Amelia: the meaning and origin of the name for the girl, the character and fate of

Amelia's name, the character and fate of the owner. What does the name Amelia mean, what is her origin and history?

Amelia: meaning and origin of the name for the girl, character and fate

Parents often wonder what name to call a child, what this name will bring him, what fate will prepare him? The correct interpretation of the name will answer these questions.

What does the name Amelia mean? What is the origin and history of the name Amelia?

Amelia's name is

Amelia is a hard worker. The name has ancient German roots. In other languages, the name is used in Amalia, Emmelina forms. The planet that governs the girl's life is Uranus. It brings destruction and chaos into it. Amelia's fate cannot be described as calm.

The zodiac sign that accompanies the Aquarius girl. It makes it easy to get up, easy to make decisions. The color that suits her best is purple. The tree that's gonna be her mascot is aspen. The plant that's cured of the ailments is a barberry. The stone that can be used to make the amulet is crystal.

Amelia's origins and history

Amelia's name as it has ancient German roots – the girl's name is not mentioned. They give her a different name when she's baptized. The abbreviated name is used in the form of Leah, Amah, Leia, Amal. In Slavic culture, the most common name in the form of Amalia.

Amelia's name has changed slightly over its history. At first it meant “work”, “work”. Then the name took on the form of “hard-working.” Today's name is quite popular in the UK.

Amelia's character and destiny

Amelia is quite complex. It's easier to negotiate with her than to force her to do anything. She loves helping her parents, she loves working with them. Which means Amelia's name is hard-working. That's why the girl always tries to be useful everywhere, not to refuse anyone anything.

Amelia herself quickly learns everything, so does not need extra tips and tutorials. She tries not to hurt people around her, but she won't let them into her territory.

He has such positive character traits:

– Honesty;

– Openness;

– Justice;

– Straightness.

Sometimes its straightforwardness is a cruel joke. It is not always worth openly and in the eye to state their claims and problems, sometimes it is necessary to wait for a pause and let the person to think about their actions. But Amelia's not being ceremonial. She's a quick fixer, sometimes to her detriment.

The girl's studies are fine. She remembers new material very quickly, does not need constant reminders. Aims to help her peers and classmates to learn. It's important for her not only to be well, but also to really care about the well-being of those around her.

Amelia is just fine with her own time. She easily finds a way to play and do business. She goes to a lot of clubs and sections. Loves sports. It is he who allows her to be always in tone, always be ahead of others.

Amelia laughs very loudly and infectiously. She's surrounded by a lot of friends. At an older age, she can easily find common ground with her colleagues, which allows her to enjoy their authority.

Amelia lives in a fairly active rhythm of life, it is important for her to maintain the right diet, to get daily exercise that would allow her to maintain the tone of the body. She's in really good health, which allows her to be always better and faster than the competition.

Amelia doesn't like to fuss and rush. Many people envy her hard work, but few people understand that this is a colossal work on themselves. She'll never tell another person that she's tired and can't do her job because of it, help him. She's gonna make the most of it, and she's gonna get it through to the end.

Particularly Amelia puts her job above her personal life, which leads to quarrels and misunderstandings with her partner. But Amelia knows that the one who loves her will wait for her and support her in everything. A girl can work anywhere. She doesn't like to change jobs and teams very much, it's easier for her to reach heights in one place than to change dozens of jobs.

In her work, she's always jealous of people around her. They're trying to figure out why Amelia's doing it so quickly and easily. Actually, the secret is simple – Amelia tries and works on herself. She spends a lot of time working on her personality. Can be fond of yoga, other energy practices.

Amelia can make a great teacher, trainer mentor. She's easily leading people with her, which allows her to get anyone in her room. If Amelia realizes she has nowhere else to grow up in the workplace, then she can replace him.

Amelia's business is unrivaled. She successfully conducts negotiations, successfully concludes contracts and deals, spends a lot of time on improving herself and the business. Loves victory and success, but is willing to work for them.

Amelia's Love

Amelia's character and destiny determine her success with men. She's not conflicted, she's always willing to compromise with her husband. Loves him, tries to be the best for him, does not look for flaws in their relationship.

Amelia has no conflicts with her husband's family, she treats everyone exactly and does not allow nerves. Amelia lacks the warmth of her soul sometimes, but her husband tries to provide for her. Amelia does not marry the first person she meets.

She tries to build a relationship, tries to be with a person in a friendly relationship in the beginning, then turns the communication into a romantic way. Amelia doesn't need an exclusive man, she needs someone who would love her.

Amelia is often too tired and has no time to rest because of her excessive responsibility. That's why it is worthwhile for her loved ones to create full conditions for a girl to rest.

If she doesn't have them, she won't be able to be satisfied with her work and will fall into depression.

Amelia loves and becomes a wonderful mother to them, who not only spoils her children, but also is strict with them.


Amelia value of the name character and fate – Year 2019

Amelia: meaning and origin of the name for the girl, character and fate

The origin of Amelia's name is controversial. There is an assumption that it came from the Old Germanic language, which has the word “amal” meaning “work”. In this version, the name means “hard-working”.

Some experts believe that it is related to the Arabic language, in which case it means “master”.

We have had a long time of popularity in our country version of Amalia, but now the melodic version is more common.

After the year

Little Amelia will not cause any problems to parents, always remains calm and obedient. But it is not recommended to force her to do anything, otherwise the girl may become disobedient and stubborn.

Must act carefully: simple requests will be much more effective. Amelia is very independent, prefers to help her mother in any home affairs, quickly learns to perform different tasks without any help from others.

Tries to distribute time correctly, skillfully deals with very difficult tasks. She enjoys sports, which helps her grow up to be a slim and strong girl. At this age, she tries to learn as much as possible from her mother by copying her behavior.

The girl is surrounded by the attention of her peers, but her friends are not so many, warm relations are maintained mainly with boys. Other girls have such an interest in her person from the male side only causes envy.

This young lady is a good psychologist who can learn a lot of interesting things about the person facing her, just throwing him a closer look. That's why suspicious people often fear it to the point where they accuse Amelia of doing black magic.

Amelia is an excellent interlocutor and a good partner, sensitive, kind and attentive person. Feminine, doesn't tolerate lies and hypocrisy. Doesn't like to gossip, never discusses outsiders in a negative way.

Has a keen mind to see all the possibilities of solving the problem. Can quickly find a way out of a situation and give unmistakable advice to the person seeking help, so friends often ask her for support.

But this woman is quite trustworthy, believing that everyone around her should be as honest as she is. And this is fraught with great disappointment in people who end up mean and dishonest.

Amelia's name, origin, character, and fate
To see the description of the name “Amelia”, its meaning and origin. Learn the fate and character of the person with the name “Amelia”.


Reminding the name of the exotic flower woman's name Amelia is associated with the beauty of a warm southern night, it can hear the noise of the gentle surf and the breeze of gentle wind. Meanwhile, the meaning of Amelia's name is much more prosaic, although its meaning indicates that it is perhaps the foundation of all human life.

The origin and form of the name

The name originates from the Old German word amal – “work”, “work” and means “working”, “hardworking”. In different variants, it is widely spread throughout Europe:

  • in the UK is the name Amelia, Amelia, Emmelin;
  • in Germany – Amelia, Amelia;
  • in France – Amelie, Emlin, Emmeline;
  • in Spain – Amelia, Amelia, Emelina;
  • in Portugal – Amelia and Amelia;
  • in Italy – Amelia, Amelia;
  • in Denmark – Amali, Amelia, Amelia, Amelia;
  • in Sweden – Amelia, Amalie, Amalie, Amalie, Amelie, Amelia, Emelia.

Amy, Mia, Millie, Mel, Emmy, Ame, Ami, Mali, Male', Lina, Amelita, Malina, Melia, Amal, Malika are even more diverse.

In the Orthodox priests there is no name, but in Catholicism the saint of Amalburgh, the patroness of the city of Ghent, Belgium, is revered.

The version of the ancient Germanic origin is not the only one. The prevalence of the name among Muslims makes us look for other meanings and meanings. Most likely, the name for Muslims is similar to the Arabic female names – Amal and Aliya. Amal means “hope” and Aliya's name is “elevated”.

According to another version, Amelia is a form of Emily's name, and its value is “opponent”.

Name characteristic

Amelia's life-affirming name determines the fate and character of its carriers. They are strong, determined and determined women who know their purpose clearly and are able to subordinate their lives to it.

Amelia's main character traits are discretion and responsibility. Behind external gentleness and charm lies an analytical mind, paradoxical at such a young age.

However, the little girl is quite skillful with her talents and is not in a hurry to demonstrate the best features of his character. But for the worst, it won't work. She can be capricious and capricious.

Only over the years will the girl lose her secrecy, and she will reveal herself in all her charm.

Amelia is leisurely, but diligent and executor. Its ability to calculate and analyze everything guarantees the achievement of intended goals with the least cost and in the shortest possible time. This makes her an indispensable and respected employee.


What does Amelia's name mean for a girl

Amelia: meaning and origin of the name for a girl, character and fate

When you learn the secret of the origin of a name, you can learn a lot about a person. This article explains many of the features of his behavior.

In this article, we will learn what the girl named Amelia has to say about the meaning of her name in her life: the impact on childhood, youth, and family life. The reader will find out how it was formed, which means.

In the article it will be indicated, men with which names are best suited for marriage.

Amelia's name: the origin and influence on the child

The roots of this name come from ancient Germany. It originated from the word “amal”, which means “work”, “work”. Alternatives– Amela, Amelia, Amela. Reducing-pleasing – Liya, Amelka.

The girl is very disciplined and able to organize herself, thanks to which she has time to help her parents in the household. It's had a sense of duty since she was a little girl. She is happy to help her mother in the kitchen and therefore since childhood she has been able to cook a lot of dishes.

But to force her to do something is completely meaningless. It's better to talk to her first and convince her that it's very important to do something about it.

Amelia: The name values for youth

The girl grows up pretty early. At the age of 16, she already knows a lot, so she is able to start her own life. She has a fighting character, so if she's into sports, she has a good chance of becoming a professional athlete.

She's very honest and doesn't like to get involved in gossip, even if she's a bad person. He prefers to see only positive qualities in people. Amela is not stupid, but she trusts others too much, which can easily make her a victim of deception.

Most of her cases are performed with great enthusiasm.

Family name assignment

Woman, as mentioned earlier, is very honest, so for the sake of self-interest he will never get married. She is able to wait a long time for her only one, so the wedding can play quite late.

From a little girl who was once an indispensable helper for her mother, will turn into a great hostess, who will keep the house clean, comfortable.

For this mother-in-law's approval.

The owners of such an unusual name, who were born in the summer, are very intelligent, well-bred, confident and motivated.

They are filled with optimism and joy, for which they are pleasant to communicate with others. For this reason, Amelia is never alone. Sometimes her confidence is contagious to others.

The springtime identities that bear this name stand out for their activity and ability to take on any task with interest. They are kind, always trying to help others and can easily get along with people. That's what Amelia can be like!

Names in astrology and compatibility

The guardian planet of the owner of the name – Uranus.

>The stone-shore – amethyst, as well as rock crystal.

Barberry, saxifrage and aspen plant.

Animal – electric stingray and eel.

Favorable days – Wednesday and Saturday.

Now we know what Amelia's name means, but which men are best for her to marry? There's only two of them: Groin and Witold. It's harder to create a family with Euphrates, Joseph, Trifon, Nikon and Vissarion.


Amalia name, character and fate | Which means the name Amalia

Which means the name Amalia: work (the name Amalia of Jewish origin).

The name has many variations and several versions of the origin. Thus, according to the first version, the name Amalia comes from the Old Germanic name, which translates as “work”, “work”. That's why the name “Amalia” is often interpreted as “hard-working”.

According to the second version of the name Amalia is “waiting, striving”. And in this case, the name has Arab roots. It is worth noting that the diminutively caressing names of Malik, Emma, Liya, Lina, which are often used as abbreviations for Amalia, are in fact also separate names.

Short value of the name Amalia: Amalya, Ama, Liya.

Amalia's Angel's Day:Amalia's name is marked twice a year by the name of the name of Amalia twice a year:

In the Orthodox calendar there is no name, but Catholics revere Saint Amalie, the widow and patroness of the city of Ghent in Belgium.

Amalia Zodiac:Sagittarius, Pisces.

Amalia character: What does Amalia name mean? Science such as numerology shows that the name Amalia is inherent in the number 9. And it means devotion to purpose, vocation, talent, dedication, maximal use of available talents.

The owner of the name of Amalia always enjoys authority, is able to become a strict, but fair leader, without retreating from the plan. Amalia is not recommended to demand too much from herself and to be a little indulgent with others.

But it must be said that, having made the first mistakes, the name Amalia immediately understands where the amount of arrogance, pride and self-esteem goes overboard, and then begins to eradicate these qualities in himself.

Amalia is an unusually creative person. She's capable of being an artist, an actress, a musician. But the commercial sphere is obviously not its environment. Also, Amalia is unlikely to succeed in her career as a military or metallurgist.

Amalia's professional career can be built in educational, radio-technical institutions, sports, medicine. In general, her main problem is not knowing how to identify her own talents and choose her life's path correctly.

But if Amalia succeeds in gaining the support of an experienced and wise person, she will listen to his opinion.

The main positive qualities of the name value are modesty, patience and tolerance. However, it is precisely because of this that Amalia often closes herself in.

She is well versed in people and, thanks to external obedience, easily disposes them to herself. Also, the owner of the name Amalia is distinguished by a sense of duty, strong willfulness.

In life, she achieves her goals, and this is always the result of only her merits.

Amalia enjoys success with men, due to its genuine sexuality. The most important thing for her in life is to build a family. The name Amalia loves children, but her maternal instinct doesn't always show up right away. She is hospitable and is considered to be a good hostess, always knows what she wants.

Amalia's ability to plan time allows her to keep up with everything and always. She practically never does anything under duress, but listens to requests. Friendlier with the opposite sex because she shares more interests with them.

The name Amalia in different languages:

  • The name Amalia in English: Amelia (Amelia).
  • Name of Amalia in German: Amalia (Amalia), Amalie (Amelie), Amelie (Amelie).
  • Name of Amalia in French: Amelie (Amelie).
  • Name of Amalia in Spanish: Amelia (Amelia), Amalia (Amalia).
  • Name of Amalia in Portuguese: Amelia (Amelia), Am?lia (Amalia).
  • Name of Amalia in Italian: Amelia (Amelia), Amalia (Amalia).
  • Name of Amalia in Corsican: Amelia (Amelia).
  • Name of Amalia in Oxytan: Amelha, Am?lia (Amelio).
  • Name of Amalia in Catalan: Amelia (Amelia, Amelia), Am?lia (Amalia, Amalie).
  • Name of Amalia in Romanian: Amalia (Amalia), Amelia (Amelia).
  • Name of Amalia in Hungarian: Amelia (Amalia), Am?lia (Amelia).
  • Name of Amalia in Polish: Amalia (Amalia), Amelia (Amelia).
  • Name of Amalia in Dutch: Amalia (Amalia), Amelia (Amelia).
  • Name of Amalia in Danish: Amalie (Amalie, Amalie).
  • Name of Amalia in Norwegian: Amalie (Amalie).
  • Name of Amalia in Finnish: Amalia (Amalia), Amalja (Amalja), Amaalia (Amaalia).
  • Name of Amalia in Serbian: Amalijah, Amalija (Amalia).

Amalia's Student in History:

  1. Amalia of Prussia – Princess and sister of King Frederick the Great of Prussia;
  2. Maria Amalia Saxonskaya is the wife of Charles III and Queen of Spain;
  3. Princess Amalia Saxonskaya (Amelia) is a German writer and composer;
  4. Amalia Mordvinova is an actress known under the pseudonym Amalia
  5. Amalia Riznic – the first wife of Ivan Riznic, an Odessa-based negociant of Serbian origin, who was the subject of passion A.S. Pushkin during his exile, and he once dedicated some of his poems to her. Skillful at a young age;
  6. Amalia Malka Natanson, mother of Sigmund Freud.

What Amelia's name means: character, compatibility, character, and destiny

Amelia's person:Amelia's personWhoever thinks about everything.


Major features:Society, intelligence, activity, health.

Dark plant: Violet.

Dark animal: Raspberry.

Znak:A Aquarius.

Type: Modest in appearance, but not forgetting themselves as their totem is a violet. These are very truthful natures, with rather contradictory character traits, at the same time restrained and willing to like.

Psyche: Trying to find their own individuality, sometimes locked in themselves. They lack the courage and confidence to do so. Can use their indecision.

Fields: Very strong, combined with a strong sense of duty helps them to succeed.

Excitability: People with this type of character know very well where the limit to act is, and where to stop and stay within the limits of what is allowed.

Rate: Amelia is very slow. Some of them seem to be the embodiment of humility and patience, which is exactly what helps them get their plans done.

Field of activity: They seem to like to force others to work rather than to work on their own. They don't have any special ambitions, but they know which way to go.

Love sports, become great swimmers. Success brings them everything related to electronics, radio, television. They can work as paediatricians or breathing facilities because they love young children.

And don't forget that they often get around their boss!

Intuition: Good. They also have a great knowledge of human psychology. They know which page to rip out. They like to play the role of a “woman child” and wear all kinds of bows, ruches and other things until they get old.

Intellect: They have a synthetic mindset that avoids life's mistakes. They have an excellent view of the circumstances surrounding this case.

Susceptibility: There is a certain amount of false naivety and played innocence in their sensitivity that make a strong impression on men.

Morality: These are mysterious women. They manage to be duplicitous, misleading others. Amelia's family and friends, be careful…

Health: Excellent, has served them for many years. Predisposed to fullness. These women should pay attention to the joints and knees and be cautious about winter sports.

Sexuality:strong>strong and difficult. There's the calculation, the spontaneity, the fears and the sensuality bordering on masochism. These women don't feel the need for motherhood, they may have problems in their lives.

Activity: They talk more than they do.

Society:Always ready to do the service, even if they do so with expectation. Excellent hostesses, guests are welcomed with glamour, can even get into debt, just to put the dust in the eyes.

Spell: Even though Amelia has made great strides, she remains restless, perhaps subconsciously aware that her successes are not a reflection of her merits.


Amalia's (Amelia's) purpose, origin, character and fate of the person, forms of treatment, compatibility and other

Amelia: meaning and origin of the name for the girl, character and fate

When a long-awaited girl is born in a family, parents begin to think: what is her name? What's the best name for her and what does it mean? Will it go with Daddy's name, that is, with the fatherland? Parents may not know that. What's Amalia's name hiding?

Where did the name Amalia come from

There are 3 versions of the origin of the name Amalia (Amelia, Emilia):

  • the name comes from the Old Germanic language and means “work”, “work”, so it is translated as “hard-working”;
  • Amalia is a form of Emily's name and translated from Latin as “rival”, “worthy opponent”;
  • Amalia is a form of Amal name that comes from two languages and means:
    • in Yiddish – “hard-working”;
    • in Arabic – “waiting,” “striving,” “hope
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