American Male Names: A list of beautiful American names for a boy and their meanings

American names

American Male Names: A List of Beautiful American Names for a Boy and their Meanings

America is a country of emigrants that has embodied in its cultural and social life the characteristics of more than one dozen large and small nationalities. It touched on American names and surnames as well. Let's try to figure out all this variety.

American Name Properties

The triple model of name is most commonly used in the United States. It consists directly of a full first name, a second personal name (usually chosen after a relative or just a famous person), and a surname. Write them in several ways:

  • Capital letter of the first name + full first name + full last name. For example: Robert Gordon Brown – R. Gordon Brown;
  • Full first name + capital letter of second name + full surname. Debora Kristin Brown – Debora K. Brown.
  • Capital letters of names + surname. John Lewis Devon – J.L.Devon.

Sometimes even in official documents abbreviated forms of names are indicated: Margaret – Meg, Meggy, Robert – Bob, Bobby, Christopher – Chris, etc. Some of them have more than 30 derivatives.

American Female Names

Female names formed from flower names are very popular in the United States. The most common of them, of course, is Rose, the national emblem. The name of the girl may also include the name of the flower of the state in which she was born: Rose Violet (violet, Illinois symbol), Azalea Rose (azaleas, the emblem of Georgia), Iris Rose (iris, Louisiana).

American women's names are encountered, fully repeating the names of the states, and they have become widespread outside the country. These are Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, etc.

The leading positions are taken by traditional English female names: Ann, Mary, Emily, Katie, Diane. Bible Sarah, Leah, Ruth, and Ruth are very popular and Americans also like to name their daughters after popular movies and pop stars: Marilyn, Sharon, Grace, Naomi.

American men's names

As well as in women's names, men's names have a clear connection to the subjects and characters of the Scriptures: Aaron, Adam, David (David), Joseph (Joseph).

The names Patrick, Mario, Antonio (Anthony), Hans (Hank) and Paul (Paul) are always popular among Irish people. Russian, Slavic names usually convert and abbreviate.

For example: Alexander, Alexei – to Alex, Nikolai – to Nick.

American names and surnames

American names and surnames are similar in structure to English, German and Scandinavian names. They are formed by the addition of -s, – son to the name. Robert – Roberts, Robertson; Jack – Jackson, Martin – Martinson.

Other sources of American surnames formation:

  • geographical names: Manchester, Oxford, Dublin, Norman, Cornish, etc.
  • Professions: Baker, Miner, Smith (baker, miner, blacksmith)
  • negative nouns: Fish, Moon, Dark, Sun,
  • Qualitative adjectives characterizing appearance or character: Big, Strong, Strange, Clever.
  • abstract concepts: Kind, Love, Hope, Happy.

Neangelocal surnames were originally changed to a more perceptible species. Thus, the Irish O'Nill, O'Brien, O'Connor turned into Nil, Brien, Connor; the French D'Abernon, D'Etre, D'Lambert turned into Abernon, Etre, Lambert; the Greek Ambelas, Kostoulas, Kamburis – Ambel, Kos, Cambes respectively.

Eastern Europeans with the surnames Koval, Kuznetsov, Kovalskie in the States were surprisingly transformed into Smiths. Few people know that the real name of the founder of the world-famous cosmetic company Max Factor is Maximilian Factorovich.

Parents of David Copperfield – natives of Odessa and before arrival to the USA carried a more prosaic surname Kotkina. The name of the founders of the legendary Warner Brothers film company Warners is just an Americanized version of the Voronovs. And the famous fantasist Isaac Azimov (born in Smolensk) was actually called Isaac Yudovich Ozimov.

And there are a lot of similar examples, including among ordinary immigrants.

Lee, Jose, Wong, Lopez, Rogiegez are found in America at least as often as the familiar Turner and Parker.

There has been another interesting trend recently: African-Americans are trying to replace their Americanized names with their original names again.

American Boys' Names

American Peers, Relatives, Close People in the U.S. address each other simply by name. In the official form, a Master set-top box is added to the full or short name of a boy under 15 years of age. If a child has a name after a father or grandfather, the word junior is added to it.

In writing it looks like this: Abraham Jr. Woods. The very youngest Americans are referred to by the diminutive names: Danny, Barney, Jerry. And the same name sounds different, depending on who is talking to the child.

For example: William = Will, Bill, Willie; Robert = Rob, Bob, Bobby; John = Jack, Joe, Johnny; Ben, Benny = Benjamin

This topic has an interesting poem:

“Father calls me William,

Sister calls me Will/p>

Mother calls me Willie/ Mom calls me Willie,

But the fellers call me Bill!/ And my buddies call me Bill!'

American girls' names

American etiquette rules add Miss:

  • American etiquette rules add Miss:

    • to the names of the eldest daughter in the family or to unfamiliar unmarried girls or girls: Miss Adams, Miss Crawford, Miss Ford.
    • The names of younger girls, girlfriends, good friends: Miss Katie, Miss Jane, Miss Rebekka.

    American names have universal variants. Frankie, Dixie, Ruby and Marion can be both a nice young lady and a gentleman.

    Beautiful American names

    The most rare and beautiful are the names of Native American Indians. They sound very unusual, have deep meaning and are believed to have a special connection with the forces of nature.

    Beautiful Indian (American) names:

    • Amitola rainbow;
    • Arenk star;
    • Viho main
    • li>Lease – nightfall;

    • Leoni – rain on the roof;
    • Nuto – bright fire;
    • Tokela – fox
    • Erika – assistant;
    • Echoi – laughing;
    • Amameda – poplar grove;
    • Meier is wise;
    • Oneida is a foreteller;
    • Onda is a magic power.

    American Name Values

    Many Americans try to take into account the value of the name when choosing a name. Many of them believe that a name can influence a person's character or even fate in one way or another. It is believed that the name Benjamin will bring good luck, Larry (“receiving a laurel wreath”) will be the winner in any field, Austin (“honored”) will reach unprecedented heights in his career, etc.

    Values of common American male and female names

    male namesvalue of male names


    Female namesValue of Female Names
    Alain beautifulAngelinatiny angel
    Archatrue braveryBritneyLittle Britain
    BruceForestVivianlive, active
    Wilson welcome childGwenetluck
    Woody living in the forestJenniswhite
    Harry head of the houseJoanGod gracious
    GregvigilantKimberlyKing's meadow
    Jason healerLara kettle
    Donald peaceful rulerLassie lover

    Kevin nice, niceOdry noble power
    Marlon little warriorOpraAlumberry
    MurphySea warriorPamelahoney
    Ray wise protectorSally princess
    Rik braveSamanthaGod heard (prayers)
    Samhearing GodHillary joyful

    Popular American names

    For decades at the peak of popularity among Americans there have been men's names like John, Charles, Richard, Henry and women's names like Catherine, Anna, Maria, Margaret, Emily.

    Sometimes parents show originality and choose non-standard names. In particular, the names of popular brands. It's not uncommon to find Chevy, Armani, Dalmonte on the streets of New York and Los Angeles.

    Also in the top of the Old Germanic female names Ava and Emma, male Arabic names Mohammed, Caden, Emir, Ali.

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    The most popular names in Denmark in 2015. Origin, meaning and pronunciation of Danish names and surnames. Interesting facts about famous Danes.

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    English names – female and male British and American names

    American Male Names: A List of Beautiful American Names for a Boy and Their Meanings

    Pick a cool, but suitable name for your child is not an easy task.

    After all, your child will live with him all his life! Many parents begin to puzzle themselves before his birth, trying to anticipate everything and agree on the opinions, and then, when the baby grows up, he did not come to mind to change his name. Choose wisely and without fanaticism, don't forget this. Well, we offer you interesting names in the U.S. Check it

    On the Nameberry website, you can not only find out what a special, cool, and heart-warming name is, but also find out what it means and what it's popular about. There's also a great opportunity to appreciate the list of the brightest trends of the decade, whether you're a fashion trendsetter or an investigator.

    A name is a gift so meaningful, so powerful and personal that only you can select it for your child.
    Name is a gift so significant, so powerful and personal that only you can choose it for your child.
    Name is a gift so personal that only you can choose it for your child.

    Today's names, which begin with “Ad” or end with “lee“, are among the most popular among children.Kinsley), Bentley (Bently) or even Edelin (Addelyn) is more likely these days than, say, in the 50s. Speaking of which, it was much more likely to meet tons of Jennifer (Jennifer) or Jason (Jason) than it is today. Nowadays children in the USA and Britain, unlike Russian names, are given names of the so-called “excellent degree” quite willingly.

    Get it? Well, like Legend, Royalty or King. Would you like that? You could have told somebody, “I'm a legend!” and Will Smith would have been jealous of you. Hurry up to change the names, because they are becoming more popular every day!

    Also in the list of fashionable names for kids are the names of celebrities. These days, calling your child Lennon, Monroe or Hendricks, you can storm the world! We believe that this trend should be followed. Why is that? (Laughs) Well… because a tribute to the legendary stars can inspire your child to become the coolest child in the world!

    We don't want to upset you, but Mother Murphy and her laws don't mind. One of them, for example, says: “No matter how harmless the name you give to a child, he will definitely be teased with that name. So, name your child so that the law doesn't come into effect.

    Other American names

    While some names come and go, the ones we've mentioned below, however, are “stuck” in the people thoroughly. They may not be #1 for today, but they will definitely never be out of fashion and every day they tend to top the list.

    English male names:

    • Everett. Means “brave as a wild boar” – “brave as a wild boar. English version of the German name “Eberhard“.
    • Henry. German name means “household manager” – “ruler of the household” or “household manager”.
    • Charlie. “Free guy” is “free man“. English soft form of the name “Charles”.
    • Edwin. “Prosperous friend” is “prosperous friend” or “rich friend”. English name.
    • Sam. The Hebrew meaning of the name “hear.” Also means “declared by God” – “told by God“. English name, full form – “Samuel”.
    • Marshall. French name, means “horse keeper” – “the keeper of hourses“.
    • Calvin. Latin name for “bald” or “uncovered.” – “bald boy“.
    • Edgar English name meaning “great spear-bearer” – “great spear man.”

    English female names:

    • Lola. Spanish name meaning “strong woman”.
    • Lillian. French name, derived from Elizabeth. (Elizabeth). Strange as it may seem, it means “lily”.
    • Stella. The Latin name is derived from “stellar“, which means “star”.
    • Genevieve (reads as, “Geneva”) – Genevieve. Good name from France. Means “white wave”.
    • Cora. Not the one on the trees. It's like Corinne, just like Cora. In Greek it means “filled heart” – “filled heart“. In mythology, the name Cora was an epithet of Persephone, the goddess of fertility and the lady of the underworld.
    • Evelyn. Evelina is a Jewish name meaning “life force”. Traditionally, it was an English surname that was a Musk name, but is now used primarily for girls.
    • Lucy. Lucille is an English Catholic name meaning “light-bearing”. You can say “Lucia” as well.
    • Clara. She stole the corals, but she's light and clean. Latin name.
    • Ruby. Again the Latin “dark red gemstone”.
    • Eva ['i:və]. The name of the ancestor of all mankind means “giving life” or simply “life”. Cool, huh? Latin form of the Hebrew name “Eve”.

    Rare and unusual English names

    A unique name is chosen as a symbol of a unique, special child and family.
    Unique name is selected as a symbol of a unique, special child and family.
    Unique name is selected as a symbol of an exceptional, special child and family.

    Top 5 unusual male names in English

    • Prescott. This is an excellent English name, meaning “priestly home”, given to 18 boys in 2016. It can be shortened to “Scott” as a nickname if he thinks it sounds too strict.
    • Grover. While during the 20th century there were many Groverians, such as President Cleveland, and a pretty blue freak from Sesame Street. Another famous Grover is jazz saxophonist Grover Washington Jr. But only 19 boys were named Grover in 2016.
    • Oberon. The character Oberon in Shakespeare's play “A Midsummer Night's Dream” is the king of fairies and elves, but the name itself, with the percussion “o” in the beginning, shows a much more masculine image. Oberon was also seen as a fairytale king in an Old German legend, a French heroic song, a dramatic work for the Ben-Johnson Mask Theatre and several operas. He's also in Disney's animated movie “Gargoyles”. In ancient England the name was written as “Auberon”.
    • Regis. This holy French name means “royal”. Today this name is most often associated with the respected talk show host Regis Philbin. Only 10 parents chose this name for their son in 2016, so your son is likely to be the only “Regis” in your life.
    • Thelonious. Best known as the name of the legendary jazz pianist Thelonious Monk, 20 boys received this unique name in 2016. The origin is due to the German name “Tillman”, which means “he who plows the earth”, and “Thelonius” – a Latinized version of the word.

    TOP 5 unusual women's names in English

    Since many people are looking for a “unique” name, finding something really unusual can be extremely difficult, especially when it comes to girls. Historically, girls' names have tended to be fashionable, while boys' names have been more conservative.

    For example, while the most popular female name has changed every 10 years, the name “Michael” has been in the top ten for over 75 years. Thanks to this, popular beautiful female names exist more than male ones. Also, many of the trendy “unusual” names for girls are like men's.

    So if you're looking for something unusual, but distinctly feminine, you may have to dig deeper.

    The names below were given to 10 or less newborn girls every year, so of course there is a small chance that she will have to share her unique name with someone else. But if you want your new addition to the family to stand out among Emm, Olivia and Sophia, then you can safely choose one of the following unusual names for your little princess.

    • Flannery. Perhaps you have not yet reached the reading of the most famous story by Flannery O'Connor, “Everything That Rises Must Converge”. But that shouldn't stop you from preferring this warm Irish name. “Flannery” comes from “flann” and “gal”, which means “blush” and “bravery” in Irish. Only 10 little girls were given this name in 2016.
    • Alberta. The English name, meaning “noble” and “bright”, probably resembles the western province of Canada. However, there is information that the province is actually named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, one of Queen Victoria's daughters. Although the name can be quite popular abroad, only 9 girls were named in 2016.
    • Sigourney. Who knows, maybe the new Alien would have been quite tolerable if it was the main woman of the whole franchise. Not many parents call their daughters Sigourney. In fact, only 8 families chose it in 2016, but we know that it is the name of the winner (which, by the way, means it). Even Sigourney Weaver herself once admitted in an interview that she changed her first name to “Susan”, inspired by a character from Francis Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby.
    • Talullah. The main thing is not Tanunnah. Although celebrities such as Demi Moore, Patrick Dempsey and Philip Seymour Hoffman nicknamed their daughters Tallulah, only 7 families chose this charming name for the Chocteau Indians, meaning “jumping water” in 2016. Previously the name was associated with the greatest star of the scene and screen, Talullah Bankhead, but now it is basically established as the most suitable name for beauties from the south. Another name value is “shining girl”.
    • Antigone. Just like the name of the anti-theft system. The meaning of the name is “instead of the child.” If you want to make a solid choice of name with a good history, Antigone is a good solution. The brave and principled heroine of often retold history in Greek mythology – gets exactly in the target and even more so. Although the name is known throughout history, parents made it a slightly unusual choice for their daughters – only 8 families named their daughters Antigone in 2016. We'd say the “Tig” sounds pretty good too. Girls named Antigone are brave and independent. In childhood, this is manifested in the form of a pronounced wilfulness and excessive even for a child of curiosity.

    Double English names

    If you are short of a single name, you can try another way. In fact, giving children double names is a relatively recent tradition. Up until the 18th century, people used only one name and surname.

    For a long time, the source of names was mainly the only one – the list of saints and holidays in calendar order (church priests).

    But there were many variations on the themes of church names among the people: in English, the Latin form “Maria” was transformed into “Mary”, which, in turn, gave a diminutive “Molly” (Molly) and then “Polly” (Polly). The name “Joannes”, originating from the ancient Hebrew.

    Johanan, gave in medieval England the forms “Jan”, “Iohn” and “John” (John), as well as the abbreviated “Jankin”, “Jackin”, and then the popular name “Jack” (Jack). And the female form of “Ioanna”, borrowed from the French “Jeanne” (Jeanne), turned into three separate names at once: “Jane” (Jane), “Jean” (Jean) and “Joan” (Joan). If you suddenly decide to move to the U.S. and get a family there, you will know exactly how to name your offspring!

    Stay classy!

    Big and friendly family EnglishDom


    Men's most common names and surnames

    American Male Names: A List of Beautiful American Names for a Boy and Their Meanings

    The history of American names and surnames has evolved over several centuries. They can trace the traditions of many countries and peoples that have migrated to these places. Thanks to the large flow of immigrants, the general culture of the country was formed for a long time and names and surnames were changed, acquiring new forms of sounding.

    Many common American names take their origins from Greek, Italian, Latin, even Old German origin. In today's world, rare names are gaining popularity in America, which are obtained by reducing the number of historical sites, the names of famous people, there are even a combination of several names into one big one.

    The origin of American names can be divided into the following groups:

    1. the basic popularity has been gained by the names, the values of which are related to the outlines of the human character (cheerful, brave, brave);
    2. names relating to the names of animals, flowers, trees, natural phenomena;
    3. names meaning different professions;

      names of a religious nature taken from the Bible.

    List of the most popular American male names

    America is a colonial country, depending on the state, the overall popularity of names differs significantly from each other. The popular male name Federico (Federico) in Spanish villages, Patrick (Patrick) in Irish regions and Paulo (Paulo) in Italian regions

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