Queen of Winter! Poems of favorite authors about winter


Best poems about Queen of Dates winter

Queen of Winter! Winter poems of favorite authors

Women's portal “Queen of Dates” offers a new selection of poems about winter. Here we have collected poems of Russian poets about winter, both classics and talented modern authors.

Sense the beauty and magic of winter pores, immerse yourself in the romance and charm of rhyming lines, looking at the winter with very different eyes.

Best verses about winter for you!


Winter without a mask and without make-up
White white, weak, not well-coordinated,

But also the melting of the sight,

But the silent is heard.

She herself is full of premonitions that are relevant only in her youth,

It needs art herself,

In its disturbing, wild strangeness.

It's all about it! All the surroundings and the strings and the rhythm requireEverything takes the imagination,

Thurrying, wandering, delirious, trying…

And we, crowded immediately, assess the case anew, -The Canon of Winter, the threshold of the cold,

Razgar art of the season.

Pavel Antokolsky

Winter's Dream

I had a dream about mountains at night…High Mountain, the same mountain we had last night.We're in the middle of nowhere, and it's snowing and skiing at night, shiny snow and ski tracks. I dreamt all the time.

Winter evening

Winter sky is darkened by the storm,
Snow spinning whirlwinds;
The way the beast wins, it will cry like a child,

What are you, my old lady, silenced by the window?Or are you, my friend, weary of the storm, or are you sleeping under the buzzing of your spindle?Let's drink, kind girlfriend of my youth, let's drink with grief; where is the mug? To my heart will be more cheerful. Sing me a song, as a titsitsa Tikho behind the sea vein; Sing me a song, as a maidenWith water in the morning went.

The storm darkness of the sky covers, the whirlwinds of snow twirling; the way the beast will conquer it, it will cry like a child.Let's have a drink, my good friend, of my poor youth, let's drink with grief; where's the mug?

Heart will be more fun.


Winter morning

Frost and sunshine; a wonderful day!Evening, you remember, the blizzard was angry, the moon was running in the murky sky; the moon was like a pale spot, through the clouds of gloomy yellows, and you were sad sitting – And now… look out the window:Under the blue skyGreat carpets, Glitter in the sun, the snow lies; Transparent forest one blackens, and the spruce through the frost turns green, and the river under the ice shines.The whole room is amber shiny. It's nice to think of a lazy lazy lazy lazy. But you know, shouldn't you forbid a brown mule in a sled?Sliding on the morning snow, dear friend, let's betray the rushing horseAnd we will visit the fields empty, the forests, recently so thick,

And the shore, cute for me.


Winter road

Cross the wavy fogsThe moon creeps up,On the sad meadowsThe sad light it.

On the road of winter, boring

Troika greyhound runs,the bell is tiringly thundering.Something familiarIn the long songs of a coachman: That walk of the luck, that heartfelt longing of…… Neither fire nor black hut, Mute and snow…. On a meeting to me Only versta stripesFall one…Boringly, sadly…

tomorrow, Nina, Tomorrow to nice returning, I will be forgotten at a fireplace, I will not be seen.Sounds like a clockwatchMeasurer's circle will make its own, and, by removing the dull ones, Midnight will not separate us.

Groudly, Nina: my way is boring, the Sleeper is silent, the bell is one voice,

Lunar face is blurred


First snow

Winter cold smelled on the field and the woods. Bright purple lit up

Before the sky went down.

Night the storm raged, and at dawn in the countryside, on the ponds, on the desert garden. And today over the wide White tablecloth of the fields we bid farewell to the late

Goose lineage.

A.S. Pushkin

The Hero's Wonderful Winter, the forest stands…

The Hero's Wonderful Wonderworked, the forest stands, and under the snowy fringe, still, mute,

Funny life it shines.

And he is standing there, bewitched, not dead and not alive -Sleepy is enchanted, all tangled up, all chained up

Light down chain… <.

Winter Sun or Winter SunDevelopedBeam Slanting Nothing will flutter on it, it will flash and glisten with

Dazzling red.

Fyodor Tyutchev

Winter sings – aukaet

Winter sings – aukaet, Furry forest sings – aukaetStozvonom pine forests.

A around the courtyard of the snowstormCarpet silk stele, but it hurts cold.Sparrow sparrows playful,Like orphaned kids,

Appeared at the window.

All the birds are hungry, tired, and squeezed tightly. And the blizzard with the roar of rabid knocks on the shutters hanging

All the more angry.

And the birds are sleeping gentle under these frozen window whirlwinds and dreaming of a beautiful one, in the smiles of the sun clear

Beauty Spring.

Sergei Yesenin

Winter again

Snowflake sat on the glass easily and unskilfully.

How every day is fuller and better, fuller and better is the new year… Winter pictures of the puppy are skipped by his aunt. The puppy has parted with the leash.And now the ravens are flying behind the puppy on the shaving one… What a little snow… What a little bit!

Pearl, where did you go?

Alexander Tvardovskiy

Winter fairy tale

Metelitsa like a bear,

That's the whole evening raging evil,

That's the paw scraping the glass.

Houses under the wind are hanging, floating in the milk lights, standing outposts on the streets,

How white snowmen.

Threats have bent their backs,

As puppies in cold weather,

As puppies in cold weather.

Wind is whistling white,Whistling on the run…I need to get down to business,

And I can't do anything.

Receiver mumbles incoherently, The house is cooler at night, Kettle purrs important,

And does not want to boil.

All in the world now is mysterious, as if everything flies somewhere, Fancy, beautiful, fabulous …

And to fairy tales I believe svyato.

Tale … dream midnight … But where to get it? How? And I want my heart so miraculously,

Please a little, but a miracle!

To the pain I want to believe that suddenly dreams come true, through the blizzard bell at the door –

And here you are on the threshold!

Treeta, embarrassed, dreaming or not dreaming?!Snowy,

Asterisks on eyelashes…

– Didn't you wait for me? Will you tell me, dummy? I just showed up… Can I? – My fairy tale! Snow Maiden!

My impossible miracle!

No more than a winter night!The heart is hopeful and bright!Funny tea bubbles,

In the house, as in the heat, hot…

Enough! That's enough! I won't! Midnight… the wires are buzzing… the lights are going down everywhere. I know it's a miracle that comes true,

Yeah, but not always…

Metallic as a bear, Shaggy Head.Still, my heart believes

In the impossible words:

– Didn't expect me? Tell me, dummy… Midnight's the night of anxiety… Where are you, my Snow Maiden,

Tale is impossible?

Eduard Asadov

Snow falls

Snow falls, snow falls -Thousands of white hedgehogs…And a man walks along the way,

And his lips shake.

Frost under the steps crunches like salt,

Face of the person is hurt and pain,

Two black alarming flags in the pupils

Change? Do you dream of a broken ringing? Is it a friend with a sneaky soul? Only he knows about it

Yes someone else

This is someone else.

There is a catastrophe, a fire, a misfortune – Calls to silence worry.

And if it's simple: the snow falls and the brakes don't squeal, and if it's just a man walking

And his lips shake?

And if he's sad in the eyes -Two bitter black flags?What are the calls and signals,

What do you want to tell people?!

And can any etiquette be taken into account here? Is it convenient or not to approach it,

You know it or not?

Falls snow, falls snow, rustles patterned on the windows.And through the blizzard comes a man,

And the snow seems black to him…

And if you meet him on the way,

And if you meet him in the way,

And if you meet him,

Let him shiver in his soul a bell,

Run to him through the human flow.

Stop! Come here!

Edouard Asadov

Small town in a big city

And also… I love you. Small town in Big.
First snow. I was yesterday. And today, the icicle lumps fall… on the frontal. I'm gonna take my coat till winter. I also… I love you… very much. And I also… I love you. Silver-stitch thread. Your Prospekt, your Boulevard, your Big-waiting City Harbor. I'm gonna spell it all out. Fresh cheeks of new roads.

Smoothly shaved, as if on a holiday.And also…outrageous!…I want to cry on the moon.On bridges…between strips…stunning shamanic attire.You hear a tambourine. He's a little thunder. There's a new magical order on the line. I also… I love you. Anything else? Also… I love you, really, sounds like good news. First snow. Waiting.

Small town in Big.

All big in you. Along with Little One. With the little one together.

Sola Monova


Remember, we met. It was November. The city was obediently changing the rubber. You told me you didn't like winter,

All the same as me.

Hold my hand, took me to the tavern, instead of sleeping and running. You told me there would be no snow,

If we wanted to.

Saw wine. Kissed evil. I wrote to strangers in chats:

“How lucky I am!”

Wipers have cleaned all the yards, the city washed rubber on the asphalt, meteoservices asked for winter!

Politely [until now].

Farther away – it is unclear. Wine, bed, Black sheets – silk and cotton. The world was torn to pieces by hundreds of cereals,

And the blizzard began.

Thermometer bar took a “zero”, the village charging on the phoneSnow made on your balcony

Winter revolution.

Snow flew like a serpentine, the city was in crazy traffic jams…I kept saying, but somehow timidly:

“If we wanted to…

The city had changed by morning.Someone forgot to change the rubber. You wrote to me that you don't like winter

Rarely by SMS.

Remember, we met. It was November, the tavern was full of people. You couldn't deceive nature…

As a matter of fact, so was I.

Sola Monova


Bring me an ice cube when I'm a kid, where it doesn't hurt to fall,

Where's the “Dibs” for all the bad things,

Where every snowflake is a joy… Where Daddy is young and strong, where you want to cry without Mom, where the forest and pink and blue, and Santa Claus is so blush… Where nothing tastes better than icicles, where you glue your own toys, where the porridge is manna in a potOther orange when you are sick.

Where's the bitter mixture in a spoon, where's the foamy milk in a glass, where's the plaid wrapped cat, where's Aunt Valya on the screen.

Where's the happiness – if Mom at home, where's the grief – if you go to bed, And nothing more valuable than the album, and nothing worse than “Wash!”Where tangerines smell like Christmas trees, Where under the tables housewarming, Where the nose bites the scarf prickly, Where the corner – the fee for fun … Where they freeze their hands to the sled, where it is not a shame to cry … Bring me forward, ice-cream!

You know, I know how to fall!!!!

Love Heart

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Winter verses

Queen of Winter! Winter poems of favorite authors

Winter is a very beautiful time of year, so there are many poems about winter. We tried to collect the best of them on this page. Winter poems are a good way of revealing its beauty. You might also need New Year's Eve verses and Santa Claus poems.


1. Snowflake Dandelion

Snowflake DandelionThis will bring the seeds to the lips of winter, only the dunette – and the fluffy seeds will spread. Dandelion flies over, the windows are full of fire, Winter Evening puts a palm to White stars.

2. Winter planet

Living in Antarctica is not easy: There is no place colder!There is a hundred kilos of snow falling there on seven Fridays a week, minus a hundred when winter, and minus forty in summer, there day and night of cold And everything is covered with snow!There is always a New Year's Eve holiday castles, as if in a fairy tale.

Student wind there carries ice skids.In the skids – winter winter hut, in furs and silk dressed: Flyit-hurry faster onAway from summerFar away from the palace of snow, ice, on the Winter Planet, Stretch out of the snow canvasI send out the light.



3. Hello, Winter!

Smoke is still on and the Free River is going to grow, but the puddles will not melt. Still in a funny panic Snowflakes don't fly, but the rooftops shine like cakes under the frost. Still boring and boring Closed Skating rinks, but the Snow Maidens' trunks are twisted impatiently! And the skis dream about the sneakers and the coolness. Long live the frost! Long live winter!

(O. Fokina)

White snow, fluffy, in the air spinning on the ground quietly Falls, lies down. And in the morning, the snowField was white, I'm sure it's all over his blanket. The Dark Forest that's a weird one. It's not like he fell asleep underneath it. The days are short, the sun is shining little, Here come the frosts – And winter has come.

5. Do you recognize winter?

Around the deep snow, where I look, where I don't throw, the snowmelt and spinning snowstorms. Do you recognize winter? Sleepy rivers under the ice, frozen real estate, snowdrifts burning with silver. Do you recognize winter? We're skiing from the mountain, the wind is blowing down our backs. No more fun than that time! Do you recognize winter? We'll bring thick spruceFor the holiday, we'll hang the beads on it. Do you recognize winter?

6. Winter handicraftswoman

Winter handicraftswoman worries again – Let nature dress warmer.A lot of winter has prepared yarns, white things without tired knitting: Sleepy trees – fluffy hats, herringbones – mittens knit on legs. Shila, knitting and very tired! – Ah, soon spring would come …

(E. Javetskaya)

7. Time of Winter

Time of winter with December comes, Only it does not know this subtletyIn November the snow will cover the ground, to Children on puddles the skating rink will arrange. So slowly the work will go on, Zimushka knows that time isn't waiting. Blizzards, blizzards, she'll bring, Snow powder will notice the way. The branches of the trees will be covered with snow, their nakedness will be covered by the primordial snow, we will be hidden in the houses by the severe frost, and the laces will be woven on the glass.

In a clear, frosty, weathery day Children will run to the ice rink. In the waltz there are snowflakes in winter, they are made of thin azhurom. Children will play snowflakes in the yard, the Snowy woman will then sculpture. Only in winter the magic will come: Songs, carols for Christmas. We look forward to the winter parish, with a new dream to meet the New Year's Eve



8. Our windows with a white brush

Our windows with a white brush Grandfather Frost painted.
9. Oh, you winter hibernation

Ah, you winter hibernation

Ah, you winter hibernation

Ah, you came with the frost

Ah, you came with the frost

Ah, we had the snowdrifts marked with the Ice Spits. Ran barefootAnd the lanes are funny, the laces are curtained by the windows. We love to drive in winterChorus at the Christmas tree, And to sculpt snowmen, And to ride from a small birch, We love a winter cold, But at all thus We sit and drink tea, That that smells in the summer.

10. Birch

White birchWhite birchBehind my windowIt was covered with snow, exactly with silver.And it's worth a birchBy the sleepy silence, And the snowflakes are on fireBut the dawn, lazy, bypassing the circle, sprinkles the branches with the new silver.

(S. Esenin)

11. Winter wheelchair

Dark grey coloring in the sky. And in the wheelchair on the bed white blizzards take a nap. They are lulled by the snow-white winter. How these babies wake up How these kids are gonna get up, How these kids are gonna whistle, Whitewash everything in the world.

(V. Orlov)

12. Winter Parish

Winter was unsolicited, Winter came sneakily, Nautro – covered the streets with snow. Hi, it's time to have fun, -Read faster skates!And next to our schoolWinter there are snowmen.

(V. Nesterenko)

13. Cat sings, eyes squint;

Cot sings, eyes squint;Boy sleeps on the carpet.play storm in the yard, wind whistles in the yard.”Full of here you lie, – Hide the toys and get up!Come to me and say goodbye, and go to sleep.” The boy stood up, and the cat sings with his eyes.

14. What are you doing, Winter? What are you doing, Winter? I'm building a miracle tower! I'm spinning a snowstorm, I'm decorating it all around.I'll try to make the kids bored in the morning, so that the tree burns up, so that the three of us can get on with it! Winter doesn't count the worries: Soon the holiday is New Year's Eve!

(R. Farhadi)


15. Winter-winter

At the road in a straight lineWinter with frosty weather, winter walking home – Snow was pink, two snowstorms in winter – Snow was windy, chalky, snow was whipped as they wanted, and crystal was thrown away.

(A. Prokofiev)

16. Well, winter! Snowdrifts, chills…

Well, winter!… Sugrobit, chills, notices, twirls, twirls, burns with frost, strangles with ice, drove into a hot house.

17. Frosts

Frosts at workFreezes in winter. Big frosts Frost at home. Less frost, less machine, horse. The little one's freezing me. Home – who's faster – With him running together. And it seems to me he's terribly big.

(I. Shevchuk)

18. Zimushka miracle

Songs of funThe old dark forestZimushka came with a chest of wonders. Chest open, all dressed up, all dressed up, on the birches, lace maple. For tall fir-trees with grey oak trees, I got snow coats. The river was covered with thin ice, as if it had been glazed with blue glass.

(E. Nilova)

19. In winter in the woods

Namelo,Navyzhilo.All treesIn lace:Snow on pines,On bushes,In white fur coats spruce.And entangled in branchesBuynie blizzards.

(N. Goncharov)


20. Wonderful picture,

Wonderful picture,How are you my family:White Plain,Full Moon,Light of Heavenly High,And Shining Snow,And Distant Sled.

21. Meeting of winter

Hello, winter guest!We ask mercy to usSongs of the North to sing in the forests and steppes.We can't get used to it, – Let your frost crack:Our Russian bloodBloodBurns on fire!

(I. Nikitin)

22. Till March ponds are fettered,

Till March ponds are fettered, but as warmth of the house!In snowdrifts is wrapped gardensCarefully winter.snow is crumbling from birch treesSleeping silence.pictures summer frostRisuet on a window.


23. So recently to us in the window

So recently to us in the end the sun looked to us in the end, and now it is time to come – In the field of blizzard walked.Run away with a song bell, covered everything as a diaper, started snow down, became everywhere empty, deaf. The river does not ring with a wave under clothes ice. The forest is quiet, looks dreary, birds do not hear troublesome.

(J. Kupala)

24. Winter came

Night the wind with a wolf's wolf on the roof with a stick. In the morning they looked out the window, there was a magic movie: Rolled out a white canvas, threw light stars at the houseThe daddy at the houseCaught the winter.

(V. Fetisov)

25. Chrysanthemums

On the window, silver from the frost, Overnight chrysanthemums blossomed. In the upper windows – the sky is bright blue and stuck in the snow dust.The sun rises cheerful from the cold, the window gleams with gold. Morning is quiet, joyful and young, everything is started with white snow.

26. Wizard's Winter

Marty Wizard ZimoyuObchodovan, the forest stands, and under the snowy fringe, still, mute, wonderful life, it shines, and stands, bewitched, not a dead man and not alive – Sleep enchanted, all tangled up, all bounded by the Easy chain down… Winter Sun, whether it's a sunny or not, it's not gonna be a ray of its own. It's gonna flash and glisten with dazzling red.

(Fyodor Tyutchev)

27. Arithmetic of winter

Very much it deprives us of frosty winter, and what to deprive, decides not to consult, myself. minus the leaves, minus the grass – Minus the long days, minus the warm benchI swing, bars.Minus fresh fruits, cold – minus twenty-five.But, of course, and the prosWe will find in winter again.plus skates, snowballs and skis, plus gifts in New Year's Eve.Plus more desirable and closer to every day of spring parish.

(G. Dyadina)

28. Hello, Mother Winter

Hello, in a white sarafaneIz silver brocade.

29. As if in a lair a bear,

As if in a lair a bear, the river under the ice is lying down, and the sun shines in winter, and in the field – frosty darkness.

(P. Komarov)


30. Winter morning

What a miracle this morning, Grandfather Frost has managed to do everywhere: The city – in white lace.In white gentle curls – All trees, all bridges… Like white lambs – Behind fences of bushes. Well, the sun above the pipe – Like a scarlet lollipop… I wish we had one with you!

31. Winter sings…

Winter sings – aukaet, Furry forest sings bayukayutStozvonom pine forests. And on a court yard of a carpet of a snowstorm the silk carpet becomes stele, But it is painful cold. Sparrows playful, As kids orphaned, were pressed at a window.

Bird's cold are small Hungry, tired, And press tighter. And a blizzard with a roar rabid Knocks on shutters hung up And gets more and more angrier. And the birds are asleep in these snowy frozen window whirlwinds. And they dream of a beautiful spring with a clear Beauty in their smile.



32. Winter Paints

Prepared winter Paints for all herself. The field – the best whitewash, Zoria – scarlet ink. All the trees – pure silver sequins. And on the street – the guys decorated in a row.As an artist, he paints different things: who plays – he paints red. Who's afraid to move – the paint is blue. No way to ask for another painting!

(V. Fetisov)

33. Happy winter has come

Winter is funnyWinter is funnyWith skates and sledges, with a puffed-up track, with a magical old fairy tale, on the fir tree of the painted flashlight swinginging, let the winter is funnyLonger does not end!

34. How the winter worked!

How the winter worked! What a smooth border, without breaking the outlines, laid on the roof of slender buildings. Around the white-washed ponds – Cuests in fluffy fur coats. And the wire is wired in snow-white pipes. Snowflakes fell from the skySuch a random riot, and lay down in bed smoothlyAnd strictly fringed the forest.

(S. Marshak)

35. In winter it's fun

It's funny how much snow in the snowstorms of the snowstorms! The clouds grind on the celestial millstones. The scarecrow hostess is just doing business – Baking snowdrifts, pies, puffy, white! How much snow in winter! White fringe threadsOn the branches, thin lace spitting, called everybody to the party. Ve-se-lo!

36. Winter with frosts

Winter with frosts, frosts, snowstorms, snowdrifts under birches, white-white under spruce. And the air burns and stabs, and smells like watermelon. Came winter refreshing, Ringinging, crunchy, with school tasks And hot stoves.

We love the frosty days, ice rink, starry night sky And noisy New Year! Winter came with clappers, candy, toys and festive, prickly, dressed up Christmas trees. Winter of cheerful mascoyuzzahit to us in houses. Magic, kind fairy tale To us it seems winter!



37. Winter came to us again!

Snow is lying on our houses: Winter came to us again! Brought us in the catCloudBlue yes posemki, cold, snowdrifts, ice, of course, New Year's Eve!

(M. Druzhinina)

38. Winter came

At the end came winter, covered everything with snow, glazed with blue ringing ice, told the Slender Christmas trees in the forestFairy taleIn the windows of laceIn the night I tied up one. And on twigs of birchesThe quiet hour of dawnIt's a little while since I breathed, the Sparks of gems.

(D. Popov)

39. Silver winter

Silver winter came and White snow covered the field clean.During the daytime he skates with his children, at night he scatters in snowflakes… In the windows he writes with an ornament and a needle and knocks at our yard with a fresh Christmas tree.

40. Hello, winter hut!

Hello, winter hut!White snow covered us: And the trees and houses. Whistles light winged wind -Hello, winter hut!It's a rabbit printed -Hello, winter hibernation, winter!We put for the birds feeders, pile up food in them, and sing piechugi in packs -Hello, winter hibernation, winter!

41. Elegant winter

Winter was decorated: fringes of transparent ice floes, snowstarts.

All in diamonds, pearls, in colored lights, Flies around the glow, Whispering spell: – Lie down, soft snow, On the woods and the meadows, Paths make up, Branches down!On the windows, Father Frost, throw away crystal rosesLight visions, cunning gossip.

You, the snowstorm, the chuds, the roundabouts wind up, the whirlwind of white in the field of gray!Sleep, my land, sleep, Sleep, Dreams of magic keep: Wait, in brocade dressed, New dawn!

(M. Fire)

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Winter poems by Russian poets: beautiful poetry about Russian winter

Queen of Winter! Winter poems of favorite authors

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