3 weeks of pregnancy, signs and sensations

Pregnancy 3 weeks

3 weeks of pregnancy, signs and sensations

If this did not happen before, it would be at the beginning of 3 weeks of conception.

If your egg had already been fertilized with a sperm, it would have been moved by the Fallopian tubes for about a week, continuously dividing and multiplying.

And now, on the 3rd week of pregnancy, it will be fixed on the uterine wall, and from now on we will talk about the fact that the pregnancy has come and the fetus in your womb develops.

Fetus in the 3rd week of pregnancy is so small that it is even hard to imagine: only 2-3 µg by weight and 0.15-0.2 mm in length. But by this point it had grown incommensurably and increased in comparison to the egg.

After fertilization, it began to be called a zygote and began to divide rapidly, forming more and more cells. The zygote resembles a mulberry tree, which is constantly growing in size.

On the 7th-12th day of its journey, the zygote reaches the uterus with fallopian tubes and begins to settle in for permanent residence. And after that it will be called blastocyst.

Blastocyst is always in the process of development and growth. Very soon it becomes hollow inside and lengthens. Then it will form an embryonic disk, which by the end of 3 weeks will be curled by a cylinder with different width ends: one will begin to form the head, and the other – the tail. Even though the embryo is still very small and primitive, but the main organs and systems are already being laid.

But in the 3rd week of pregnancy, the fetus is only trying to settle in your body, which so far perceives the little one as a stranger. There's a kind of struggle going on between them, and if a compromise is found, you'll soon find out about the pregnancy.

Signs and symptoms in week 3 of pregnancy

As of now, you're just waiting for your next period, so you'll perceive the first signs and symptoms of pregnancy in week 3 as premenstrual syndrome: Nausea, changes in appetite and taste preferences, intolerance to odors, irritability, weakness, roughness and soreness of the breast, increased urination, pulling pains in the abdomen – the vast majority of us experience these symptoms every month. Signs of 1 week's pregnancy can be the same, so most of the time, we don't even know what's going on at such an early stage.

Belly pain

At the same time, a woman's stomach hurts in the third week of pregnancy (although not necessarily): the bottom of the stomach siphons off like before her periodicals – the blastocyst prepares a place to plant, as if scraping cells from the uterine epithelium.

Not everyone feels painful, but if you have a stomach ache in the third week of pregnancy, you can only suspect the real reason for it if you've been trying to do so for a long time, and you're trying to see the signs of pregnancy in any change.

Otherwise, the woman is sure she's about to start her menstruation, although this time it seems a little earlier than usual.


This is the idea that it will come up against in the 3rd week of pregnancy, which is called implantation bleeding. Implantation of the ovum in the uterus does not go without a trace, and except for the painful sensations in the abdomen gives itself blood-coloured masking secretions in the 3rd week of pregnancy. You shouldn't be worried about this phenomenon.

However, this is often the case: a woman thinks she is having her period prematurely. It is only after these excretions disappear in the third week of pregnancy and the menstruation never occurs that she thinks about the probable fertilization that has taken place.

The onset of menstruation and subsequent ovulation will be hindered by the hormones – estrogen and progesterone – which start to be actively produced by the ovaries as early as the third week of pregnancy.

Education at 3 weeks of pregnancy is very poor, sometimes in the form of a few drops or smears, if not absent. They can be creamy, yellowish, pink or brown, disappear and reappear at moments of greater activity of the “settler”. But after 2 days the “ointment” should stop – the implantation period lasts about 40 hours.

Breasts at 3 weeks of gestation

One of the earliest signs of gestation can be changes in the breast, which is also observed at 3 weeks of gestation.

Breast is rough, nipples become hypersensitive and very sensitive to any irritation. There is also a breast enlargement.

However, all these symptoms are also characteristic of premenstrual syndrome, and therefore cannot indicate pregnancy.


At the same time, there is the possibility of a libido change in the third week of pregnancy, in either direction: you can feel a strong desire for intimacy with your husband, or you can get colder in this respect.

Hormones, what can you do… But if you just got pregnant and woke up a woman in you, then enjoy it.

There can only be two contraindications to sex in the third week of pregnancy: the threat of interrupting it and the unwillingness of the woman.


Some women say they feel they are pregnant right now. Doctors do not rule out such “intuitive providence”, but believe that there are no strong feelings at such an early stage.

The first signs and symptoms described, as well as changes in the body during the 3rd week of pregnancy may be characteristic of each month at the end of the menstrual cycle.

Of the most common sensations in the third week of pregnancy, women are marked out by nausea, dizziness, weakness, hypersensitivity of the breast, changes in appetite. But still, most people don't feel anything at all.

Home pregnancy test at 3 weeks of pregnancy is unlikely to show you the real picture. But in some cases, when you're expecting this pregnancy and ovulation was earlier than in the middle of the cycle, a hypersensitive test may show a weak second stripe. Yes, and that would rather mean confusion with timing.

A pregnancy test makes sense only after a delay.

HCG in the third week of pregnancy

Home test in the third week is better not to be hopeful: HCG level increase in the third week of pregnancy can only be “detected” in the blood by testing for hCG on the 12th day after conception or on the 2nd-3rd day after the delay of the period. The concentration of hCG in the blood in the early stages doubles every 2-3 days, but reaches the diagnosable level only by this time.

On 3-4 weeks of midwifery (or 1-2 weeks from conception), the level of hCG already reaches 25-156 mEd/ml, but it is a concentration in blood serum, and in urine it is much lower. Therefore, if hCG is to be determined at 3 weeks of pregnancy, it is not by a test, but by laboratory analysis.


If your pregnancy was diagnosed so early, some tests may be scheduled now. In particular, a 3-week hCG test will show how the hCG develops (i.e., whether or not it has occurred accurately), help determine the gestational age of the pregnancy, and suggest the number of embryos – it has a proportional effect on the serum hCG level.

Besides hCG, the yellow body continues to synthesize progesterone, also known as the pregnancy hormone. Progesterone prepares the uterus for the settlement of the embryo and affects the nervous system of the expectant mother, creating the most favorable conditions for the preservation and development of pregnancy, so at the slightest risk or threat, the woman will be directed to this analysis.


Also you can get an ultrasound in the 3rd week of pregnancy if you have suspicions. At this time, the examination is performed with a transvaginal sensor.

Ultrasound in the 3rd week of pregnancy may show (although not necessarily) where the embryo has settled (i.e. the pregnancy develops in the uterus or ectopic region) and may also assess the condition of the uterine muscular tissue, which is important in the prognostic sense.

But in practice, most women's 3 weeks of pregnancy is going on in the most normal way, as well as a “pre-requisite” life: they are waiting for the next period and do not think about hCG and ultrasound.

Monthly and bleeding at 3 weeks of pregnancy

Maybe for some reason the blastocyst will not be able to settle on the uterine wall. If it is rejected, the woman will simply begin bleeding, which will mark the beginning of the next menstrual cycle, even if it is too early to start her period.

Approximately 20-30% of women continue to bleed every month on the days of the proposed period, despite the already existing pregnancy. As a rule, in such cases, a woman does not even know that a new life is developing inside her. This phenomenon is called fetal washing or colored pregnancy.

Purely women take implantation bleeding for menstruation, which is not a threat. But if your blood flow gets more intense and vivid, you need to go to the hospital urgently, if you already know about your pregnancy by this time. It's probably a miscarriage threat.


Fertile egg is a foreign body for the female body, primarily due to male cells. And he's trying to get rid of it, like he would have done any other way.

However, nature is so wise that it invented a special mechanism to prevent such an undesirable outcome: a blastocyst produces a special immunosuppressive protein that lowers a woman's immunity and, as a consequence, her body cannot fight the “occupant”.

But unfortunately, the embryo does not always win. There are a number of factors that can cause miscarriage in the third week of pregnancy. And one of them is alcohol.


3 week of pregnancy is crucial for the fetal egg. It will either reach its destination, infiltrate the uterine cavity and live, or be rejected and killed. Now the blastocyst is very vulnerable to external factors – there is a natural selection.

She will survive if she is strong enough and of high quality, if I may say so. Alcohol can speed up this test: a weak blastocyst is unlikely to withstand a blow. But if you've been drinking alcohol for 3 weeks without knowing it's developing, you don't have to worry too much.

If the embryo survived, everything will be fine. Only from now on it is necessary to be careful – after 3 weeks the laying and formation of the most important organs and systems of a fetus begins, and the embryo in all will depend on you and to receive on a blood stream all substances arriving in your organism.

Alcohol (especially in large quantities) can become the reason of development of various anomalies and deformities.


From the very first weeks of pregnancy, you should not only lead a healthy lifestyle, but pay more attention to your health in general. Against a background of reduced immunity, you can easily catch a cold or get flu. This is very undesirable now.

But don't despair if you find out that you've had a cold for 3 weeks of pregnancy. It is believed that for 18 days after conception, the future child is protected from harmful factors, including medication.

Only after a successful implantation of the egg does the mother begin to feed on her mother, having exhausted her reserves by this time.

If you already know about pregnancy at 3 weeks, do not rush to diagnose an acute respiratory infection. Perhaps this is how the first signs appear, including stuffy noses, coughs, and even a rise in temperature.

Temperature at 3 weeks of gestation

If you measure basal temperature regularly, you know for sure that your pregnancy is over 37°C for more than 3 consecutive days.

But sometimes under the arm you can also intend a subphebral temperature, wondering where it came from or thinking that you're starting to fall ill, because weakness, fatigue, nausea, and headache … A slight increase in temperature in the first weeks of pregnancy is the absolute norm – this is how the body reacts to the changes that occur with it. It's different when you have a fever of about 38 degrees or more. Try not to use drugs – apply compresses, drink a lot of warm liquid. But if the high temperature holds and doesn't fall, you have to act. This condition may not be safe for pregnancy and fetus, so you should consult your doctor, but in no case take aspirin-containing drugs during pregnancy.

Source: https://beremennost.net/content/srok-beremennosti-3-nedeli

3 week of pregnancy: symptoms of how the fetus develops + feedback

3 weeks of pregnancy, signs and feelings

In the third week of pregnancy, the embryo has a pomegranate grain size. This is almost half of the first trimester, the baby has formed the main body parts, only to grow. The basic parameters of this period are schematically shown in the following table.

Table – Interesting facts



From conception3 week
Monthly5-6 weeks
Months1 month and week
Embryo sizes0.5 cm
Uternate sizesSlightly larger than the norm
Weight of pregnant womanMay increase by 1-1.5 kg

K 21 day foetal egg with embryo should be in uterine cavity. By this time, the baby is already about 0.5 cm, it can even be seen with an ultrasound as a thin strip of heartbeat. The embryo at this stage has the following structure:

  • the body shape resembles a hook;
  • the body can be clearly distinguished from the head;
  • li>the contouring of “bumps” (limbs);

  • and, of course, a clear zone for the eyes and nose;
  • the nervous system is divided into brain and spinal cord;
  • there are already rudiments of all organs, including the heart;
  • heartbeat at the level of 160-180 beats per minute;
  • “transparent” embryo because of the skin in several layers of cells.

Interesting that at this stage the human embryo is not much different even from the embryo of fish, birds and mammals. It's not shaped yet, because there's no bone or cartilage tissue, like dense mucus.

K 21 days after conception, the baby is in the foetal bubble. At this point, the implantation process is completed and the placenta process begins and ends only at the end of the first trimester. This is an important stage in the formation of the relationship between mother and child.

The main role belongs to the vessels, which form special lacunae in the decidental layer around the fetal bubble.

Uncontrolled arterial hypertension, sudden increases or decreases in pressure lead to an incomplete formation of a future “child's place”, which leads to the development of early gestose, delaying the development of the fetus.

Importantly, 3 weeks of pregnancy enters a critical period when the harmful factors of the environment “imprinted” in the form of gross malformations of the fetus. Therefore, in the first month of pregnancy, it is necessary to protect the woman from such a situation.

At this point, all women already have a delay of menstruation, so it is easy to guess about pregnancy. Some people think that immediately after conception the stomach grows and starts to grow. However, this is incorrect.

The uterus starts to perform because of the bogus junction only after 20 weeks, and you can only really feel it yourself for about 24-26 weeks. In this case, the stomach of pregnant women even for three weeks seems slightly enlarged. Conditioned by progesterone.

Hormone acts as a spasmolytic and relaxes all muscles, including the abdominal press. As a result, it is difficult for a woman to keep a constant tone, is added to this tendency to bloat when carrying.

Symptoms in the third week of pregnancy (five to six midwives) are as follows:

  • morning nausea and even vomiting;
  • weakness, lethargy;
  • desire to sleep all the time;
  • change of taste preferences;
  • salivation;
  • smell sensitivity;
  • responsiveness;
  • blackness;
  • frequent unmotivated mood swings;
  • updating;
  • diarrhea;
  • meteorism;
  • increase in size and chest pain;
  • darkening of the skin of the areolar region;
  • increase in nipple sensitivity;
  • The appearance of colostrum droplets from the chest when pressed;
  • feeling of a full abdomen;
  • propensity to reduce pressure, dizziness;
  • slight swelling and weight increase by 0.5-2 kg.

Changes are found in both the woman's well-being and her behaviour. The latter is often noticed by those around her.

A girl becomes pale due to reduced pressure, she is sluggish, apathetic, sleepy, not interested in problems at work.

A woman is often drawn to charity and other good deeds, she “flies in the clouds”, she thinks about the “highest”. Often, what happens to the expectant mother surprises her and her relatives.

Some have noted a decrease in libido and even a decrease in attraction to the previously beloved man. It's temporary. You shouldn't beat yourself up or try to resist nature, to achieve incredible sensations during sex. Early sexual activity declines, while later sexual activity declines.

All social changes with a girl are associated with a “smart” organism that tries to maintain pregnancy at all costs.

This is done by reorganizing the neural connections in the brain with the formation of the dominant pregnancy.

And if a woman is too busy, too responsible, too distracted from her work, she is at increased risk of pregnancy complications, such as freezing of the foetus.

After 3 weeks of conception (five to six weeks of pregnancy), it is often easy to determine the pregnancy. Many women trust their feelings, intuition and are not mistaken in guesswork. The table below presents the main diagnostic possibilities.

Table – How to determine pregnancy three weeks after conception

MethodThis shows


Blood hCGNormally more than 150-200 MME/ml
HCG urine Positive or weakly positive test strip
Small pelvic ultrasoundFertile egg in the uterus cavity, heartbeat
OverviewUnitored uterus
Basal TemperatureNot falling below 37.1-37.3 C

Physician's Viewing

Physician can see the following with a standard gynecological exam:

  • uterine body – enlarged and softened;
  • uterine neck and vaginal mucosa – take on a blue hue due to the special hormonal background;
  • releases – whitish and unsupported.

Experienced gynecologists can even without an ultrasound examination tell you if the fetal egg is in the uterus and rule out ectopic pregnancy.

Urinary test

HCG blood level at 3 weeks of pregnancy is high enough. Typical pregnancy tests determine its presence in urine, where it enters after filtration in the kidneys. Even if the study is not done in the morning, the result will be at least slightly positive or the second stripe will be bright.

Blood analysis

With a high probability that a pregnancy by hCG in the blood can be detected. For this purpose, venous blood is taken, usually the result is ready for the second or third day after the donation. The table shows normal values and other possible options.

Table -HCG Norm in the third week of pregnancy

HCG Level, Ime/mltd>Single pregnancy


Not less than 1000
Double10000 and more
Severe or ectopic pregnancyLess than 300-500
Biochemical pregnancy
Less than 100

But only one level of hCG can not be used to judge the course of pregnancy. It is possible that a girl makes mistakes with her menstruation even in a normal cycle, if the ovulation was atypical. In case of discrepancy between the terms according to the results of hCG and the last months, it is necessary to pass the analysis in dynamics. Titer growth is a reliable sign of a normally developing pregnancy.

In the periovulators' period on the basal temperature graph there is a certain trajectory, and then a sharp rise, which confirms the egg output from the follicle. If the temperature is registered at 37.2-37.5°C and the periodontal delay is observed, this is a reliable sign of pregnancy.

If a woman takes gestagenic drugs (e.g., Utrozhestan, Dufaston), she cannot be guided by the basal temperature. In this case, its values are due to artificially high levels of progesterone.

UZI on the 3rd week of pregnancy gives a lot of information. The normal picture at this time is the following:

  • is defined by the fetal egg – the diameter in this term is about 1 cm;
  • it is visualized by the embryo – it can only be in the form of a strip, but often the heartbeat is already fixed;
  • There is a yolk sac next to it – this is a sign of normal development of pregnancy, it is self-liquidated by 11-12 weeks of obstetrical weeks;
  • can be allocated the area of attachment – by this time the placenta is completed, the fetal egg with the embryo in the depth of the functional layer of endometrium.

Physician pays close attention to what the fetus looks like in the 3rd week of pregnancy. But besides that, he also examines the uterine walls for myomatous nodes and increased tone. Also, ovaries to exclude cystic masses.

Presence of the fetal vesicle in the uterine cavity in the period of five to six weeks is not a reason to establish ectopic pregnancy. Feedback from women and doctors proves it. It is necessary to take into account the clinical picture, the presence of complaints from the woman, the level of hCG.

The following violations of the embryonic flow are possible at this time.

  • Blockage of the embryo. This occurs with the fetus for 3 weeks of pregnancy due to serious genetic disorders in the fetus, as well as exposure to adverse factors (e.g. X-rays or medications).
  • development outside the uterine cavity. This leads to vivid clinical symptomatology, pipe rupture and intra-abdominal bleeding.
  • Implantation failure. For various reasons, the normal process of introduction of the fetal egg into the functional layer of endometrium may be disturbed. As a consequence, the detachment/hematoma is on short notice, the threat of miscarriage.

The following symptoms should be a cause for concern and urgent medical attention during pregnancy:

  • pulls the bottom of the abdomen or lumbar region;
  • vomiting more than three to five times a day;
  • acceleration of chronic diseases.

Which drugs should be taken

If the pregnancy proceeds without any abnormalities and the woman is healthy, there is no need to take any additional medicines, vitamin complexes. The exception is folic acid. It is recommended from the moment of planning up to 12 weeks inclusive in a dose of 0.0001 g (usually one pill).

In case of threat or previous unsuccessful embryos, progesterone (in the form of “Dufaston” or “Utrozhestan”) is additionally prescribed, it affects not the development of the fetus, but the implantation process. If pregnancy is unnatural (e.g. IVF), the list of drugs can be much broader.

Tips for expectant mothers at this time

Woman's organization is much smarter than it looks. And if he's “demanding” salty, it's better to give him that opportunity. At an early date it is allowed to drink and eat everything you want, but still approach the choice wisely and do not pounce on candy or buns, soda. Tips for expectant mothers for the third week of pregnancy will be next:

  • we need sufficient sleep – we need to sleep at least eight hours a day;
  • we need to give up night shifts – overtime, overtime work;
  • we need to give up the night shifts/li>

  • no need to “run” for an ultrasound scan – if nothing bothers you, enough screening in 12 weeks;
  • useful acidic products, milk products – help reduce toxicity;
  • it is important to ensure sexual rest – especially if the back, stomach or history of miscarriage or frozen pregnancies is “bleeding”;
  • it is better not to take any medication – at the planning stage and before the start of the period – so as not to harm the baby in case of pregnancy.

Pregnancy signs at week 3 are clearly visible. It is characterized by the continuation of growth and development of the embryo, and in women at this point – the height of symptoms of toxicity. Remember, you can't be burdened with work, exercise.

Hello, everybody! I'm 3.5 weeks pregnant, and I can't see the embryo yet! First time I write… 6 days ago I found out I was pregnant, yesterday I went to the doctor, looked at it… says it's a short time. Sent it to the ultrasound…

Joyful… and then upset. Fruitful egg 14*9*11, a yolk bag 2*4, and the embryo is not visible … The doctor says that it is not necessary to worry, just a small period of time, after 5 days to appear.

mopkoa, https://www.u-mama.ru/forum/waiting-baby/pregnancy-and-childbirth/132365/index.html

By more than once such theme.I was

I was lying on my bed and with me the girl was lying down, she couldn't find the embryo for 3.5 weeks, 6 times during this time the embryo was made, and as a result the embryo was discovered only on the 8th week of pregnancy.

Now this, the embryo, is already a year old. It's not the fault of the machine, it's really short notice. If the test strikes, calm down and go to the ultrasound not a week later, but a couple of weeks later, there will definitely be.

Mammy, https://www.u-mama.ru/forum/waiting-baby/pregnancy-and-childbirth/132365/index.html

>Girls, God bless us all, health and patience!!!! At first I was waiting for my period, we just got back from rest, no day, two days, no, I feel something wrong, I think I'll do a test and here, Miracle – two stripes

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