Andrei: value and mystery of the name, character and fate


Andrei – value of the name

Andrei: value and mystery of the name, character and fate

Selecting how to name a child, many future parents spend a lot of time studying the characteristics and origins of different names.

We will look at the meaning of Andrei's name. What will be your baby as a child and what awaits him in adult life, how will his fate develop.

Major moments

In translation, the name Andrei means “man”, from the Greek “Andros”. Protecting planet – Uranus; Favorable color – lilac; Lucky mascot – Amethyst stone; Main features – elegance and masculinity;

Favorable season – summer.

Andrei's characteristic

Persistent, courageous, a little bit stubborn, which makes a man named Andrei a man who achieves his goal. Sometimes they're hindered by a sense of proportion, but people with that name want to be the first in everything. Still, they can't refuse in their intellect, that's why they manage to dominate Andrei very often.

The name Andrei is patronized by the planet Uranus. It is clear that a person who plays a big role in the life of the ice space giant and has a corresponding character.

Buduchi child, Andryushka clearly knows what he wants to do in the future. And as he grows up, he almost always achieves his goal. Often, it turns out that Andrea do not look at the way to achieve, for them the main thing, the result . Having named a boy named Andrei, be prepared for the fact that at school he will gravitate to the exact sciences.

Andrei's characteristic

Studying the value of Andrei's name, we can see that the main feature is masculinity. Even as a boy Andrew's boys are restless and noisy kids. A teenager can easily arrange some chemical experience right in the apartment.

In the school corridors are often heard: Andrei, do not run, do not make noise. Noisy, restless and not very fond of obeying.

But you have to give them credit, they learn well. They are especially good at science.

The decision to name their child after Andrei, it is important to know that these are people literally fighting for the truth. While still a child, he will fight for justice and care for the kids.

Andrei is always associated with homeless cats, dogs and all undeservedly offended. The boy is constantly feeding the street animals.

Andryushki character is easy and simple. Such a guy is always the soul of any company and finds common themes with everyone. Especially people appreciate him for his honesty and not for being sneaky. If necessary, don't be afraid to tell your superiors and stand up for your friends.

Family and work

Girls also need to know what Andrei's name means and what it means in the family and home. These men are as charming as they are, they know their price. If a woman wants to achieve it, she should be bright and catchy.

Young man named Andrei believes that it should conquer him and attract attention. He will be choosing his lady for a very long time.

The main requirements for a future wife are: elegance, exposure and intelligence. A girl should pay all her attention only to him. But Andrei will also be careful and caring. But remember, he's very jealous. Sometimes it can be absurd.

Andrei as a child

The boy is fast and energetic. But at the same time, he is a desperate dreamer, constantly dreaming about distant countries or incredible discoveries.

If you call a child by the name of Andrei, be prepared for broken toys that the baby literally brings from the street. But just like that, to fix them.

A boy at school is learning very well. But sometimes the behavior is out of line. Although, Andrew thinks he's right. He has a very acute sense of justice.

Pluses: honesty, perseverance.
Minuses: Capriciousness and arrogance.


Aged young man has a great deal of respect for sport and often attends sections. If Andrei chooses a sport from childhood, he can achieve significant success.

Like any teenager, he is very emotional, but his character traits sometimes lead to conflict. Of course, because it's so important to get justice anyway. Even though we may have to fight.

Andrei's name is interpreted to include courage, activity, and cheerfulness. All this helps him make friends and be a leader. He is always cheerful and often the soul of the company.

But if his friends cheat him, he will have a hard time experiencing betrayal. And pride and selfishness will never let him take the first step.

Adult Andrei

However his relationship with sport develops, he will continue to do it. Andrey's appearance is of primary interest to him.

Both his management and colleagues appreciate his work. And all because of such traits as hard work, determination, zeal and, most importantly, the acceptance of their mistakes.

But given such qualities as calmness and dimensionality, a man named Andrew, more suitable positions where there is no need to risk. That's why everything connected with gambling is not suitable for him.

Andrei's name associates his philosophical outlook. He loves to dream and reflect on spiritual themes. All a man needs is a quiet, measured life, when everything goes its course.

Studying the meaning of the name Andrew can not be avoided and disadvantages. So these people are often subject to melancholy attacks. But given his character, he will never tell or share his experiences. Andrei will keep everything to himself because of what the mood of his even more spoil.

Usually in difficult situations Andrei collected and determined. Everything's in their hands to argue. If it weren't for one, but… They depend on the mood.

This means that Andrei, inspired by success, can become arrogant and proud.

Some history

In Russia there are many examples when great people were called Andrei. These are both artists and princes, diplomats, physicists, writers, actors and footballers.
As we can see, these specialties fully correspond to what the name Andrei means.

All such names are familiar: Andrei Rublev, Sakharov, Gromyko, Bogolyubsky, Arshavin.

Name in other languages

In other countries, boys are also called Andrei, but it sounds different. Yes, and the interpretation of its meaning is different.

This is how the name Andrew sounds in English. The German version offers a sound like Andrias. The Spanish version is Andris. Polish boys are called Andrzej.

Andriusha's Health

This is a rule that babies named by this name rarely get sick. This is primarily due to Andrei's attachment to sports. And while it is difficult to complain about the physical condition of a boy or a man, Andrei's mental health, his hurt place.

Andrei is prone to frequent mood swings, depression, driving him into a corner. Due to poor mental health often suffers from work. It is the moping that causes all his illnesses and problems.

To help Andriuszka, you should appeal to his natural love of life and be more caring. If he's lucky enough to create a happy family where his wife will pamper him and cherish him, Andrei and the mountains will fold.


If Andrei is described as a lover, we get a sensitive and flattering person. The mystery of Andrew's name is that the young man will give tenderness only to the one who will be able to warm him with his love and tirelessly take care of him. If such a girl does not meet, we get a person who changes the mistresses with frequent frequency.

The main thing that he does not tolerate from any woman – it is rudeness and lack of femininity.

Names: 27 January, 17 February, 21 February, 7 March, 28 April, 31 May, 5 June, 11 June, 23 June, 25 June, 26 June, 3 July, 13 July, 17 July, 19 July, 22 July, 17 August, 1 September, 19 September, 20 September, 23 September, 30 October, 31 October, 9 November, 11 November, 11 December, 13 December, 15 December, 16 December

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Andrei's destiny: character and destiny, name, origin, compatibility, celebrities - Rambler/h2>Andrei: meaning and mystery of the name, character and fate

Andrei's new name is the root of the Greek word "andros" - husband, man. The name has many varieties: Henri - for the French, Andrias - for the Moldavians, Andrei - for the Slovaks.

Little Andriushes are cunning and dreamy. They can assemble "The Constructor" for a long time and enthusiastically, but they can also run around the apartment with screams, depicting a plane or a rider. Disobedient. They love sweets, which is why they've been spoiling their teeth since childhood. If there is a brother, they are friends with him and they love him, they are jealous of the younger sister and are not inferior to her in anything. Andrei the teenager does not stand out from the crowd, but later people around him will suddenly notice that he graduated from sports school, and in life is better than his peers.

Girls complain about the impermanence of Andrei: he can easily confess his love one day, and the next day, without noticing it, to pass by with another. He doesn't seem to be confused.

Andrei's next girlfriend will sincerely tell you everything about him as if he were in confession, but don't be deceived by it - you'll never know everything about Andrei.

Andrey's Career

Andreyev is a director, actor, singer, composer, artist. However, the talent in the arts is mostly related to the "winter" Andreevs, Andreev's "Autumn" Andreevs, as a rule, are calculating, punctual, do not hover in the clouds, choose a profession in the field of exact and natural sciences. Good luck in business. In Andrei's service, he is always appreciated by his boss.

Older employees are more forgiving, and those who are younger are always waiting for surprises from him. Nobody knows what may come to mind Andrei in the next minute.

Impulsive and unpredictable, he can cause his wife a real delight with a rare and expensive gift, and then suddenly stubbornly and make her furious by the fact that flatly refuses to buy a kopeck thing that has long been needed in the economy.

Andrei's love and marriage

Andrei's wife chooses a beautiful, emotional and seemingly spectacular woman, with little interest in her character and inner world. Andreev has a high level of self-esteem, selfish and artistic, and requires increased attention. They can be jealous of a wife if she devotes a lot of time to her child and not enough to him. They're stocks, they're rational in material expenditure.

Mother-in-law relationships are usually complicated.

It is better to give preference to girls named Alevtina, Vesta, Danuta, Juliet, Diana, Elena, Elizabeth, Irina, Claudius, Larissa, Leah, Ludmila, Maria, Natalia, Taisia.

Andrei's homelands

Depending on the location of the stars at the time of Andrei's birth with the patronymics of Alexandrovich, Abramovich, Igorevich and Olegovich, they are difficult to communicate and have a complex character.

Bright, cheerful and very masculine name, traditionally loved by the people - and not only in Russia. Perhaps this is explained by the less common combination of "fun" and "mobile" signs. But Andrei's most visible signs are "good", "loud", "mighty" and "brave".

Andrei's character

People with exactly the same character traits become leaders and lead others. They overcome obstacles and find a way out where no one else could have done it.

Of course, at times they are a bit harsh; Andrei's name has no strong signs of "good" or "reliable"; perhaps the means they choose to achieve their goals would not be approved by everyone.

Their activity is quite high, and combined with strength and power, it allows them to achieve what others cannot achieve.

Pretty often hosts and leaders of this name. They unite and lead, and sometimes simply clever and lucky people with the ability to react instantly to a changing situation and use it to their advantage.

However, they are not inclined to hurt anyone or do anything that humiliates anyone, they are usually good people. Andrei's name has always been one of the most popular.

Ten years ago, for example, in terms of frequency of use it shared the fourth and fifth places with the name of Dmitry, only slightly behind Alexander, Alexei, Sergei and significantly ahead of Vladimir.

The main color of Andrew's name is green, even bluish-green, with a red stripe on the edge.

Sexual portrait of the name (according to Higir)

He is very sensitive, loves flattery, compliments. This is a gentle lover who is attentive and caring to women.

Before his partners, he is not poured out with floral compliments, but never misses an opportunity to show them how much he appreciates their charms - give him the opportunity to talk about it in his own way. For Andrei, love is more often than not a form of self-affirmation in the erotic sphere, an acknowledgement of his sexual abilities, which he may not consider sufficiently developed.

Andrei's Sexuality

Andrei's sex life begins quite late, his first woman is his wife, and he doesn't fully understand his sexual abilities until his wedding.

He quickly gets used to changes in the environment, likes to bring joy to the woman, even to her detriment, asks her to tell her about her wishes. During the first meeting he may be sexually active, but sometimes he just wants to hug his woman and fall asleep next to her.

In order to show high sexual qualities, Andrew must love. In love, he needs a patient woman who can understand his difficulties and share his joy, he hates any manifestation of rudeness on the part of his partner.

Being passionate by nature, he does not suffer too much love failure (mainly applies to "winter" men).

"Winter" Andrei does not cheat on his wife and will never tolerate not only her betrayal, but even a slight flirtation with another man. He is an excellent lover, full of energy and vigour, his elegant appearance can attract beautiful women.

Designation and origin of the name: "Masculine" (Greek)

Energy character of the name: This name has such a strong energy that it is more than enough for everyone in the world Andreev.

Andrei Veselchak, Andrei Balagur, turned on the soul of the company, often a lucky man who seems to be lucky enough to have luck in his hands - all these are familiar images that have developed in the public consciousness.

Sometimes even Andrei himself can not determine whether it is so or not - because not everything is so simple and much is given to him thanks to hard work and patience. However, with what, and patience the name energy gives it with excess.

At the same time, the name feels amazingly sober and calm, and therefore often behind the mask of carelessness in Andrei lives quite a calculating observer.

He is certainly not as simple and open as it seems, although often so much in his favorite role as a cheerful person that it really becomes so.

Even when he is sad or difficult, Andrei finds it easy to find the necessary charge of vigour and optimism in dealing with people; his friends and acquaintances, fascinated by the favorable energy of the name, begin to cheer him up.

Probably that's why Andrei is not inclined to consider the hard work, thanks to which he achieved his position, as a kind of feat. It's natural for him as long as he has friends around him and everything works out.

But try to humiliate or insult Andrei! Rest assured, you will see a completely different person.

The energy of the name does not have Andrei's patience with his enemies; maybe he will be silent, but he will hardly forget his offense.

Negative features of the name: Nevertheless, any force has its negative side. Often Andrei is blinded by his luck and he starts to think that he has achieved everything in his life thanks to his own efforts.

In this, of course, there is a part of the truth, but if only in life everything depended solely on personal efforts! It may happen that a series of failures will knock Andrei out of the saddle and the frustration in his own power will be so great that he will lose his hands.

In this case, the cheerful Andrei will not be left with much to do, people will start to shun him, ceasing to support him. Then he will not be lucky for a long time, and the depression will intensify day by day.

To avoid such an unpleasant turnover, Andrei only needs to turn his character's strength against this moping.

Sumev calmly treat the failures and returning a cheerful smile on his face, Andrew can be sure that the return smile of Destiny will not make you wait long and people will gladly help him in any of his affairs! In the meantime, Andrei will achieve success in almost any field, except for the funeral home, where his love of life is unlikely to be appropriate.

Secrets of communication: Not only is it easy to communicate with Andrei, but you can also argue. But we do not advise to switch to personal disputes, unless, of course, you want to get a pretty strong enemy. He'll probably be happy to respond to your request for help, but we still advise you to know the measure.

This is the trace of the name in history:

Andrei Makarevich

What does the portrait of a person come from? From his past, present or future? Out of attitude, work or hobbies? Or just a little bit of everything, like colorful pieces of mosaic? But what happens when there's too much of this stuff in someone's life? Then there's nothing left to do but sift through the secondary and stop at the most important things. And the main thing, without a doubt, is that Andrey Makarevich is a living legend of Russian rock, a permanent leader of the band "Time Machine", philosopher, singer, musician. His philosophy is not in interviews in newspapers, in culinary revelations, in scuba diving, fine arts and business. It is in his songs and in his way of life, which combines all these incompatible components and pushes him into new areas, to conquer new peaks.

Please, one of Makarevich's main motivating forces is his curiosity, which truly knows no boundaries.

What else could make a person try to get into the essence of almost all objects and phenomena, whether it be the laws of the universe, the laws of the sea, the laws of success or the laws of saltwort? As for Makarevich himself, he gives a significant role in his life intuition, including his dreams.

"As a child I was often chased by the same dream: as if I was riding a boat on the lake with my parents, as if I suddenly fell overboard backwards and immediately went under the water. Many years later, being underwater with scuba diving and looking upstairs, I was astonished at how much I saw in my sleep then, in my dreams, the exact picture".

Andrei Makarevich treats politics with cold curiosity as an incomprehensible phenomenon: "I can understand when a person from childhood dreams of becoming a fireman or an astronaut. And when he becomes a politician? I'm really curious about that. Because everybody must have been normal people in childhood."


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Andrei: value and mystery of name, character and fate

Names: Origin and forms

Andrei - (from Greek) courageous, brave.

Derivatives: Andreike, Andrei, Andrei, Andrei, Andrei, Andreijana.

Russian Name Reference

Masculine, brave (from Greek).

Perpetrators. Intellectually, inventively, with an unstable character. Societies tend to dominate, often losing the sense of proportion in the choice of means. As men are confident, and yet... they only dream of peace.

The mystery of the name

Andrei - courageous (ancient Greek). A name with a strong energy, common.

Zodiac name: Cancer.

Planet: Uran.
Name color: purple.
Mascot stone: amethyst.
Favorable plant: fir, anemone.
Protector of the name: reed cat.
Happy day: Monday.
Happy season: summer
Major features: masculinity, charm.

Meninas, Holy Bloodships

Andrei Bogolyubsky, Grand Duke, 17 (4) July 23 (10) December. He pleased God with piety, care for the poor and sick, founded the Bogolyubsky monastery near Vladimir, was killed by his relatives in 1174
Andrew Vologda, Prince, 23 (10) September.

Andrew of Ephesus, elders, martyr of the cloth, October 3 (September 21).
Andrew of Constantinople, Christ for the sake of the Fool, 15 (2) October.
Andrei of Crete, Archbishop, 17 (4) July.
Andrei of Crete, Reverend Martyr on 30 (17) October.

Andrei Lampsacki, martyr, 31 (18) May.
Andrei of Mesukebia, Georgian, martyr 28 (15)April.
Andrei of Oxyrinth (Egypt), Reverend 15 (2) December.
Andrew the First-Called, an apostle from the twelve brothers of Apostle Peter, a martyr, 13 July (30 June).

Andrei Rublev, the Monk, the iconographer, the disciple of the Monk Sergius of Radonezh, 17 (4) July.
Andrei Syracuse, martyr, 6 October (23 September).
Andrey Smolenskiy, Pereslavskiy, prince, June 5 (May 23), November 9 (October 27).

Andrei Stratilat, Tauride, martyr, September 1 (August 19) - warlord and with him 2593 soldiers martyred for the faith of Christ in 302.
Andrei of Totemsk, Christ for the sake of the fool, 23 (10) October
Andrei of Thebaid, Reverend, 25 (12) June. On December 13 (November 30).

Andrew the Galilean fisherman was fishing on Lake Tiberias (Sea of Galilee) and was a member of the congregation of John the Baptist's disciples, and was one of the first to be called by Jesus Christ to the number of apostles, which is why he is called the First-Called.

According to legend, he preached Christianity to the Balkan and Black Sea peoples, in particular to the Scythians, and was crucified by order of the Roman magistrate in the Greek city of Patras on the cross, which has the shape of the letter "X" (the so-called Andrew Cross). In Russia, this apostle-hero was loved in all the ages.

Thus, in the "Tale of Bygone Years" it is told that Apostle Andrew from Korsun (Chersonesos) reached the places where Kiev and Novgorod were to stand in the future, blessing these places. In the epoch of Kievan Rus, Andrey was the patron of the Russian statehood. In imperial Russia, he became the patron of the Russian Navy: Peter the Great established the flag of St. Andrew, and the Order - the oldest of our orders.

People's Commendations, Types

13 July - Andrei Valyeva: "Andrei Ozimi has reached the fillings, and Daddy's weight has grown to half. September 1 - Andrei Stratilat, a hothouse. The beginning of Indian summer.

The wind blowing from the south on this day promises a good oat harvest: "Stratilatov's day is ripe - oats have sung".

On December 13 on Andrey Pervozvannogo listen to water: quiet water - a good winter, noisy - there will be frost, storms, blizzards. In the evening, the girls guess about their bridegrooms. Andrew the First Called Girl prays for the best grooms.


Andrewsha is a fidgety, noisy, and mobile person who doesn’t listen to the’elders much.

Toddler likes to invent something, to do chemical experiments, to assemble a’s designer, and to’come up with new models.

In school he learns well, is independent and proud, strikes his classmates with his honesty, fights for justice, takes care of the weak.

Andrei Andrei is a brave and charming man, everyone likes it, it is easy to become a member of any team. He can defend his colleague's interests in front of his bosses, support a funny company, play guitar and know a lot of jokes. He's very conscientious about his job, never complains. It has a desire for a new action, but it won't risk it.

Andrei is not as easy as some people think. He's a philosopher, he can talk to a smart person, exchange ideas. Andrei has a need for self-expression, perspicacity, critical intelligence.

Andrei has a literary gift, has a command of public speaking skills. He may have a creative profession - director, actor, artist; he may be engaged in exact sciences.

In relations with women Andrey is not constant. He knows his price and thinks that they should get him.

Andrei is family oriented, but he chooses his wife for a long time, to become his own: his chosen one should be elegant, smart, and patient. Andrei will demand all the attention of his wife, to be jealous, but he himself is ready to show maximum attention to her. His marriage to one of those named Elena, Elizabeth, Irina, Klavdia, Larissa, Lyudmila, Maria, Natalia is favorable.

Fatherland: Andreevich, Andreevna.


The greatest artist of Ancient Russia was Andrey Rublev. Born in the 60s of the 14th century, he died between 1427 and 1430. He was a monk of the Trinity-Sergius Monastery - a monk-artist in the Middle Ages - a common phenomenon.

Me contemporaries honored Rublev not only as a skilled master: he was called "a humble monk, a husband of virtue perfect, superior in wisdom," in other words, a man of pure high thoughts and a rare mind.

We know a little about his life and work. His first known works date back to 1405. He works with Theophanes the Greek and Prokhor from Gorodets in the Annunciation Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin.

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