Five weeks pregnant. What happens, signs and feelings

5 week of pregnancy

5 week of pregnancy. What happens, signs and feelings

In this period, the woman becomes aware that she is pregnant. After all, there are all the typical symptoms that rule out error. The main feature that characterizes the onset of pregnancy is always the absence of the menstrual cycle.

Despite the fact that the breasts begin to prepare for breastfeeding, they become particularly sensitive and painful.

Woman should be prepared to feel the first signs of early toxicity this week of pregnancy.

The fifth week of midwifery is a good time to know that she is pregnant.

Nausea can occur not only in the morning, but throughout the day. If the expectant mother has vomiting, it can be called a first trimester toxicity.

As well as that, the woman is sometimes worried about the following sensations in her 5th week of pregnancy:

  1. Persistent fatigue and drowsiness. The reason is that the female body spends a lot of energy on the development of the fetus.
  2. Pure urination. Women take more liquids. There is nothing dangerous in this, the effects of hormones lead to vascular dilation and more active work of the kidneys.
  3. Spasm in the abdomen. These feelings can be caused by the introduction of the embryo into the uterus walls, as well as by its stretching. If the spasms are mild, the woman should not worry.
  4. Minor bleeding from the vagina. If a woman notices small traces of blood on her underwear, it may indicate embryo implantation.
  5. Tummy blowing and constipation. It's caused by the slower movement of food through the intestines. The body extracts the maximum amount of valuable substances needed for the fruit from the products. A woman's attitude towards different dishes is changing. If some people used to eat with pleasure, now they're disgusting. But now the expectant mother has an irresistible desire to eat an unusual product.

5 week is characteristic of a woman's constant mood swings, which occur without any reason. They're caused by a storm of emotion because of the fact that she's developing a little man inside. Especially the hormones have an impact on this state of hormones. They can also cause headaches and fainting in a woman due to vasodilatation.

The mother-to-be may now be concerned about unjustified mood swings.

But not everyone does, most often without any special symptoms.

What happens to the fetus

At this point in time, the woman is convinced of the onset of the pregnancy because all the symptoms and sensations are very characteristic. In some cases, it can be difficult to confirm it even with a test. The most reliable confirmation of pregnancy is the analysis for hCG hormone.

K at 5 weeks' gestation, the fetal egg is attached to the uterus wall and the fetus is actively developing. Its weight is less than a gram, and its length is 1-3 mm. Despite its microscopic size, the embryo grows and takes the form of the letter C. The fruit is a cylinder, the upper part of which is the head and the lower part – the legs.

There is a groove along the torso that closes into the neural tube. It's gonna produce the spinal cord and the entire nervous system. At the end of the tube is a thickening that will produce the brain. Future muscles will be located along it.

Actively the rest of the organs are being laid down. The embryo has a cardiovascular system. Vessels first form, then the heart. The main organ is first presented in the form of a tube, and eventually it will become a four-chamber organ. At this time, a special event takes place: the heart of the fetus begins to contract on 21-22 days after conception. In the future, his knocking won't stop for a minute.

Paired organs (lungs, kidneys) develop from different sides of the spinal chord. Liver, pancreas and thyroid gland are formed.

All in tiny sizes the fetus has rudiments of the hands, while similar to the fins. In the head area there are places where eyes and ears will appear.

Embrion adapts to the chorion, the yolk sac and the amniotic vesicle.

5 week of pregnancy from conception is characterized by the active formation of internal organs and systems, so the fetus is most vulnerable to negative environmental influences. If the expectant mother is taking medications that are contraindicated during pregnancy, or is exposed to chemicals, stress, infection, it may adversely affect the development of the fetus.

Woman's body changes

The first thing a future woman feels is a decrease in immunity. This is because the embryo has a genetic material different from that of the mother-to-be. Therefore, the amount of hCG in the body increases, not allowing to reject the fruit. The temperature rises to 37.5 degrees Celsius in 5 weeks, which causes increased fatigue.

p>The body of a pregnant woman does not show much change, and so far, her condition has not been revealed. On the other hand, there are rapid changes inside the body, which are associated with an active increase in the level of some hormones.

One of the important roles belongs to estrogen. Under its influence there is an increase in the mammary glands of the woman, they develop milky ducts, which are prepared for lactation. The breasts are getting bigger and more sensitive. Estrogen also affects the overall condition of the expectant mother, she has headaches and dizziness. It is believed that this hormone gives her a special femininity.

Estrogen helps to increase uterine size and prepares the body for the forthcoming birth.

Progesterone is a pregnancy hormone. Its main source is the yellow body. It has a calming effect on smooth uterine muscles and prevents overstrain, which can lead to miscarriage. Progesterone has a relaxing effect on the gastrointestinal tract and slows down the intestinal peristalsis. All this can lead to heartburn and constipation.

Some women may experience symptoms of early toxicity in the 5th week of pregnancy. The main sign of this condition is nausea. It usually appears in the morning. If the toxicity is pronounced due to the characteristics of the body, you will need a consultation with a gynecologist.


Women have to be registered at the women's health centre

Women have to understand that when they register, they do it not for the doctor, but for themselves and for the health of their future child. When do I get registered? The sooner the better. For those who want to know what their baby is growing up to be and who want it to develop normally, it's time to go to a women's clinic.

Who can't a doctor determine if a pregnancy is going to be normal? And in case of any deviations in time to prescribe a course of treatment to quickly normalize the health of your baby and yours.

For the account in the women's clinic you can get up either at the place of residence or at the place of actual residence. And immediately decide on the place for childbirth: maternity hospital or private clinic.

Accounting for registration you will draw up documents. They will create an individual “pregnancy and childbirth card” and ask you to fill out a form. The purpose of all actions is to see possible risks and if the pregnant woman does not mention any diseases that may affect the development of the child, thereby relieving herself of responsibility. When you go to the women's clinic for registration, don't forget to take your passport.

What tests and examinations will the gynecologist prescribe?

The gynecologist will conduct the examination at the first appointment in order to give the correct advice and useful recommendations.

Doctor will do the following:

  1. Conducting an examination on the chair, probing the uterus.
  2. Taking a swab for analysis.
  3. Conducting a health survey.
  4. Islides the pelvis and weight.
  5. Blood pressure.
  6. Surveys the mammary glands.
  7. Anywhere there are abnormalities will prescribe tests individually.

Define mandatory pregnancy tests:

When you register, you are automatically assigned to your local gynecologist, but if you don't like it for some reason, you have the right to request that you be seen by a certain or other local gynecologist.

The gynecologist will tell you when to come back next time, when to get tested, what medications and vitamins to drink and when to drink. It will also explain how to eat properly and what physical activities are acceptable.


Before going to the doctor, make a list of questions. Especially questions concerning intimate life. Don't be shy, a gynecologist is a person who will know you for 9 months about all the changes in your body and your baby's development.

We're getting ready to have a baby now

Well, here's a long-awaited event for those who planned to have a pregnancy – you're pregnant. And sudden news for those who didn't know, and now what is called “knocked up”.

Prepare for the birth of the baby. Plan your child's room first and start renovating. Of course, on week 5 it is impossible to find out who will appear (boy or girl), so it is difficult to determine which wallpaper to choose, and in what color scale to make a room. But you can decide on the location of the furniture, what and where to stand in the nursery.

Pay attention, the crib for convenience is better to put closer to the entrance, but not on the draught. Also, take into account the location of the rooms, it is better if the nursery is near your bedroom. But as practice shows, at first count on the fact that the crib will take its place in your room, because you will constantly run to the baby (and day and night).

Time to think about the album of the newborn. Take a picture of the tummy every week of pregnancy and then stick it in the album. The kid's gonna grow up to be interested in watching him grow up in his tummy. Also keep a photo of the ultrasound.

Start keeping a pregnancy diary, where you can note the new sensations in the development of the baby. For example, the first time you felt he moved, or describe the reaction when you found out you were pregnant, etc.

Alternatively, take a photo of Dad when he found out about the baby.

Think about fantasizing about how to capture the memories. The album will also interest the baby. A grown-up child would love to see herself before she's born.


What can I eat in the 5th week of pregnancy? Basically, everything the soul wants. However, we would make the following recommendations:

  • Listen to your body. He knows he's short.
  • At the time of toxicosis, give up meat and eggs and replace them with nuts, legumes and soya products.
  • Vitamins and fruits are a source of vitamins and minerals. Increase the consumption of carrots, mangoes, apricots.
  • Please use dairy products. You don't like milk? Eat yoghurt or cheese! Get away from alcohol at all. The fifth week is the time that all the organs of the child are stacked. Don't hurt him!


Bleeding in the fifth week of pregnancy is a rather alarming sign. Early bleeding indicates ectopic pregnancy, pregnancy pathology or infectious disease. In the case of heavy discharge, the pregnant woman is hospitalized and placed “on care” to control the course of the pregnancy and protect the embryo.

Typically, doctors prescribe styptic injections, antispasmodic agents (e.g. Papaverine candles), vitamins for pregnant women (e.g. Pregnakea), etc.

Brown stains on the 5th week usually indicate a risk of pregnancy termination, so please contact your obstetrician-gynecologist to complain about abnormal stains.

Popular questions and answers:

What do I do if a pregnant woman has a cold?

Please consult a doctor if I have a mild cold and a normal temperature. Use folk remedies (detailed article: treatment of colds during pregnancy).

In case of high fever and coughing, be sure to treat, but do not self-treat. See a doctor when you say you're pregnant. In the first trimester, the embryo is vulnerable, so be sure to treat the disease. The fetus develops the main organs, and a cold will disrupt the formation of organs.

What is the situation with intimate life?

In the absence of pathologies, sex can be practiced. Doctors, on the contrary, even recommend to lead an intimate life because of the lack of male hormones in the female body. Sex allows you to produce them for the embryo.

While the woman often does not feel sexually attracted, because the “protective mechanism” that protects the baby is working.

What will the ultrasound show in the 5th week of pregnancy?

Aboy, but the ultrasound examination of the sex of the child will not show yet. The ultrasound will tell you if the umbilical cord is attached to the uterus. The doctor's gonna study the fetus, rule out pathologies in development. It will also determine how many embryos, i.e. one child will be born or twins.

Please tell us how many months of normal pregnancy are 5 weeks of pregnancy?

In the 5th week of pregnancy, there was a delay in my menstruation and you found out that you were pregnant, so it was the 3rd week of conception.

I have 5 weeks and 5 days of pregnancy and I feel nothing. Is everything okay with pregnancy?

After 5 weeks, the symptoms of pregnancy may not be present, the duration is still too short, and the symptoms appear individually: someone has them right away, and someone only by 8 weeks.

How does a healthy pregnant woman's hCG level change?

Hormone of chorionic gonadotropin (abbreviated as hCG) is also referred to as the pregnancy hormone because it is only released into the woman's blood during pregnancy. For the first time, the hormone is produced in a woman's body on the 11th day after conception.

And further, if the pregnancy is going well, its level increases every 2-3 days, and is 1,500-5,000 mEd/ml during the 5th obstetric week. The maximum hCG level is observed at 8-13 weeks, and then it gradually decreases.

I have 5 weeks of pregnancy. Yesterday, my lower back started to hurt. Tell me what it hurts and is it dangerous for the child?

Bolt in the lower back appears for various reasons: adaptation of the female body to the new role of the mother, old injuries, problems with the spine, the threat of spontaneous miscarriage. Therefore, it is important to see a competent doctor to determine the cause of lower back pain.

Today I was at the doctor's office, and he said that I was slowly growing hCG, what is the threat to my baby? I have 4.5 weeks of pregnancy.

Slow or no increase in hCG levels is a worrying sign. Such pregnancy can result in either a spontaneous miscarriage or a frozen pregnancy. You have to go through the ultrasound, retake the blood on the hCG in 2 days, maybe it's not as sad as they say.

Photo of the fetus (ultrasound)

This and the long-awaited 5th week of pregnancy has arrived and is gradually moving to the sixth week. You don't doubt your pregnancy, you often think of the baby as he's going to be.


5 week of pregnancy: what happens at this time, ultrasound, pain and sensation

5 week of pregnancy. What happens, signs and feelings

The fifth week of pregnancy is the third week of life in the embryo, and now the baby is actively developing, and the mother's body is actively changing in response to his needs and goals.

At this time, many mothers learn about their position in delaying menstruation and conducting a pregnancy test.

This period is quite favorable and calm, the signs of toxicity is still very poor, if any, and the body is smoothly adjusted to the requirements of the baby.

As of this period of pregnancy there is a noticeable increase in the size of the uterus due to the growth of the fetus, but apparently it is not manifested, as the uterus is deep in the pelvic cavity. The shape of the uterus is similar to that of an egg with a possible protrusion from the foetal egg, and the uterus does not increase symmetrically.

Gradually, from the wrong uterus shape will become spherical, and by the time of the five weeks it will have increased so much that an experienced physician, when examining the woman in the chair and probing, will determine the pregnancy. The growing uterus and increased progesterone concentration begin to affect the bladder and from the fifth week of pregnancy the woman can go to the toilet more often.

Often this sign is perceived as one of the indirect, combined with all other signs of pregnancy. At the same time, there is a delay of at least a few days in the next menstruation, especially with a stable cycle.

At the same time, there is discomfort and soreness, increased breast sensitivity, can be slightly nauseous in the morning or pumped in the transport, and the surrounding smells can be perceived more abruptly and brighter.

Signs of pregnancy appearing in week 5:

  • change taste preferences;
  • increases or disappears appetite;
  • appears toxicosis in the morning or daytime nausea and vomiting;
  • Headaches and weakness, brokenness and lethargy;
  • Enhancing irritability and distraction, inattention.

All pregnant women show similar symptoms in different ways. Of course, the most reliable is a delay in menstruation, in which the first and most correct action is to perform the test. Changes in the body are also manifested in the increase in the breast, increasing its sensitivity.

In this case, the breast may itch and ache, areola and nipples tingling. In some cases, nipple areolae and juices may become darker in women from the first weeks of pregnancy, and all these changes are temporary and will take place after childbirth. When the breast is enlarged, a light venous net can appear on it.

The fifth week of pregnancy is very important and significant in the development of the fetus, as it lays the foundation for almost all vital organs and systems. Now the future baby weighs no more than 3 grams, and looks like a coiled tube up to 7 mm long, but he already has a clear view not only the head and tail, as in a small fish, but also the rudiments of all other parts of the body.

Seasonally, the rudiments of the legs or arms, toes and eyes, nasal and oral cavities, the area of the ears, the liver, the upper respiratory tract and the pancreas are formed.

During this period, the embryo partially closes the area of the neural tube, which then forms the spinal cord and brain, the spine and all parts of the nervous system.

During this period, the expectant mother needs to take folic acid and B vitamins for the normal construction of the baby's nervous tissue.

This is the third week of the fetus' development, and in this period another important event takes place: the formation of the first heartbeat of a small and still very primitive fetus.From the end of this week, they can be caught by ultrasound.

Gradually formed the first large blood vessels of the fetus, on which the blood is pumped from the developing heart on the body. The embryo itself is gradually surrounded by a special amniotic fluid.

Already at this time, in theory, but it is possible to determine the blood group of the fetus, as well as the formation of the genital glands, laying eggs or sperm cells of the fetus.

Women's feelings in the fifth week

After the delay in menstruation, no symptoms may occur – pregnancy sensations are individual. Major psychological changes:

  • Mood swings from euphoria and immeasurable joy to suppression and irritability, fear and anxiety.
  • En unusual gastronomic preferences emerge: a desire to eat incompatible, unfamiliar food.

Physical changes:

  • feelings of brokenness and unmotivated fatigue, drowsiness;
  • increase in body temperature due to the active action of progesterone to 37.3 °C;
  • in a coveted pregnancy, the signs of toxicity are weak, in an unplanned pregnancy – are stronger. But it also depends on the characteristics of the woman's body…?

In a normal course of pregnancy at the fifth week, there should be no pain because the uterus is still small and just starting to grow.

If you are pulling the bottom of the abdomen like before an early period – this indicates an increase in uterine tone and possible threat of pregnancy disruption. This is often the case for women in early pregnancy. You should see an obstetrician-gynecologist.

A doctor can prescribe progesterone and rest, or put in hospital.

There are also some cases of uterine pain that can lead to bowel pain, especially in the presence of constipation, as well as uterine growth with stretching and thickening of the uterine ligaments.

Lower back pain

For 5 weeks, lower back pain is not normal. When to seek medical help:

  • If the abdominal pain is accompanied by a pulling sensation or lower back pain. This also indicates an increase in uterine tone.
  • If lower back pain is accompanied by ointment brownish discharge from the vagina.
  • The appearance of bleeding secretions indicates that the placenta is detached.
  • In the presence of yellow, greenish, grey, milky-white, tiny, foamy or slimy, abundant or unpleasant harsh odours. They may indicate the development of bacterial vaginosis, thrush, or sexually transmitted infections.

Normal vaginal discharge will also be slightly enhanced by elevated hormone levels. They are transparent, odourless and free of impurities, and only hypoallergenic special products should be used for intimate hygiene. During pregnancy, the sensitivity of the intimate area is increased.

In this period of time, an ultrasound will help to determine the exact size of the uterus and confirm the pregnancy. They'll tell you how many babies you're wearing, one or maybe two. Determine the attachment of the fetus and evaluate the condition of the uterine walls.

With good equipment, even the heartbeat of the fetus will appear closer to the end of the fifth or beginning of the sixth week. While it is not yet possible to calculate the weight and sex of the fetus, the size of the fetal bubble and the coccyx parietal size of the crumb will be measured by the first half of the pregnancy.

At this time you will be able to see your baby for the first time as a small “pea”.

Hg and tests

Usually, a woman will learn about pregnancy at this time from a pregnancy test or after a hCG blood test. This is particularly important in induced pregnancy or in the case of previous pregnancy and termination problems.

HCG level is directly proportional to the timing and number of fetuses in the uterus, and is determined in blood plasma taken from a vein.

This hormone can also be used to determine the level of progesterone responsible for keeping a pregnancy if it is low, there is a risk of miscarriage, and you can also be prescribed progesterone.

When you go to a doctor for a pregnancy checkup, you will have to take a lot of tests, which your doctor will prescribe. Typically, these include general blood and urine tests, Rh factor and blood type, blood clotting, and HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis tests.

Future Mom's Nutrition

In this time it's time to review your nutrition towards a healthy and complete one. But if you're attracted to food because of toxicity and taste changes, you can afford a little salty or sweet. Potentially harmful foods, such as fast food, food chemistry and fatty, spicy dishes, should be excluded from the diet.

Protein, plant and dairy products should prevail. Switch to steaming, baking, cooking or extinguishing. Thus, the most nutritious substances are preserved in dishes. It is important to include more fresh herbs and fruits in your diet as a source of healthy vitamins and minerals.

Don't sit on diets and limit yourself in your diet – it's bad for you now.

Libido may decline because of toxicity and unpleasant feelings of sex may not want to. Hormones can affect a woman differently. Therefore, rely on your well-being and desire.

A ban on intimacy can be imposed if there is a risk of miscarriage, pregnancy problems, and habitual miscarriage.

In all other cases, everything you like and like will be good for the child, and sex and orgasm will not hurt the fetus in any way.


Alcohol intake at any gestational age is strictly prohibited, and may cause irreparable damage to organs and systems at an early stage.

Absolutely forbid yourself even a drop of alcohol, because the embryo is fed by your blood and all the alcohol will get to it in full.

Even alcohol-based drugs will be prohibited during this period of pregnancy, not to mention taking any alcohol. No safe doses of alcohol for pregnant women!


5 week of pregnancy – signs, symptoms, feelings

5 week of pregnancy. What happens, signs and feelings

In the fifth week of pregnancy, most women are aware of their situation, especially if a baby was planned to conceive.

It is possible that the most impatient future mothers may have been announced last week by doctors.

If the pregnancy was not planned but the menstruation was delayed, it is time to place all your doubts at the pharmacy for a home test. Now we can see for sure if a new life has been born inside.

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