Chechen Male Names: A list of modern, beautiful names for boys and their values

Names for boys are rare and beautiful:how to choose a boy's name

Chechen Male Names: A List of Modern Beautiful Names for Boys and Their Meanings

Each mother wants to choose a beautiful name for her newborn boy, so that it is rare, consonant, not negative, but how to do it, what to follow. Today I will give you lists of rare, beautiful names for boys of different nationalities, it remains only to choose.

This choice is responsible for the fate, which has been proven many times, it should be treated responsibly, it is worth to study all the nuances. When reading the definition, compare all the items so that your child does not suffer in the future, and does not reproach you for your choice.

Modern and rare names for boys

As soon as the mother learns the sex of the future baby, the selection begins, she studies all the rare names of the boys to make her child stand out from the crowd on the playground.

Parents want something unusual, consonant, original, however, it is often too much. Recently in a public place I heard my mother call her baby, I could not understand for a long time what she meant.

After a while I made sure that his name is Crimea. Attention to the question – why name a child after the peninsula?

Each year of fashion is changing, there were periods when only Matvei, Daniels, Kirill, Sasha were born.

For example, last year, 2017, the list of rare names included children who were recorded on their birth certificates by Spiridon, Frol, Ustin, Ogneslav, Larion, Ostap, Gabriel, Velesvet, Ladomir, Forward, Nord and Franklin.

And the last three kids are absolutely Russian, but parents preferred to give American names to their men. Choosing the most beautiful names for boys and girls, remember that with this “face” your children will live as they will be in life, as they will be teased, whether they will say thank you for it.

Modern rare names:

Arsenium – courageous.

Bogdan – goddamn it.

Victoria – winner.

Gordei – the Phrygian king.

Zahar – translates “God remembered”.

Lavrenty – crowning with laurels.

Loving the world's beloved child.

Macar – carries Greek roots, means happy and blessed.

Matthew is a gift from God.

Miron is a fragrant.

World is calm, quiet, balanced.

Nikita is the winner.

Ruslan – lef.

Savelius – begged of God, hard work.

Svetozar – illuminating light, dawn.

Svyatoslav – here, as in many other cases, two words “Holy + Glory” are combined.

Semen – heard by God in prayer.

Stepan – crowned.

Timofey – reverent.

Yaroslav – ardent glory.

Selecting rare names for boys, don't go after fashion, it's better to call it Alexander or Michael than Jupiter or Stalingrad.

How to choose a boy's name: Tips

  1. If you want to name your child with a name that suits both sexes, for example, Sasha, Valya, Zhenya, compare him to the name. I recommend not to combine Valya or Zhenya with a surname that does not bend on the basis of sex.

    At school, at work, there are always smart guys who say that Rudko Valya, it's “chick”, not a kid. And in a managerial position with such data will not be easy.

  2. The way you call your son, it will be your grandchildren, because the middle name is passed on from the father.

    Agree that Maria Dorimedontovna or Tatiana Calistratovna sounds mildly not very much, I do not think that your grandchildren will thank you for your choice.

  3. of course, pay attention to the combination with the surname and patronymic.

    Yes, when getting a passport at 14 years old you can change your name for only 1000 rubles, but imagine all the “red tape” that you have to go through. You will have to change your medical policy, SNILS, and many other documents related to residence and residence with your passport.

Beautiful Russian names for boys

Not necessarily they must be of modern, Tatar or Greek origin, as long as they are liked, sounded beautifully, did not carry bad energy. In my opinion, this is an important step at the birth of the baby, it's not the name of the boy's cat, it's your baby.

To the old beautiful can be attributed many, among them Gregory, Mark, Timothy, Arseniy, Rostislav, Nikita, Zakhar, Maxim, Matvey, Daniel, Kirill, Egor, Stepan. It's impossible to call them unusual, but they're easy to pronounce, they just connect to the surname and patronymic.

Names for boys by month

There is an Orthodox calendar of boys' names by month, and I advise you to take a look at it, perhaps the child born in July will become Sergei, Andrei or Matvei. Take a closer look at this item, try to find an Orthodox name for the boy by the month of birth.


MartAlexander, Yakov, Alexey, Roman, Anton, Savva, Arkady, Kirill, Arseniy, Ilya, Afanasiy, Efim, Valery, Semyon, Vasily, Nikandr, Victor, Irakly, Vyacheslav, Mikhail, Gerasim, Makar, Grigory, David, Georgy, Daniel (Danila), Venedict, Denis, Eugene, Egor, Ivan, Konstantin, Alexander, Kuzma, Lev, Leonid, Taras, Leontius, Trofim, Maxim, Timofey, Mark, Julian, Nikifor, Philippe, Pavel, Yuri, Peter, Sevastian, Stepan, Yakov, Fedor, Rostislav, Fedot.

Names by month for the child – 2018 April

AprilAlexander, Andrei, Andrei, Anton, Artem, Stepan, Vadim, Gabriel, Semyon, Georgy, Trofim, David, Thomas, Daniil, Egor, Yuri, Efim, Yakov, Zakhar, Martin, Ivan, Innocent, Hariton, Kirill, Leonid, Savva, Makar, Veniamin, Maxim, Sergei, Mark, Vasily, Mstislav, Nikita, Peter, Plato.

Orthodox calendar for May

MayVictor, Gaivriel, Kirill, Alexei, Anton, Maxim, Ivan, Kuzma, George, Leontius, Thomas, Peter, Alexander, Nikephoros, Ignat, Nikita, Fedor, Vsevolod, Denis, Semyon, Konstantin, Vitaly, Savva, Anatoly, Vasily, Yakov, German, Roman, Gleb, Stepan, Roman, David.

As the name of the children in June

Ignatius, Andrei, Nikard, Aleksei, Dmitry, Mikhail, Fedor, Vasily, Timofei, Leontius, Nikita, Fedot, Silvester, Georgius, Egor, Yuri, Denis, Nazar, Gregory, Yan, Peter, Savva, Yeremei, Roman, Karp, Alexander, Ivan, Stepan, Sergey, Konstantin, Valery, Saveliy, Hariton, Vladimir, Gennady, Leonid, Semyon, Mstislav, Innocent, Kirill, Nikifor, Makar, Pavel, Igor, Ephrem, Gabriel, Arseniy, Tikhon, Ignat, Anton.

Church names July month

JulyAlexander, Demid, Demian, Kuzma, Anton, Sofron, Tikhon, Fedot, Kirill, Gleb, Yakov, Arseniy, Philippe, Mikhail, Konstantin, Nicodemus, Sergey, Thomas, Vladimir, German, Andrey, Efim, Peter, Galaktion, Gury, Leonid, Ivan, Julian, Samson, Innokenty, Alexei, Artem, Vasily, Stepan, Matvey, Daniel, Yemelyan, Terenty, Anatoly, David, Leontius, Denis, Stanislav, Paul, Julius, Roman, Ipatius, Valentin, Yevsei, Maximus, Svyatoslav, Fedor, Mark.

Boy's name by month of birth August

AugustRoman, Serafim, Kuzma, Mikhail, Alexander, Trofim, Boris, Gleb, David, Leonid, German, Nikolai, Anton, Gregory, Matvey, Kliment, Konstantin, Ilya, Semen, Savva, Leontius, Stepan, Denis, Makar, Dmitry, Naum, Naum, Maxim, Basil, Alexei, Day, Varlaam, Pancharium, Kasyan, Aaron, Anisim, Revokat, Agap, Apollo, Apollo, Theophilus, Capitol, Polycarp, Christopher, Moses, Jehoshaph, Amur.


SeptemberAndrei, Timofei, Thaddei, Afanasius, Arseniy, Fedor, Peter, Nikandr, David, Kirill, Akim, Makar, German, Anton, Gleb, Mikhail, Hariton, Sergei, Daniil, Pavel, Yakov, Gennady, Grigory, Nikita, Maxim, Fedot, Ivan, Savva, Alexander, Kliment, Semyon, Julian, Zakhar, Thomas, Dmitry.

How to name a child in October

OctoberDavid, Pavel, Trofim, Vyacheslav, Kuzma, Grigory, Julian, Efim, Hariton, Sergei, Makar, Ivan, Maxim, Roman, Veniamin, Ignatius, Dmitry, Konstantin, Peter, Martin, Alexei, Anton, Andrei, Luka, Mikhail, Denis, Thomas, Fedor, Mark, Nazar, Oleg, Philippe, Nikita, Matvey, Erofei, Alexander, Igor, Leontius, Vladimir, Stepan, Vladislav.

Beautiful name for a boy born in November

NovemberIvan, Artem, Yakov, Alexander, Zinoviy, Irakly, Fedor, Vikentiy, Arseniy, Pavel, Eugene, Mikhail, Maxim, Georgiy, Yuri, German, Kirill, Dmitriy, Mark, Andrey, Kuzma, Anton, Grigory, Denis, Victor, Constantine, Ignatius, Athanasius, Orest, Stepan, Egor, Nikandr, Valerius, Fedot, Joel, Uvar, Sadok, Felix, Varuch, Florus, Sisoi, Chrysanthus, Mithrodor, Theodore, Terenty, Pompey.


DecemberRoman, Plato, Yavok, Grigory, Ivan, Vasily, Gabriel, Mikhail, Maxim, Alexander, Makar, Peter, Egor, Andrey, Gennady, Fedor, Anatoly, Vsevolod, Yuri, Innokenty, Valery, Zakhar, Naum, Savva, Alexey, Anton, George, Stepan, Afanasiy, Nikolay, Adrian, Callist, Avdei, Fliumen, Abraham, Avenir, Azat, Thessaly, Warrior, Yaropolk, Alipiy, Diodor, Euvul, Nathanael.

If you decide to name your child a rare and unusual name, then choose the names of the boys by months of the year to be baptized.

Rare and beautiful Muslim names for boys

Caucasian names of boys are of historical origin, and Muslims have their own traditions of choice, although few have recently followed them. In fact, they should be of good meaning, remember their ancestors and remind them of their obedience to Allah.

When choosing, first of all, parents do not pay attention to the rarity and beauty, they are guided by value. It is desirable that there be a combination of “abd” and “slave”, then they are equated to the saints.

  • Абдулхаф̀из – slave Keeper.
  • Абдулкар̀им – slave Generous.
  • Абдулхаб̀ир – slave Master.
  • Ayman – correct, blessed.
  • Ам̀ир – prince, chief.
  • Assad – lion.
  • Б̀ахир – beautiful, excellent.
  • Вал̀ид – child.
  • Дж̀абаль – mountain.
  • З̀агид – devout.
  • Исма̀ил – prophet.
  • Киф̀ах – wrestling.
  • Мак̀ин – stable, strong.
  • Malik – ruler.
  • Р̀ушди – reasonable.
  • С̀аид – ascending.
  • Sabir – strong.
  • Усм̀ан – bird.
  • Faiz – winner.

Hairat – mercy.

This is not the main list of rare and beautiful names for Caucasian boys, it can go on. Choosing what to call the baby, the Caucasian people do not look at the harmony and pronunciation, the main point is to decipher.

Tatar names for boys

Tatar male names, like Muslim names, have a transcription that parents take very seriously.

  • Albert – glorious, famous.
  • Almond – Diamond
  • Iman – faith.
  • Kurbat – kinship.
  • Kamil – perfect.
  • Murat – desirable.
  • Mustafir – smiling.
  • Raphael – God cured.
  • Rudolf – bear.
  • Samir – interlocutor.
  • Edgar – spear.
  • Yuldash – friend.

Bashkir rare names

  • Bashkir male names and their meaning.
  • Abel – father.
  • Azamat – hero.
  • Ansar – assistant.
  • Bakhtiar – happy.
  • Gafar – forgiving.
  • Daniil – a person close to Allah.
  • Zinnat – jewelry.
  • Ilphate – a friend of the Motherland.
  • Kazbek – in honor of Prince Kazbek.
  • Kurbat – kinship.
  • Masit – famous.
  • Mannaf – sublime.
  • Mirgalim – scientist Tsar.
  • Narbek – light.
  • Raville – boy.
  • Raihan – bliss.
  • Sabit – resistant.
  • Salih – good.
  • Tukai – rainbow.
  • Ulmas – immortal.
  • Fannur – light of science.
  • Khabir – informant.
  • Hakim – wise.
  • Hayat – life.
  • Shafkan – compassionate.
  • Yuldash – satellite.
  • Yatim – the only.

Rare Armenian names for boys

The right name influences a person's fate, character, development, and health. How to choose the perfect beautiful when you don't know what to be guided by? I wrote about it above, there are three points to keep to when a child is criticized.

Now I'm going to give you a list of Armenian male names with a transcript, and you decide for yourself.

  • Amo is coming.
  • Arthur is the light of truth.
  • Arsen – noble warrior.
  • Bagram – happiness of love.
  • Vardan – reward.
  • Virab is a hero defender.
  • Gegam is home
  • Grant is a sacred book.
  • David is a favorite.
  • Saven – well-educated, humble.
  • Karen – elephant.
  • Mekhak – sunny eye.
  • Minas is a fish.
  • Parunak is a particle of God
  • Sagatel is a sign of power.
  • Tiran is a sacred person.
  • Joren – the sun.

Friends, in order to choose the most beautiful names for boys that are rare, consonant and memorable, do not invent them yourself, use the ones in the church calendar. If you don't want to choose by months, then call the baby Russian popular or Caucasian with meaning, rare Armenian or militant Muslim. Remember that this choice is important for your child.


How to choose a name for a boy?

Chechen Male Names: A List of Modern Beautiful Names for Boys and Their Values

Man's naming is an important and serious matter. It should be treated responsibly because the name influences the character and self-identification.

Any word has its own history, causes associations and images, and sounds influence the emotions on which our actions depend. Thus, each word has its own energy. Names for boys must convey strength, firmness, and other traits that will be useful in human life.

These cultures put in their words, apart from the specific meaning, also their own energy. Each culture differs in some bright features, and the best features were fixed in words.

Russian names are most often borrowed from Greek or Roman culture, although there are also purely Slavic, Tatar, Muslim, Ukrainian and even English names by virtue of the multinational composition of our homeland. Foreign names are often not Orthodox, so they are not represented in the priests.

Foreign names make it easier to assimilate into the cultures from which they come.

This is true in cases where not only the roots of the name are foreign, but also a rare use of it in the native land of the person.

Foreign names, in particular European names, are usually associated with the development of qualities such as elitism, self-esteem and tactfulness.

Selecting a name is not an easy task: apart from the influence of the culture from which it originated, one should also be guided by its prevalence as well as by the child's patronymic. Popular names make a person less prominent, cultivate a sense of community and belonging to a certain group.

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As the rare ones – on the contrary, develop a sense of isolation, uniqueness and individuality. The motherland should not be dissonant with the name, but the beautiful, euphonious combinations contribute to harmonious development, tranquillity and reasonableness.

The meanings of the words that were used in antiquity for naming and passed on to our age are usually positive, although they are accentuated by certain traits of character or ability. In this regard, the most important is the euphony and correspondence of the human being's innermost essence.

The human being's essence is the sum of genetic factors and the collective unconscious. Since any word has energy, the word that identifies a person throughout his or her life should be identical to the energy of the person.

Western energy

Many European and Russian names owe their origin to the cultures of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. The meaning of the culture from which the word comes is very great. It stores the information code that was characteristic of the heyday of this culture.

The word becomes linked to certain features that are characteristic of the people of the time and the place where it was first used. Consequently, his energy is closely related to the energy of the culture that gave birth to him.

Russian names of Greek origin usually give the owner a vivid emotionality. They contribute to the development of research skills, sociability. Their owners often move from vivacity to melancholy and thoughtfulness, and then suddenly become very active again.

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Alexander and Alexei, Anatoly and Andrey, Arkady and Artemiy, Gennady and Georgy, Grigory and Denis, Dmitry and Evgeny, Kirill and Leonid, Nikita and Nikolay, Peter and Fedor have been calling boys for centuries in Russia, this is the most popular choice. Rare and beautiful names of Greek origin for the boy:

  • Symbolic resurrection – Anastas.
  • Andronic, whose meaning is “the winner of the husbands”.
  • Aristarch – the ruler of the best.
  • Legendary hero of Greek myths – Achilles.
  • Vlastor and Mr. Kir.
  • Cleomenus – the value is connected with strength and glory.
  • Man with a lion's character – Leander.

Not less popular are Russian names of Roman origin. Regardless of their specific meaning, their owners are disciplined, freedom-loving and energetic.

The most popular of them in Russia are Anton, Valentin, Valery, Viktor, Vitaly, Maxim, Pavel, Roman, Sergey.

From the group under consideration we can also highlight the unusual names: August, Adrian, Guy, German, Dominic, Lucius, Mark, Patrick, Serge, Felix, Emil, Julian.

And although many of them are not used at all in Russia, in England and the U.S. their forms are often encountered. In addition, many American and English names include forms close to ours.

For example, Alexander, Mikael (Michael), Andrew (Andrew), Anthony (Anton), Nicholas (Nicholas) – these are international names found in different countries, only the pronunciation from border to border slightly changes.

In England, boys are often called Jack, Oliver, Charlie, Harry, Thomas, James. The American most common names are: Jacob, Michael, Ethan, Alexander, Anthony, Christopher and Matthew. American and English modern names, as a rule, are not subject to strict regulations, it is possible to name a child by any word almost without restrictions.

Because England was Catholic, names were given from priests, and Christian variants were changed sometimes beyond recognition, and forms became independent names. Then they used the Old and New Testament to nickname the child, and they were invented by themselves closer to our time.

Energy of Eastern cultures

Some Russian names have their origins in Jewish or Slavic cultures.

For example, the most common Russian names of Jewish origin are Benjamin, Gabriel, David, Ivan, Matvey, Mikhail, Savva, Semyon, Yaakov and Jan.

Jewish names for boys are great and give their owners deep faith and amazing vitality, their owners are usually conservative, mysterious and very smart.

Slavic, that is, in fact, native Russian, belong to people who are very often thrown in different directions. Slavic names are worn by freedom lovers who do unusual things. Slavic names usually belong to those who respect privacy and the interests of others.

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Many purely Slavic words have been superseded by Roman and Greek influences, so the Slavic traditions, including naming, have been distorted or disappeared. Men who bear Slavic names, are proud and independent, and are often inclined to idealism. The most famous Slavic men's names are: Bogdan, Ventseslav, Vladimir, Vladislav, Vyacheslav, Svyatoslav, Stanislav, Yaroslavl.

Muslim and Tatar cultures

They have contributed a little to the naming of children in Russia. Muslim traditions and foundations have quite a certain energetic color, linking Muslim names with strength, will and firmness.

In addition, almost all Muslim society has a tendency to passion and a reference point in spiritual improvement.

Some beautiful male Muslim names (not all of them recognized by Islamic scholars):

  • Adil, whose meaning is “just”.
  • Iman, meaning “correct”.
  • Aman, the meaning is connected with calmness and protection.
  • Amir, from the word with the meaning of superiority and difference from others.
  • Assad – “lion”.
  • Jasir – value reflects courage and courage.

These are just a few examples, they come from the words found in the Koran. You can look at the specialized resource and see the variety of words suitable for naming.

Today's Tatar tradition allows you to name a child freely, so the choice is great. Tatar society borrowed a lot from Persians and Arabs, so Tatar names often have Muslim, Persian and Turkic roots. Tatar names are beautiful and unusual, their meanings are deep and energetically strong, here are some of them:

  • Ainur – “lunar light”.
  • Arslan or Ruslan – “lion”.
  • Akhun – “mentor”.
  • Ildar – “ruler”.
  • Rainur – “light life path”.
  • Rustam – “giant”.
  • Timur – “iron”.

Because of the merger of cultures and change of words, Russians (Ruslan) are also found in this list. Due to the fact that many of them are borrowed from the Persian language, the Tatar heritage is also associated with dignity and nobility, which are attributed to the Persian culture.

Ukrainian foundations are very close to Russian culture. Both nationalities have Old Russian roots. Therefore, the Ukrainian and Russian naming traditions are very similar.

Ukrainian men's names contain, along with the Russian, European and Orthodox names: Nazar, Danilo, Mikita, Bogdan and others.

Many of them have the same origins as the Russians, so are read very similar, but rare and unusual originate from foreign influences: Ramis, Lommium, Augustine, Bartholomew, Galaktion, Darius, Edward.

Astrology and words

Each sign of the zodiac corresponds to the peculiarities of influence on the person born under this sign. Every sign of the zodiac has its own energy. Since the name also has its own energy sector, their joint influence should be harmonious. Therefore, the zodiac sign should be energetically appropriate.

Fire sign, for example, a name that is energetic and active will go great, but it will not be suitable in a way that is clearly expressed: denial of leadership, evasion of activity or inclination to melancholy. A list that takes into account their ability to complement each other will help you choose the right masculine name for the zodiac sign.

  • Alexander, Alexei, Andrei, Egor and Vladimir.
  • Taurus – Anatoly, Anton, Arthur, Vadim, Denis and Mark.
  • Blynetsov is best described as Gennady, Igor, Konstantin, Nikita or Sergei.
  • The boy born under the sign of Cancer is called Andrei, Valentin, Vasily, Ilie or Maxim.
  • The lion is called Alexei, Anton, Ilie, Cyril or Mark to maximise his abilities.
  • The Virgoes will be well settled in life, being called Victor, Gennady, Gleb, Constantine and Nikita.
  • Scales should be called Artem, Alexei, Anton, Constantine or Oleg.
  • Scorpio – Valery, Dmitry, Sergei, Fedor or Yuri.
  • A Streltsov – Egor, Maxim, Nikolai, Yuri, or Vyacheslav.
  • Vodoley will prove to be a good man, being named Andrei, Vitaly, Vladimir, Eugene, or Gennady.
  • Fish will be revealed to the maximum extent possible if the boy's name is Anton, Vadim, Vladislav, Ilya, Nikita or Roman.

Sound and Names

Beautiful sound of the full name depends on whether the patronymic matches it or not. There are several rules to consider when choosing a name for a patronymic boy.

1. The growling and firm consonants in the patronymic require that they be balanced by a soft name, and vice versa.

2. We should take into account the length of words: if one is short, the other should be long. They should complement each other.

3. Their origin should be limited to one culture.

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Angel's Day is defined by Orthodox priests, for Catholics it is Catholic. Unfortunately, if you choose a foreign name, Orthodox priests may not include a saint with that name.

Church traditions in this case define foreign names as Orthodox analogues, so a person receives a patron saint. Orthodox analogues are selected not only by their meaning, but also by their sound

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