Acipol: instructions for use for children and adults, composition, analogues


Acipol capsules: instructions, prices and reviews

In this medical article, you can read the Acipol medicine. The instructions for use will explain when you can take the pills, what the medicine does for you, what are the indications, contraindications and side effects. In the article, physicians and consumers can only give real-life feedback about Acipol, from which they can learn whether the drug has helped in the treatment of diarrhea (diarrhea), colitis, and dysbiosis in adults and children, for which it is also prescribed. The instructions list the analogues of Acipol, the prices of the drug in pharmacies, and its use in pregnancy.

The bioproiotic drug is Acipol. Instructions for use recommend taking capsules or tablets for acute intestinal infections, enterocolitis of infectious and non-infectious etiology, various intestinal dysfunctions, digestive disorders.

Form of release and composition

Acipol capsules or tablets filled with a mixture of crushed kefir fungi (including water-soluble polysaccharide) inactivated by warming and antagonistically active antagonistically active live acidophilic lactobacillus are delivered to the pharmacy.

a single capsule: live acidophilic lactobacillus – not less than 107; kefir fungus polysaccharide – 0.4 mg.

Pharmacological action

The composition of the drug includes probiotic cultures of lactobacillus acidophilic and polysaccharide kefir fungi.

Acipol is a multifactorial drug, which has antagonistic activity in relation to opportunistic and pathogenic microorganisms, increases immunological reactivity in the body, corrects intestinal flora.

Acidophilic lactobacillus – anaerobic microorganisms growing in nitrogen or carbon dioxide atmosphere. The strains of acidophilic lactobacillus used in the preparation have excellent resistance to various adverse factors.

Acipol activates the natural process of production of vitamins B and K in the intestines, normalizes cholesterol and bilirubin metabolism, stimulates immunity, improves digestion, normalizes the work of the entire gastrointestinal system, improves the absorption of nutrients, stimulates peristalsis and intestinal motility.

What does Acipol do for you?

The directions for use of the drug include prevention and treatment of dysbacteriosis (increased overall resistance) and conditions leading to its development:

  • long-term antibacterial therapy;
  • chronic colitis;
  • acute intestinal infections (dysentery, salmonellosis, rotavirus gastroenteritis);
  • Enterocolitis of infectious and non-infectious genesis;
  • < atopic dermatitis and other allergic manifestations;
  • < chronic, prolonged, recurrent respiratory diseases (bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.)Pneumocystic);
  • active antibiotic therapy for purulent-septic diseases in infants.

Instruction for use

Acipol capsules are taken orally, without chewing, drinking boiled water.

Treatment duration and daily dose are selected individually depending on age, duration and severity of the disease. 2-3 times a day (including meals). The capsule is preliminarily opened and dissolved in boiled water or milk. Children over 3 years of age are assigned one capsule each. 3-4 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

Acipol is taken for 5-8 days in case of acute intestinal infections. Longer courses of treatment are indicated for children with weight loss caused by chronic diseases (accompanied by dysbacteriosis).

For the purpose of prophylaxis prescribe 1 capsule of the drug once a day. The drug is taken for 10-15 days. Repeated courses are conducted no earlier than 1 month after the completion of previous treatment.


Not prescribed for individual intolerance to Acipol, which may cause side effects.


Side-effects of using Acipol in recommended doses are not known. If the drug is intolerant, allergic reactions are likely.

Children, pregnant and breastfed

The drug is allowed to be taken by pregnant and lactating women.

Children aged 3 months to 3 years Acipol is prescribed 1 capsule 2-3 times a day (together with meals), opening the capsule and dissolving its contents in milk or boiled water. Children over 3 years old are prescribed 1 capsule 3-4 times a day for 30 minutes before meals.

Special instructions

It is important to know! You cannot use a product that has broken its inner packaging, does not have any markings, the expiration date has expired. The mechanism of action of probiotics is quite well studied, so Acipol has a reasonably high degree of proof of use.

Pharmaceutical interaction

Pharmaceutical interaction data are missing.

Acipol drug analogues

Full analogues are absent. To normalize intestinal microflora prescribe:

  1. Hilak forte.
  2. Enterol.
  3. Lactobacterin.
  4. Probifor.
  5. Effidigest.
  6. Flonivine BC.
  7. Lactulose.
  8. Livolok-PB.
  9. Primadophyllus.
  10. Bififiform.
  11. Goodluck.
  12. Bifinorm.
  13. Dry Kolibakterin.
  14. Lisalak.
  15. Bifidumbacterin.
  16. Acylact.
  17. Proteophage (liquid proteium phage).

Vacation conditions and price

Average price of Acipol (capsule № 30) in Moscow is 322 rubles. In Kiev you can buy a medicine for 315 hryvnia. It is difficult to find a drug in Kazakhstan and Minsk. Released from pharmacies without prescription.


Cheap analogues and substitutes for acipolis for children and adults

Acipol: Guidelines for use in children and adults, composition, analogues

Acipol is a drug from the probiotic group, the composition of which is represented by live lactobacillus and kefir fungi. The drug effectively copes with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, actively affecting microorganisms that cause infection and promote the development of beneficial bacteria.

The active ingredient suppresses the growth of intestinal pathogens, improves peristalsis, helps to eliminate toxins, and lowers Ph. The average price in pharmacies in Russia is 300 rubles. Close acipol substitutes have similar properties to restore quality intestinal microflora.

Substitution with a cheap medicine must be approved by the attending physician to avoid side effects.

Analogues of Russian manufacture

Acipolus is produced in Russia, but its cost is not cheaper. There are many synonyms of the medicine from the domestic manufacturer, the best of which are listed in the table below.

Preparation Average price in pharmaciesDescription
BifidumbakterinOt 105 rublesLiving bifidobacteria included in the drug, actively affect pathogens, stabilize the intestinal and vaginal microflora, restore normal intestinal function. The cheapest analogue. Possible use in pregnancy, in children from 1 month.
LactobacterinOt 170 rublesThe drug contains live lactobacillus bacteria, whose main function is antagonistic activity against bacteria causing dysbacteriosis. The form of production are vaginal tablets and candles.
Bificol>Ot 400 rublesThe medicine is produced as a suspension. Indications for use: dysbacteriosis against intestinal infections, gastrointestinal diseases, reconstruction after chemotherapy. Admission in children is possible from six months.
AcylactOt 145 rublesProbiotic drug with active lactobacillus bacteria in the composition. Restores bacteriocenosis of the intestine and oral cavity. Increases immunity, improves metabolism.

Ukrainian substitutes

Cost analogues of acipol from a Ukrainian manufacturer successfully compete with medicines from foreign pharmaceutical companies.

The following probiotics have gained popularity:

  • Multiprobiotic Acidophilic Symbiter. Average price from 320 rubles. The drug is hard to find in pharmacies in Russia. Sold as a suspension. Received excellent recommendations from doctors in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases
  • Biosporin Biopharma. Average price from 240 rubles. The product contains living microbial cells of bacilli subtylus, which, without affecting the cells of normal microflora, actively affect pathogenic bacteria.
  • Subaline. The average price from 180 rubles. Immunomodulating, antibacterial, antiviral medicine with living useful bacteria in the composition. Good replacement for a cheap probiotic.

Belarusian generics

Atsipol is a Russian-made medicine. It has an extensive list of generics, among them Belarusian substitutes are very popular.

PreparationAverage cost in pharmacies Description
BactolactOt 120 rublesLyophilized microbial mass of living lactobacillus bacteria. There are no contraindications for pregnancy, lactation or childhood admissions from birth.
DialactOt 50 rublesUsed in the treatment of diarrhea, as a supportive therapy for antibiotics, bacterial colpitis, vaginal and intestinal dysbiosis.
LactriolOt 180 rublesThe drug effectively manages dysbiosis, constipation, hepatic encephalopathy. As part of the drug lactitole monohydrate.

Other foreign analogues

List of imported close substitutes for acipolis includes the most well-known drugs. Some prices are significantly higher than acipol.

When choosing what to replace the prescribed medicine, it is necessary to focus not only on the price list, but also on the functional features of the medicine.

  • Hilac Forte. The form of the issue is the drops. The average price from 160 rubles for a bottle of 30 ml. Positively affects the digestive system and metabolism. Country manufacturer Germany.
  • Enterogermina. The form of release – drops, suspension, powder. Average price from 360 rubles. Successfully restores intestinal microflora, eliminates dysvitaminosis. The country of production is Italy, Ukraine.
  • Enterol. The form of the issue is the drops. Average price from 210 rubles. Antidiarrheal microbial agent. The country of origin is France.
  • Linex. The form of the issue is the capsule. Average price from RUB 320.
  • Linex Baby Powder – average price from RUB 180. The composition is a mixture of probiotics. The country of origin is Slovenia.
  • Normobact. The form of the issue is powder. The average price from 300 rubles. The preparation contains live useful microbacteria: lactobacillus and bifidobacteria in an equal ratio. The country of origin is Poland.

In search of the best low-cost synonym for acipol, it is important to remember that probiotics are used in complex therapy with other drugs. It can be used independently for preventive purposes.

Probiotics help digest food, produce vitamins, maintain immunity, reduce cholesterol levels, neutralize toxins, and protect gastrointestinal tract organs.

Products from this group of drugs prove the popularity of acipol and explain the large number of its close substitutes.


Analytics of Acipol: cheap and effective substitutes for the drug for children and adults

Acipol: instructions for use in children and adults, composition, analogues

Health of the intestinal microflora is necessary for the normal functioning of the entire body, in particular for the immune system, which can prevent disease. In addition, intestinal microorganisms are important digestive links that help digest and digest food and form a barrier to pathogenic bacteria.

It is therefore important to maintain the health of the gastrointestinal tract's microflora, using drugs to regulate its balance, if necessary. One such means is Acipol. It is efficient, but can be replaced by analogues that show no less high results if necessary.

Acipol and its structural analogues represent a group of eubiotics, a multifactorial drug that maintains the balance of gastrointestinal microflora (some forms also normalize the microbiota of the oral cavity and vagina) due to the content of living useful bacteria, increase the body's resistance to infectious diseases, preventing the translocation of potentially pathogenic microorganisms.

Realized through over-the-counter pharmacies. Probiotic in the form of light dry biomass with sour-milk odor is placed in a capsule shell resistant to gastric juice. Among the main and auxiliary components:

  • living acidophilic lactobacillus;
  • kefir fungus polysaccharide;
  • Iron oxide;
  • Titanium dioxide;
  • gelatin.

The main indications for appointment are considered by experts:

  • gastrointestinal tract infections;
  • colitis;
  • intestinal disorders;
  • passing a long course of antibiotic therapy;
  • gastrointestinal failures.

Colita species

Besides, the drug is used in a complex way in the treatment of respiratory diseases (bronchitis, pneumonia of various etiologies).

Due to the fact that these diseases imply antibacterial therapy, the use of Acipol helps to prevent the development of dysbacteriosis.

Moreover, the use of this drug suppresses the symptoms of atopic dermatitis, prolongs the period of remission of the disease.

Eubiotics also differs in that it can be used in childhood.

For children who are particularly susceptible to acute respiratory viral infections, Acipol is prescribed to increase hemoglobin levels and reduce the incidence of viral infections.

The drug is also used in childhood during remission.

There is a wide range of substitutes that are no less effective in supporting/rehabilizing microflora, which should be considered in more detail.

Prices for the drug and its main analogues, the average in Russia

Prices for the drug and its analogues in Russia may change (Table 1).

Price Preparations
Acipol from 281 (30 capsules)
Bifidumbakterin from 92 (10 vials of 5 doses each)
Lactobacterin from 170 (10 bottles of 5 doses each)
BactolactFrom 120 (6 bottles of 5 doses each)
DialactOt 50 (10 bottles of 5 doses each)
BificolOt 280 (10 5-dose bottles each)
BifififormOt 400 (30 capsules)
Linex (immuno)Ot 250 (30 capsules)

Better substitutes

Pharmaceutical market has a list of cheaper Acipol substitutes. Popular analogues are Belarusian generics, which can be purchased in Russia at a low cost. All of the following cheap analogues of Acipol are applicable to children (including newborns and first months of life).


This medicine is one of the cheapest analogues of Acipol. You can buy it in Russia for 90-120 rubles (depending on the city). Bifidobacteria, which are part of the drug, stabilize intestinal microflora, contribute to the normalization of intestinal function and improve digestive function.

Medicament helps normalize metabolic processes and activates the body's resistance to adverse external factors. It is an effective remedy for intestinal pathologies, abnormal gastrointestinal absorption and dysbiosis in children.


The medicine is used for intestinal dysfunction, chronic colitis, and paediatric practice in the comprehensive treatment of patients with infectious diseases accompanied by dermatitis.

It is also used as a therapeutic measure to improve the reproductive tract in women. It is desirable to combine the medicine with vitamins.

It is also indicated for children with dysbacteriosis, colitis, dermatitis.


The drug is a biologically based drug that maintains the balance of gastrointestinal microflora. The composition includes microorganisms that produce lactic acid.

They actively affect the microorganisms of different groups, improve metabolic processes, and prevent the development of various intestinal diseases. When infants are fed with donor milk or converted to artificial feeding, the paediatrician prescribes Bactolact as a preventive measure. Also successfully used during pregnancy and lactation.


This medicine is prescribed for the treatment of diarrhoea caused by viral infections of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the remedy is effective in the treatment of colpitis, in violation of the purity of vaginal secretion. Actively used as part of a treatment package in children and infants with pneumonia, sepsis, or other infectious diseases.

Signs of premature birth in infants and severe toxicity in the mother are also indications for the use of the drug.

Other similar products

As well as the abovementioned inexpensive products, there are also more expensive options on the market with similar effects, their uses and composition are also similar to those of Acipol.

All of them are dispensed without prescription in pharmacies. Active substances do not have a negative impact on the fetus and the health of the mother during pregnancy, and are also permitted during lactation.

They do not cause side effects and have no contraindications for use.


The product is produced as a suspension. Used in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and intestinal disorders. Often prescribed by doctors in the treatment of dysbacteriosis and to prevent it. The product is used orally. Contraindications are:

  • pulmonary colitis;
  • individual intolerance to fructose and lactose;
  • age up to 6 months.


The drug is a biologically active additive that restores microflora. It consists of useful bacteria, which are built into the structure of natural flora, and restore the normal balance of useful microorganisms, which is an obstacle to the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms and prevents gastrointestinal tract diseases.

Bififiform can be attributed to any factors that have caused gastrointestinal disorders:

  • antibiotic treatment;
  • passing through chemotherapy;
  • gastrointestinal disorders accompanied by prolonged diarrhea;
  • prevention of intestinal infections;
  • chronic digestive tract diseases that cause microflora disturbance.

Bifiform Benefits

The capsule medicine can be used in both adults and children (over two years of age). Bififiform is usually used twice a day. The duration of treatment depends on the type and stage of the disease and must be approved by a doctor. The only contraindication to the use of this product may be individual intolerance, which is extremely rare.

The shelf life of the drug is 18 months. You can't use it after the expiration date.


Probiotic Acylact is effectively used to restore the balance of gastrointestinal microflora and prevent dysbiosis. The drug is also used to treat vaginitis, vaginosis, gonorrhea and herpes in an integrated manner.

Today, Acylact is available in three forms in pharmacies:

  1. Pills.
  2. Lyophilisate for local and ingestion.
  3. Vaginal candles (suppositories).

Description of probiotics

Medicines in the form of suppositories help to restore bacteriocenosis of the female genitalia and increase local immunity. Indications for use are diseases of different origins, in which there are observed violations of vaginal microflora.

These women who are found to have inflammatory diseases of the cervix and appendages of the uterus, the drug is prescribed after a course of antibacterial treatment. As a preventive measure, the product can be prescribed before gynaecological operations. If there is a risk of complications after delivery, Acylact is also prescribed for prophylaxis.

Typically, the drug should be used once a day and the course of treatment is 10-15 days. But the duration of this treatment is determined by the doctor.


Linex has been proven to be effective in preventing/therapy of dysbiosis over many years:

  • diarea;
  • dispersal;
  • clogging;
  • meteorism;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • abdominal pain.

Applicable for all age groups of patients: adults (including the elderly), children (possibly even in the first months of life). It is also used when necessary during pregnancy and lactation.

Lineks should be taken orally after a meal with a small volume of liquid.

Children who find it difficult to swallow the capsule should open it and mix it with a small amount of clean water by pouring powder into a spoon.

Physician and patient feedback

Physicians and specialists both talk about the need to take probiotics:

Kalinichenko E.I., therapist: “Linex is an effective probiotic. For several years he has been prescribing complex antibacterial therapy to protect/restore intestinal microflora.

The only disadvantage of the drug is its cost, because today we often choose for our patients not less worthy, but more affordable options – Bifidumbacterin, Bififiform, Bactolact.

Valeria, 23 years old: “Acipol is a drug that has the right effect after the first dose.

Immediately after the course of antibiotic treatment, the doctor prescribed this effective remedy to restore the balance of microflora.

Taste and smell of the product are neutral. Normally combined with other medications. There are no side effects of the drug. The price is quite acceptable, I was satisfied with the drug, but I learned that there are cheaper drugs. I will try to switch to Baktolakt – the doctor says it is no less effective”.

Klavdia Starchenko: “I used Acipol's analogue – Bifidumbacterin after finishing the course of antibiotics. I mixed two bags of the product in yogurt or kefir and took it twice a day: morning and evening. The drug does not affect the taste of fermented milk products, only slightly changes their color.

The drug instantly normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, and acts much better than the advertised bifidoogurt. The only inconvenience for me is that the product should be kept in the refrigerator, as well as all probiotics, and therefore, it will not work out with me on the road”.

Starchenko K.I., gynecologist: “I use acylact after the treatment of vaginitis, tank. vaginosis for a long time. After antibiotic therapy, I also prescribe oral medications such as Acipol. Usually the package is enough for the full course.

From minuses – some discomfort from the need to use the pads after each procedure.

The above mentioned representatives of the probiotic group effectively prevent the vital activity/propagation of pathogenic microorganisms, restore the microflora, positively affecting the functioning of the immune system and the general state of the body.

Most of Acipol's analogues and the probiotic itself can be used not only by adults, but also by children during the first three years of life, which indicates the safety of the drug and its natural composition. Despite all the advantages, it is important that immunomodulatory therapy is controlled by a physician.

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