play the world around them on paper. Prepare pencils or felt-tip pens with your child to draw. Discuss what he wants to draw, ask him what color objects will be in his drawing. Give him big sheets of paper or even a piece of unnecessary wallpaper. Before you give him pencils, offer him to work as a sharpener – he'll be more enthusiastic about drawing later on.
      • Maybe he'll take your child with a punch. Show how the hole punch works, let it make confetti from old magazines for New Year's holidays.
      • Exciting for the baby and cutting with scissors. By the time the kids are four years old, they can cut out simple figures. Make stencils of geometric figures. Let him cut it out. The development board can take your child for a long time
      • Maybe you give your child stencils of different items (available on sale, can be made of cardboard) or letters. The baby traverses the stencil and then paints it.
      • Making plasticine alone is difficult to make children. Roll him a lot of sausages – let him cut into pieces, and then lay out a pattern on a sheet of cardboard.
      • Pull a rope, give him clothespins and let him hang his things, and then collect them.
      • Children are fascinated by the work with copying paper. Show him the technology. Rest assured that your child will work with interest.
      • To help parents with kinetic sand, children like it.
      • May buy stickers for children and give them an album – the child will stick them until they use all the stickers
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