7 weeks pregnant. What happens, signs and feelings

7 week of pregnancy – feelings, fetal development, photo, ultrasound, video

7 week of pregnancy. What happens, signs and feelings

Weightly pregnancy 7 weeks – Fetal development and female sensation

The seventh week of pregnancy corresponds to the third week of delay and the fifth week of conception. Here comes your second month of pregnancy!


Signs of pregnancy in week 7

They are becoming obvious, because the hormonal changes in the woman's body are already taking place:

  1. Appetite is changing more and more often, and salivation is a concern. If you used to eat with great reluctance, now you often have snacks and look forward to every meal. Some foods and smells cause nausea, but vomiting is mainly observed only in the morning. Some women begin to suffer from early toxicity, as evidenced by poor health, frequent vomiting and weight loss.
  2. Women's emotional state is very complex and contradictory. She's happy, but she's always worried about something. This period is especially difficult for moms who are waiting for their firstborn. This causes excessive suspicion, irritability, tearfulness and mood swings. Sluggishness, weakness and dizziness are characteristic of early terms. All this makes a woman worried about her health and sometimes causes hypochondria.
  3. The seventh week of the uterine placenta complex is formed. This process is accompanied by an increase in the concentration of chorionic gonadotropin in a woman's urine and blood. Now, the normal course of pregnancy in terms of CG.
  4. The uterus has increased to a goose egg, which can be easily determined by a gynecological examination. And when an ultrasound is performed, the embryo is clearly identified in the uterus, its shape can be examined and its length measured.

Woman's feelings at week 7

Most women at this time feel worse:

  • reduces performance,
  • without any obvious reason you can feel it weakness and weakness;
  • falling blood pressurewhich causes drowsiness, dizziness and headaches;
  • in the morning worries about nausea and sometimes vomiting occurs, especially during oral hygiene procedures. Some women are worried about nausea all day, but they shouldn't vomit. If vomiting occurs more than 3-5 times a day, you begin to develop toxicity of the first half. A woman's condition is worsening, she's losing weight. Toxicosis is caused by the accumulation of acetone in the body, which poisons the woman and the future child. This disease is not a normal manifestation of pregnancy and requires mandatory treatment. It usually lasts up to 12-14 weeks;
  • Women's skin becomes friable and oily, which can often be caused by seizures or acne. Pathology such as itching of pregnant women, which is a sign of toxicosis of the first half, is also quite common. Itchy all over the body. But most of the time, it's the external genitalia. These unpleasant feelings further aggravate a woman's emotional irritation.

If a woman starts pulling her stomach at this time, it can be a risk of miscarriage. And if there's a bloodstained discharge, it's evidence of complications progressing.

Women's Reviews


>Today I start my seventh week of pregnancy. I feel great. I'm very afraid of toxicosis because I had the so-called reverse peristalsis effect before pregnancy;


I don't have any toxicity, but my general condition is rather strange… Everything is fine, then strong weakness attacks and sometimes even shows signs of depression. But I'm bravely fighting it;


It's a bit of a smell, sometimes nauseous, but fortunately there are no mood swings;


Blue green-blue mesh veins were stretched on the chest. I'm nauseous in the morning, and when I'm out in the fresh air;


Steel is very irritable, I start on any trifle. I also react strongly to different smells;


And I went through this period just fine, no toxicosis. I was just in session, so I didn't notice any sudden changes in mood or irritability.

What happens in the mother's body in week 7?

Women's foetal egg is attached to the uterus wall at this stage. Most of the time, the cervix of the uterus is relaxed. At this time, the obstetrician-gynecologist doesn't examine the pregnant woman in the chair.

In the cervix, the mucus becomes thicker and forms a cork that will fence the uterus from the outside world. This traffic jam will come out before delivery and look like ointment. Breast Areoles may be darker in week 7.

Fetal development in the 7th week of pregnancy

Bottom line is the end of the embryonic period and begins the embryo-fetal or neophetal period. On this line, no one calls your future baby an embryo, it is already a fruit – a little man who can easily learn the formed human traits.

Beginning with the seventh week, it is actively forming:

  • Headbrain, so the embryo's head grows rapidly and reaches a diameter of about 0.8 cm. In the head, five brain bubbles form in the neural tube, each of which corresponds to a part of the brain. Gradually, nerve fibers begin to appear, which will connect the nervous system with other organs of the fetus;
  • Viewed organs of vision are developed. The anterior bladder is issued, from which the optic nerves and retina begin to develop;
  • The anterior part of the intestine is divided into the pharynx, esophagus and stomach. The pancreas and liver enlarge, and their structure becomes more complicated. The middle part of the intestine protrudes towards the umbilical cord. The posterior part of the intestinal tube begins to form urogenital sinus and rectum. But the sex of the future baby can not yet be determined;
  • The respiratory system consists only of a trachea, which is protruding from the front of the intestine;
  • The primary kidney has two thickenings on the sides – sex rolls, which are the embryos of the genital glands.

Fetal length is almost 2 cm. The handles have already taken on a shovel shape and the lower extremities develop a bit slower.

To improve the blood supply to the embryo, the structure of the placenta becomes more complex. By the end of the seventh week it is already about 1.1 cm thick,

Uzis at week 7, fetal photo, mother's stomach photo

On this line very rarely prescribe an ultrasound, only if you want to confirm the fact of an interesting position.

USI in week 7

7th week – Ultrasound

Stomach photo in week 7

Recommendations and tips for a expectant mother

This is a very difficult period for many women, because a child is now very vulnerable.

In this period, the rudiments of many vices in development can form.

They can be triggered by a variety of toxins (alcohol, drugs, drugs, and other poisons), ionizing radiation, and infections.

Also for these reasons, spontaneous abortion or foetal death can occur. Therefore, if you have a stomach or lumbar disease, or if there are any bleeding secretions, seek medical advice immediately.

To ensure that your pregnancy goes well, follow the general guidelines for expectant mothers:

  • Avoid any intoxication or infection;
  • Not self-medicating;
  • Eat well;
  • Li>Longer time outdoors;
  • Do not do heavy physical work;
  • If you have had a miscarriage, abortion, or are at risk of pregnancy before, abstain from sexual intercourse.

The main recommendation on any line: take care of yourself and your child. Whatever you do, think about whether it will harm your child first.

  • On this line, contact the women's clinic to register. There you will have blood, urine and faeces tests. They will also measure the body weight of the expectant mother and the size of the pelvis, taking swabs for infections.
  • All family members will be scheduled for fluorography because the pregnant woman is at risk of exposure to tuberculosis.

And how did you feel about the 7th week of pregnancy?

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7 week of pregnancy: feeling in the abdomen, fetal development

7 week of pregnancy. What happens, signs and feelings

The seventh week of pregnancy is probably one of the hardest weeks for pregnant women. This is the second month of conception and during this period the signs of pregnancy become more obvious. For the first time, some unpleasant symptoms and notorious mood swings may appear. Also, young mothers can gain a few pounds, and, pursued by toxicosis and anxiety, to lose.

In this period, there are not only internal, but also external changes, which doctors explain the hormonal changes in the female body. The external changes are mostly on the skin: it can get oily and pimples, but it can also look healthier.

Note: all these transformations take place after childbirth, so there is no reason to worry.

On the seventh week you can already be on the list. But you're gonna have to take some tests like this:

  • UZI;
  • To check the faeces for worm eggs;
  • Test the blood pressure;
  • To sow the nose;
  • Take a comprehensive blood test;
  • Vaginal smear;
  • Urinalysis;
  • Measure the weight, height and size of the pelvis.

The most important thing at this stage is to take care of your health and lay the foundation for the birth of a strong and healthy child. We should be careful and avoid various stressful situations. You have to listen to yourself, your body, and walk more and do not lift weights. Then this week will be quiet and favorable for the future mother and child.

Warned – armed. What symptoms appear in week 7?

The first and strongest thing that appears in week 7 is toxicosis. Many young mothers have to worry about it, but some women have their seventh week in this respect. What does toxicosis mean? Frequent vomiting, especially in the morning. Strong sensitivity to odors that cause vomiting.

Explained love and craving for a product may appear, and previously favorite disgusting dishes. All this is explained by the fact that the child does not have enough vitamins, and he can take them only from the mother.

A dizziness appears. Skin and hair can get worse. Pimples, pigment spots, itching, which become frequent and irritable, may appear. The feeling of well-being deteriorates, weakness appears, and mood changes are frequent.

Tip: doctors do not recommend wearing hairpins, using cosmetics, lifting weights, taking very warm baths, and getting nervous from this period onwards.

Don't be afraid of this period, as some women's skin structure, on the contrary, improves: it becomes firmer, purer and healthier on the outside.

But if there are problems with the skin and well-being, of course, there is a way out! And it consists in a healthy diet and the use of vitamins.

Often it is the doctor who prescribes the vitamins, as it is very important for the young mother to give all the nutrients to her child and herself.

To reduce the toxicosis or remove its symptoms will help you grated cucumbers. And to get rid of the nausea, you need to eat lemon and ginger. But sometimes it is enough and good to have breakfast.

Note: vomiting is not a normal process. It's a complicated situation when you throw up a plus or minus 15 times a day. In this case, it is urgent to see a doctor.

The need for frequent urination increases. The reason is the acceleration of blood circulation and uterine pressure on the bladder. The amount of blood in the mother's body is increasing by 10% this week. By the end of the pregnancy, the baby's condition can be maintained up to 40-45%.

Blood excretion may occur and you should go to a hospital immediately. Because this symptom may indicate a risk of miscarriage.

Also, one should be afraid and consult a doctor when selecting gray, yellowish-green, brown and beige flowers. Suspicion should be raised by the release of curdy, foamy and thick consistency. Burning, itching, inguinal irritation should also be reported to the doctor.

In this period of time the uterus size is constantly increasing – it can cause discomfort, spasms and pains in the abdomen, can pull and hurt the sides. Some women are already seven months pregnant with uterine contractions. It's not necessary to be afraid and it's quite normal – such contractions occur throughout the whole period of pregnancy.

Maybe chest pain. Young moms often have headaches. But if you could have saved yourself with painkillers before, now doctors categorically forbid pregnant women to take such pills. The only and best advisor in case of pain is the observing doctor.

Time of change. How you and your baby change.

At this point the body adapts to the fetus. There is a risk of miscarriage because the hormone function gradually changes from yellow body to placenta.

If you have not had any problems with the placenta, the fetus will be safe and the transition will be fine.

But if there have been any violations, the placenta will be difficult to function properly under such weight and this can lead to miscarriage.

In the cervix, too, changes occur. To protect your baby from external intrusions and infections, mucous membrane slime thickens and forms a mucous plug. This plug separates the vagina from the uterus and comes out just before the birth.

Slowly the young mother will realize that her clothes are getting tight. The tummy is gradually rounded up and the breasts are growing.

Tip: when the breasts have grown in size, it is worth buying a special bodice for pregnant women – it supports the breasts all around the perimeter, stretches out well and, thanks to its structure, eliminates unnecessary pressure.

The so-called stretch marks and veins on the stomach and chest may begin to appear. Also, those prone to varicose veins may begin to progress and show signs of the disease, such as:

  • Vein compaction and dilation on the legs;
  • Compaction and dilation of veins in the groin;
  • The appearance of heaviness in the legs.

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should not have to undergo surgery and treatment during pregnancy. It is better to do this after childbirth if the signs of the disease do not disappear by themselves.

However, it can be prevented.

To do this, it is worth taking care of your diet and weight, not to lift weights, to avoid prolonged sitting or standing position, to choose comfortable clothes and shoes.

Tip: When this disease is detected, doctors recommend using special tights: they prevent swelling of the legs and generally have a positive effect on their condition.

There is no smoking or drinking alcohol during pregnancy. And here sports activities which mean small loadings – will be very useful even.

From already more than month and it too varies. Since that period, its development has been accelerating noticeably. The child's body becomes somewhat arched, something similar to beans, and half of its height is occupied by the head.

Embryo is now about 7 to 18 millimeters in size and weighing from 0.8 to 1 gram. A narrowing of the body and head is formed – the future neck of the child. Handles and legs are already growing, and feet and brushes are forming on them.

The intervals between fingers become distinguishable, but the fingers themselves are not yet formed. During this period, the face is also formed: the base of the nose and even the barely discernible nostrils, the auricles, the jaws become visible and the skin layers form an eyelid.

From the embryo still remains the “tail”, which is an extension of the coccyx. But in the next few weeks it will disappear.

Begins to develop and strengthen bone cells, the skeleton begins to bone. From now on, until the age of 25, your child will continue this process.

The child will begin to develop both hemispheres of the brain, from which time he or she will start to “smarten up”. And most importantly, the umbilical cord is formed, thanks to which the blood circulation system is established, and the fetus receives nutrients from the mother.

In the chest is already beating a four-chamber heart, blood vessels are formed and endocrine glands develop. Bronch and respiratory tract rudiments are formed, and the kidney is laid.

The digestive system develops immediately, and the anal passage is formed and the intestines lengthen.

At the seventh week begin to develop in boys' testicles, and girls' ovaries, although to know the sex of the child, you have to wait a little longer. The first attempts to move in the mother's stomach appear.

Healthy body has a healthy child. Why is it so important to keep an eye on your diet and how do you do it?

Although, it is important to keep an eye on your health not only during pregnancy, but throughout your life. However, this need increases many times during this period, as you are responsible not only for your own life, but also for the life of your baby.

You are not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol, so as not to harm your baby. It's also important to keep an eye on your diet and make sure it's healthy.

This is important because with food, the fetus gets the energy it needs to maintain a healthy body.

Here's a list of components that a young mother needs to pay attention to in order to make up a normal diet for her child and herself:

  • Animal proteins;
  • Fats;
  • Complex carbohydrates;
  • Vitamins;
  • Microelements.

Tip: Your health care provider can help you with your diet and personalized diets.

It is important to keep your diet healthy because the growth of the fetus, uterus, placenta, and breast depends on the proteins. During pregnancy, the daily protein rate should be at least 170 grams.

As mentioned earlier, the baby's skeleton begins to form in the seventh week, which is why a young mother needs to eat high calcium foods. But the abuse will cause the uterus to tone up, which will have a negative impact on the child.

Essential is to exclude from the diet or to consume foods that can harm the child. And this:

  • Copings in any form;
  • Salts and salted products;
  • Spicy;
  • Sweet;
  • Raw or semi-raw meat, fish;
  • Alcohol;
  • Drinkers, preservatives, flavours;
  • Ketchup, mayonnaise;
  • Sweet carbonated water, kvass;
  • Cabbage and legumes.

Products that are useful for pregnant women, neutral and prohibited (Fig.6))

Only a situation where the expectant mother loses her appetite due to toxicity. But despite this, it is still necessary to eat and give nutrients to the body. In that case, the doctors advise you to have a small, light morning snack.

What do doctors recommend in week 7 of pregnancy?

First and foremost – do not get nervous and worry. If you read the literature carefully and follow your doctor's instructions, everything will be fine with you and your child.

As well as nutrition, it will be useful to take a course of vitamin therapy, which can also be consulted by the doctor you are under observation. He or she will be able to recommend the right vitamins and the right dosage for you. During this period, it is worth drinking more liquid.

It is important not to forget about personal hygiene. During pregnancy, doctors forbid hot baths and advise to switch to a shower.

It is important to wash regularly, as we breathe not only light but also skin, and dirty and clogged pores cost another “breath of air” to the child. Plus, it will make it difficult to eliminate harmful substances that come out of the body through sweat excretions.

Purified skin, among other things, facilitates the work of the kidneys, which during pregnancy is a heavy load.

Tip: if the skin condition has deteriorated significantly, it is worth seeing a dermatologist.

For pregnant women it is very important to have a good rest. It should be remembered that a normal and healthy sleep should last at least 8-10 hours a day. And no less important is the fresh air. It is in the second month of pregnancy that you need to start walking outdoors.

The minimum walk should be 2-3 hours, but if you manage to give it more time, it will only be good.

For the mother and her child it is not safe to be in a stuffy and unventilated room, so the rooms must be ventilated.

To keep a close eye on their health, as colds and illnesses can have a negative impact on the baby. A high mother's temperature due to severe fluctuations will hurt the baby. Coughing can stimulate uterine contraction, and a runny nose can cause insufficient oxygen to reach the baby.

No way can you self-treat if you do get sick. Very many drugs are prohibited during pregnancy and can only harm the fetus. That's why the course of treatment should be prescribed by a doctor.

Maybe listening to soothing music. This is only good for you.

Photos of the seventh week

Seventh week of pregnancy Uzi Photos of mom in the 7th week of pregnancy Photos of mom in the 7th week of pregnancy

And of course it is worth reminding that the condition of the mother is very important. The child, even while in the womb, is very sensitive and its condition largely depends on the condition of the mother. That's why doctors recommend not to be nervous.

Because thanks to the connected blood circulation system the child understands what the mother feels: if she is happy, the blood produces endorphins (hormones of joy), and if she is sad or worried – catecholamines (stress hormones: adrenaline, noradrenaline, dopamine).

And this is all the child understands and accepts from the mother.


You should be happy about your child and your pregnancy. And even if stressful situations arise, try to leave them in every possible way and stay calm. Even at this stage you can talk to your baby.

The child will definitely feel that he or she is expected and loved. This will subsequently have a positive effect on his nervous system and general attitude to the world. If a person knows what he or she loves, he or she is much more confident in himself or herself.

And the basics are already laid down in the womb.

So love your child, take care of him or her and keep an eye on his or her health – this will be the best help and support at this stage. Then your baby will be born healthy and strong.

– 7 week of pregnancy: feeling in the abdomen, what is going on, excretions, pulling the bottom of the abdomen, seizures

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7 week of pregnancy

7 week of pregnancy. What happens, signs and feelings

This is the 7th week of pregnancy, and the fetus continues to develop at a rapid pace. Our embryo still has a ponytail.

The future baby's head is still too big relative to the size of the body, but the eyes are already shifting to the nose bridge, their retina is pigmented, an iris is created, and future eyelids are outlined.

  • The body shape of the embryo is slightly straightened out, it no longer looks so arched.
  • Toes and toes of your future baby are clearly visible. His shoulders and forearms are formed, and the baby can bend his arms in the wrists and elbows already at this time.
  • The formation of the inner and outer ear is going on. The nostrils of the nostrils in the nose and the upper sponge are well visible on the face of the fetus.

7 the week of pregnancy from conception is the 9th week of pregnancy. This article is about the seventh week of pregnancy from conception.

Fetal size at 7 weeks of pregnancy

You'll be interested to know that during this period:

  • Actively all the baby's systems and organs develop.
  • The small heart has a left and right atrium, and at this point it becomes four-chamber and prepares to fully perform its functions of distillation of blood.
  • Beginning to form large blood vessels.
  • The two hemispheres of the baby's brain have been divided, its departments have begun to form.
  • In this time, the formation of the umbilical cord is completely completed, placental exchange between mother and baby is being established
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