Safety of children at home

Safety of children at home: 15 safety equipment for children to buy

Safety of children at home

15 useful purchases to make the apartment safer after the birth of a child

Barely does the crumb begin to move around the crib or arena on its own, and then the apartment, the mother grabs her head: On the way of the inquisitive baby – a continuous “minefield” of sharp corners, bars and walls, sockets, chemicals, protruding carnations and even pets, lurking around the corner.

The first task of parents is to ensure the safety of the crumbs at home and free movement without risk to life. How to protect your child from household hazards?

All the usual object in the house, which does not seem to be a danger at first glance, can be a cause of serious injury for the baby

. The child's curiosity has no limits (especially if the mother jumps out for a moment to stir up the feces) – he will be happy to wash his hands in the toilet, study the contents of all the lockers and get acquainted with all the nooks and crannies in the house.

So we have to prepare for this period in advance. Not to train the team voice for a regular shouting “can't!”, but to approach the question competently, providing the apartment with all the necessary means to protect the child from domestic troubles.

Blockers for lockers and cabinets, wardrobes

Blockers can be used to protect your baby from the contents of bedside tables and cabinets.

  • The door locks on cabinets and household appliances can be glue-based and attached to the outside at a height not accessible to a small researcher, suitable for refrigerators, cabinets and furniture.
  • Cabinet locks that need to be fixed from the inside of the furniture with small screws are suitable for wooden lockers.
  • There are U- and C-shaped door locks for lockers that are attached by handles and do not allow them to open. This also includes all kinds of rings – lockers handles cabinets.

Stoimost lockers for cabinets and appliances with doors extends in a wide plane from 30 to 550 rubles, depending on the type.

Multi-purpose locks from Poupy, Chicco, Mothercare, Safety 1st, etc. have a price from 150 to 300 rubles

Door locks for children's safety in the home

These devices will protect you from closing/opening the interior doors and therefore fingerprinting them.

You can choose from a variety of different devices for this purpose that best suit your needs.

  • There are lockers that are installed between the hinge side door and the hinge side of the door and do not allow them to close.
  • Other floor lockers are installed below the door itself and do not allow them to close.
  • They do not allow the baby to open them – they work like a lock and are attached to the door with reliable Velcro or small screws.
  • Door lock allows you to lock the door in the position you want, without having to open or close it.
  • There are special door handle locks that prevent the doors from closing and prevent the baby from accidentally being locked in the bathroom, for example.

Door lock value varies from 75 to 350 rubles.

Attention! It should also be noted that all door locks should be closed and opened quietly so as not to wake up your baby when he is sleeping.

Blocker for drawers

Safeguard your baby from sudden dropping of the drawer on his or her feet with special latches, which fix the drawer from the inside, blocking the drawer extension. Such blockers, as a rule, are fastened by small screws from the inside of furniture.

Stoy blockers on cases of a case from 60 to 120 rubles, depending on updating.

Protective corners and furniture overlays

These devices will protect the crumb from accidental impact on sharp edges of furniture. Protective corners or table corners are usually sold in sets – 2-4 pcs.

Fancy of the developers of these devices allowed to make both soft silicone spherical pads, shock-absorbing, and soft cushioning corners, tightly covering the dangerous corner of the furniture, and soft pads on the edges of the furniture around the perimeter – for example, the table.
Stoyat protective corners for furniture from 120 to 400 rubles for the set.

Safety appliances for the kitchen stove

  • Switches on the stove are fixed with protective caps. They will save the child if he wants to spin the wheels.
  • But at the same time we buy a cooker screen (it will block the access of the child to the hot surface) and a lock on the oven door.

Protective caps for the handles of the stove you can buy for 130-150 rubles for a set (2 pcs.).

Protective screen for metal tube or plexiglass slabs can be attached to suction cups or self-adhesive tape – this is a device from Mothercare, Safety 1st, Chicco costs about 1000-1800 rubles.

Moft door dampers

These protective devices (material – rubber or plastic) are usually worn on the upper edge of the door, and saved from pinching the fingers, preventing the doors from slamming suddenly.

The cost of soft shock absorbers – from 70 to 200 rubles, depending on the manufacturer.

Attention! Don't chase the funny, “childish” design of shock absorbers (e.g., in the form of animals) – don't draw the attention of the crumbs to them.

Protective film and opening blocker – Window security

  • Glasses on the windows are “updated” with special film to protect your child from cuts – the film is glued to the glass and holds the pieces if the child accidentally enters the window with a toy.
  • Removable handles on windows will not prevent the child from opening the window with the handle removed.
  • Additional insurance will be frame lockers – they notify parents with a sound signal when the window is opened.

Protective film from Chicco, Mothercare, Safety 1st, which you can buy in rolls (61×183 cm), and at home to cut the size of the glass, costs about 1000-1400 rubles.

Safety 1st, Baby Dan, etc. window locks can be purchased for 250-380 rubles.

Attention! Window locks-blockers should be selected by window type (rising, opening inwards or outwards, sliding).

Socket plugs and protective boxes and safety equipment for electrical appliances, cords and appliances

Electricity is a special topic, and it is necessary to apply maximum attention and protection for the child.

  • Pre-buy plugs and socket protection boxes to prevent the crumb from being tempted to put a pin in the socket. The socket plugs can be rubber or plastic and can be opened with a special lock.
  • But at the same time it is necessary to buy protective cases for extension cords; cable shorteners (plastic clips with coils).
  • To buy coverings for wiring and overlays for switches, preventing a child from spoiling with light.
  • Computers and other equipment hidden under the protective screens.
  • to avoid falling on the crumbs of heavy equipment buy devices from the rollover with special interlocks.

Standard plug set for sockets – 60 to 180 rubles (the set can be from 6 to 12 pieces).

The cost of one protective pencil for the socket with the included plug of the device – from 350 rubles.

Penal for an extension cord from Safety 1st costs about 550 rubles.

Wire shortener set (2 pcs.) with built-in coils and lockers from Safety 1st costs 250 rubles.

Protection for switches can be purchased for 180 rubles.

Protective screens and covers for TV, tape recorder and other electronics you can buy at a price from 250 to 450 rubles.

Komplete set “antirollover” for furniture and equipment costs about 480 rubles.

Attention! It is better to choose transparent or inconspicuous outlet plugs that do not attract the attention of the crumbs.
Self-locking sockets can be fitted to the sockets themselves, so you don't have to put any special plugs on them.

Protective cover on the faucet and bath mat

  • Safety in the bathroom is first of all Rubber embossed mat on the suction pads at the bottom of the bath.
  • Bathroom lockers are provided with the above blocking locks.
  • Faucet wearing a subtle shock-absorbing casing that will protect the child if he slips in the bathroom and becomes an obstacle to opening/closing the taps.

Protective corset for the tap from Bebe Confort, Kel-Gar, Safety 1st costs from 450 to 1000 rubles.

Bath mat can be purchased for 200-500 rubles.

Attention! Most of the safety covers per crane are designed for fixed cranes.

Lockable WC lid lock

Little WC washing-lovers

Little WC washing-point lovers protect with WC lid lockers – there are many modifications on the market.

The toilet lock from KidCo, BABY DAN, Safety 1st can be bought for 300-800 rubles – the price depends on the design of the device.

Security gates, safety doors for stairways and doorways, partitions

  • Es it necessary to block the young researcher's access to the kitchen, balcony or stairway? We buy security gate.Material – wood, plastic or metal, methods of fastening – at your choice.
  • On top of that you can buy panels, with which you can fence off the safe play area in the room.

Security gate PATROL FAST from Ikea, opening in both directions, cost 1400 rubles, sliding gate of beech – 2000 rubles.

Safety 1st sliding security gates can be bought for 2000-3500 rubles.

Folding a light portable safety barrier from Baby Dan and KidCo, changing the width, costs 2500-3500 rubles.

Multifunctional protective partitions from Baby Dan, Mothercare, KidCo cost about

8000-10000 rubles.

Radio and baby monitor

No modern mother can do without these devices.

If the baby is sleeping and the mother wants to have time to take a bath or wash dishes, the device can be taken with her, so as not to miss the awakening of the curious crumb.

Midwife or baby monitor will cost you from 3000 to 12000 rubles, depending on the model of the device and the set of functions in it.

Safety barriers and bed stops

Baby crib, baby attic bed, and children's bunk beds must be provided with special barriers to prevent the fall, or bed stopers.

Buy these devices is possible at prices from 1800 to 2200 rubles.

Anti-robbing system for furniture and technology

Young mountaineers configured to conquer the Everest furniture are protected with special fittings or steel corners – they will prevent heavy furniture from tipping over if the child hangs on the wardrobe door or climbs into the drawer.

Depending on the modification of the “anti-tilting” system, as well as on the manufacturer, the cost of the device will vary within the range of from 200 to 400 rubles.

Attention! It is better to choose an “anti-rollover” system equipped with a belt holding the furniture – if necessary, to move the furniture back during cleaning and then reattach it, it will be enough to unbuckle and fasten the belt.

Child protective equipment – helmet and knees

  • For hyperactive household researchers, there are special products on sale knee pads to protect against falling injuries and shock-absorbing soft helmet on the head to protect it from impact.
  • In addition to the ammunition,
  • you can also buy anti-slip strips on a sticky basis – they are most needed on bathroom floors, in the lobby and on stairs.

Protective children's helmet POMMELINNA you can buy for 650 rubles, helmet Bebe Confort – for 900 rubles.

Safety 1st soft knitwear kneecaps cost 350 rubles.

Slip-resistant tape costs about 130 rublesfor a reel of 5 meters.

Try to be aware of all the novelties for the safety of your baby in the house. All of these devices will certainly minimize the risk of injury to the child, but your main task is to be careful and not to leave the baby unattended.

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Secure home for a child: quiet parents – healthy baby

Safety of children at home

Apr 26/13

The most conscious parents think about the safety of the child before birth and set up the nursery and other rooms according to these principles.

Other parents do something only when the child begins to explore the electrical outlets and pull the tablecloths with all their contents on the floor.

In any case, creating a safe home for a child is the number one task for all moms and dads, because it affects their health and sometimes their lives.

What measures should be taken to protect living space, what items and appliances should be protected in the first place, and what new devices have been invented by manufacturers to save “curious spouts” from injury? Let's learn more about this.

Safety of the child in different corners of the apartment or home

So, the child's safety needs to be considered immediately after birth, but the last time the house is to be put in a fail-safe mode is the child's first intention to stand on his feet in the crib and the first attempts to crawl. To ensure the safety of children at home means to surround them with objects that cannot hurt them.

Safety in children's and other rooms

Fully safe home for the child will only be if you think through the details and pay attention to every corner of your home. Let's start with the nursery.

It is here that the child spends most of his or her time, often without adult supervision.

First of all, it is necessary to see what is around the crib and push it aside if there is an electric socket, a table or a shelf with medicines and baby care products, pots with flowers, a cabinet with opening doors.

Safety of the child in the apartment

A attic bed or bunk bed should also be safe, i.e. have appropriate barriers to prevent the child from falling down. The Swedish wall is unthinkable without a soft mat.

Safety in the nursery

Safety in the nursery

Safety in the nursery

Safety in the nursery

When a child starts to crawl, some parents decide on the safety of the child in the apartment by buying a playpen. If restricting a child's freedom of movement is not your method, then take a good look around.

What can attract a child to what they can reach? Close all lockers with doors, remove all hanging objects from tables and shelves, it can be not only tablecloths, but also hanging wires of stationary phones, table lamps, irons and other heavy objects.

Furniture protection for children

Always close all outlets with plugs – this is the most basic safety feature for children regarding electricity. There are also special sockets on sale for mains filters and socket boxes.

Socket outlet plugs from children Canpol Babies

Sockets with child protection

All cabinets, shelves and shelves need to be securely fastened so that the climbing baby can't overturn them over. And, of course, all corners in the children's room should not be sharp and dangerous – for this purpose there are silicone overlays that are glued to the corners of tables, bedside tables, cabinets, dressers and protect the child from injury.

Silicone overlays on the corners of furniture

Separately, you need to talk about the interior doors and locker doors. To prevent a child from accidentally pinching his or her hand, it is better to put a door protection device on the door against children, for example, a door shock absorber that prevents the door from closing abruptly.

Blockers will not allow the child to open the cabinet doors, and special safety barriers for children and flexible locks will protect the child from penetration into the bowels of the bedside tables.

Little tip – choose a lock that has a complex opening system, for example, you need to press several buttons simultaneously to unlock it.

Door protection for children

Door protection for children

Door protection for children

Picture protection

And be sure to keep the front doors locked! By simply pressing the front door handle, the child will go to the stairwell and there is a known danger of falling from a height.

Child safety in the kitchen

Cuisine is a favorite place for all children to play, and not only because mom spends so much time here.

Just so much new and so far unknown in the kitchen space that just eyes run away! But, at the same time, the kitchen and the most traumatic room in the whole house.

Here you can not only burn yourself with boiling water, but also swallow chemicals, poison yourself with gas or stick your fingers in the mincer.

So how to ensure the safety of children in the kitchen? First of all, it is necessary to fix the plate handles. Modern cookers are already available with childproofing, but special caps will help to protect the pens on the cooker from small researchers. They are equally suitable for both gas and electric stoves.

Protection against switching on the hob burners

Also you can buy a shield on the hob. It is installed on its edge and does not allow the child to reach a boiling pot or kettle.

Made of transparent heat-resistant plastic screen is quite transparent and lightweight, but at the same time, it protects your baby from touching hot objects.

If you cannot install such a screen, cook only on distant burners.

Protective barrier for gas stoves

Protective screen for stoves

Protective screen for gas stoves

Protective screen for gas stoves

For the oven also came up with protection against children: a special latch will not allow the child to open the doors of the hot oven. All these products are for the safety of children, ask in the home appliance stores and children's goods departments.


How to make your home safe for your child

Children's home safety

Usually parents buy a crib, pot, high chair and toys and calm down. Sometimes a baby monitor or diaper bucket is added to your purchase list. But there are things that are more important than a stroller, because they affect the safety of the child.

Around 2,000 children around the world die every day from accidental injuries. Most of these injuries happen at home, next to the parents. Children drop weights, put needles in sockets, swallow batteries and fall out of windows. Typically, most of these injuries could have been prevented with little effort.

How to prepare the floor

How to prepare the floor

The child's self-acquaintance with the world begins, as a rule, from the floor. Children crawl and test everything they can reach.

Make a floor where you can't slip on the floor

Even when a child can't walk or crawl, parents who have a child in their arms may slip. What to do to prevent this from happening:

  • Pick a non-slip floor covering.
  • Place the mats on the most dangerous places.
  • And all these mats must be glued (or at least held on silicone pads so that the mat itself does not slide).
  • Stick corners and edges of large carpets to the floor so that they cannot be tripped over.

Remove small objects from the floor

Small objects are coins, needles, buttons, batteries, nails, jewelry. All boxes that store small and crumbly must be at least one meter high.

Hide wires, ropes, and packets

Wires and ropes are tight on your wrists, wrapped around your legs and even your neck. And the bags suddenly end up on your head and prevent you from breathing, so keep them in a place where they will not attract children with rustles and bright colors. All wires (even from extension cords) must either be rolled up and folded up, or attached to walls and floors so that they cannot be stuck up.

Close the entrance to the danger spots

Example, you have a staircase to the second floor or basement. The entrance to this staircase must be covered with a special screen and the screen must be firmly fixed. You can make such fences with your own hands, but in general they are sold and look like children's playpens.

Remove flowers

Remove flowers that may be poisonous above. Kids can easily taste a couple of leaves. Just make sure that the leaves don't hang down to the floor, or else there's no point in rearranging the pots.

How to prepare the furniture

Professionally, children are most likely to hurt their fingers by slamming doors and drawers, and drop objects from the shelves and shelves on themselves. That's why the furniture needs to be fastened and secured.

Cover shelves

Do not leave furniture at home with shelves open. Stealthy racking isn't safe. A child can climb up like a ladder, and we don't know how it's gonna end. If you don't want to change the racks, you have to at least make sure that they are firmly fastened to the wall, and each shelf is securely fixed and able to withstand the weight of the child.

Remove the tablecloth from the table

The tablecloth with its hanging edges can only be left on the table if it is worthless and the table itself is not loose and cannot be tilted (because it is screwed to the floor).

Mount the furniture

All furniture must be attached to walls. Too often, children's curiosity overcomes the power of gravity and the cupboards, dressers and shelves under study fall on children. In such cases, a simple fracture is luck. TVs, music centers, speakers, and all the other equipment you need to lock in.

Make the corners soft

Cover the sharp corners with rubber or silicone pads that can soften the impact.

Close the bottom drawers

Best of all – the lock. Kids like to open something and study content. Any boxes can only be used if the child cannot pull them out completely. If it can (even theoretically), it's better to close them too, so that the child doesn't have to pull the handle and topple over the box with all its contents.

If the box is small (and the child can't get into it and close by accident) and light (and the child won't squeeze his fingers), and inside there is something soft and safe (socks), then the lock is not necessary. But if it's a box of tools, buttons or household chemicals, it should be locked (and the key should be higher).

Do not leave the windows open

The windows must close to prevent the child from accidentally opening them. When you need to ventilate the room, use stops that prevent the window from opening to such an extent that the child can snap in.

Do not rely on window nets. They will help to keep a cat from jumping out into the street, but under the weight of a leaning child they fall out or even break. Leaving your child in a room with an open mesh window is therefore even more dangerous than in a room with a simple mesh window open, because of the false illusion that the mesh will not let it fall.

Do not place furniture underneath the windowsill so that the child cannot climb onto the window sill

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