26 week of pregnancy: what happens, fetal development

26 week of pregnancy: fetal development, how many months, what happens

26 week of pregnancy: what's going on, fetal development

The 26th week of pregnancy has come, and the formation of the baby's internal systems and organs is almost complete. Karapuz continues to grow and occupies more and more space in the uterus. From this time on, the woman's body begins to actively prepare for the forthcoming childbirth.

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Baby becomes active, it is already sleeping less, so often awards mommy kicks. It's a magical experience that gives you a lot of pleasant moments despite possible discomfort. The child is eager to communicate with his mother and it is important for him to hear her voice.

The changes in Mommy's body continue. She may feel bad, anxious, but it'll pass soon. The most important thing is to keep a close eye on your health and see your gynecologist if necessary.

What happens to a woman's body

So you have 26 weeks of pregnancy. It's not hard to calculate what month it is and how much time it's left to give birth. So now mommy especially often thinks that very soon she will meet her child.

If you work, now is the time to start collecting a package of documents for maternity leave, so as not to drag it out.
At this time some girls get depressed because of their appearance. You don't have to worry, because during pregnancy you only get prettier.

Try to avoid heavy stress, physical activity. Talk to your loved ones, eat well and sleep well.

This tummy can be 26 weeks old

When the pregnancy comes to 26 weeks, it becomes difficult to put on your own shoes, so feel free to ask for help. Be careful, especially in winter during the ice. Falling is very dangerous for the baby. There are several major changes.

  1. The uterus increases, so nausea and heartburn occur.
  2. The volume of amniotic water is already about 700 ml, and the weight of the placenta is about 300 g. The uterine wall thickness has reached its maximum limit and is 500 g.
  3. As a result of training fights of the uterus comes to tone, which entails pulling pain in the abdomen, discomfort in the lower back. Wear a bandage to get rid of these sensations.
  4. If you follow a balanced menu, by the 26th week of single-fertility pregnancy, the total weight gain of about 8 kg.
  5. The pressure increases and is close to pre-conception levels.

  6. When a woman's body has pigment spots in the form of freckles or moles, they become more noticeable and brighter during the 26 weeks of pregnancy.
  7. Besides the swelling of the shins and feet, the fingers and face often swell. This is due to the fact that the liquid accumulates, but is not taken out in time.

  8. In view of the circulatory disturbances, tingling, numbness of the legs and hands may appear.
  9. At this point in time, there may be varicose veins and nodes in the anus.
  10. The uterus stretches and increases, so it presses on the internal organs. It makes their work harder. As a result, the load on the heart increases, full breathing is impaired, abdominal constipation, and digestive problems occur.
  11. The uterine ligaments are stretched, so back and pelvic pain can increase.

The size of the uterus is very large at week 26. The photo confirms it. The width of the organ is about 16 cm and the height is about 24 cm. It's about 6 cm above the navel level. The uterus will rise higher every week as the body prepares actively for the upcoming birth.

Also find out what are the normal secretions in the 27th week of pregnancy and whether the birth can be in the 28th week of pregnancy.

The cervical cervix begins to show thick mucous membrane cork, which will be removed only before delivery. It is the withdrawal of the traffic jam that is the main precursor to the beginning of childbirth.

Training fights begin, which also help prepare the uterus for childbirth. Don't be afraid of these contractions. Usually they are not uncomfortable and do not last forever.

If the contractions are painful, you need to see a gynecologist.

All the time during the trimester, many mothers are constantly experiencing cramps, back and lower back pain. A child's tremors make the mother feel painful in the 26th week of pregnancy. Look at the photo of the baby at this time.

He is already quite large, so the uterus is becoming smaller and smaller. Accordingly, he involuntarily kicks when he turns over. Because of the pressure of the increasing uterus, pains often occur in the abdomen and ribs.

Try lying on your side to reduce discomfort.

The course of pregnancy at this time

How the fetus develops

By the 26th week of pregnancy, any mother wants to know what's going on with her fetus. He's actively growing and developing. The weight of the baby is about a kilogram, and its height is about 33-34 cm. We can highlight a few moments in the development.

  1. At week 26, the baby is very active, and his movements are causing his mother discomfort.
  2. Ferry gains weight due to fat deposits and muscle development. His cheeks start to heal, his neck is thin but still wrinkled.
  3. The taste of the amniotic water depends on the food his mother eats. If your baby doesn't like the food, he or she may wrinkle.
  4. If you do an ultrasound on the 26th week of pregnancy, the photo will tell you how the fetus is positioned. He usually lies head down, but before the birth he can change his position several times.
  5. The baby can already see and hear. His eyesight is still forming, so he only sees blurry spots.
  6. Carapuz feels his mother's heartbeat and gets used to it so much that after childbirth he will quickly calm down if you put it to his chest.
  7. As the 26th week of pregnancy the fetus hears sounds. His development has reached a stage where he can remember his mother's voice. Therefore it is necessary to sing to him melodic songs that after a birth it was easier to lull.
  8. A boy's testicles sink in a scrotum.
  9. Something yet has not grown to the normal sizes, and cartilage of ears and a nose soft.
  10. Heart rate of the baby is 120-160 beats per minute.
  11. On the 26th week, the child's ears are slightly ottopurched and the eyes can already be closed completely.
  12. The permanent tooth filling begins. They will remain in the soft jaw tissues until it's time to change the milk. This will happen in about 5-6 years.
  13. The hormonal background is formed, the adrenal cortex is connected to the brain.

Light crumbs are already in the right shape. They are in the form of a triangle with the top up and are located between the diaphragm, liver and heart. The child learns to breathe, but the lung tissue is not yet straightened out. That's when the baby swallows the amniotic water. You don't have to worry, because there's nothing to worry about here. But the baby may have hiccups, which will pass in a couple of minutes.

Which symptoms are dangerous

When your baby is 26 weeks pregnant, you should do everything you can to keep him/her out of danger. These include mom's diseases, which can affect the carapusa.

Pretty often, while carrying a child, mothers suffer from a gallstone disease, which is particularly common among women who like fatty foods. The appearance of gallbladder stones or bile stagnation is also possible, as evidenced by the growing sense of severity in the right subcostal region.

At the 26th week of pregnancy, the appearance of isthmic and cervical insufficiency strongly affects the fetus. The disease is the premature opening of the cervical canal of the uterus, which may result in infection of the membranes. This is often the cause of premature births and the infection can affect the baby.

In 26 weeks, swelling of the abdomen, arms and legs is possible. Photos on the Internet will clearly reflect this picture. It's all symptoms of late toxicity, which is often a threat to a girl's health and the baby's condition.

The problem doesn't make you uncomfortable, so moms often ignore the symptoms without even knowing how dangerous they can be.

Also, you need to pay attention to the secretions in the 26th week of pregnancy. They may indicate the presence of infection if they are curdy, purulent or mucous.

Women's clinic specialists should be contacted for a smear and tests for microflora. Fetal damage can cause infection of the fetus, which can delay development.

In the worst case, a child could die.

This is the case with the baby at this stage of development

When a bleeding discharge occurs in the 26th week of pregnancy, an ambulance should be called urgently, as there is a risk of detachment or placenta presentation. Do not go to the hospital yourself.

Unnecessary movements can cause severe bleeding. Pay attention to the amount of secretions. If there are so many of them that the underwear is soaked with moisture, it is possible that there is an excess of amniotic water.

This is very dangerous, so you need to call an ambulance.

Of course, it is impossible to protect yourself from all diseases. But strict observance of doctor's recommendations will allow to protect oneself and child from possible problems as much as possible.

Eat correctlyA pregnant woman must provide her baby with enough vitamins, so she needs to eat well and in a balanced way. Limit as much as possible the consumption of foods that can cause allergies: red, orange, chocolate, honey. Do not eat fast food, carbonated water, smoked, fried, salty foods. Despite being pregnant, you don't have to eat for two. As long as you are 26 weeks pregnant, your daily diet should not exceed 2,800 kcal. Include products with phosphorus, iron, complex carbohydrates, proteins in the menu. Eat small meals, but eat 5-6 times a day.
Be careful with your sex lifeIf your doctor does not prohibit sex, you can continue to have sex. 26 weeks of pregnancy is not such a long time, so sex is even useful for the baby, because the positive emotions of the woman affect him. Except the pose has to be chosen with the utmost care. The stomach is already big enough, so you can't put any pressure on it.
Buy special clothesPurchase stockings to prevent varicose veins. Wouldn't hurt to wear a bandage to support your back and stomach. Get dressed in spacious, untight clothes and put on high heels.

Find out all about the 29th week of pregnancy and how the 30 week of pregnancy should go.

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26 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development and sensation of the woman

26 week of pregnancy: what is happening, fetal development

If we talk about the time of carrying a child as some kind of marathon race, then the 26th week can be compared with the exit of the athlete to the finish line: there is still some time left. But this is exactly the period when you need to focus on what's going on: some difficulties are ahead, these are the last difficulties, then the prize awaits – a meeting with the child.

It's the 26th week of pregnancy: what happens at this time? 26 weeks – which trimester takes over?


  1. 26 week of pregnancy: how many months is it?
  2. 26 week of pregnancy: fetal development
  3. Stomach in week 26 of pregnancy
  4. 26 week of pregnancy: what happens to the baby?
  5. Shedding 26 weeks of pregnancy
  6. Selections in the twenty-sixth week of pregnancy
  7. Mom should not be afraid of complications and conditions that may require an unplanned visit to a doctor
  8. What should her mother not be afraid of?

    26 week of pregnancy: how many months is it?

    How many months has it been since the beginning of a new life? The 7th month goes by, i.e. there are less than 2 months left till the exciting and expected period of labor. On the one hand, it seems that most of the excitement is behind us: the foetus will not die in the 26th week of pregnancy if it is born unexpectedly.

    On the other hand, the expectant mother is getting more and more tired of her position: she is pulling her stomach, she is hurting her stomach, she is taking her waist down, and she feels uncomfortable in the pubic bone.

    The third trimester has begun, what difficulties await the future mother in this final stage?

    26 week of pregnancy: fetal development

    What does a baby look like in 26 weeks of pregnancy? If you have already had a planned ultrasound, you know that your future child is now almost exactly like a newborn child. His organs are formed, he swallows amniotic water, makes diaphragm movements, “training” breathing. It's covered in reddish and slightly wrinkled skin.

    Face devils are defined, the child “entertains”:

    • builds grimaces (of course, not yet consciously);
    • sucking his finger;
    • actively kicks my mother.

    How often an ultrasound can be done during pregnancy

    Assential to the normal development of a 26-week pregnancy is the completion of respiratory formation. The light fruits are still in the folded state. But the walls of the alveoli are gradually filled with a special substance, which after birth will help to straighten them out and prevent their “sticking” inversely.

    26 Obstetric week of pregnancy is characterized by an increased increase in the weight of the baby and mother.

    This is perfectly normal: only with a normal amount of subcutaneous fat will the child be able to quickly adapt to the new world.

    For a mother, “overweight” is not superfluous: it will help her not lose too much energy in caring for her newborn baby. But, of course, everything has to be within normal range.

    The abdomen at 26 weeks of pregnancy

    The abdominal circumference is increasing quite rapidly: literally by a centimetre per week. The 26th week of pregnancy is characterized by the following uterine changes: this organ now reaches 24 cm long and 16 cm wide. Of course, the tummy no longer allows a woman to wear the usual clothes.

    No need a bandage: if you haven't bought it yet, make an urgent purchase. The baby weighs so much at 26 weeks of pregnancy together with a uterus filled with amniotic waters that the constant stress affects the health of the woman's spine (the changes are reversible). A woman's unpleasant feelings can be significantly smoothed out by wearing a bandage.

    26 week of pregnancy: what happens to the baby?

    So by the beginning of the 3rd trimester, the baby looks like a little person. He is preparing to go into the light.

    Ultrasound in the 26th week of pregnancy should show that the fetus is in a position where its head is lowered, to the birth canal: this is normal, in which case, even if there are premature births, it will not necessarily be necessary to resort to surgical methods of delivery.

    However, the position of the fetus may still change, so if it is a pelvic presentation, the doctor will recommend waiting and practicing some special exercises.

    Weight of the baby in the 26th week of pregnancy reaches 900 g. That's the baby's weight norm for the 26th week of pregnancy. Deviations may occur if the mother expects two or three babies to be born at the same time: the members of this “duo” or “trio” will weigh less, but this does not indicate any abnormalities in development.

    The baby in the 26th week of pregnancy, height of approximately 32 cm

    On the development of the fetus can be judged by ultrasound data and analysis. For a mother, there's a lot of things to say about moving. Does the child move noticeably, and you can count up to 15 moves per hour? That's the norm. But if the baby kicks very often, it is necessary to pass additional examination. A large number of movements can indicate a lack of oxygen.

    Sometimes women worry that their bellies are slowly growing. But a small belly alone does not indicate the danger of a frozen pregnancy or any other complications. Maybe it's just genetic, if a woman's skinny and fragile, for example. In any case, you shouldn't make a diagnosis or make a terrible assumption without consulting your doctor.

    Partum at 26 weeks of pregnancy

    While the month is 26 weeks of pregnancy, we can assume the likelihood of starting labour during this period. At 26-27 weeks it sometimes happens that the child is in a hurry to leave the cozy “bed” and come to this world. Children born within 26-28 weeks are ready for independent living, although they need careful postnatal care.

    • to nausea;
    • heading;
    • mucous excretions from the genus (mucous membrane departure);
    • regular contractions.

    We need to stay calm and get to the hospital quickly. Have a family member call an ambulance.

    Preterm births often occur at week 26 when twins are pregnant because the body does not have the strength to “nourish” the babies for the full 9 months.

    Sometimes these births can be prevented. A woman should be watching herself closely. If she notices what she has:

    • often pulls the bottom of the abdomen;
    • uterus in tone;
    • frequent tingling of the abdomen appeared;
    • is yellow or brown, –

    this should make her contact her gynecologist as soon as possible.

    Etchings in the twenty-sixth week of pregnancy

    The nature of the excretions is very important: yellow or brownish excretions in the 26th week of pregnancy may indicate placental detachment. If toned, the doctor will prescribe utrozhestan or du Faston.

    The threat of childbirth is diagnosed by the diagnosis of “istmico-Cervical insufficiency”. The cervix may open prematurely.

    To prevent the cervix from opening, doctors perform a circus: sutures around the cervix. In this way, they prevent untimely disclosure.

    For this procedure, it is necessary for the woman to have no suspicious excretions, so that she is not toned up. It is necessary to exclude the presence of any infections.

    After the circus, physical activity is prohibited. Sex in the 26th week of pregnancy is also excluded in this case. Sutures are performed up to 25-26 weeks.

    Most complications and conditions that require an unplanned visit to a doctor

    Each woman would like to ensure that the waiting period for a child goes smoothly and is not accompanied by disturbing symptoms. However, this is rarely the case: a number of symptoms that may be indicative of disadvantage are routinely identified in the normal course of action. Fortunately, most of them can be dealt with if you don't start the situation.

    Thus, the condition of the expectant mother can be darkened by a cold with a high temperature. It's very important to know if it's an O.R.I. or an influenza. In the first case it is enough to lie down for 2 days taking hot decoctions of anti-inflammatory herbs and rosehip.

    In the second case it is necessary to consult a doctor, because the flu causes life-threatening complications in the mother and the baby. The consequences can be sad not so much for the child (who is now reliably protected by the mother's antibodies) as for the woman herself.

    They include the development of serious illnesses:

    Don't put yourself at undue risk: you don't need it now! The baby needs a healthy mother. Therefore, we go to bed and follow all the recommendations of the doctor, have a rest, eat vitamins.

    Serious complication of the third trimester can be gestosis. It's a late onset toxicosis. His symptoms include nausea and vomiting, as well as severe swelling. You don't have to puke on that date anymore. Swelling is an urgent reason to see a doctor! Another problem that may cause the mother-to-be is an increase in blood sugar levels. In diabetes, the doctor on the ultrasound will notice a lot of water. He will recommend a special diet and moderate physical activity. If we do this right, the disease will go away after delivery.

    What shouldn't we be afraid of?

    In the beginning of the third trimester, a woman may be worried about new questions she hasn't cared about before:

    • How is the baby
    • What will the baby be like at the time of delivery?
    • Why does so much colostrum stand out?
    • Why does the stomach stone periodically?

    Position of the child should not cause fear yet: if there is no premature birth, it will have time to turn over. It's not clear what size it's gonna be, either.

    Large amount of colostrum is normal, so the body prepares for breastfeeding. The stomach stones and training fights are observed because of the preparation for rejection of the fetus. So don't worry without reason, go for a walk, sleep a lot (better on the right side), don't dwell on your senses.

    If the doctor says everything is fine, the process is going well. All we have to do is wait and enjoy life. Soon you won't be alone in this world!

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    Fetal development in the 25th week of pregnancy

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    28 week of pregnancy

    Pregnancy constipation

    Pregnant woman's diet

    When will the delivery start after the traffic jam?

    What are practice bouts and how do you distinguish them from the real ones?

    How does the breast change during pregnancy?

    What is this lactation?

    Select a maternity hospital

    Breath during contractions

    26 week of pregnancy

    Source: https://stanumamoy.com.ua/kalendar-26-nedelja-beremennosti-chto-proishodit-s-malyshom-i-mamoj/

    26 week of pregnancy

    26 week of pregnancy: what is going on, fetal development

    Your second trimester of pregnancy is coming to an end.

    Maybe you're still going to work and it's hard to hide your delicate position now because the uterus is the size of a small watermelon! At this time, future mothers love to share photos of their bellies on forums and determine by their shape, who will be born – a boy or a girl. Although it has been proven that the shape of the abdomen is not related to the sex of the baby, but to the size of the mother's pelvis.

    It is already possible to start preparing for maternity leave – a long-awaited time of rest and pleasure incredibly pleasant condition.

    But even now try not to overload at work, be sure to walk every day. It is during this period that you can form a very useful family habit – evening walks together.

    After all, very soon you will be walking the whole family – with the long-awaited baby.

    Weight of the child in the 26th week of pregnancy is about 850 grams, and his height – about 23 centimeters. It continues to grow actively, accumulating fatty tissue, continue to improve organs and systems.

    How many months of pregnancy has passed? That's six and a half months of midwifery (one month of midwifery includes exactly 4 weeks – 28 days).

    What happens at a given time

    The baby continues to grow, your stomach grows and you may experience shortness of breath, sometimes you want to take a very deep breath. Your stomach is already shifting the centre of gravity and your gait may change.

    At this point in your pregnancy, your mother's weight may already be nine kilograms higher than her weight before pregnancy.

    Give maximum attention to good nutrition, because the optimal weight of mother and baby play an important role in the normal course of childbirth.

    From the tension of the skin on the abdomen you can sometimes feel itchy, light burning. Use special stretch marks to help you cope with the unpleasant sensations and to prevent or significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Be sure to wear a bandage: this way you can reduce uterine bladder pressure, stress and back pain.

    There are usually prenatal courses after the thirtieth week of pregnancy, and it's time to enroll.

    These courses will give you lots of useful tips and interesting information about the birth of your baby, the first days of childbirth.

    Even if you think you already know everything about childbirth, sign up for a course, or better yet with your partner. After these courses, spouses have the confidence, peace of mind, and the best outcome.

    Fetal development in the 26th week of pregnancy

    The baby is already very active in the 26th week of pregnancy and Mommy feels it in full. The baby now has enough space in the uterus for full movement, and he easily flips over and changes his position. The baby's tremors may already be painful.

    The active formation of the senses continues. The baby already opens his eyes, and if you watch the video, you can see how it reacts to bright light. A neural network has already been formed in auditory analyzers, and the baby distinguishes sounds well, recognizes the voice of mom and dad

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