Amalia: the meaning of the name for the girl and its origin, character and fate


Amalia's name, character traits and the fate of its owner. Which means the name Amalia, origin and history

Amalia: meaning of the name for the girl and its origin, character and fate

The name of the person defines the basic features of his character, predisposition to a profession, creativity. What does the name Amalia mean? What, the origin and history of Amalia's name? It's worth it.

Amalia's name is

Amalia literally from the Hebrew language means “work”. A girl with such a name is often hard-working and very diligent in achieving her goal. Amalia likes to have everything around her in some order.

The zodiac sign that best suits a girl is fish. It gives her a touch of refinement and romanticism. The planet that protects her is Mercury. A planet of reflection and reflection. Amalia often plunges into her inner world and loses touch with reality.

The origin and history of the name Amalia

Historians disagree about what the name Amalia means. According to one version, it means “hard-working”, diligent and working on herself. This is a classic interpretation of the name.

Amalia's second version of the name is “aspiration”, “expectation”. Scientists insist the name has Arab roots. The Leah's and Malik's diminutive variants are independent names.

Amalia celebrates the birthdays twice a year – on the tenth of June and the twenty-first of November. These celebrations are for Catholics only, as in Catholic tradition it is customary to honor Amalie, the patroness of Ghent, in Belgium.

Amalia's character and destiny

The number that accompanies Amalia is a nine. It characterizes a person as a talented person, lucky in all endeavors. The girl enjoys great authority with others because of her wisdom, honesty.

He has great leadership skills. From an early age, she has a strong belief in her position and is not inferior to anyone in matters of principle. Little Amalia isn't very beautiful.

It attracts with its easy-going character and good heart. Amalia is a friend of almost everybody.

Easy to trust people, but at an older age she no longer takes risks and does not get close to those who once cheated or betrayed.

Amalia's father loves and honors more than his mother. She can spend all her vacations and weekends with him. Loves men's hobbies and hobbies. When Amalia grows up, she likes the company of men more because she has no gossip and gossip.

Amalia is not jealous, so it is difficult for her to get along in a large women's group, where everyone is valued, it is accepted in the eyes of flattering. Amalia is a creative person, so she is often in the spotlight of her peers. If parents discover all her talents in time, she can grow up to be a wonderful artist, singer.

Amalia is too demanding on herself and others. She has a rather complicated character, with which it is almost impossible to get along if the girl herself does not control the emotions. Amalia should learn restraint and endurance because she can be arrogant. Because of his character, Amalia often loses important acquaintances and even love.

To note the positive traits of a girl's character:

– Modesty;

– Integrity;

– A sense of duty;

– Will power.

He has a too acute sense of justice and a sense of duty. That's why it requires the near impossible from others.

Amalia is almost unable to understand why she is doing her job perfectly, while others are not. She likes to gather a lot of attention around her.

Sometimes she even makes scandals to understand how people feel about her. Just as Amalia is a creative person, she should choose the profession of journalist, film critic, musician. She's also impressed with military service, police work. In medicine and education, Amalia will also feel comfortable.

Amalia's life needs the advice of a wise man to put things in order. She needs support. That's the kind of support she'll get when she's a kid. In the future, the girl will choose men who will bring harmony and wisdom to her life.

Amalia is quite difficult to find yourself in the professional field. She is constantly searching for her calling and deserved self-realization. She's easy on the money. Amalia is difficult to do business because she is tough on management and leadership and does not think that anyone can make a mistake or fail to follow her instructions Amalia has conflicts at work on a regular basis.

This is because she often exceeds the authority given to her by management. Amalia has long been unable to find common ground with her colleagues. But when he does, he's got their honesty and justice.

Amalia's Love

Amalia's character and destiny make her attractive enough for the opposite sex. Men are lining up to spend the evening with her. It attracts them with its immediacy and independence. Amalia has subtle facial features and a good figure. The girl appreciates herself and does not allow men to manage their lives.

Amalia loves children, but the role of the mother for her becomes relevant after thirty years, when the girl realized herself in the career and creativity. Amalia likes to host guests, she always has a cozy and beautiful home.

Amalia tries to create a real comfort around her loved ones. She gives them presents, knows what they want in advance. Amalia knows how to be friends, she is honest and sincere, so people around her appreciate her and try not to conflict with her.

Married Amalia is not in a hurry. She chooses the wise and practical man for her life. She doesn't like to scandal because she thinks she's the only one who's right.

If she's making a mistake, she'll admit it instantly and do whatever it takes to fix it. Despite his complicated nature, the husband loves his honest and decent woman madly. It answers with reciprocity.

In their house is always cozy and fun, always welcome guests.


Designation of the name Amalia. Name Mystery, Origin, Numerology

Amalia: Name Value and Origin, Character and Fate


  1. Name character
  2. Amalia Numerology
  3. Name mystery

There are several versions of the origin of the name Amalia. According to the first variant, the name has Old German origin. It is derived from the word amal, which is translated as “work” or “work”. Therefore, the value of the name Amalia in this case is “hard-working”.

According to the second version, the origin of the name Amalia has Latin roots and is translated as “rival” or “worthy opponent”. Another variant of origin and Amalia – Arabic.

To indicate the name can be “waiting”, “hope”, “aspiration”.

The nature of the name

Your friends and colleagues will have to get used to your specialty by “getting used to it” and negotiating for a long time. Otherwise, a positive result will not be achieved.

You are often referred to as the “salt of the earth” because you have common sense, sincerity, honesty, and a willingness to come to the rescue. You love people and you want to be answered the same way. Read more: Alya.

You don't like to be rushed. You're working slowly, and sometimes you're moving as slowly as you are. But that's not always a good thing: because of your slowness, you might miss out on a good opportunity in business.


Amalia for a girl's sake gives the holder qualities of kindness, hard work, modesty, humility, humility, tolerance and responsiveness from nature.

Amalia grows up her mother's daughter. She's very fond of her parents, ready to help them around the house. In general, she's very independent. She is curious and interested in learning something new that she learns well.

In the future, this independence leads to an early departure from the parents' home. Little brisk Amalia is turning into a shy teenager as she gets older. The significance of Amalia's name gave this girl a distinctive feature – honesty. Therefore, she is by nature truthful and always fights for the truth.

Little Amalia is very active and even restless girl, but at the same time she is obedient, parents are not perechitsya, with others is charming and smiling. The little girl is not hysterical to her parents and they rarely see her tears, so they are very proud of their girl.

Amalia name for a girl gives her the opportunity to study well at school. There she is often set an example for other students, so she feels her uniqueness and selects herself as a child.

Particularly it reflects well on her self-esteem. Parents have to make sure that this does not turn out to be too selfish and proud. Amazing perseverance ensures good academic performance in all subjects at Amalia school.

There is usually Amalia, which means the name “rival”, has a very good relationship with her peers. She's great with both boys and girls. The company does not seek to become a leader or a factory.

Business and career

Amalia's name value for a girl is her inability to find the right profession for herself, corresponding to her interests and talents.

To make sure that she does not make the wrong choice, she needs an experienced close person she trusts. He should act as a mentor.

Given a gentle, easy-going character, she can easily find common ground with her colleagues. Congenital perseverance, optimism, responsibility and diligence help to achieve high success and achieve goals that contribute to a fast career progression.

Mixing her career can only be a habit of doing what she thinks is necessary. She hasn't been used to doing what she's been forced to do since she was a kid. Therefore, colleagues will have to accept this feature.

It is important to know what the name Amalia means close connection with the creative sphere. This girl can become a successful writer, artist, musician, actress, fashion designer. The road to teaching or sport is open.

If you wish, she can be an excellent doctor. The fate of Amalia with the sphere of trade or commerce does not add up. It is very difficult to give it a profession of technical profile, the exception is the industry of radio electronics.

Personal life

Amalia's name is the value of the name and destiny of the girl's individuality, ease and restraint. Amalia's romantic and emotional nature hides behind a mask of rationality.

This girl loves her ears and it is important that she is constantly praised and complimented. I like to make an impression. She's insecure because inside she's hesitant about whether she's a strong independent woman or a weak and defenseless woman.

Preference is given to men like macho. But men like that don't usually choose Amalia for themselves. They don't like her. If she fails to find mutual feelings, she directs all her energy to work.

In her youth, Amalia does not fall for random connections. She's always looking for the last person that's right for her. In her family life, she finds true happiness in women. And it is the late marriage that helps her realize it, evaluate and feel the beauty of family relationships.

For marriage Amalia is looking for a man for a very long time. She doesn't want to start a family early or get married by choice. It's important for her to find a man she can trust unconditionally. He will be loved with all his heart and will never cheat on him.

When children are born in a family, Amalia takes over not only the household she likes, but also the responsibility for raising the children and providing for the family.

This wife is flexible, which everyone uses. She's totally irrevocable. Children are ready to do everything possible and impossible for them to get a good education, work, material support, and respect in society.

Later on they form a partnership with their husband. The inherent jealousy and high exactingness of youth disappear, leaving behind infinite respect. The surrounding family will seem mysterious, arousing interest and a desire to learn more about them.


You are attracted by beauty and harmony in all its forms. Therefore, your primary concern is to keep them around you.

It follows that any action that may result in a disruption of the normal order of things is disgusting to your nature.

But you will not “fight” with someone who tries to create such an imbalance. A “skinny world” is always “better than a good fight” for you, so the enemy should be turned into a friend, showing tact and diplomacy.

And there is nothing surprising in the fact that you have a lot of friends, and almost no enemies. You are always able not only to find a compromise solution, but also to “awaken the best feelings” in a person who is negative towards you.

But just knowing what to do in a given situation is not a choice. The view must be reinforced by action. And this is where your indecision often fails you. It's not timidity or fear of consequences. Just fluctuations in the search for the best option. Life experience will help you get rid of them.

External appearance

The main task is not to cause spontaneous antipathy in anyone. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the unity of style, softness of lines and, not least, the general tidiness of the outerwear.

Inadequate detail in the clothes makes the same unpleasant impression as skidding, freshness of any part of the costume. Try to learn to understand the styles. Otherwise, striving for an average type may cause you to look like a “gray mouse”.

Amalia Numerology

Amalia Numerology

The owners of the number 8 have a tendency to do business. “The G8s are mostly very strong individuals who put practicality and material benefit at the centre.

They are used to doing business all the time, without rest or breaks. They don't get anything in life for nothing, they have to fight for it. However, it is among the “Eights” that a large number of successful businessmen and politicians are among them. They stop at nothing to achieve their goals and achieve their goals at any cost and by any means.

The family is always the leader, and often the tyrant. The “Eight” in the character warehouse are not inclined to make a lot of friends.

Their main friend is work. However, it is worth remembering that if the “eight” catches up with a long line of failures, it can break down, shut itself up and lose all interest in life.

Interpretation of the value of the letters Amalia

A is a symbol of the beginning and the desire to start and implement something, a thirst for physical and spiritual comfort.
M – caring personality, willingness to help, possible shyness. At the same time, a warning to the owner that he is part of nature and should not succumb to the temptation of “pulling a blanket on himself”.

Predatory of nature, the owner of this letter hurts himself.
A – a symbol of the beginning and the desire to start and implement something, the desire for physical and spiritual comfort.
L – a subtle perception of beauty, artistic talents, the desire to share knowledge and feelings with a partner.

Warning its owner not to waste his life, to find his true purpose.
And – subtle spirituality, sensitivity, kindness, peacefulness. On the surface, one shows practicality as a screen to hide romantic soft nature.

I – self-esteem, the desire to achieve respect and love of the environment and the ability to get them.

Compatibility of the name Amalia, a manifestation of love

Love is an urgent, everyday necessity for you, sometimes unconscious. Therefore, your attitude towards your partner is dominated by tenderness, often quite burdensome, and care, sometimes bordering on compulsive pleasures.

However, you are in the firm belief that you are doing the right thing and demand an adequate response from your point of view – gratitude and admiration.

Amalia, you are easily vulnerable, suspicious and upset, and often get into a state of irritation without any visible reason. In the long absence of a partner “within reach” you are visited by the feeling of abandonment, uncertainty that you are happy.

All you really need to do is to find a person who will like your touching affection and selfless devotion. Then the union will be long and harmonious.

Amalia – the value of the name for a girl suggests its favorable compatibility with such male names as Alexander, Maximus, Ivan, Vladimir, Nikolai, George, Gregory, Peter, Igor, Vadim, Leonid, Victor, Makar, Semen, Roman, Sergei, Denis. It is possible to build a strong relationship and build a strong alliance with these men.

Unsuccessful compatibility with Arkady, Arseniy, Dmitry, Moses, Gabriel, Klim.

The secret of the name

The secret of the name Amalia is that she inherits from her mother and from her father her inner qualities. This parent-loving girl can grow up to be the perfect woman. Read more: Amin's name.

The secret name Amalia is considered to be such astrological compatibility:

  • the zodiac constellation – Aquarius, Capricorn;
  • the patron planet – Saturn;
  • favorable plants – aspen, barberry, alpine rose, saxifrage;
  • totemporal animal – electric ray;
  • happy color – purple;
  • masco stone – rock crystal, amethyst;
  • auspicious day – Saturday.


Name Amalia: Name, character and fate

Amalia: Name value for a girl and its origin, character and fate

Each name imposes a certain imprint on its owner. That's why his choice is worth paying attention to. We suggest you find out what the name Amalia means. You might want to call your daughter that. What character the girl will have and how her fate will be, is hidden in the meaning of the name Amalia.


There are several versions of the origin of the name. According to one of them, it has ancient Germanic roots. In German, the word amal means “work, work”. Therefore, the value of the name Amalia can be interpreted as “hard-working”.

There is also a Latin version of the origin: the root of the name is the word aemula, which is translated as “worthy opponent”. However, it is pronounced somewhat differently: Amelia or Emilia.

The same word “amal” is in Arabic, and it is translated as “aspiration, hope”. Muslims use it in the form of Amal. This is the name given to male children.

In Russia and the CIS countries, it is quite rare, but in the UK, Amelia is a very common variant of the name Amelia.

Name: meaning and destiny

Name of each person is reflected in the character of its owner, which has a huge impact on his future fate. Amalia is notable for her hard work, modesty, responsiveness, tolerance, submission and kindness. From early childhood, the girl has developed analytical skills. She enjoys sports and sometimes reaches a professional level.

Amalia does not tolerate being rushed. She's doing her job slowly, but she's doing it all the time. However, this sluggishness and slowness may affect the possibility of promotion. Amalia's a true believer, her main feature is honesty.

The combination of the name and the zodiac sign

Before naming a child, it is necessary to specify to what extent its zodiac sign is compatible with the value of the name Amalia. For girls born under the constellations of Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Gemini, Cancer and Virgo, it is best suited. The influence of these signs reinforces the characteristic features of the name Amalia.

Children's years

Amalia's name has a positive effect on the character of the little girl. She's growing up to be a calm, not a troubled child. Doesn't try to attract attention with bad behavior or other pranks. Parents won't have to be nervous about it.

Amalia has discretion and peace of mind, so she is often set as an example for other children. She is a model child, but excessive praise can have a negative impact on the girl.

Amalia may get used to such treatment, after which she will want to draw attention to herself in any way possible.

Adolescent age

Adolescent period is very difficult for many children, but Amalia's parents should not worry. The girl will grow up to be obedient and serious. It easily copes with the set tasks and does not pass before difficulties, accurately following the planned purpose. Since fortune is not always on her side, Amalia has to achieve everything on her own, with perseverance and diligence.

Ego does not need to be forced to do the lessons, as she approaches any business with responsibility. The girl prefers to lead an active lifestyle, so she likes to play sports.

Amalia is of interest to the opposite sex. She charms men with her charm and serenity. A girl could easily use her charm for selfish purposes, but Amalia's soul is so pure that she doesn't dare resort to such tricks.

He is a faithful and reliable friend who will always give his shoulder to a friend in a difficult situation. Amalia is a very honest girl, she won't cheat or betray.

Sea Effects

Do you know that the time of year in which the child was born also affects the child's character? The meaning of the name Amalia acquires slightly different features:

  • The girl, born in the winter period, is distinguished by discipline and honesty. Such a character trait as a lie is not a priori characteristic of it.
  • Vesna gives Amalie a generous and energetic character. When she tries to make an idea come true, she is able to attract other people to her work.
  • The girls born in the summer have impeccable manners. They can be classified as intellectuals. They are easy and pleasant to communicate with, can accommodate anyone.
  • Autumn name-holders have the ability to think analytically. They're charming, and they have a good instinct. They can be consulted for useful advice.

Fitting professions

Amalia has an active lifestyle and a passion for sports. If she decides to become a professional athlete, she can achieve good results. It is also suitable for creative work, so it will make a great musician, artist, actress, writer or fashion designer. Amalia is very patient and calm, so it is easy to cope with the profession of a teacher.

At the same time, she will not be able to realize herself in the commercial sphere or in the specialization of technical direction.


The owner of the name Amalia has an excellent physical form. Mental health is also characterized positively. However, with age, the woman's predisposition to obesity is manifested, and this leads to problems in the functioning of the musculoskeletal system (knee pain, joint disease), impaired internal functioning (lung, kidney, heart, and spleen disease).

If Amalia ignores the symptoms of disease, it can lead to negative consequences in the form of serious complications.

Love and family ties

Amalia's name is also reflected in love relations. A girl will only be able to bind herself by marriage if she meets her true love. She's not interested in the wealth and the big name of the boyfriend. Amalia does not intend to trade her maiden honor for money and fame.

In her priorities are sincere feelings, not cold calculation. She believes in love at first sight and trusts people very much, so she needs to be a little careful not to be disappointed in marriage.

Amalia is a wonderful hostess: her house is cozy and orderly. She's a great cook, so she can pamper her loved ones with different delicacies. Her children are always tidy and well-groomed. Amalia has a good relationship with her mother-in-law.

Male Compatibility

Firm union can be with men named Edward, Alexei, Constantine, Ruslan, Victor and Michael. Amalia is a romantic nature, and at the same time she is a strong personality, which scares some men. If she can't build a strong family, she's giving herself up to work.

Astrological Characteristics

Patronyman Planet – Uran.

The most acceptable sign of the zodiac is Aquarius and Capricorn.

The darkest animal is the electric stingray.

The symbol of the plant world is the Alpine rose.

The most suitable color is olive-lead, black.

Patron stone – amethyst.

Angel's Day

This name is missing from the Orthodox calendar, so when you baptize a child you will have to choose a second name. However, in the Catholic faith, the Day of the Angel of Amalia is considered to be June 10 and November 21.


What does the beautiful name Amalia mean?

Amalia: the meaning of the name for the girl and its origin, character and fate

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